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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just when I think I cannot stand any more oppressive heat and humidity, Mother Nature gives us a break. A low below 70, humidity also plunged, and I am met with a breath of literally fresh air as I enter the morning to give my pooch's bladder a break. My mood automatically lifts.

I am tired of watering my pots and gardens, tired of fighting the weeds, tired of dead brown plants I had tried to nurture and failed. Yet, what a gift is a morning like this one. Cool with barely a breeze, yet ultimately comfortable. Then another gift from Mother Nature....I spot my first hummingbird of the season. A smile that I share with no one.

Namaste emoticon

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JOAN68 8/10/2011 3:04PM

    Hi Gardengirl54...Enjoy your hummingbirds. We have had the pleasure of having a family of them since early spring. Feeders in the carport at my house, and feeders at my daughter's house next door. They fly back and forth from the feeders. We have learned so much about their behaviors. The young play chase and fight over who's turn it is at the feeder. I have pics in my photo gallery. The young are all brown. The parents have green markings on their necks. I planted plenty of morning glories, honeysuckle and other blooms that they can get into for the nectar. They love hiding in my gardenia bush which is near the carport. As the time is growing near for fall, I know they will be leaving us. It makes me sad to think about them leaving.

Like you, I noticed the air has begun to have that hint of fall coming. The evenings are cooler and the early morning invites me outside again. I have missed you. Enjoy your day.

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MAGICHAWK 8/10/2011 12:18PM

    Hai visto un colibrì? (You saw a hummingbird?)

Guess who?

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Is being selfish a BAD thing?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I have been "sparked" to add this blog entry because of one of the Spark threads about feeling guilty taking time to exercise. The thread got many great comments about the benefits of exercise and how to work it into a busy day.

As a recent empty-nester I feel like I have more time to dedicate to keeping myself healthy now than I did when my kids were all at home. We had SO much fun together yet times were stressful too. We hiked together, played kick ball in the back yard, did household chores, etc. We were active together so I did not even think I was missing "exercising". Many suggestions I just read about were how to incorporate kids into your exercise program and think those comments were right on!

Back to my blog title, however..... Why do we feel guilty when we do things for ourselves? I think most, if not all, entries were from women. Have we been socialized to feel selfish when we do things for ourselves and not for others? For that matter, if you look at the word selfish what it really connotes is doing things for your "self". Have we been taught this is a BAD thing?

I remember feeling guilty when my kids were napping if I would read a book instead of clean house. I would even sometimes quick put my book away if I heard my husband come home from the golf course.......How sick was that?!? HE was playing, I was parenting, yet I was the one who felt guilty....

Then I talked with my sister and she asked me the question of my blog title. It helped me realize that being selfish can sometimes be the most healthy thing you can do. In truth - it's an important thing that you MUST do. Whether it's taking time to exercise, read a book, ride a bike, or just sit and look at the clouds, Doing things that nurture your soul are ultimately a crucial part of a healthy, balanced life.

I hope it's not just us "old tads" who realize this after a life of stressing over dust bunnies that visitors might see, or putting pressure on ourselves regarding what a prefect wife/spouse/mom we should be. Give yourself the permission to be selfish sometimes. In the end, we'll all be better off for it!

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TWINMOM555 8/2/2011 1:24PM

  Loved this post! I agree that women are definitely more likely to feel guilty about doing anything for themselves, even if it is something like exercise that contributes to good health. I struggle with this as well as I raise three kids with my husband. My kids are now a bit older and I am making my health a priority. I lost my dad recently to cancer and this loss has definitely pushed me even more to take care of myself. I am finally realizing that I need to take care of myself so that I'm at my best to take care of my family and friends.

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REBELBLITZ 6/5/2011 9:21AM

    Yes, we have to take care of number one, ourselves. I guess that would be "self love". Like you stated, we always are thinking and taking care of others ad we tend to forget about ourselves. Now it is time to be a "little selfess and be kind to ourselves". emoticon

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    Amen! If you're not good to yourself, you can't be good to anyone else. As they say on airplanes, "Put the oxygen mask on yourself first!" emoticon

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CDGOLDILOCKS 6/2/2011 12:30PM

    I agree with you.

My guilt over taking a little "me" time was literally making me sick. I would be stressed, tired all the time, catch every cold my kids brought home, you name it. I have been feeling sooo much better since making myself more of a priority.

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VLJSMREED 6/2/2011 12:28PM

    thank you for making it ok to be selfish for a good cause

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Things that make you feel old.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have to admit it. I feel younger now than I have for a long time. I am more fit, have more energy, and weight less than I have for over 2 decades. I can keep up in exercise class with women much younger than I am and they think I am their peer. This is a great feeling!

