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ankle update #198734

Thursday, August 16, 2012

...or at least, that's what it feels like. So, after running outside yesterday, I've been closely monitoring my ankle all day today. And although there's been no pain, it's been feeling... well, not *right*. Not like it was before. Just an... offness. But not the intense pain/unable to walk on it that happened last time I tried to run outside [in May]! So that's... improvement, I guess?

I think it might be because my ankle *does* have to get used to running outside on a harder surface again. So although I'm going to put off signing up for that 5K I had my eyes on, I'm going to try running outside again next week. Not much, just a supplement to my regular 5K training, but something to get my ankle accustomed to the pavement. After all, I had to get it accustomed to running on the treadmill as well-- it didn't feel so amazing after the first day of running on that [just 5 30-second intervals] but I built on that gradually and it got used to it within a couple weeks. So that's probably what I have to do with running outside.

[Plus, I meant to ice it today to help deal with the ~weird feeling~ but forgot so that probably has something to do with it.]

AAAARGH I am so frustrated with this ankle and I just want it to be fully, 100% healed with no lingering problems. Maybe soon? I really wanted to do the 5K on September 1st but now I don't want to sign up for it just in case my ankle doesn't adapt well to the pavement in the next couple weeks.

In other news, I did the legs & back video of P90X today and I'm expecting that I'll be too sore to even *walk* tomorrow, let alone go running at the gym. Ha! We'll see. But I'm really honestly loving it so far! Well... except for the abs portion. But that's only because I'm so bad at it and it leaves me WICKED sore even immediately after. I am glad that I waited to start it, though, because my ankle would not have liked all those lunges a couple months ago.

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KELLY122581 8/17/2012 4:14AM

    So... I know a little something about ankles. Angry ankles and I go way back. haha. I've sprained them both countless times. Last summer I SERIOUSLY sprained my left ankle.... like I partially tore a bunch of stuff in there, and it was purple up into my calf. Anyway, it was "healed" when I started running this summer, but it got angry with me again. I had some days of mild pain, but mostly it just felt totally weird... stiff and swollen I guess, without real pain. I iced it and took ibuprofen and decided that unless it *hurt* to walk, not just feel weird and sensitive, that I would keep going on it. I can't tell you if that was the official right thing to do or not, but my ankle eventually got stronger and now I don't have any problems with it at all. I also decided to *not* tape or bandage my ankle... again, probably not the official correct thing to do, but I wanted that ankle to get stronger, not rely on tape for support.... it might have been a gamble, but it worked for me.

It is a good idea that you are running on a track without bumps or curbs that you could trip on to re-injure your ankle!

Good luck!

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bad news, bad day

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, I've mentioned before that my aunt had ovarian cancer this spring, and just recently found a lump in her breast. She went in for a biopsy last week or the week before, and she finally got the results back today. It's malignant. My aunt, who *just* beat ovarian cancer, now has breast cancer. Ugh, life just isn't fair. [Add this on top of the fact that both her brother (my dad) and her sister had breast cancer. Yep, guess whose family it runs in!] So, yeah, I woke up to that news which pretty much set the tone for the day.

I don't know the specifics yet, she's being vague about it at the moment so I don't know what stage, treatment options, etc. She might not even know them yet, honestly. So yeah. I was supposed to go see her on Saturday, she might cancel now but if not, maybe I'll find out more then.

So, instead of drowning my feelings in peanut butter or something, I decided to take out my frustrations at the gym. Except, a half mile from my house, I got a flat tire! Now, I haven't had a flat tire ALL YEAR yet so I know I've been due for a while, but it's still annoying. I didn't want to drag my bike the rest of the 2 miles to the gym, and then back home, so instead I just turned around and went home. But then, instead of giving up, I headed down to the public track that's about a mile from my house to get my running in. I'd wanted to start transitioning to outdoor running so hey, perfect opportunity, right? Well, it wasn't *too* bad, and you can read about that here: fuchsiagetsfit.blogspot.com/2012/08/

Now I'm drained, emotionally and physically, and I just want to go to bed. But I still have my P90X to do for the day [just yoga, so there's at least a blessing], and at least 400 calories still to eat. Ugh, I am ready for this day to be over.

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BILL60 8/16/2012 8:31AM

    Hang in there!!

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KELLY122581 8/16/2012 3:24AM

    Hi there. I'm so sorry for your crappy day! Are you close to your aunt?

