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Quick Update!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Just a couple of min to ^date! DSLandrew still in jail. Prosecutor want him to plead guilty to probation violation & they'll drop the felony charge SPD has against him, & he'll finish the time left in prison - 2.5 yrs (-) all time he spent in jail & prison so far (atleast 15 mo).

DS's DGF Kauri, still with us, she's like my right hand Woman! She helps me do evthing!!! Yestrd we spent about 3-4 hrs or more, cleaning back porch & side walk. She works out with me about ev day. She motivates me. She helps with cooking & cleaning & decluttering, no matter what I ask her to help with, she does & alot of times she volunteers or just starts helping.

She even helps with my legs - which by the way has open sores on both. We are using silverdine salve & wrapping them.

She joined a challenge to lose 20 lbs by 1/1/09 & I'm gonna try for a 20 lb loss too!

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TRACYZABELLE 11/11/2008 12:12PM

    HOw exciting to have a workout partner! AWESOME!

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JAXMOMMY 11/8/2008 11:18AM

    I sure am sorry about your son needing to stay in jail! But, I am glad to hear you have some help at home and an exercise buddy! It is always easier to exercise and eat right with someone else! Our November challenge is to lose at least 5 lbs. by the end of the month and would love to have you join! Take care, Melissa

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Prayer Request!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm asking that all my friends here on spark page pray that DS Landrew does not get his probation revoked or held for failure to report.

He had a probation meeting on the 24th & we clearly forgot about it thinking it was the last day or so of the month. On the 26 DS asked when his meeting was & we ck'd & found out it was the 24th. He immediately called the probation office & his PO said to come in Mon at 4:00. He went in Mon b4 4:00, the PO wasn't in, he gave his paper to the secretary & she gave him a new one for this month.

Before this he was working a partime job, M-W, if it wasn't raining or muddy. He'd taken off on Tue or Wed b/c of severe pain & the boss would call Sun nite & tell him what time to come in on Mon. He reported that he was working, even tho he had to call 3-4 days in a row, several times a day, & even went up & waited outside the SPD waiting for an officer to come in. And the officer told him he DID NOT have to register part time jobs! But, since he went to all the trouble he went ahead & registered the info.

On 8/18 DS left the job about 10am b/c of severe pain, he was not intending on quiting. Anyway we found out later the forman told the other workers that DS was fired, He never said a word to DS.

So one day when DS was reporting another change the officer asked him about the job, & DS told him he had not quit & he had not been fired, but that they owed him a back check & he wasn't gonna put in any more days till he got his back pay.

After talking with the officer, it reminded him to call & ck on his check. The forman informed him that the SP had called & he told him that DS was fired. DS immediately called the SPD & told them what the forman said & asked if he needed to come back up & register it. The secretary contacted the officer & told DS he said no it was ok b/c he already knew it.

Now he is in jail for missing his meeting & failure to register! He's facing 1-5 for probation violation & I have no idea what the SP will tack on.

I think the SP is mad they had to make special trips in for DS to register stuff!

All prayer are welcome! Thanks ev1!

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FROG777 10/23/2008 3:27AM

    I am still praying that your son is ok and that they were understanding of his missing his meeting. I pray that you are doing well to with the all the stress i know u must be under.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry it been so long since I blogged! Before pc was messin up & when I'd try to read my blog it was just a green screen & I couldn't write anything, b/c you couldn't see where to write. Then my pc messed up & it found an error & reverted back to a previous date. So now I can blog again!!!

got to take DH to Dr, have his arm re-xrayed to make sure it healing ok. This afternoon I got aptmt with my reg Dr to check legs & discuss back, see how much longer I can take PT.

Yestrd went to foot Dr. & he put wedges in shoes so I won't be walking on outside of foot. He said that mite be why I havein so much pain with my heels.

I'm not getting much done on house at all, even with pain pills - it seems like it takes 3-4 X longer to do evthing. But 1/2 the time to get filthy!!! I can't get on my routines, of course if I wasn't in so much pain I mite be able to get more done.

Oh well life goes on! L8R!

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TRACYZABELLE 9/26/2008 5:34AM

    Seems all we do is go from one Dr appt to another!!.. one day at a time!

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Another ^date!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Pic is suppose to be real. Taken by a person in ...I'm thinking GA, but could have been FL, I can find out if any1 interested!

