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Sun WI 324.0 lbs - 2lb loss! WOOO HOOO!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes, keeping an eye on leg! keeping anti-biotic salve on it. Been having an awful weird headache, can't even explain the feeling!?! Had it all day yestrd but still looked up the Regional Jails on web, I lost DS Jeremiah's address, so I could send him a money order.

He doin as well as can be expected, considering he in jail. Atleast he's not haveing any problem with any1 right now. Altho he is lonely. He should get out around Oct 19, 09. He is so far away, but hopefully we can visit this summer. I (we) miss him so much!

I also went to DS Earnest's & played with DGK. Precious Moments!!! DS's neighbor been given him trouble & had state police there twice yestrd. They want to buy the land that DS is renting, & they think if they cause enough trouble the landowner(previous boss from 3 different jobs( timbering, AAA trailer movers, L.R.'s trailer movers, plus did electric, gas, phone & carpentry work & friend for over 5 yrs) will evict them & sell the land.

And I also researched cell phones on web, thinking about switchin co's.

I'm gonna work on re-doing my CJ(control journal) & make a list of things that need to be done worse(thanks to a flylady testamony). I've got to get my stuff together & get on the ball!

Birds got my feeder about 2/3 empty, they come 1 after the other. ST 2-3 at a time! what a stress reliever!

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WOODLANDMYST 4/15/2008 10:34AM

  Amazing the time some people have to poke their noses into others lives.... I hope the situation is settled soon. Bet you had a grand time with the DGK.

Congrats on the weight loss - you're doing so well! Believe in yourself and there's no limit to what you can accomplish.

The birds do gobble up the food fast, don't they? Our feeders are just outside the dining room window. We've been treated to bluebirds and lots of goldfinches lately.

Enjoy the day!

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324.6 lbs Dare I hope for a wt loss tomarrow?!?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

emoticon I've got a open wound on my leg. I took a pain in my leg last night so I checked it & a raw place had stuck to my pants. We cleaned it good with anti-bacterial & put on some anti-bacterial salve. I already have cellulitis, so I'll have to be so very careful of infection.

Looks like it's gonna be a pretty day!! So I'm gonna work on my building today. And maybe put a plastic guard around my roses!

Yestrd I got a good bit done (for me, anyway)... I swept & mopped the Liv. Rm, Din rm, Pc rm, & Ket.... I did dishes (1/2 at a time), cleaned off din rm table, cleaned little desk, got some done on my reg desk, filled & mailed some forms, found DH's Lottery ticket!!!, cleaned bandit's cage, fixed supper,

I did all this with the timer(first time I've actually used a timer for this)!!! Some times I had to stop after 5 min, instead of 15. But evtime I started a new chore, or re-started, I took a drink of water, ST a small drink, ST a big drink, anyway I drank more water yesterday, also!!

Gotta get busy, ev1 have a beautiful day!!

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GLORYTOGLORY 4/13/2008 1:10PM

  Keep up the good work

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SCRAPPYLOUISA 4/12/2008 3:58PM

    Keep a close eye on that leg. Hugs, Shirley

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WOODLANDMYST 4/12/2008 10:09AM

  Do take good care of your leg. Your exercise and drinking water all build a stronger body which will help in healing itself.

I wish I had your energy when it came to house work! LOL Stick me out in the garden and I'm happy for hours but sweeping, doing dishes - ugh!

Have a healhty, happy weekend!

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325.2 lbs! So far 2 bags trash out of building!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A lot of stuff will have to be kept, some may be able for giveaway. I have 2 shelves that goes completely across 2 walls, 1 - 3/4 length & 1- 1/2 length shelf on 1 wall, & a pole across 1 wall (like a clothes rack). and an old table, in the building.

The top shelves, I'll use for stuff that I need to leave in there, that is not for my herbal stuff! the 2 shelves I'll use for canisters, jars, etc for storage of herbs, craft supplies, etc.

1 of the short shelves I'll use for supplies(pens, pencils, labels, tape, string, clips, etc). The other short shelf I'll probably use for a book shelf, so the only thing on the work table will be what ever I'm working on at the time.

I have a front off a circular fan, I'm thinkin about stringin it to the ceiling & usein it to hang the herbs on to dry, don't know yet. May take out the table & put in a card table, but the 1 there is arm's reach from the back wall, so may just keep it.

I'd like to paint the walls & ceiling, but doubt I'll get that done, may just spray 'chalk board paint' in some places where I can reach easily.

BTW, I spent several hours yestrd working on the building, it was so sunny & pretty, I decided to that instead of planting seeds in the basement!! I was suppose to plant last night but was too tired, so I'll do it today.