Times like these I wish I was religious to say that I'd pray for you... but I'm not, so I can't, but I'll be thinking of you! Hang in there!!

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    Have you watched the documentary 'Forks Over Knives'? It's free on hulu.com & you might find some information there to help you. Good Luck & Great Job taking your frustrations to the public track & sticking to you P90X plan.

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P90X, day 3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I started it! I was unsure about it because of my ankle, I actually started the "baby" Power 90 program a couple weeks ago but it was way too easy. So here I am, doing P90X. And honestly? It's not that bad. I mean, yes, I *do* need higher weights [which I'll get on Saturday if my mom remembers to bring them over...] but I've been using resistance bands mostly so I can easily adjust the tension. I'd classify it as "challenging, but not almost impossible". Which is... good. It's *supposed* to be "go at your own level" so it won't be impossible. So, good on them. It is hard, I definitely sweat, but I like it.

Also, Tony Horton is super silly and I kind of want to be friends with him? For example, in today's workout [shoulders & arms], he described some moves as "being a pterodactyl", "stirring a soup pot", and "swinging an elephant trunk". I was not expecting to smile and laugh during these workouts, so it's a pleasant surprise!

I did have some trouble yesterday during the plyometrics [jumping cardio], my ankle wasn't too fond of the squat jumps... but that was it, really. So I'll have to modify those but that's not too bad. That workout *was* fast-paced and high-impact, but it also managed to be fun. If, you know, you're into intense cardio workouts, which I am.

I suck at the ab work but I already knew I had a weak core, so that's something I'm looking forward to improving on the most. [Full disclosure: I didn't do tonight's ab workout because it was getting really late, so I'll do it in the morning.]

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week and the next 87 days. Although this has cardio mixed in, I really needed a structured strength training program and this is totally fitting the bill so far. My body's sore but loving it. As for cardio, week 5 of 5K training went well yesterday and hopefully will be great tomorrow as well!

In other news, I had some soul-baring talk with some friends yesterday/today, I hadn't talked to these friends in months because I kind of dropped off the face of the earth/community that we're involved in. I told them about hitting rock bottom this winter and all the work I've been doing to get myself feeling better, and how great I feel now [and a tiny bit of gushing about the girl I'm in love with]. I was afraid of telling them, because things *were* SO bad and they had no clue just how bad it was... but they were great and welcomed me back with no harsh words. :)

In other news, my back's been feeling so good lately that I took the memory foam topper off my mattress when I was making up my bed today! This was something I'd only "recently" [this winter] put on my mattress, because of how bad my back was feeling due to lack of exercise [especially yoga]. I slept on the mattress without it for a couple years before that with no problems. So here's hoping that I have a good night's sleep without it, because I really do want to put it away for good.

Okay, time to go try it out... Good night!

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FLAMENM 8/16/2012 12:45AM

    I have been curious about P90X. Keep us updated - I would love to hear about your experience.

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RICHARDGUNTHER2 8/15/2012 12:00AM

    I really want to try that. I used to be in great shape and would love to have been doing that when I was fighting. My knees are bad now and that worries me a bit, but going at your own pace it could be all right. Keep it up.

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Saturday night, and I can finally RELAX!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I had a busy, stressful week this week. My future sister-in-law's bridal shower was today and I was busy preparing for that. I had a LOT of stuff to do, despite it not really being my job! I spent most of my time from Tuesday onward working on stuff. Unfortunately, this meant that I didn't get as many workouts in as I usually do... For the first time that I know of, I *haven't* met my calorie burned goal for the week. But it's okay, because everyone loved the things I did for the shower and the day was great.

The thing I spent the most time on was this... because who wants a fruit salad when you can have a FRUIT GARDEN?

Altogether, it took about 12 hours to put together [I kept having trouble with the fence, which is why I ended up going with a plain square fence... and then it fell apart in the car!]. Yeah. 12 hours for fruit salad. Oh well, it was a hit and I got lots of compliments on it!

I also got lots of compliments on myself... it started with my neighbor across the street as I was leaving this morning. I haven't seen her since... oh, this winter, at LEAST. She was out on her porch as I was leaving, and she shouted across the street that I looked really nice and she was like, "You've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?" If an old lady with bad eyesight, across the street, can tell... it must REALLY be showing! And then I got plenty of compliments at the shower [my mom's best friend didn't even recognize me at first!]. I was also looking fairly pretty, I think. Bathroom shot, because my mom hasn't uploaded pictures yet!

