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Monday, May 04, 2009

I've come to realize that all my life I've been trying to be what others expect (to some extent). For example, while in school I was quiet/shy (still am), but from how others treated me and how I perceived it I would try to be what they thought I was. Or if I thought that goal was impossible then I would simply retreat from the comments (or comments I thought they were making) because I was pretty sure that trying to reach their perceptions of me was an impossible goal. I still feel that way at work where I'm not the most popular/sought after person. I'm not gregarious or outgoing but quiet and shy even having reached my forties. I'm finally deciding that it's all right to be who I am and to stop trying to be who others think I should be/am. I am fine just as I am. I'll just keep being that same mostly confident person who I happen to like and feel that if someone wants to take the time they can see what a great person I am even if I'm not outgoing and toot my own horn all the time! Ok, end of rant. :)

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MOONWILLOW1010 5/4/2009 9:59AM

    As long as you are happy with who you are...that is all that matters!

Great attitude!

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SONYA_J 5/4/2009 9:23AM

    Good for you! That sounds similar to me. I know now that I also have anxiety disorder, but basic personality is rather introverted, and actually I'm okay with that.

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

While working on my own blood pressure issue now I'm always stressing about my DH because he has high blood pressure, heart disease (3 heart attacks, 2 bypasses so far!) and we live with the constant changes in his heart condition. It is extremely stressful and I know that's not good for my health. Exercise helps, but I am hoping to find an outlet through a support group or others who are in a similar situation. I think it would help if I could find others who are going through the same thing or have been there. emoticon

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LLAMA*OF*OLY 5/2/2009 9:16PM

  You know it always amazes me how much we ALL have in common! I've had high blood pressure for a couple of years now & I have to admit that I haven't really taken it very serious because it seems as tho I've ALWAYS had it!

When I lost 25 pounds I went to my Dr.'s office w/o taking my BP med that morning. I felt so weird I couldn't even explain how I felt(Kind of a cross between having a seizure, fainting, being hungry, not drinking enough water & having a hangover!!!). If you've never had any of these things I CANNOT explain it to you. I thought that if I lost weight I would be able to get off the med but I, unfortunately, am one that has High BP whether I'm thin or fat!!!

The thing I've realized after my MANY trials & tribulations is that I ALWAYS come out stronger on the other side! Sometimes it was very subtle....other times it has felt like I birthed another person!!! If I look for it tho I can see clearly the lesson I needed to learn from whatever it was at that time! I believe whole heartily that ALL of these things made me who I am today & I am a good person now so I have NO regrets!

Do not think I have no conscience because quite the opposite is true! Being brought up the way I was I had guilt & shame over THINKING about sinning.

Then one day somebody said to me 'Do you think your opinion is more important than God's?' & I answered 'Of course not!'...Their response to me then was 'Then how can you not forgive yourself when God has forgiven you?'....'That's kind of conceited, isn't it?'

The great thing about life is that we get so many chances & choices....whether you believe in God or not!

Remember how you got thru your last trial??? Apply that tenfold & hang on because You are in for the ride of your life!!!

This is beginning to sound like the rantings &/or ramblings of a mad woman but I truly believe what I have written to you.

Maybe right now it doesn't make total sense to you but come back to read this again after your next tribulation & I guarantee IT WILL!!!

I cannot imagine the fear you live with on a daily basis but I promise you we all live with our own fears!

I hope some of this....ANY of this... makes sense to you! If you don't know how already, learn to laugh! It makes life SO MUCH easier to deal with.

You & your husband will be okay if you apply any of this to your lives & continue to make healthy choices in your life, exercise & diets.

Good luck to you.

If you need ANYthing reach out to me! I may not being going thru EXACTLY what you are but my own trials can help me to help you deal with yours! I'm here as much for you as for me so ANYthing you need...just ask. If I can't help I will find somebody who can. If you need to vent, cry, talk or just laugh(which is my specialty!!!) I'm here for you!

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Best Fitness Accomplishment

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keeping up my Pilates class for over 2 years straight! Thinking about adding something else now I that I find I actually enjoy exercise if it's the right kind for me!! Maybe that's been the biggest accomplishment or at least surprise to me.

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SUNLUVV 4/23/2009 6:12AM

    Great! 2 years is impressive. I have a hard time sticking w/ anything that long. I guess my greatest accomplishment is keeping up in the spinning class I am taking!

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