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Mirena-1 Week later VERY Blunt/Grapic!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

So, it has been one week since i had the mirena inserted...
How is it going?well...ugh!..yes i did alot of research before but i'm annoyed at the amount of bleeding i'm first few days it wasn't much, enough for a pantyliner to handle or a wipe as you went pee...then last thursday/friday it was very, very, light....yesterday and sunday were another matter...very heavy with flooding(ICK!), yesterday i went back to tampons...(running outta pantyliners cause i had to change them everytime i used bathroom basically and i HATE pads...(feel like diapers...))..
Yes, i do know that there's a risk of pulling the mirnea out if the tampon and the strings get strings are on the right towards the back(both of them) and the tampon sits to the left...odd i know but works for me...
So, last night i expected a bad night(bad pains in my back all day...)but when i went to the washroom before bed, nothing...and nothing till about 40 minutes into my elliptical, i felt some cramping...25 minutes into my stationary i had flooding(ICK again) back to tampons i went...

All in all, other than the annoyance with bleeding for 2 weeks now, and the back pains/cramps(were the worst first 3 days after insertion)'s going abnormal pains, all of it seems period like..only other probably i have is that the seasonale i was taking perviously must've been slowing my sex drive cause now i'm pretty interested in sex even though i can't cause of the bleeding(that's not normal for me, usually during period times of the month i don't even think about

So, there you those of you considering a mirena and reading this..make your own chioce, research first...this bleeding can last 6 weeks!...but then after 3 months to 6 months it can stop...hey you can bleed for ever right?lol...(i'm giving it 6 weeks before i bug my

Also, do insertion in fall or winter...if this bleeding doesn't stop by end of this month i could have a long, gross/interesting

hope this helps someone :)

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KAYKAYRUNNER 6/11/2011 8:49PM

    Hmm Good info. I've been contemplating this but havent done much research. It sounds like a big pain! Hope things clear up with the bleeding soon!!

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GEMGLOW 6/7/2011 6:51PM

    I'm asking the doctor tomorrow but currently I do take a b12 supplement, n I'm thinking about taking colic acid or niacin...
Thanks for taking time to read my blog...

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LISAKAY73 6/7/2011 2:24PM

  Never doing this i had no idea what was involved in having one of the inserted I looked it up to see what it was a bout. I am not sure about the flooding but do you think its so bad you need to get an iron supplement? that would be a worry for me i hope things improve sooner than 6 weeks.

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Day...Holy 113! ..feb 1/2011 to June 3/2011

Thursday, June 02, 2011

4 months! 113 days have passed since I joined sparkspeople!

And you know what?It was the BEST decision I've made in a long time!

Lol...these last few days have been hard for me...last weigh in I was 226 and this weeks weigh in put me only .5 lbs down...usually after TOM I lose 2-3 extra lbs...this month nothing...sigh...HOWEVER, I know that the scale isn't all there is to see changes, and while I still have about 10 days till my measurement mark in days, I KNOW that I'm losing!

How you might ask?A trip to my have these brown cargo pants that I bought September 2006.I was 2-2 n 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest..while these may be strange pants to be proud of to fit into, I'm HAPPY! I can get into them again and they look better then the did then! Hehe...I also tried on last year's swim suit...and now a shopping trip may be needed before summer gets here and swimming season...the bottoms are big and the tankini top just fits, but also lays flat around the waist where last year it road up over the "gut"......oh, and the top is too big in the breast area! YEAH!

I also have this beautiful white down filled vest that I've had for 2's a medium and while I've wanted to wear it I refused unless in could do it up...wellllll, guess what?it does up! Although it's tight in hip area, I can wear it!wahoo!

So, despite the lack of lbs dropped I'm good...exhausted this week but good...long week here...speech therapy for my youngest Monday, Mirena insertion Tuesday, primary orientation today for youngest today...whew!

Also, I listen to music as I workout, and I know know all the songs! has new meaning to me too...the favorite song I have right now is called Jumpstart by these kids wear crowns and Loser Like Me by GLEE! The words in both songs strike a chord with me...

Here's some of the words, no copyright intended..


We're gonna give it a JUMPSTART 
4,3,2,1 GO.! 
What's up, when we get it going 
No way we're gonna stop. 
And all you need is a SPARK,SPARK 
If it's all that you got! 
-We're gonna give it a JUMPSTART 
4,3,2,1 GO 
What's up ? We're gonna dance until our L-L-LEGS 
Go into shock ! 
Like an adrenaline SHOT, SHOT going straight to the HEART HEART. 
Whoa,Oh,Eh,Oh (x5) 
HEY ! 
We're gonna give it a jump.! 

We got enough that we can fill the tank 
And even if we gotta' break the bank; 
You know we're gonna TURN IT UP,TURN IT UP, TURN IT UP 

Ain't got to worry bout' it anymore. 
And if they try to stop us at the door, 
We gotta' get up off of the ground ! 