The shower theme was sunflowers [the bride loves them, and the wedding is an autumn colours theme] so all of us who helped out with the shower planning/decorating all got huge, clip-on sunflowers . And of course I wore mine in my hair! Why wouldn't I?

Anyway, I got lots of comments about how tall and slim I was looking, and how pretty and happy I looked overall. Even my one aunt who never says anything nice couldn't stop complimenting me. So that's pretty nice!

Oh yeah, and the bride looked nice too. emoticon Although a part of me [well, most of me] can't believe that my little brother is getting married in six weeks... isn't he still 8 years old and obsessed with Ninja Turtles?

Anyway, since I was at the shower/setting up/taking down everything all day, I didn't get my regular cardio session in. I just did some ab work, and I'm sure that running around setting up burned some calories, but it's not the number I was aiming for. Oh well. The scale will most likely stay the same for the week tomorrow and I'll look towards next week! I'm *hoping* to lose 10 more pounds by the wedding so I can fit into all the dresses I'm trying to decide between!

Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow for the first time in a week. I also need to catch up on my reading [SO behind for my class!] so maybe tomorrow will be spent taking a bubble bath with my Kindle. Haha.

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BHSKITTYKATT 8/14/2012 3:34PM

    I love that fruit garden. That thing is seriously awesome!

Comment edited on: 8/14/2012 3:34:47 PM

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FLAMENM 8/12/2012 8:32PM

    Isn't it weird how little brother do silly stuff like grow up on us.
You look lovely with the sunflower!

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5k training: week 4

Friday, August 10, 2012

I finished week 4 today! I'm actually really surprised at how *easy* it was this week. The schedule called for 5 intervals of 3 minutes running/2 minutes walking [compared with last week's 2 minutes running/3 minutes walking] and I was really apprehensive about adding in that extra minute. I ended up dropping my running speed down a bit [from 7.0mph to 6.5] and maybe that helped with it being easier but... it honestly wasn't a big deal at all. I was really surprised.

Even today, I wasn't feeling my best this morning [my knee was bothering me yesterday/this morning] but as soon as I started running, I felt like I could've kept going. I was honestly surprised to find that the 3 minutes were up, at the end of every interval. I wasn't struggling at all, I was breathing easy and my legs felt like they could go on for miles. It's amazing how fast my body has gotten used to running, a month ago I could barely run 30 seconds without wheezing for air!

Next week's schedule is the same interval split, just 6 intervals instead of 5, so I think I'm going to increase my speed back to 7.0mph and see how that goes. I feel like I can do it, I only decreased my speed to help with the stitches I get, but running at a slower speed is still awkward and difficult for me, especially on the treadmill. And maybe now my body will be adjusted to running this long so I won't get the stitches. I'm also hoping to get out on the track one day to practice running outside [if the weather cooperates] so we'll see how that goes.

My ankle has been holding up really well. Actually, the only issue I've had all week have been with my knees. I took yesterday off from all exercise [except pushups] because my knee was bothering me [it happens when it's going to storm... lol]. Unfortunately, that's par for the course but I will take my normal knee pain [which I know how to manage] over my ankle acting up!

Oh, on a completely different note, my gym is currently hiring for the front desk. I've got the application all filled out [just waiting for one more phone number for my references, because my contacts got deleted on my phone]. It would just be part-time weekend work but still, it's a job and probably comes with a free membership [that whole $10/month, haha]. There's a section that's like, "Do you have any skills or anything that's pertinent to the job?" and I'm wondering if I should put a bit about losing weight and becoming fit [in part thanks to the gym]. I think that would be inspiring for other people at the gym. So, yeah. Debating putting something like that in. Thoughts?

Also, I biked home from the gym in a tornado watch. Go me. I totally didn't know that was going on, haha.

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SKAHONEY4U 8/10/2012 7:35PM

    My knee was bothering me yesterday too- weird!

You run so fast!! Back when you first started did you just start off fast or work up to it?

You should definitely put something about how you lost weight and got fit on the application. It makes you more approachable to people trying to lose weight!

At least it was just a watch... if you hear sirens then there is a problem (unless you are in DC and there ARE NO SIRENS!!).

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