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struggling with the plastic surgery issue

Friday, July 11, 2008

I have been steadily losing weight since the first week of February. I am very pleased that all the hard work I've put into this is finally paying off. Now I seem to have a new set of problems.

Well, the problem is exactly that. The set. With each child I gained a cup size on my bra. I started as a "B" and after my daughter was born I was a "C". Once I had my son, I was a "D". As years went by and having some health issues namely a hysterectomy and then when they thought I had breast cancer (it was benign!) I gained a lot of weight. Stress.....I went to a "DD" and believe me, my cup runneth over.

Now that I have lost close to 30 lbs. I am wearing a "C". Not a pretty "C" but a very saggy, deflated balloon "C".

So, the plastic surgeon was wonderful. She said that she could do a lift and once all was said and done, I would be a perfect "B" once again. Ha, back where I started. She is working with me on the money so that isn't the issue. Here's where I'm struggling.

I am past that 50 mark. I am single right now and looks like I will be that way into the future. Does it really matter anymore? I keep going back and forth. Who's going to see them? Well, I am for one and that's important, isn't it....but at my age? Should I really bother?

It's tough for me. I just don't know what I want to do. I keep going back and forth. If I do do this it will be when I am within 5 lbs of goal, which takes me to th end of the summer. That would be perfect timing for me as business is very slow then and I could take the time.

Has anyone done this? Would love some advice! Opinions are welcome.

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FOODFROMAFAR 7/22/2008 8:11AM

    Gayllynne, I have the same issue. I was a solid C before kids. While breastfeeding managed to get up to and F cup!! For a long time I was a saggy D. Until I neared my goal weight and then I hit saggy C and finally a saggy B. I am also very small around, so I have to find a 30 or 32 band which is very difficult. I went to a professional bra fitter when I was still wearing a D cup and got a better fit bra which helped tremendously. After I lost weight, I went to 2 more fitters but was having a hard time due to my small band issues. I finally found an almost perfect fit bra online. I still have the saggy issue. Surgery isn't really an option for me mostly for the money issue but partly the necessity issue. I'm 48 and my dh is happy with me as I am. My solution is to buy really nice bras that keep the girls where they need to be and to invest in really nice swimsuits that do the same. I bought a tankini top and bottom from Lands' End. The top has a built in underwire bra which really does a great job supporting. I feel normal looking (and securely in place) in my swimsuit for the first time in years.

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DORY.A 7/16/2008 11:27AM

    I'm having the same "deflating" issues right now... Have gone from a 40E to a C cup (or less). I still workout in the DD bra I have because I have sportsbra over top of that but oh my goodness, how funny that bra underneath looks!!

As far as the surgery goes - I have a good friend who had implants and loves them... but she got them for cosmetic reasons (flat chested). She has a great surgeon and has told me she will be fix, lift, suck anything that she needs to keep looking good FOR HERSELF.

I am thinking that if I don't lose my thighs, I'd like to have lyposuction done on them.... and if I'm in doing that, I'd love a booby lift too! But I read about the risks... and as said below, it's not a health issue... so do I really want to take those risks???

I'm on the fence with you!!!

Can't wait to hear what you decide!

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SUZANNA333 7/13/2008 6:28PM

    I concur with just about all of the previous comments. Do what will make you happy! If your main reason is to make them attractive for a potential man in your life then it may not be worth it because whoever that man may be should want you for you. On the other hand, if looking at them in the mirror makes you unhappy, then get the surgery by all means! And like Sonia said below, take in to account all the risks and benefits.

Live life without regrets.

Suzanna emoticon emoticon

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BLINDBETH 7/13/2008 5:07PM

    Well, well, well... It sounds like you aren't really happy with them. And 50 is YOUNG! And you never know when you will meet someone that sweeps you off your feet.

So, maybe you should. But only if you feel comfortable doing so. My girls aren't too saggy - but they are small - so I haven't the same issue as you. On the other hand, if a tummy tuck were to become reasonable, I do it in a 'New York minute.'

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GIRLINMOTION 7/12/2008 11:13AM

    Gayllynne, the choice is really yours and you have to live with it. Every surgery comes with risks, and this is not a matter of life or death?

I have had it done 11 years ago, by a highly respected surgeon. He made these lines around by breast and I told him that the one side was not right, he said he would fix that in surgery. Well guess what? He didn't and my area around my right nipple is not round. I had implants so my surgery disasters are a bit different than just a lift. I had two more surgeries and the third one I got the implants removed. But there is a chance what you are not happy with can actually get worst! Is that a risk you want to take?

As others said a good bra can do wonders, and cost much less, and does not have any side effects except for being alluring to men, lol. If you find a great guy, he is not going to care regardless. It is you, he wants to be with, not your breast (they can be fun any way they look).

In the end, it is your choice.