We're gonna give it a JUMPSTART 

Loser Like Me-glee
you think that i'm a zero
but hey, everyone you wanna be,
probably started off like me
you may say that i'm a freak show (i don't care)
but hey, gimme just a little time,
i betcha gonna change your mind
all of the dirt you've been throwin' my way,
it ain't so hard to take (that's right)
cause i know one day you'll be screamin' my name,
and i'll just look away (that's right)

just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth (so everyone can hear)
hit me with the worst you got and knock me down (baby i don't care)
keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out,
you wanna be, you wanna be
a loser like me... a loser like me

push me up against the locker...
and hey, all i'll do is shake it off,
and getcha back when i'm your boss
i'm not thinkin' bout you haters
cause hey, i could be a superstar. i'll see ya when you wash my car
all of the dirt you've been throwin' my way,
it ain't so hard to take (that's right)
cause i know one day you'll be screamin' my name, and i'll just look away (that's right)

That's just some of each song...but yup, they have meaning to me...
Good luck everyone and remember, 1 step at a time, there's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly, or falling in love....It's gonna happen when it's suppose to happen, if you find a reason why....(Jordan sparks, One Step at a Time)...

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RASMUSSEN5 6/2/2011 9:55PM

    WOO HOO emoticon fitting in your clothes. Sometimes that is a better feeling then seeing the scale go down.

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    great blog and a big high 5 for fitting into those clothes!!!

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MIRENA- DO NOT READ if creeped out by girly information :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This blog is to help other woman who have the same issues as me or wanna know about the Minera...Guys, you can read if you like but it's grapical and

Ok, so as some of you know, i've got endometriosis and heavy menstraul bleeding...Some of you have commented and helped me with ideas...and i've read a few of the blogs about what others do/have during their monthly..

I've been on seasonale for a year now, and while yes, the birth control i'm using is ment to stop you from getting pregrant, i use them only for trying to have less bleeding and pain..The seasonale pills(while expensive), worked fairly well for a year.Stopping my period except for every 3 months...then i would have a fairly light(for me, regular for most) period...Then the last one of the year came and it was very bad..same as very other one i've suffered through since having one at age 11...(except while pregrant)...
So, back to the doctor who refered me to a gynocologist...(also who i saw that started me on seasonale)...blood work, cervical exam and pap test revealed nothing wrong with my cervix and Mirena was suggested...
I agreed and came home with the mirena(very expensive unless you have medical care plan).. and 4 days with of antibotics.

Day 1 of my period i called them(last tuesday), and i was booked for the next soonest date.(today).I checked the internet and the blogs i could find, and while the bad and the good of the mirena are listed, i decided to go ahead and have the mirena inserted...

The idea behind the mirnea is that within 3-6 months the horomones can STOP or very much lighten a period...(hormones are released directly from the IUD(mirena) into the uterus, the hormones cause the uterus to NOT build up a lining of blood every month.Eventually stopping it all together.)

So, today i took an antibotic(which made me sick to my stomach, maybe more food first and then the pill?), and then went into the hospital for the outpatient procedure.After an hour wait(lady in labour maybe?lol)..i was shown into the room, where my doctor was as well as a nurse...they allowed me to undress (bottoms)behind a curtain and cover with a sheet.Then came in...i was asked if my period went normal(for me), and if it was lightening now, and if i'd had sex at all in the last week(this question is to ensure you are not pregrant during insertion time)...
I was told to take ibuprophen before my appoinment...DO THIS! it helps with the pain, cause having a spectum widing your cervix is painful in a feeling of lots of pressure way...
Then they layed me back on a 45 degree angle and got to spectum was inserted to open the cervix and canal..Then wiped inside with iodine...There was pressure and then the doctor warned me of a pinch and then he inserted the he clipped the wires and told me he could shorten them later if needed and told me my spouse and i should not feel the wires in a few days to a week(they curve around the opening of the cervix)..he removed the spectum and cleaned me up..(ewww, slimmy from the goo they put on the spectum and the iodine...yuck! lol)
Then they left me and i could get dressed...The doctor said NO TAMPONS! and that there may be some bleeding and cramping for next few days, and that the hormones take 24-48hrs to start taking affect...then i could leave(once dressed)..I also got a book about the mirena and warning signs/things to expect with the insertion date on the front and may docotrs name...
I left and now it has been about 4 period that had basically been coming to an end, has returned...not heavy, but spotting bad cramps..and bad pain...
I'm also tired and my head is sore...whether that is from getting up early in order to make the appointment or something else, i don't know and my stomach(tummy area) hurts...(cramping).....I can FEEL the wires inside's almost like a tampon in the wrong place feeling...werid but not too bad..
I have to return in 4-12 months to have it checked that it is in place properly.

I also(despite getting up at 6 am, an hour earlier than normal)..did 25 minutes of zumba and 50 minutes of arobic dancing...

So, there..i'll update people as to problems/reactions/how it goes as time passes, but this way there's a positive blog about IUD's and the mirena...

Good luck everyone reading this and i'm hear if you'd like to ask questions...thanks!

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LISAKAY73 6/2/2011 10:06AM

  Hi i did not have heavy bleeding but took out my uterus from the endometriosis no one told me there were any other options.And it was so severe at the time I just wanted relief. I do not recommend that option unless there is no other way. Will keep you in my prayers i know it can not be a great feeling. have a great day emoticon

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BCALL8 5/31/2011 9:51PM

    I Love Mirena. I didn't have a period for 3 years while I had it... which is Soo awesome! I hope it works well for you!

