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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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I was happy with the numbers!!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SMILING MARY

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Still Painting

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey---I am still painting--painted the back of the house today. I have the sides to go and all the trim. So,. I am a little more than half done!!! I still have to sand the deck and then prim and paint. I still need to go back to Home Depot and have them tint the white paint because I have decided on another color--they are great about that kinda thing.
I am getting enough exercise--but I am going back to riding my s. bike for at least 30 minutes while I listen to the country tunes on Spark People.
I am healed enough now to ride the bike. I feel blessed to be able to do all that I do---I must remember to appreciate the loss of that incredible pain for so many years.
I need to eat more greens--and other veggies.
Hey, I have a little yellow squash growing on my vines!!!!!! A lot of green tomatoes -- looking forward to watching them turn red --and eating a vine ripe juicy tomato.
I also need to acknowledge my late night eating--when what I need to do is simply read a bit more of my book and drink a glass of cool water--or read some postive blogs ya all write!!!!!!

Hope your day is going well,



Monday, June 09, 2008

HUNGRY--started cleaning yard -moving plants--transplanting some--watering garden and new grass, laundry---time to eat before I eat anything in sight~~~~~~~~~~

hope your day is going well.


wHATS MY PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Running most of the day yesterday. I DID make it to the new Panda movie with the grand daughter. I t was funnnnnny!

Ended up coming home and painting the new board.


Baseball and shopping

Friday, June 06, 2008

On Thursday my 7 yr old grand daughter and I went shopping for me some new clothes!! I needed to add some new color for the summer.
How come We walked out with her 4 shorts and a blouse? She was a happy girl.
I need to take the time and effort to get some clothes together that fit and look good!! I have been just going for comfort. It has been a long time since I just went slow shopping. I don't care for all the tight form fitting clothes--the material is cheap and is simply hot -- not letting the air flow through. I need a silly fun day shopping where I try on anything for a laugh and possibly find something good---Ya know, a treasure.
Grandson played a good day yesterday--In the stands I was facing the sun and even with sun glasses My eyes feel sunburned today. Being so busy lately I am trying just to remember to grab some veggies or veg juice and leave it at that. Funny being around the younger people makes me more aware of what I am eating--even if it is junk.
I am in the spare room where we have all the exercise equipment set up. In this room my computer faces the closet. In this closet is stuffed all of the clothes that I can't fit or those that I don't especially like . I would have plenty of clothes if I just get off these 30 pounds. Well its nearer 20 now!! emoticon
I have a fear of finally getting to my goal. Like soo many others--I have to remind myself that is normal. Maybe I will have nothing to blame things on except my own personality--fear is a strange word that not does not fully explain what I feel. I think that it is simply coming face to face with the fact that weight has never been the issue --concern that there is nothing new to explore may be more accurate.
Also talking about the future keeps me from facing the NOW of my life.
Kinda funny how I do that.
TODAY is what matters!

1. Berry shake made with non fat milk & berries
2. RELAX and read a bit of that book I keep puttting down to do something
3. Be thankful for the ability to walk - talk-and remember things--don't take
It for granted. Remember how hard it was to learn all those things over
again Rejoice!!! Use it--enjoy it---REMEMBER!!!!!
4. Smile--look for things to smile about
5. Go to the river for at least 1/2 hour just sit and watch the water go by
and smile at all the funny things folks do on the river.
8. Go to that get together and find some fun in it.
9. Think that I am lovely----try!

Hope your day is going well,



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