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First Day of Spring

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. You can tell it is in California. The weather here in the central valley in in the mid to high 70s. Some of my SFriends are talking about snow this weekend. It sure seems like strange weather.
I hope the 70s at this time of year are not a harbinger of hot weather too soon. I'm not looking forward to the 100s and above. It's too soon to think about this.

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HNDMOMMY 3/20/2010 10:17PM

  Here in West Sac, been in my shorts....yup, it's spring!

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Do Without--For A While!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have found that the longer I can hold off eating a certain food, the more the taste will not be what I remembered. I can no longer eat most fast food, ice cream, eggs, very sweet foods, any sweets for breakfast, donuts.
Just recently I reached for something I hadn't eaten in a long time. I went to our local deli and got 2 fried crispy chicken wings. I used to eat these on a regular basis. I DID eat them, but felt horrid afterwards. They didn't taste like I remembered and they left me feeling sick and I didn't want to move that afternoon. Guilt? Maybe, but I think I just lost my taste for them.
So, the longer I eat healthy food, the more the other stuff tastes horrid.

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DOLLBABE56 3/19/2010 8:05AM

    Peanut butter; Ice cream; Chocolate (which I don't crave anymore); Bread; and on and on and on. Yesterday was an emotional day - I haven't had a "binge" for such a long time. I did yesterday, but I'm better today.

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AMABILE75 3/19/2010 7:59AM

    I've noticed that as well. Your body just doesn't want those foods anymore and you tend to pay for it one way or another. :)

You are doing great! emoticon emoticon

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GEINAHG0757 3/19/2010 12:15AM

    You have retrained your tastes! That is as hard as getting into cardiovascular exercise. What an accomplishment. Fried foods do me the same way now. Guess your GI system gets used to be being treated more carefully!

emoticon NOT emoticon

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HARMONYBLUE 3/18/2010 10:57PM

    I have experienced the same thing. Not only does junk taste like, well, junk, after not eating it for a while, good foods I never liked before are suddenly delicious.

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HNDMOMMY 3/18/2010 4:31PM

  You're setting a great example for me. I'm hoping I will have the same reaction to Rocky Road ice cream.

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St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day. No one I know has a drop of Irish blood in us, but we go all out for this day.
This is how it started. Years ago a business that my DH knows, started serving corned beef and cabbage on this day. This went on for 20 years and then they stopped. We took it up and started having a St. Pat's lunch at my DH's business. This went on for several years but most of the people working there don't eat it now so we've stopped.
And now I have a St. Pat's dinner for family and a few friends. I make corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, and soda bread. Usually something green for dessert.
Yes, this is a family tradition that started by accident but it's still fun.

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LOVESLILACS1 3/17/2010 4:46PM

    I have some Irish in me, but I don't celebrate. I didn't even remember to wear green! But I hope you and your family enjoy the celebration. March is a long month without any real holiday breaks.

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AMABILE75 3/17/2010 12:47PM


As long as you are having fun, that's wonderful!!!


I have Irish in me, but we don't really celebrate. :) If you haven't read my blog for today you need to at least read the first paragraph about my family history with Saint Patrick... yep, not the day, but the Saint... before he was actually "Saint Patrick" LOL


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Wabi sabi

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the April 17 issue of Woman's Day magazine, there's a tremendous article about Wabi sabi. In essence, it's a way of thinking that accepts ourselves and others and possessions as imperfect and sometimes flawed and what's right about it all. For anyone worrying about what other's think, about the first or twentieth wrinkle, or our worn carpets, it's a great article. Look for it.

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HNDMOMMY 3/16/2010 4:08PM

  Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a "must read" for me!

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Just Petty

Monday, March 15, 2010

I just read a note from Coach Jen about our e-mail. She said SPeople was a are that there is a problem and are working with it.
What got to me is that people are e-mailing her and others saying that if they can't "get their act together" they are leaving SPeople. What???!!! There are so many networks that allow you to get e-mail. That's not what SPeople is about. SPeople is about healthy living, reaching your goals, being more than you can be. The site is free. People are free to come and go as they see fit. I don't think there is another internet site quite like this one. If you are on this site just for e-mail, then you probably need to be somewhere else, anyway.
I personally think SPeople is the most comprehensive program anywhere. There is nothing it doesn't cover. And if you stop and see how interactive it is, it's a wonder the tech people can do what they do. I have a hard time explaining the workings of SPeople and how each site interacts with another site. You program something in, and it appears somewhere else. Amazing!
Yes, if you need your daily fix of e-mail, then go somewhere else. But if you're like me, that's a small part that can be fixed. I'm here for health, motivation, friendship, and everthing SPeople can provide for me.

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HNDMOMMY 3/16/2010 4:14PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WINE4GIRL 3/16/2010 2:17PM

    You are right - with all the stuff available on here, there is always something to read and see. And it's FREE! What more could you ask for?


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RUSTYSHAW1 3/16/2010 11:52AM

    I agree. The headquarters needs to be alerted of web site issues but to not remain with the website for such issues is plain silly. I am here seeking a healthier live style, not for email points. While that is all fun, achieving a healthy, happy life surpasses all the "pretend points" that are possible.

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GRETEL1128 3/15/2010 5:16PM

    Maybe all they are after are the Spark Points.
But as you stated that is not the purpose of the site.

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HARMONYBLUE 3/15/2010 1:29PM

    It's amazing how much is taken for granted sometimes. I cannot believe this site is FREE!

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COOKOFDEATH 3/15/2010 1:29PM


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ANNSTOECKL 3/15/2010 1:18PM

    I can't even imagine leaving SP because of email problems or really any glitches that can be fixed with a little patience.

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AMABILE75 3/15/2010 1:15PM

    emoticon emoticon

I agree! That is NOT a reason to leave SP!!!

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