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AMYSRUN4LIFE 5/31/2011 8:37PM

    I just had Mirena inserted at the end of March. I also took ibuprofen before the visit. Don't really know if it helped, I didn't think it was bad at all. Reminded me of getting a pap, lol. I haven't had any "side-effect" since getting it except the spotting, which has finally stopped. Funny thing...I thought I was getting abdominal cramps from it until I realized I recently upped my weights on he ab crunch machine, sometimes my brain doesn't exactly work, lol.

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GEMGLOW 5/31/2011 8:01PM

    Tks, it did help to take ibuprofen and I've been taking pampering for the cramping pains..hopefully it'll get better in the next few days...thanks, if I have question I will know who to ask :)

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RASMUSSEN5 5/31/2011 1:50PM

    I love Mirena and I hope that you have as much success with it as I have had! You are right tho! DEF TAKE ASPIRIN BEFORE GETTING THE IUD INSERTED! WOW did that make a difference ! I am one of those that can't remember to take a pill so Mirena was said to be the best option for me and its been great! I had my second one put in about 3 months ago.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, i'm down 30 lbs!Can we just have a WAHOO! moment for that?Sadly, i do have to say that when i stepped on my scale and realized that i'd made it to my halfway point i had a moment where i was depressed...yup, read that twice didn't you?All that hard work and i wasn't happy and doing a jig?lol...yup, for a moment i stood there and thought, crud, halfway, isn't this where they say it gets harder?

BUT, i shook that feeling off, yeah it might get hard but HEY! it's been challenging already, there were lots of times(especially in the beginning), where i thought i'd just give in and give up...but i held on...Routines and Plans are my thing...i love doing stuff on a "list" and checking it off...(no real list but one running in my head)...And each day is a little easier than the last...

Already i can walk 5 km without getting winded, i can bike 3 km with my sons(one is 50lbs and rides in a bike trailer/carrier thing that I PULL!), and i can do 15 minutes straight on the elliptical!50- a hour of zumba is only kinda hard, not lay down and rest afterwards

I'm improving so much on the inside and the out side.My husband comments on it sometimes as well.Last night we were talking and he asked if i had a reason for losing weight, and said he wants me to do it for ME!I'm like, yes honey it is for me, i wanna be here when our kids have kids, i don't wanna take after the women if my family (who gain, and gain, and GAIN after 30's), and i don't wanna be sick and unhealthy.I wanna be with HIM, as long as i can be.He was happy with that.

But you know it made me realize something, i'm changing me, yes, thinner(hopefully), healthier(definately), but i'm also changing those around me who care about me...It's nice to have the support i get here on Sparkspeople, but it's means more and is harder to get support from home and those around me...just knowing that my husband is behind me(i'm sure he's checking out the view too!lol), helps..He watches the boys so i can go for walks, ALONE!He comments on my lost weight, and trys to help me find good foods to eat when we are out...he and my boys help me by believing i can do it and wanting to be with me :)(love you guys )

So, that's changes are gonna keep happening here in my home and with me and my family, but instead of changing into a new person because i've lost(and losing weight), i want the real "inside" me to come out, so that everyone can see the real me inside hiding behind these layers of FAT!I know some would see this as an opportunity to become someone new,i see this as a chance to show everyone ME!The way i should be!

Thanks for reading/commenting all you sparkers, if it wasn't for you guys/girls i'd possibly have given up....

WAHOO for ME! and when i make it to my goal(hopefully before my birthday), i'll have me, my family and YOU SPARKERS to thank!


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RASMUSSEN5 5/24/2011 12:48PM

    emoticon emoticon on your half way point! 30lbs is amazing! You should def be proud of yourself! Glad to hear that you have the support at home! I totally agree that sparkpeople is amazing but the support at home of your family and friends is so needed! I love that your husband compliments you and talks to you about your journey...encouraging you! That's awesome! I usually have to ask my hubby if I have changed at all and then he will tell me he's noticed it. Oh well at least he does that. Keep up the great work! emoticon

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SILVERSU 5/24/2011 12:45PM

    Congratulations! 30 lbs is quite the accomplishment! Don't stop; whatever it is you are doing must work for you! Trusting you will meet your goal before your upcoming birthday_ the best present one give oneself_ a healthy future!


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May 21,2011 end of world????

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soo, today we are suppose to see the end of the world at 6 pm this evening...earthquakes to make the one in Japan look small....
Soo, is it the end?Honestly I doubt it...we'd see more signs if there was to be a giant earthquake I would think...
Soo, I'm gonna go on with my day as usual...that means some zumba(45 minutes) and then get laundry in before I do my stationary bike and elliptical...(50 minutes all together)...
Then hang out with my boys and do some housework stuff...hubby is at work till 5 and home about 5:30...
S, you guys have a great day and don't worry too much...if it is gonna end we have no way of stopping

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RUNNER4LYFE 5/21/2011 1:16PM

    My thoughts exactly! Its outta our hands. Keep on enjoying life :o)

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