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Is this normal???

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I've noticed something happening after I exercise. I get to feeling so hungry, like I just can't get enough to fill the hunger inside. After exercising this morning I felt great, I normally do after exercise, but then it changed to this feeling of being hungry. I tried drinking couple glasses of water and still felt hungry. So I ate a egg salad sandwich(farm fresh eggs, home made relish) and grabbed a couple cherry tomatoes. I while later I still felt hungry. I just drank water instead of eating more. It's continued this way all day. Now it's several hours later and I've drank enough water to float a boat and have eaten 3 times, and I still feel like I'm starving. I'm wondering if this is normal. And it happens every single time I exercise. I feel like I am just counter-acting my hard work of exercising when I feel starving and can't curb the hunger after wards.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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JTREMBATH 7/26/2014 9:53PM

    I don't have that problem so not sure what it is.

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The Garden Is Producing

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not long after my Dad passed in April I decided I needed to have part of my front yard tilled up into a garden spot in his honor. He always had to have a garden every year. So I put in 2 roma tomatoes, 1 regular tomato, 1 yellow tomato, 1 cherry tomato, and one yellow pear tomato. I also have 3 bell pepper plants, radishes, carrots.

Well the plants have been loaded with green tomatoes for a while, and they are finally turning.

The first picking...

The second picking....

I would say it's going well so far. I am hoping to have plenty of roma's to make some salsa. I love home made salsa.

I went to a local farmers market this morning and got 4 large zucchini to grind and freeze up for zucchini bread through out the year. I also got a bag of small onions, and 7 quart bags and 1 gallon bag of green beans, and a quart bag of very nice and big pecan halves. The green beans are for my cousin though as I can't handle the strong flavor of fresh green beans yet.

I already cooked down the sand plums I was given and made 17 quart 1 pint worth of juice for making jelly with. So all in all I'd say I've been a busy lady. But that's ok being busy keeps me outta the fridge.

On a sad note. I made it to day 9 on my streak and then I broke it. I haven't started it back up yet because I'm so busy with the garden and such right now that I figure I'm getting my exercise in with all the movement from walking to the garden and tending it and then processing the produce.

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MAGGIEVAN 7/19/2014 4:31PM

    You are doing great. What a good idea to honour your dad. Those photos make my mouth water, as I love vegs.

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ALICIA214 7/19/2014 1:04PM


Cant beat home grown produce for flavour,I grew up with a large home garden, I can
still near my Gran asking me to go and pick peas for dinner literally from garden to


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Days 6, 7, and 8 ... a little slow but still going

Monday, July 07, 2014

Well day 6(Saturday) was almost a break the streak day. I woke up aching, darn RA was threatening a flare up. And I took things easy but I did a lot of walking around outside. My Mom came and was doing yard work for me, as I don't own a mower. Anyways, I went out and helped her. Then I went to town and got groceries. With my health issues any walking is counted as exercise even if it's not trackable lol.

Day 7 (Sunday) was a busy day. Sunday would of been my parents 44th anniversary if Dad hadn't passed in April. I will still count it though. I cleaned house, then cleaned the grill and carried a folding table outside, and chairs, etc. Got everything set up outside and then started prepping food for a BBQ. I have very steep back steps, and there's 6 steps and I think I went up and down those blasted things at least 50 times if not more. Then after everyone left I went out and cleaned things up and then walked around the garden as I watered my plants. Was a very long day and night.

Day 8(Monday) wow I made it 8 days. I just posted on MOSTMOM1's blog that I was on day 7, but I mis-typed or mis-thought...one of the two anyways lol. I've made it 8 full days of exercising at least 10 minutes a day. I did it without even really thinking about it too. It's amazing what a person can accomplish when they give themselves the ability to relax and just "do". I still have to get my exercise in today, but I will so there's no need to worry about that. I'm just really tired, only got 3 hours sleep, so I am going to take a quick cat nap, no more than an hour, then get up exercise and do some housework.

I'm looking forward to Day 9 :)

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ASIZE081 7/7/2014 8:35PM

    There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “One step at a time is good walking.” I try to remember this when I feel like I have far too much to deal with...or more weight to lose than I wish I did.

