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Week after Bootcamp

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haven't exercised much, if at all. Not even much Wii Fit.

Weight: 110lbs (-0.5)
Neck: 12"
Upper Arm: 10.25"
Waist: 26.75"
Upper Hips: 34" (0.25)
Hips: 36.5
Upper Thigh: 20.5"


Swimsuit Bootcamp - Finished!

Monday, June 02, 2008

These past two weeks I've only lost about a half-pound from my weight, but I lost a half-inch from my waist and 0.75" from around my hip/belly area. Plus, today I'm bloated so these measurements are probably on the high side.

The Bootcamp is over. I wasn't doing as well as I should this last week. But I'm going to continue to follow the daily video and watch what I eat. I still have a ways to go until my goal.

For June 2, 2008:

Weight: 110.5lbs
Neck: 12"
Upper Arm: 10.25"
Waist: 26.75" (-0.5)
Upper Hips: 33.5" (-0.75)
Hips: 36.5
Upper Thigh: 20.5"

So this past month during the Bootcamp I've lost:

3.5 lbs
1.25" from my waist
0.25" from my thighs
1" from my hips

Not too shabby.


Swimsuit Bootcamp - Week 3

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been 100% on target in regards to my daily cardio. I need to get back on track with that. I'd be doing a lot more bike riding except my bike is temporarily out of comission.

I HAVE been doing the daily videos though (except on Sunday, boo). Which is a big step for me, getting up a bit earlier each morning in order to exercise.

Diet-wise, I've been on target about 98% of the time. This weekend was the worst I've done in two weeks, when a scoop of Oberweis Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream was my downfall. But all I can do is get back on track, right?

In the past two weeks since starting the Bootcamp, I've lost:

3 lbs (111 lbs)
0.75" from my waist (27.25")
0.25" from my thighs (20.25)
0.25" from my hips (34.35)

I discovered that I had been taking my hip measurement in the wrong spot -- around my hip bones. So I'm going to call what I have been measuring my "upper hip" and take the real hip measurement and call it just "hips" I'm going to keep putting the upper hip measurement in my tracker though so it doesn't take a huge jump.

Weight: 111lbs
Neck: 12"
Upper Arm: 10.25"
Waist: 27.25"
Upper Hips: 34.25"
Hips: 36.5
Upper Thigh: 20.5"


Swimsuit Bootcamp - Day 3

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Woke up early again to do the official video.

Went bike riding tonight and only made it a short distance before my rear tire blew. At least I got some exercise walking home dragging my bike after me. That counts for cardio, right?

The next few days will suck. I'm going into work early so I need to get up even earlier in order to exercise... plus I have stuff going on after work to limit my free time even more. If I can get the video AND cardio done before work...


Swimsuit Bootcamp - Day 2

Monday, May 05, 2008

I should call it the correct name, shouldn't I?

Day 1 recap -- I did the video later in the evening. I stuck pretty good to the diet, only went about 100 calories over with a slice of apple pie for dessert.

Day 2 -- I woke up early this morning and did the Day 2 video first thing. When I got home from work I did 45 minutes of cardio (Wii boxing/tennis and a bike ride around the neighborhood).

I also met the bonus challenge, which was aided by a free fruit & yogurt breakfast at the office today.

I think that I'm off to a good start.

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*SPARKLEMAMA* 5/6/2008 1:07PM

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