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I'm back!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I left...
Hubby entered an essay to a gym who was looking for a few participants that needed to loose at least 50 pounds. Well... that was me. He wrote it in such great detail and honesty that I was one of 8 chosen. It turns out that it was a cross fit gym. The first day was awesome! It was a personal seminar with Robb Wolf! One of the Paleo gurus who, by the way, lives up the street in Reno!

Anyway... Hubby wrote the essay in October which was about the same time I started to see a great experience here and lost 10 pounds. I had been running here and there and getting shin splints. I stopped here because I wanted to give my all at cross fit and paleo. This was a 3 month competition and I didn't win. However, I fell in love with cross fit! I'm still going and getting stronger. I've not lost what I expected I would but I have myself to blame for that one. You can't expect to loose weight if you continue to eat more than you burn. HOWEVER... you also can't loose weight if you don't eat enough to sustain your energy. I did loose 20 pounds and went from a tight 18 pant size down to a nice feelin' 12.

Other accomplishments... I've completed a couple 5k's, a 10 mile trail run (beautiful but didn't like it much) and the TOUGH FREEKIN' MUDDER! amazing! I was able to complete each and every one of the 25 obstacles the first time tried! I thought I was going to be the teammate that slowed everyone down. I was so wrong! I've done more in those first 6 months than I thought! I have found that I love lifting weight and challenging myself to bypass my personal best when I can.

My next accomplishments... I have entered to do the Bay to Breakers again in San Francisco and this time hubby will be doing it with me (as long as I make a Kilt for him lol ) Then 2 weeks later I am on a team that will be completing the Odyssey which begins and ends in Reno. So looking forward to this one. So challenging but as I've found out, the harder it is the more rewarding it seems to be in the end. Next year I'd like to complete at least 1 of the 1/2 marathons at Disney and would like to complete a Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon also.

I'm back because I found that I was loosing the weight with the food and support here. I'll still be eating clean but just not 100% paleo clean. I like food. No I love food but there's a right way to enjoy flavor and still loose weight. I found that when I eat paleo anymore, I have the need for crap after a few days. I'm not into detoxing myself because I 'm not into headaches. Clean eating, less gluten and cross fit is my plan. Weight loss is a goal but size is a more ultimate goal.

New goal... size 7, Odyssey, 1/2 marathon.

PS... since I've been doing cross fit.... No shin splints! go figure :) stronger muscles = less injury

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144AUTUMN 2/24/2014 1:16AM

  You can do it!!

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A little progress update.

Monday, October 01, 2012

So... this weekend Hubby and I rode our motorcycles to Napa. We did almost 500 miles and my butt hurt! But it's so worth it. Love riding through the mountains and all the turns and curves at 20 miles past the speed limit! So exhilarating. As we got to open road I had to stand on the bike to make it feel better. When we got to the gas station Hubby said he noticed while I was standing on the bike that by butt was smaller. I told him it was the cut of the jeans that I can fit in again. haha. Later that night, he reassured me it was NOT the jeans. I'm definitely loosing butt. What beautiful words to hear. I'm still not losing weight but since I can fit into smaller jeans and him noticing my decreasing body, it's all I need.

Today I completed my W5D2 in the C25K training. In 2 days I run for 20 min straight. The first 8 min run this morning I needed to break it up by just walking 2 house lengths but the second 3 min run went so well that I could have run farther! I'm excited to see what the next run brings. My 5K is this Sunday and I'm no longer worried that I'll not be able to run most of the way!


No need to undo

Friday, September 28, 2012

I lost 1/2 a pound! I'm only 5 pounds behind what my 'report' says I need to be at to get at my goal at the time I wanted to get to it. But I'm not sweating it. I'm over being ticked off about my non-loosing weight thing. And this is why...

I'm running with the C25K program and on my 5th week and finally feeling the great feeling I felt last year while running all the time. I know that the weight will eventually start dropping when it's time to. My main focus now is not only learning how to cook healthier (thank you Spark Recipes) but getting back into the love for running (more like fast walking pace to most haha) I don't care if some can walk as fast as I run. Right now I'm running about 13 min miles. I don't care who's watching from their windows while I am straining to improve my running. I'm doing more than they are and THAT makes me feel good. I'm sure they are wishing they would get off their butt and run like me. Anyone that drives by me while I'm out and running either thumbs up me, waves or just smiles. That makes my hart swell like no other. It lets me know that I AM doing something good and it keeps me going. (thank you neighbors!)

So... If you're still with me in this blog post... bless you :) but let me also explain about my blog entry title 'No need to undo'. I was at work this last Wednesday and going throughout my day doing what I do day after day. Finally had to go pee so off to the bathroom I went. What??? I don't have to undo my pants to go? just drop them like a pare of sweat pants? OMG! How exciting. I said to myself, 'screw you non weight loss! who needs you anyway?'. The running and change of cooking style IS working!

OK... time to let you go. Thanks for staying with me through this ramble. :) Have a great day and keep moving forward!


Not letting the scale slow me down.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I know we all have a weight we want to get at. Because of prior diets I've been on I have a habit of getting on that scale almost every morning. It hasn't budged in quite some time. I've picked up running again and loving it! I'm eating better and cooking lighter with the help of Spark Recipes. My pants are feeling a little looser and the Hubby says he notices that I'm loosing inches too. I'm OK with that. Sure it's disheartening to see that darn scale number stay the same. However, I also know that working out doesn't necessarily mean the numbers are going to change the way you want them to. I know that soon the body will catch up with the running and the numbers will start sliding.

I have a 5k to run in 11 days! I'm excited but scared... excited because I'm doing a 5k. scared because I have no teammates to run it with. I also know that once I get there, the crowds are going to be my teammates and running alone will be a thought of the past.

Have a great week end!

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 9/22/2012 8:26PM

    Hang in there!! The scale is my enemy too.

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BBECKER1955 9/22/2012 8:20AM


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MILLERGIRL719 9/22/2012 7:41AM

    Good luck! You'll do great!

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EMELEE82 9/22/2012 3:20AM

    WOOHOO! Kick butt in your 5K! I know you'll have a blast! Sometimes it is even better to run alone because it becomes a personal journey ;) Have a great week!

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STUDLEEJOE 9/21/2012 11:56PM

    emoticon emoticon

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So frustrating!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is so frustrating! Counting my calories, running and I'm just hovering on the scale! Aughhh! I know inches count but I haven't taken the measurements. I'm mainly going on the way my pants fit. Still not moving. On the plus side, I'm learning how to cook healthier with the recipes here. Just wish this weight would start dropping! I'm not giving up even though it would be easier to do. I really like running and I don't like this body I'm trapped in any more.

Here's to another week of moving forward.

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YOBOELI 9/18/2012 1:18AM

    Hope that you can get everything in sync so that the pounds start falling off, it's hard to stay motivated when the evil scale is taunting you. Just shove it in the closet and concentrate on tracking your calories and exercise, The measurement thing really helps me and it may help you I lost inched in my arms and legs before I lost it in my waist. I could really tell in my face first. Stay strong. Good Luck

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