So why the title of my blog? In spite of all these good things going on in my life, I keep getting emails targeting "seniors". I remember the first time one of my patients called me "grandma". I was only starting to have teenagers and wasn't even in my 50s yet. Now I can see in the mirror what this little patient could see from her angle. Some saggy neck skin and a kind hearted grown-up. Now I'm kind of used to the "grandma" title b/c it comes more and more often. long will it take until the title "senior" sinks in? Sheesh! I'm still in my early 50s!!! Cognitively I know this is a marketing ploy, but it still hits home with a blow to the gut. My MOM is a senior........

Looks like it's time I re-read one of my new favorite books - Younger Next Year for Women - byChris Crowly. For any of you who have not read this book, I would highly recommend it. I found it very inspirational and informative. So if someone says something that makes you feel old, read about how you too could feel younger next year.

Peace. Out.

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ITS_MY_TURN_NOW 5/29/2011 8:27AM

    Thank you... I am struggling to figure out what it means to be 50. I am no closer to an answer today than when I was when I turned 50 a little over a year ago. The AARP mail that I receive makes me feel old too... I will me looking for that book. Take care.

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KELPIE57 5/29/2011 1:51AM

    I look forward to reading the book.
One of my favourite things is when saga (holidays for seniors) asked Mick Jagger to be on their cover......Now he is older than us!

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KAYOTIC 5/28/2011 10:22PM

    Yeah, I've heard the AARP starts sending their stuff at 50...just toss it! You can be a senior when you feel like you're there, no one else gets to choose that for you, especially not some random organization.

And thanks for the book recommendation, I will definitely put that in my queue.

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ASTER2606 5/27/2011 10:22PM

    I don't think you look grandmother-ish. My mother-in-law is 22 years older than me and still dyes her hair. I'm 43 and stopped 3 years ago. I don't think she cares for my decision to stop dying (but man was it a pain and expensive) and really doesn't get why I've grown it long again. I deal w/grad students in their 20s every day at work. The don't seem to have any problems with me. I think my hair vs. my skin is disconcerting for a lot of people when I first meet them.

Congrats to you on your good health. And ignore the AARP people. They just want your money.

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SUNNYDAZE9 5/27/2011 5:13PM

    I'll add the title to my "must read" list. Thanks for sharing.

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MOREENERGYAT43 5/27/2011 3:51PM

    emoticon emoticon
Don't feel bad. My skin is breaking out in my 40"s.
You don't look like a grandma/senior.

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Guilty Admission

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have a confession to make….. I got up this morning fully intending to start my day right. Woke to my alarm at 5 AM and went to yoga class. The gentle sounds of rain and the twittering birds – along with the challenges of the yoga - created an enjoyable experience. Came home and had a healthy breakfast, then….went back to bed for an hour!

I am so fortunate to be able to take some Fridays off and I usually try to get lots of tasks that pile up over the week done. The list of to-dos usually doesn’t get completed, but I make a good dent!

Can anyone else relate to this type of guilty admission? I think it is a good reminder that we need to take time for ourselves. A nap first thing in the morning? Unheard of – yet I believe it did me a world of good. I am sharing this information as a reminder that taking care of ourselves is not just about eating right and exercising, but also about listening to what our bodies need most. Sometimes it might be pulling weeds in the garden to release pent up frustrations. Sometimes it might be quiet reflection at the river’s edge. Sometimes plowing through your to-do list. All these serve their purpose in a balanced life.

So… if you feel the need to do something out of the ordinary to feel better I say go for it! I was just kidding about the “guilty” in my title. I’m glad to admit I’m taking good care of myself. If it keeps raining I may take another nap this afternoon!

Enjoy your day!

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TRYINGHARD1948 5/13/2011 7:33PM

    I am definitely with you, listening to your body is an absolutely essential part of taking care, not only of yourself, but being able to care for others.

PS, and there's no need to feel guilty about it either. emoticon

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-CURVALICIOUS- 5/13/2011 2:45PM

    Absolutely on point! Our bodies will tell us what we really need, and when we get off track is when we don't listen to them. BTW, naps are heaven!

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SHEKURE 5/13/2011 2:38PM

    I think you're right that it's important to listen to your body, so I'm glad you say there's nothing to feel guilty about. Enjoy your restful day!

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Now that spring has finally hit the Midwest I just love to be outside! I feel like a kid who doesn't want to come in from the backyard for dinner. I believe that the special smells of spring have something to do with this. In my opinion there can be no better aromatherapy than a sniff of springtime!

I recommend to all my friends and whoever else will listen to get outside and breathe deeply during this time of year. Sometimes as you are on your walk you may get a whiff of a sweet blooming tree or flowers, but even if you are just smelling fresh grass or the scent of moist earth it will feed your soul.

So my recommendation for the blahs or lack of energy is to go outside and take 5 deep breaths - then call me in the morning. It's the best therapy for feeling better I know!


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GLASSPAK22 5/6/2011 2:43PM

    I could not agree with you more. emoticon Just completed a 4 mile walk. It was great. emoticon

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USMAWIFE 5/6/2011 2:06PM

    If you can't get out, get scents like lavendar, etc and spray your area with it.. does make a difference also

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