This ancient proverb has been a guiding principle that has served me well. Try to make small tasks and steps that will lead you to your goals, and they will seem more manageable. Good for you for getting out and gardening and doing the groceries. Though you're right, it's not a task that is so trackable, it still counts in the grand scheme of things, and hopefully it will when you step on the scale ;) emoticon

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Day 5: A rodeo and a small NSV

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Whew day 5 went by fast. Probably because it felt like I slept through a lot of it, but I didn't get more than 5 hours sleep. I know I need to be sure to get a good nights rest. This one is on me though, I went out and had some fun. It felt good to get out and do something.

It's been so long since I went out for any reason. It's the 4th of July holiday here and this year it's given us all a 4 day weekend. Well around my neck of the woods the thing for the 4th is to have a big rodeo blow out. In my area I know of at least 4 rodeos that were going on. I haven't been to a rodeo in years. I used to go all the time when I was younger. I love the horses and watching the events. I even helped out in the crows nest during a high school rodeo once. I used to want to learn to be a barrel racer actually. And recently I've been revisiting my dream of having my own horse. That's because my family rents a pasture to a rodeo stock contractor and he has 10 yearlings in the pasture right now, one is a black and white paint. He's so beautiful. I want to get a picture of him soon. I'd love to have him but I have no way of breaking him to ride or the finances to feed, vet, and shoe him. I call him Phantom of the Mardi gras because he's so flashy but looks like he's in costume. He's got white around his face with these really dark black lashes, looks like eye liner and mascara on him.....who knows maybe he'll become a world class buckin horse in his future.

Now for the NSV. I was getting ready for the rodeo and most all my jeans didn't fit. I just couldn't get them fastened. And the one's that did made me have this jelly roll of a muffin top. So unappealing. But then I looked down and seen the bag of clothes someone gave me, and there were some jeans, so I tried them on. They fit!!! They are 24W M . Here's the weird thing though.....my old jeans are 26W though and they don't come anywhere close to fitting. So I am learning it is definitely dependent on the brand of jeans a person buys. I'm still claiming it as a NSV though to fit into a size 24 jean no matter what the brand, as I haven't fit into a 24 in years....well since back in high school I think.

I also tracked everything I stuck in my mouth at the rodeo on the food tracker. I still managed to stay within calorie limits for the day, though I did go over at times per meal. Now though it's back to healthy choices.

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TATTER3 7/7/2014 9:45AM

    Yea you...I use clothes instead of the scale as my motivation. I buy a blouse or pants 1 size smaller than what I'm in and then try the item on every week . when it fits loosely ...it's time to choose another item. I've gone from a tight 34 - (6x) to a well fitting 24 (3x) and sometimes, like you say, will buy a cheaper item (they run smaller) to work towards. Keep up the good work. Getting out and setting goals is so important! Keep Sparkin'!!

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Day 4: Tired but still going

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Today is day 4 of my come back streak as I call it. I am limited in what I am allowed to do, what with recovering from foot surgery and all.

I've done my exercising the last 3 days and am proud of myself for doing so. I am just feeling exhausted today, like I'd just like to go back to bed. I still plan to get my exercise in yet today though. In fact as soon as this blog is written I am getting dressed(yes I am here in my night gown typing away lol) and get on the treadmill for at least 10 minutes.

I am having some swelling in my foot around the incision site. I noticed it this morning before bed. I am scheduled to see the foot doctor for a follow up Monday anyways, so just gonna keep taking it easy on the exercise and see what he has to say come Monday. I will admit when I first seen my ankle this morning I was hit by this overwhelming urge to cry and with the thought of "Oh my God, this can't be happening, I JUST got back to exercising" that was followed by a "wait a minute, let's wrap it and elevate it and take it easy and see what happens".

I turned that stinkin thinkin around. :) Oh I am still concerned but the ankle doesn't hurt. So it could be just swelling due to things pulling after over a month of in-activity....or it could be an internal stitch is working out.....or it could be just how it's going to be from now on. No need worrying about it. Just gotta be smart about the exercising.

On to other topics.

Of course most know this is coming up on a holiday weekend. July 4th to be exact. Well, around here the big thing is two day rodeos for the 4th celebration. So tonight I am heading to a rodeo for the second time in the last year. I used to love attending a rodeo. I love horses, and it gave me a way to be around them while mingling with people. My favorite events in rodeo are bull riding, bronc riding, chute doggin, and barrel racing. I think I'm actually looking forward to going to the rodeo again hehehe.

If I'm going to a rodeo though I better get off here and get my exercising in so I can then shower and start getting ready. Ya'll have a great day.


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