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Big ol' sigh..

Friday, April 11, 2014

::kicking rocks and looking down at the ground:: Aw shucks. Looks like my last attempt didn't last very long. I'm turning 40 in a mere 72 days and am pretty much disgusted with myself that I'm at this point..again. But on the plus side, I'm down nine pounds since January 1st. emoticon

I just logged my weight and my breakfast so now it's on to drinking my water for the day and making healthier choices.

Onward and downward (scale wise!

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TRAVELGO 4/11/2014 9:05AM

  One day at a time!!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hi. Lol. I've been away for almost three months. You'd think that within that time, I would have kept up the momentum I'd started back in May. Ummm, yeah. Not so much.

I've gained back the few pounds I'd managed to lose and am firmly back at Square One. But instead of hanging my head in shame, I'm just going to pull myself back up and move forward.

My family (fiance, my two kids, sister, bro-in-law, two nephews, mother and sister's mother-in-law) are leaving Saturday for a mini four day vacation to Maine. I plan on taking long spirit refreshing walks on the beach, trying to clear my head and get back in the game.



Friday, May 31, 2013

Well, I guess it says something that my first hiatus after being away for so long was only three weeks, right?!? Life got really busy and I didn't even have time to breathe, never mind check in here. Sigh.

Now for the good news, even with a delicious Mother's Day lunch and a huge barbecue on Memorial Day, I managed to drop 2.2 pounds since my last weigh in on May 9th. Go me! Kicking it into overdrive in June though. Tomorrow I start an Ab Challenge to which my friend on FBook directed me. Sit ups, crunches, leg presses and planks..OH MY! I think I need to research how to do them all properly though because I tried to start the challenge the other day and managed to throw my back out. Whoopsie!

Yesterday my daughter turned 13....somebody hold me please....and tomorrow night will be the 4th annual friend sleepover birthday party. Five cackling teenage girls will descend onto my house and leave me breathless. Hoping to get in a round of golf before that happens because I am going to need to have some fun before lockdown

Make it a great day everyone....Happy Friday!


Mother's Day Reflections

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back at work today. Actually glad that the weekend is over. I just couldnít seem to break the funk that was dogging my tail last week.

Motherís Day always seems to do that to me.

I have two mothers. The one that gave birth to me, and the one that adopted me at six days old. Both are in my life. My natural mom found me in 2008 and we have an amazing relationship. And my adoptive mother and I have forged an okay relationship the past few years. My childhood was less than stellar. Not to get too personal here, but there was abuse involved and itís taken me years to be able to forgive her and my adoptive father (who passed in 2003) for what they put me through.

I spent yesterday with my adoptive mother and my adoptive sister and her familyÖbut in the interest of honesty, I would have rather been with my natural mom and my natural brother and sister.

Yeah, did I mention Iíve got issues? Lol.

Still going to make it a great day. Bound and determined to stay on track. Have done 80 out of 175 squats for my challenge. Itís supposed to be cool, but not cold, today so I will make it a point to go for a walk after work to clear my head.

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GEMINIMUMMA 5/13/2013 8:38AM

    Thank you WALLINMW.. ;) I am definitely in this to win it! emoticon

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WALLINMW 5/13/2013 8:32AM

  Stay motivated!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not quite sure what my problem is today. Might be the fact that my snuggly, cute as a button 10 year old son's behavior is crappy today...might be the weather...but whatever the reason, I'm just not feeling it today. Meh.

My fiance took The Boy out to get some trees for our backyard so that helps..and my daughter is on the sunporch watching her Glee DVDs so she's accounted for.

My suspicion is that my foul mood has to do with the fact that I just took my measurements. I went out this morning and bought measuring tape and Ummmm, yeah. Not good my friends. Not good. What really got me is the fact that my neck is skinnier than my calves. Lol. How the hell does THAT even happen?? Well, okay, so I know how that happens, but it still makes me sad.

But I will soldier on. And I will rejoice in the fact that this mood will pass. And my measurements will change, for the better.

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CATHYROSE40 5/11/2013 12:26PM

    Keep that positive attitude and the rest will come with work. As the post below notes, measurements are just numbers that tend to go up and down. Don't let them get you down, power on!!

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ABRANDNEWSTART 5/11/2013 10:37AM

    measurements are just numbers that tend to go up and down, look in the mirror and see yourself for who you are, don't let the numbers get to you, they tend to distract us more, it is just not worth it

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