Hugs, Sonia

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TAMMI1963 7/11/2008 7:04PM

    If it would make you feel better than I say go for it!!! I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a little help here and there. I've thought about getting some work done myself after I lose all the weight I want to. As far as your comment as to who is going to see them, you will and if it makes you feel better than so be it. Besides, if you do this it should be for you and only you. So I say yea, do it!! emoticon

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EZMERELDA 7/11/2008 5:08PM

    You mentioned "who's going to see them?" If you truly are unhappy when YOU see them, and money isn't an issue, then go for it. If it would be for others, I wouldn't be in a rush to undergo surgery. My aunt is having the same issue - had three kids, went from a size 14 to a 2 and if not for the $$ would do it in a heartbeat because it would make her feel good. Victoria's Secret makes some great bras that put the girls back where they once were, if you want to go the lingerie route.

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YOHLI07 7/11/2008 4:12PM

    I just listened to a free pod cast with Jillian Michaels regarding this issue. It's way more common than you think and even happened with her. She went from a C cup to an A cup. She says the lifts are very common and recommends another alternative: a good push up bra if you're not comfortable with the surgery. I say do what makes you feel good about you.

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KASHMIRA612 7/11/2008 1:27PM

    how do you feel when you look in the mirror? personally,with all that work put in to make the rest of your body look good, why not make them follow suit? i think i would do it. if the dr's willing to work with you on the money, then it shouldn't really be a problem.

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It's about time, so how come.......

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This past week every client I saw said something about me losing weight. Finally! It took 25 lbs before they noticed. How crazy is that? They all said how great I looked and that I was so small etc. It was nice.

So, how come I don't feel small? I know I am still about 14 lbs from goal and for some reason I just still feel fat. I am really watching what I eat and trying to fit in exercise when I can but when I sit down I still feel that roll of fat and when I take a shower I can see where the next weight must come from.

Yes, clothes still fit better and I'm wearing ever smaller sizes but I just don't feel "small". I am wondering if I ever will.

Just thinking out loud and wondering if anyone else feels like this.

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GIRLINMOTION 7/9/2008 8:53AM

    I know how you feel, many people didn't notice my weight loss either till I was close to 20 lbs down. Take the compliments and throw away the mirror, self image will destroy you. You know you look and feel better, and with continued healthy ways, you will get to your goal.

Hugs, Sonia

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BLINDBETH 7/9/2008 6:30AM

    Ummm.... I fight that feeling every time I look in the mirror. I'm not sure that we'll ever be happy. Besides, all the models that seem to set the 'beauty standard' are ridiculously thin and still their pictures are touched up. We have an impossible standard to live up to!

Several months ago, I read an article about the differences in how men and women perceive their bodies. I don't remember all the details but the bottom line was that the men thought they looked better than they did and the women thought they looked worse than they did. They all had to rate themselves and each other on a 1-10 scale.

All that to say... we aren't alone! But without a doubt, I'm sure you are looking GREAT!!! You are a beautiful woman.
Havea great day!

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My "new" capris

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A couple of months ago I pulled out a pair of capris that I haven't worn in years. I put them on and couldn't close them. Not even sucking in my stomach and laying on the bed.....nope, wouldn't close. I folded them back up and put them back in the closet. I thought for sure, being down 20 lbs I would be able to wear them. I was wrong.

Today, just for the hell of it, I once again pulled them out. I looked at them and wondered if I were being hard on myself if they once again didn't fit, but.....I'm wearing them now! Yes, they are just a tad tight around the waist but I've worn them all day and I'm still breathing. Those last, nearly 7 lbs, made a huge difference!!!

Wonder what else I've got in the back of my closet *grin*. I can go shopping and not spend a dime and not even leave the comforts of my own home!! Talk about winning!!!

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GIRLINMOTION 7/7/2008 9:10AM

    Congratulations Gayllynne. Yes, nothing beats being able to shop for "new" clothes, that are "free" and as you said, not have to leave the comforts of home, lol. Best form of "recycling" too.

Hugs, Sonia

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BLINDBETH 7/6/2008 7:56PM

    I LOVE when that happens! But don't forget that when you do get down to your goal weight, you need to reward yourself. Nothing beats a shopping spree for an award! I'd be glad to meet you in NYC and then we can have our own edition of What Not To Wear...


You are getting skinny! Yay!!!

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SUZANNA333 7/6/2008 2:49PM

    Wow Congratulations! Those kinds of "new" clothes are the best kind if you ask me. Keep up the GREAT work!
emoticon emoticon

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Giving back

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have discovered a "possibly" new benefit of losing weight. I may now be able to give blood. I have been donating blood since my early twenties and did so just about every year until a year or two ago..

digress into funny story:

The first time I gave blood I worked for a big corporation. It was my first "real" job and I was a receptionist. At the time I was quite small and weighed about 110 lbs. Everyone on my floor was donating so I decided to also. I knew my mother had a very rare blood and I was wondering if perhaps I did too. I went down to the lunchroom where they were donating and they made me get on the scale to see if I weighed enough!!! Oh, those days of yore!! I just made it. They handed me a wad of paper to squeeze and a handful of jelly beans to eat to bring up my blood sugar. I was so nervous I ended up squeezing the jelly beans and had many colors running down my arm!!! Ha!! Pretty funny! When it was all over, I remember looking at the guy who took the blood and saying, "Umm, I rather light headed" and then I passed out cold! Spent the next hour on a stretcher!! I still get light headed but no one asks me to get on a scale anymore LOL-

Anyway, I had gained so much weight it became impossible to find my veins. Yesterday, as I was driving, I noticed that I could see the veins in my arms quite clearly. Since I had to give up this part of my life simply because I had gained so much weight, maybe, just maybe I can reclaim it. I'm going to try at the next opportunity.

