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11th day of Keto...survived Halloween with no slip ups! :)

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday...but with chocolate and desserts as my weakness I knew I'd be in for the fight of my life! I'm on my 11th day of Keto, and am happy to say I survived Halloween without any candy, sugar or carb slip-ups which is a miracle in itself. I'm still going strong except I didn't meet my numbers, came in too low for a couple of days and I think that has slowed me some...lost 5lbs the first week and that was during my bloating t.o.m so I'm glad. I've lost more inches than anything...I don't measure until 1 month into it, but can tell from my clothes...I take it one meal at a time...the IF & bulletproof coffee help me out a lot...I'm on a tight budget as I've been out of work for 6 months now (still looking) so I just stick to basics...it gets boring but it's all I can do right now...I do a lot of exercise so that helps me...still no flu-like symptoms that are usually associated with a low carb diet, but then again I was normally eating less carbs before starting Keto so I think that has to do with it...plus I am keeping up my potassium and sodium levels which helps out tremendously...

Strengthwise, I'm finally up to using 20 lb dumbbells, can complete 3 full sets of regular pushups, am lowering weights on assisted pullup machine which means I'm getting closer to doing a regular pullup without any assistance...lowered amount of cardio but doing HIIT

Visually: My upper back muscles peaked out on Sunday and I'm ECSTATIC! My baby V-taper is starting to form...triceps, biceps and shoulders are more defined, as well as hamstrings...lower belly has gone down, abs & obliques are showing...AM ON CLOUD NINE! Finally, all the hard work is showing through...


9th day on Keto...still going strong...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

...no flu-like symptoms...noticed that if I go under my calories I'm more tired, this is the same for anyone who doesn't get enough daily calories...

Pro's so far...noticed that I have less pain in my body...usually need my glucosamine pills to stop my knee, elbow and back pain during exercise...I ran out 2 weeks before I started Keto and haven't had the money to buy it...but each day I get through my exercise, heavy weight lifting plus intense cardio, and each day no pain! (NOW this is just my personal experience...not recommending anything to anyone reading this; I'm also eating less because I feel full longer, which is why sometimes I don't get in all my calories...lol...no more cravings, well maybe for Kettle chips but I'm drinking a lot of water with lemon in it and it fills me up...plus I love the way I'm looking...you can tell the fat is falling off...I haven't measured yet, am waiting for this initial period to end...gonna give it until the day before Thanksgiving before checking all stats...

I don't like being a daily or weekly slave to measurements...will probably take some progress pics around 15 days into Keto just to show my progress...By Thanksgiving it will be 37 days into Keto...can't wait! :)

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ERIN1957 11/4/2013 3:59PM

    Good for you, and good luck!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

...so much energy, I can't even imagine why more people don't try it...my body is just responding so well to it...I haven't had any flu like symptoms at all and I'm really full with what I eat so I'm not feeling deprived...not even obsessing about food like I do on a normal diet...

Didn't hit my cals/fats/prot/carb numbers yesterday, came in too low...but still losing...figured on Thursday I went over so it balances it out...trying to post daily so I can keep accountable and not lose motivation...

I've never seen results like this in the beginning...I've never been someone who loses at the beginning of a diet...usually don't lose anything until a month into so I'm definitely happy about...

Of course I'm a daily weightlifter and do lots of cardio, so not neglecting my exercise either...

I know I will plateau shortly, that's why I'm monitoring everything and trying to keep a good record so I can play with the numbers when I hit the plateau...

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KT-NICHOLS-13 10/30/2013 2:22PM

    Great job.
My body AND mind is much happier in Ketosis.

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BOLEBRON 10/27/2013 9:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BOPPY_ 10/26/2013 2:27PM

    Judging from your photo, I'd say that your nom de Spark is a blatant lie. emoticon

Congratulations on your success,

Lee emoticon

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Started Keto again...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

...now that my health issues are more or less resolved...
I always feel better when I'm following a Keto nutritional plan.

I've been working out for about two months but have tightened up the reigns. Just haven't posted much due to life.

In 13 days, I have to update all my measurements and weight to see how I've done since last year. I'm confident that I've progressed...not as much as I originally thought...but any progress is still progress!! :)

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LINROSIE 11/1/2013 2:40PM

    What is "keto" ???

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BOLEBRON 10/27/2013 9:12PM

    Do you mean Ketosis Diet? I tried once and it did not work for me. I only lost 8 pounds in 4 months. I gave up since it was hard to be away from fruits and carbs.Good luck! Keep us posted. emoticon

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April 2013 Goals

Thursday, April 04, 2013

...personal reflection...

...from mid February until the end of March: was dealing with health issues and doctor visits...exercise and nutrition suffered...was not getting enough calories in...didn't cheat, but was very fatigued and weak...being sick did not help...couldn't work out...

...milestone birthday goal met: Turned 40 on March 24th and met a goal of 215lbs...it's been 15 long and painful years since I saw that number on the scale! My original goal was to be at 200 lbs, but I think I would have gotten close to it had I not gotten sick...I was able to start exercising again the week before my birthday which helped me reach 215...

April 2013 Goals: Physical, Mental, Emotional

Emotional: April starts off with my final week of school for my degree in Paralegal...yes! I will walk the stage in May...it's been a long, long road to finally get a college degree...this marks another check off my goals list...I am on an emotional high right now...but still am worried about not reaching my fitness goal by July...it's depressing me that what comes so easily to others is so hard for me...

Mental: I will be focusing more time and attention to my fitness goals, now that I've recovered from being sick and I am finished with my classes...although I am a great multi-tasker, for my fitness goals I want to be able to concentrate only on my goals for at least the month of April before I start my next project.

Physical: My physical goals are to maintain my exercise schedule with two sessions AM & PM. I will continue my Keto diet with stricter modifications and maintaining my eating schedule of every 3-4 hours. I will continue to work out at home and in the gym, but plan to do some stuff outside as the weather has gotten better.

Goal to meet for the end of April 2013: at least 1.5"-2" overall fat loss in body....I don't use pounds lost as I already know that with my body, I lose fat but stay the same weight...probably because I develop muscle at the same time...as long as I'm looking and feeling good, then it doesn't matter :)

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BIGDOG18 4/4/2013 10:24AM


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