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birthday party

Saturday, August 02, 2008

emoticonhe is turning sixteen today memories of him as a baby run through my mind. So soon they grow.

My deal to day is only eat one hot dog or protein and I definitly will eat the cake--at least take a piece!!! i HAD THAT CAKE & SCOOP OF VANILLA ICE CREAM SMALL CAKE!! 1/2 DOG & SMALL PIECE OF BEEF.

smoothie and 4 egg whites

protein and veggies and that birthday cake



I hope you a fun day.

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PATRICIA441 8/2/2008 2:16PM

  Sixteen, they grow so fast don't they! If you are going to have the cake are you up to taking the icing off, lots of sugar and calories in that alone. Just a thought. Have a great time!! Hugs. Pat

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Lost weight at high noon

Friday, August 01, 2008

Feeling good that I lost 3 pounds!! I know its from all the support ya give to me---Your blogs are great.
Todays plan:
Smoothie from bran, flax,ff milk, c of mixed berries from Costco with a bit of plain yogurt.

Lunch--Nochos bell granda no sour cream from Taco Bell

Snack --pumpkin seeds 90cal /100 cal pkg chips

Dinner-- chicken thigh & salad & small pear

total about 1500 calories.

I am going to see my grand daughter and I am taking my youngest 2 grandsons with me so they can swim & play

I hope your doing well.
~~~~MARY emoticon


Today --High Noon__Community Challenge Weigh In

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am excited and afraid to weigh in today--even though I know weight goes up and down--water & all the other things a body will do. I am, of course, looking for a loss of fat.

I am keeping in mind that "one Pound" If I lose one pound that would be great---then that one pounds friends will shiver with fear--- because they will know that they are next on my hit list!!!

Spend with The Boys

1/2 smoothie

Salad & some protein

sf popsicle

veggies & salmon patties from Costco

Hope your feeling well--Your blogs are great to read.


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SUPERMOM17 7/31/2008 12:59PM

    I laughed when I read about the friends of the one pound "shivering with fear." I always thought the fat under my arms was just jiggling - now I know the truth! I WILL get rid of it all!!!

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Walked at Nimbus

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

emoticon It was a perfect day to walk yesterday---my grandson walked with me and was surprised when he realized we had walked 8 miles. We had a nice talk about the many things 8 year old boys talk about--just fun.

I also did several exercises from the video featuring the guy on The Biggest Loser--the instructor. They seemed so simple yet this morning I am feeling muscles that I have not used in a long

emoticonyesterdays food:
1/2 berry smoothie
4 egg whites
3c lettuce
1 slice turkey ham
14 chips
1T ginger dressing
1/2 fresh peach
2c lettuce
2 gummy bears
2-- 15 cal popsicles
2c. green cauliflower & broccoli
1T parmi cheese
3 egg whites
green onion
sprinkle of fake bacon bits

emoticonPlan for today--Wednesday--walked 2 miles
1/2 smoothie
3 egg whites with parma cheese & sprinkle of fake bacon bits with green onion-------------------------------------
Aprox..100 cal

Green salad--Jack in box grilled chicken strips--180 cal
2 popsicles ..........................................
...................30 cal

green beans--bean sprouts--chicken broth--soy sauce--green onion--with stirred egg white...................Aprox 200 cal

broccoli & cauliflower & onion...............Aprox 200 cal

Aprox total......710 cal

At least this is a plan!!!! Gotta work it.

Hope your doing well

Well finished my short walk of 2 miles. A bit sore--maybe do a little more later because I need to go to the bank it might as well be on foot instead of the car.

I am getting my study/exercise room in order-- it is small and I still have stuff to find a place for--I cleaned a lot of papers out the other day--now I need to figure out where to put the ones I have to keep. I need a simple plan--that always works best for me.

I am going out to paint until 1/2 gallon of paint is gone---I know there is an end in sight---really--really. emoticon



Sunday, July 27, 2008

I did some exercises with a band this morning--
I feel a bit better this morning--still not feeling up to par.

I am going to make a smoothie -but only 1/2 normal size--not wanting to eat, I think I need to eat some veggies today--I always eat them but for some reason I haven't been lately--I wonder if the berries every day has decreased my craving veggies? Maybe someone knows & can let me know.

I discovered that walking alone is the best thing for me because of my disabilities I need to keep a certain stride in order to walk straight and for any distance. Soo no more walking with the groups. I will miss the chatter.

I will be going to church at 10:30---the music is too loud for me and so I skip it--I go for the Sermon, for strength.

Husband is angry at me for not preforming and showing up at the stroke of 10:00 he is from a southern baptist background where show is everything. I don't think God cares if I sit for a bunch of singing or not. It hurts my ears & irritates me. Yes, I am not perfect--but ya knew that anyway.

I ejoy reading your blog -- it makes me stronger.
~~~~~~~MARY emoticon

PS. I will eat well today within the 1200 calorie range. Even if I feel like I am starving emotionaly I will NOT FILL MYSELF UP WITH FOOD---I AM NOT EVEN HUNGRY TODAY--I AM SICK--AND I STILL WANT TO EAT-- how funny we humans are--we are all a trip~!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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GMRKITTY 7/27/2008 7:00PM

    I know what you mean, when I was sick, I craved cake, and candy, etc.. *rolls eyes* we are just too funny as a species LOL....

I totally hear you about the walks, that's why I put on my headphones and walk to the beat of the music. Helps me stay at a steady pace ^.^

And, don't worry about not going for the singing part, if it irks you, then it certainly isn't helping you.... ^.^

Hope your day is FABULOUS!!!!!



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