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Day 1 again...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

emoticon It's been a long time since I've been keeping to my program. I got 2 notes from my sp friends and that got me thinking how much I have missed being here.

I'm trying to not feel like a failure. I'm a perfectionist, and that's what gets me into these messes to begin with.

I've been eating mostly healthy foods but the only exercise I've gotten has been in the garden. I know that counts as something, but evidentially it's not enough.

I have gained some weight back - probably mostly from my bday week. We ate out constantly and I had a bday cake. Not a good combo for me.

I'm cooking most of my meals from scratch, including lunches with fresh veggies from the farmers market and my garden. So that should help, and now I have to get back into some exercise everyday. That's the hardest part for me.

So today I'm starting over. No more thinking about how I could have done it differently and feeling guilty and bad about myself. I'm going to give myself a clean slate and a do over. That alone is a huge change for me.

I'm committing to join the lesbian cafe challenge at the end of the month and to peek in on one of the teams right now for motivation. And to do some yoga tonight. Tomorrow I'll try to work out a schedule that I think I can stick to for now.

Thanks so much to ImaPickledBeet and Okiemel for helping me come back!

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DESHARRI 5/13/2008 4:57PM

    Sounds like a good plan. You sound like you've been doing well with veggies so congrats. May the endorphins ease your reintroduction of more strenuous exercise.

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I love to cook at home

Monday, November 12, 2007

Last week I got back on track with my cooking. I find that if I eat at home I eat more veggies and less crap. Also I control the portion size that ends up on my plate and that doesn't suck either!

We're starting to save for our xmas vacation (that includes 2.5 days at Disney World), so eating at home fits right in with that goal too! So my mantra for this week is I love to cook at home.

Last week I made (all in the slow cooker) red beans and rice, fake ground beef and mushroom tomato stew, vegetable soup with cheese tortellini, and bbq temepeh. All of them turned out great - the only change I would make next time is to leave out the boca Italian sausage from the vegetable soup - it just didn't add anything and I ended up picking it out.

My goal today is to get a dinner plan for the week. Tonight will be Indian (taste of india ready mades - but low in calories and fat), I just need to plan the rest of the week.

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GRATEFULSNED 1/12/2008 2:39PM

    Good job! Slow cookers rock. Your planning and cooking efforts will definitely pay off.

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IPANEMAOAKLAND 11/19/2007 1:09PM

    I love to cook at home too! Especially with the early sunset, it makes being at home much cozier when the house is filled with cooking smells. Everything you made sounds super yummy. Keep up the great work. Kat

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Fall is in the air

Monday, November 05, 2007

It's finally cool here and the leaves are falling. I kept my goal of making slow cooker meals so I can come home and have dinner ready. That way I will be less tempted to go out and have a huge portion of food in front of me. Tonight was red beans and rice, and a walk after dinner. I think tomorrow will be a pasta stew with boca Italian sausage....yummm...

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ARROW37 11/9/2007 6:25PM

    GREAT idea! I might have to try that because I love to make stew and chicken noodle soup. Plus, I saw a great recipe for slow cooked bb-q pork chops. YUM!

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JOANNAISATOMIC 11/9/2007 10:38AM

    my girl and i really want to get a crockpot, but i'm afraid of what the cat will do to it while i'm gone. i'm also terrified of starting a fire. :(

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HUSKY_HANK 11/6/2007 12:57PM

    I love using my crockpot to cook while I am away. It is nice to know there is food waiting at home.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I weighed myself this morning and not only did I lose the 2 pounds I gained back - but I almost lost another pound on top of it!

I'm being less vague about what I eat, the money I spend, how long a task will take. Hopefully it will make me more solid in taking good care of myself.

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FAIRYGIRL761 9/13/2007 4:44PM

    Way to go!

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HUSKY_HANK 9/13/2007 1:33PM

    Great job!

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It's a good Monday!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I woke up before the alarm went off, because I went to bed in time to get enough sleep. Yesterday I had prepped up some fruit and salad in containers for the week, so this morning I just popped them into my bag.

This weekend I did some work on cleaning my beyond messy office. I had cleaned it a month or so ago, but put all the things I still needed to go through behind other things so it 'looked' good. Well, that didn't work and more stuff got piled in and it all got forgotten.

This time I arranged the furniture to make half the room an office and the other half a yoga/meditation space. It was so nice to shut the animals out while I did yoga. Imagine doing a downward dog pose and having your dog crawl under you and stretch out....

I've been wanting a space just for me to be able to be quiet and creative for a long time. I have all my bags of papers out in the open so I will go through it a little at a time.

So finally a blog entry with no whining!

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LABRYANT 9/11/2007 8:59AM

    Yop, who said Monday's were bad? :)

Congrats on your progress!


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DAWNME99 9/10/2007 8:05PM

    Congrats on the cleaning! I'm sure it looks great.

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HUSKY_HANK 9/10/2007 4:33PM

    When I do sit ups, my dashound likes to get a running start and then jump on my stomach. He loves it for some reason. So I try to knock out my sit ups while he is eating.

Awesome job in converting your space into a yoga area. Keep up the hard work.

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KRO-BAR 9/10/2007 3:25PM

    What a great start you're off to! I need someone to clean my office for me at home. It's a disaster and I keep ignoring it.

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