Sorry it's been soooo long I blogged! For some reason on my reg pc, you can't see anything except a green box, no writing, nothing. I'm on my lap top now, & thot I'd better let ev1 know.... I haven't forgot about any1 & I appreciate ev1 who takes the time to read my blogs, & post to them when u have the time!!!

Ok DS's DGF Kauri has moved in & so far evthing is going good, ev1 likes her & she seems to like all of us. She is terribly shy, but she is getting use to us & she's starting to open up more & join in & start conversations.

Some how I just lost about 3 paragraphs. I was typing the screen flashed & it was gone!!! Alien abducted???? Maybe abducted by the CIA or FBI!?!? Heeelllllppppppp Fox Moulder! where are you????? LMAO!!!!

Ok, now to remember what I'd wrote! My WI had been down to 329.0 but is back up to 334.8 lbs. So I'll be working to get that back v this wk. I've also set up some mini challenges for the whole CAMP to do. With winter & the holidays coming up & 7 S Landrew will be 22!). We really need to get motivated & get our butts in gear!

I'd like to start a fitness prog with the family, but evtime I mention it, DD isn't interested, DS works out at the gym, his DB's, & lifting wts here & jogging, & his GF joggs & works out at gym with him. I haven't asked them , but I doubt either 1 would be interested. So it's just me...

Oh well I've got to get my butt on the ball whether any1 else joins me or not. And I've got plenty of resources here to use - bike, stepper, glider, tapes. I've got no excuse!!!

Atleast by doing physical therapy 2 x wk I also get 30-60 +/- mins of walking in too b/c we always have to go to the stores. Now to get in the bikeing, yoga, & glider!!!

I'm haveing a severe time with my person `take care of me` goals. DH takes these spills where he goes thru depression, schitzophrenia(?sp?), or something. One min he wants me `fixed up` & cleaned up & the next he's accusing me of having an affair, thinking I'm pretty, etc. Sooo I really don't know what to do. Actually he caries on like that sometimes even if I ain't cleaned up or make up'd.

The other even my DGD & i was sitting on porch watching the birds gather in my vines on porch to roost for nite, & he came out & asked if I was waiting for my boyfriend??? So I took DGD & we went back in the house. But when he asks if I want him to fill up the bird feeders, I ask him why - I don't get to enjoy watching them eat? And he says well get off your a$$ & watch them, I never said you couldn't watch them.

And actually he hasn't! He hasn't came out & said `don't go out side`, `don't sit on the porch`, `don't go for a walk`. It's the accusations that are thrown in, when I do do something.

You won't believe this.... I just loged on to `My Yahoo`, I wanted to see what kind of tools was on their, etc. In 2003 I'd set up a wt tracker. Guess how much I WI on 1/27/03??? 255.0 lbs!!!! Long way from 334.8! I've gained 114 lbs w/i 5 yrs! Something has got to be done!!!

Hope ev1 has a grr8 day!

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BIBS4664 9/11/2008 12:40PM

    Oh dear girl, that is a lot to handle. Hope you have some help. ((HUGS))

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TRACYZABELLE 9/8/2008 11:52PM

    Hey I thought camp was over now that summer is over!! Gee willikers!

Sorry for the turmoil in your life lately.. things can only get better!

Hang in there!

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A quick ^date

Friday, August 22, 2008

On my lap top, so I can post a blog! On my pc it's just a green square, no place to write & you can't see anything! Something wrong with my IE or something.

DS Landrew's DGF Kauri moved in with us, so far evthing going ok!!! She seems like a real sweet girl, The kind a mom want's for her son!

DS Jeremiah called yestrd evening the transported him to Mc Dowell County Correctional Center. It's a minimum security prison, but too far away to visit. He's around the bottom of the state. He said he's close to where DS Landrew was when he was in the Anthony Center. I wish he was close enough to visit but his safety is the most important!!!

Been doing physical therapy 2 x wk for my back. But I have'nt got any fitness done at home. I have gotten a little bit of chores done & a few things not even on my list. And I've gotten to go fishing with DS Landrew a few times. Went last nite & caught a turtle!!!

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TRACYZABELLE 8/26/2008 3:12AM

    Good luck having DS's DGF moving in with you all. I Hopeshe can be a help to you and a friend.

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