BTW, I did find out that I indeed do have rare blood. It is AB-. Do you know your blood types? Giving blood is easy, painless and saves lives. You all should try it.

Wonder how much a pint of blood weighs!!

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BLINDBETH 7/6/2008 11:33AM

    Good girl! I need to go tomorrow and give blood. I used to do Apheresis - where they just take the platelets. My father and brother both received platelets before they passed away. It is something that has to be scheduled and I don't have as much time now. But I do like to run in and give blood since it is quicker and doesn't involve making an appointment.

My veins have always been great. I'd have made a good junkie... emoticon

Thanks for the reminder to give blood!

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BARCINTL 7/4/2008 5:20PM

    If I give blood, don't eat the cookie afteward or drink the OJ, how much less do you think I'd weigh than before I gave blood? *grin*

Hey, I had a Brazilian to weigh less than you. I'll do whatever it takes!! Yes, I'm THAT competitive!!! :)

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NAOMIJGH 7/2/2008 7:34PM

    If you're looking for a blood drive, there is one at Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library on Rt 202 in Garnerville next Thursday, 7/10 from 1-6:30 pm. I usually give at ours, but I will be on my way to California for a wedding.

Happy bleeding!


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LB2SKINNYB-2010 7/2/2008 9:52AM

    That's awesome, girl! AB- is rare; don't give Life Blood your number. They'll be wanting you to come down every month! LOL!

No, giving blood is an awesome way to give back. I do it each year during our annual blood drive. But I wish I would do it more often. I have the universal donor type -- O+ (or is it O- ?)

Congrats on your skinny, vainy arms!!! :)

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GIRLINMOTION 7/2/2008 8:49AM

    Gayllynne, I am glad you going to try and give blood again. You know "it is in you to give". In the last few years I have been donating on a regular basis. Last month was my 51st time and I am scheduled to give again in August. I am B+.

I consider giving blood like a mini-physical. They check your iron levels, blood pressure and temperature. I have found though that as I have got older though if I try to do anything physical afterwards I become faint. This never happened when I was younger, so I don't know if this is an age thing or something else.

I read that you burn 600 calories when you donate blood. So make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards, it is quite the workout.


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Getting back to normal

Sunday, June 29, 2008

First and foremost I'd like to just say thank you to all the lovely comments that were left for me. It's been a tough time around here but we are doing ok.

My dad is home and feeling ok. That in and of itself is just great. My son has left for camp, complete with a cast on his hand but the good news is he can have the cast off in about 2 weeks. After that he can have a normal time at camp and just be a kid. Hooray!!

As for me, I'm really ok. I have been working a lot and just trying to return to normalcy in my life. I haven't lost any weight in two weeks but I haven't gained any either. I'm still a little off in the exercise but hopefully I'll be back to that again soon.

I am really anxious to get into the 130's. It will make me feel like I've really come a long way. Don't get me wrong, I really HAVE come a long way as losing 25 lbs is a big accomplishment. In terms of goals, again I'm ahead by a week. I had hoped for 25 by July 4th. Maybe I'll be in the 130's by then!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I do love the warm weather.

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BLINDBETH 7/1/2008 10:45PM

    I've missed you! And I'm glad you are back! It sounds like you are doing remarkably well! Now that everyone has been taken care of - don't forget to do something relaxing for yourself. You'll need some down time after going through all that you did over the past several weeks.

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BARCINTL 6/30/2008 10:31AM

    I'm right on your tail at 140.8! Heh heh heh.

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CANUCKER08 6/29/2008 7:00PM

    I'm in the same boat as you in a way. The last month for me has been very difficult and my nutrition hasn't necessarily suffered but my regular exercise routine has a bit. I haven't gained or loss though either.

Sorry to hear that your mother has passed. We just got through a senseless death that has been the cause of our stress as well as my child graduating and finishing off exams, etc.

So like you're blog title, I'm hoping for the same. Getting things back to normal!

Good luck and my sympathies. emoticon

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GIRLINMOTION 6/29/2008 3:52PM

    Gayllynne, I just caught up on reading your last blog. You been having a very stressful time. Sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, I know it is never easy, but I am sure it was for the best. Good supportive care is hard to find and do yourself when there are so many obligations and not enough hours in a day to fulfill them. I hope everything is fine with your father, it is never easy for the spouse that is left behind.

I hope you are finding time for yourself to get some rest to relieve the stress. I guess your son going to camp has helped, but your still his mom, and the worry never goes away (at least for me it doesn't and I think it never will unless my son can show more responsibility, but then I have to get him to take more, lol).

Take care, hugs,

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