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Tired of it all

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling yucky. The past couple of days I feel as though I want to give up. I'm not sure why as I've been doing well. I just don't feel like exercising, my diet is really ok but I haven't been making the effort that I was. I'm tired. I know I will have more energy if I just work out but I just don't have the energy to work out. I know that sounds crazy but it seems I'm kind of in a funk :( I'm just so tired of being fat.

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MISSDIANE1 3/14/2008 3:30PM

    Feeling yucky is part of life unfortunately. You will feel better in a couple of days. Is it "that time of the month?" Maybe that's why you feel like you do.

Please don't give up, you are too valuable to give up. You want to be healthy and there's only one person who can accomplish that and it's you.

I'm pushing for you.

P.S. I WILL sing very loud!

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TORINBAMA 3/14/2008 1:19PM

    I'm not going to sing...but...I will encourage you to read more SparkPages. When I read them I get totally energized. They make me want to plan my meals and snacks and exercise. We all get in funks and and want to give up, but girl, it's all going to be worth it when you go shop for that dress to wear to the wedding you talked about and you smile when you slip into the one that's just for you! You can do it!!

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BARCINTL 3/13/2008 6:15PM

    If you quit, I will come over and sing to you. Every day. Loudly.

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PROTOTD 3/13/2008 5:14PM

    Ya' know, we all have those feelings from time to time. It's okay. This too shall pass. You can make it through this blue period and we're here to help. If you veer off course, blow it off and steer right back on. You can do this!! You've done so well already!!
Stay Strong!

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New incentives

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yesterday I got a call from a very good friend of mine. She was trilled to tell me that her daughter got engaged over the past weekend. That means a big wedding. That means a new formal and that means I MUST lose more weight. I don't know the date for the wedding yet but that will be a big goal of mine to be thin enough to buy a dress without crying. More incentive is good, keeps me going!!

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GIRLINMOTION 3/12/2008 10:23AM

    Make a plan and plan to succeed. You can do it!

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YANKSGIRL1 3/11/2008 11:02PM

    A wedding!! That is exciting. I am sure that you will look radiant. Your friends probably don't notice much about your physical looks other than your smile, like the one you have on while in the red dress!

Thank you so much for all your comments and support. Pets are so special!

You have lost quite a bit of weight already!! Great job!! Thanks again and good luck with all your goals.

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Two more pounds gone for good!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Sunday. That means weigh in morning for me. I knew I must have lost weight this week as I am on antibiotics and really haven't had much of an appetite. Since I won't eat sugary and processed food anymore, most of my grazing has been fruit.

Two more pounds are gone!! Two more that I vow to never see again. I'm happy about this but realized that I have quite a way to go.

This past Friday, when I went shopping with my daughter, I grabbed a winter coat I hadn't worn in a couple of years. It got really cold and I put it on and it was so tight I was shocked. Now I realize that there are no excuses anymore and am so happy that I have begun this journey. Next winter, I expect that coat to not only fit but be a little loose. You can all take that to the bank!!!!!

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BARCINTL 3/9/2008 10:05PM

    So what's it like way over there in the land of the 150's?

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GIRLINMOTION 3/9/2008 8:07PM

    WOOHOO! Way to go! Congratulations!

How is your ear infection doing? Are the antibiotics helping?

I am positive too, that next winter that coat is going to fit too lose on you and you will need to get a new one. It is going to be shopping time, lol.

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What a mistake!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I have been so obsessed with adding everything I eat into my nutrition counter. With high cholesterol I really need to not only lose weight but make sure I keep my fat intake low. Since I never eat red meat and I have been so careful I thought for sure this would be easy.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been tracking the fat intake and for some reason it was always high. Every day I worked at lowering it and it just never got lower no matter what I did! It was really frustrating.

Yesterday, as I entered my breakfast (egg-substitute, weight watchers low fat cheddar omelette) I happened to look at the fat counter and it said 65 grams of fat! WHAT!! I went back and saw that instead of putting in 6 grams. for the ww cheddar, I had entered 65 grams! No wonder I couldn't get my fat content down!!!

Ha! Correction has been made and now I find I've actually been UNDER the fat that I need!! I guess this was a happy mistake but I'm so relieved!! Good thing I don't mind laughing at myself!

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NISSEGIRL 3/9/2008 8:32AM

    don't you love it when you screw up in reverse? much better than me the other night when I absent mindedly grabbed a handful of peanuts and later found out that peanuts have a lot more calories than I thought they did!

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GIRLINMOTION 3/8/2008 3:56PM

    Glad you found this as a good mistake and corrected it. I hope you had a good laugh over it.

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_RAMONA 3/8/2008 1:26PM

    Hey Gayle! I'm glad you're feeling better... also glad you figured out where the excess fat was coming from! LOL! I can't tell you how often I err in entering only to have a heart attack once I'm done!

Just a cautionary note about going too low on fat. Eating low/no fat can actually increase your cholesterol and cause all sorts of other problems (it's partly why americans are getting fatter even though they are eating more low/no fat food). It's also why skinny people and vegetarians can also have really high cholesterol and heart disease.

It would be better if you slowly changed the types of fats you eat to mostly monounsaturated fat. If you cut your good fat too low, it will cause your triglycerides to bottom out and thus raise your bad cholesterol. You want to lower your overall cholesterol by lowering your bad cholesterol, and raising your good. Check out this article:

Nutrition Reference Guide: Fats and Oils

I, too, have to be concerned with cholesterol. I eat 90% monounsaturated fat, I eat with my fat at the high end of my range, and I am losing weight while my good cholesterol rises, and my bad cholesterol drops.


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Back on track

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I got back on the treadmill today. I was concerned about the balance issue but didn't seem to have a problem. I feel so much better now that I did that. The antibiotics seem to have curbed my appetite but I do fear they may cause some water retention. If I do lose weight this week I'll be thrilled but if not I'm not going to be to upset. It will just be better next week when I finish the meds.

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PAGEROKS 3/6/2008 11:57AM

    Glad your getting back to your routine and feeling better.

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MISSDIANE1 3/6/2008 11:14AM

    Congratulations for getting back on the treadmill. I'm glad the balance issue isn't an issue. Don't let the curbed appetite get in your way when you come off the anti-biotics.

Keep up the good work.

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