I got the whole center of the floor done, so I could get the step ladder in there (yeah, I had to dig it out of the garage & CLIMB 4 steps to reach the light to fix a string on it. While I was up there I put 2 boxes on top shelf & had DS Landrew hand me a couple bags, so I didn't have to get down & carry them back up the ladder.

I took a couple breaks, for dinner (while 7th Heaven was on & when Reba was on). I turned the tv up on GAC & listened to music while I worked. Lucky me they were portray some oldies, like Hank Williams Sr.!!!

Since I was too tired to plant seeds last night, I copied some more info into my herbal notebook. right now I'm working on what herbs are for what ailments. I'm making 2 groups, 1 for ailments & the other for herbs.

Better get busy! TL8R!

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FROGGZ101 4/12/2008 8:54AM

    Thanks ev1 for posting!! Yes, the more I get done, the more excited I get. I've already got a 6 oz bottle full of dried pansy blooms & 4 dried rose hips!!! I'll check & see if I can find that book at the library first, thanks!

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WOODLANDMYST 4/10/2008 3:41PM

  Seems there's no stopping you! I was busy with housework this morning, as well as transplanting some seedlings in our greenhouse. The plants are starting to take off - DH needs to get the roof done soon!

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    You're doing a fantastic job of setting up your herb building. My favorite book is Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. It was first written in 1939. The copy I have is a revised editon (1997). It is fantastic reading and is a classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods and home remedies. It is published by Back To Eden Publishing Co. PO Box 1439 Loma Linda, CA 923354 Hugs, Shirley

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DOLPHIN1313 4/9/2008 9:28AM

    Just wanted to say "Hello" I saw your blog entry, and wish you lots of good wishes for your journey, and know that you will achieve your goals set forth on your spark page...I just started last week with Sparks, and felt compelled to drop you a note, just to say I admire your "spark" and your will to get to a "better way of living" Hang in there, and keep on doing what you are doing, and you will get there eventually~

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323.5 lbs! Motivation

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here's ST I been secretly thinkin about.... on june 29, 2011, we will be married for 35 years, thats like a milestone. And when we got married, we went to the preacher's house, my dad drove us & he & my DMIL were our witnesses.

Anyway what I been thinking, is I'd like to renew our vows & have a reception. Not plannin on a big Church wedding or anything just ST small.

And since I'm having so much trouble loosing wt, it'll probable take 3 yrs to lose the wt anyway. Maybe this will motivate me to lose the wt that I need to lose!

The birds have been feeding from my window feeder constantly, so glad I had DH put it there! I enjoy watching them.

I've still got a bunch of seeds to plant, so I'm gonna try to get that done today. It's also a great day to work on the building, so I suppose I ought to get busy on ST.

BTW, there's a new pic of me & bandit on my page, excuse the way I look, I'm doing yard work!!


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PLAYFULLKITTY 4/8/2008 12:41PM

    you can do have the run with it... take out those old photos of what you want to be like and use that to motivate you to do it... hugs to you.

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FROGGZ101 4/8/2008 10:37AM

    Shirley, Thanks for sharing that info! It adds to my motivation & reminded me to think outside the box when I do the planning! Thanks!

F4E!(friends for ever)

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SCRAPPYLOUISA 4/8/2008 10:10AM

    Weezy, I can't believe that you and I share the same anniversary date except the year. Rich and I will be married 35 years on June 29th this year. We renewed our vows on Dec. 29, 2003. We didn't want to do it on our anniversary. We did it 6 months after our anniversary. That way we now have 2 anniversaries to celebrate 6 months apart. We renewed our vows standing on the beach along the Oregon Coast. Hope that all goes well with your plans.
Hugs, Shirley

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326.8 lbs WI TOM!!! Guess what I did yestrd!?!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

If not for TOM, my wt mite have been lower this WI! oh well!!!

Birds been attackin my feeder all morning, finally! it's outside on my din rm window, DH put it there so I could watch the birds while I do paper work at my desk. Puttin up some picks!

U won't believe this...... yestrd DD Dawn, DGS Nick & I went herb hunting! in the woods..... up hill.... down hill..... around hills.... I survived 3 hrs!!! & Nick is a born herbalist! he'd have dug every plant in the woods if we'd let him. He kept saying,'this'll be the last 1 of this kind!'

He enjoyed that I'd bought gloves that fit him, he had a shovel to dig with, & he even carried the back pack over 1/2 of the way!!

We also found a couple 'praying mantis 'eggs', & we found some frogs, naturally Nick wanted to bring them home, TOO!! but we decided to wait till they lay their eggs & then get some of them.

We had a great time, & only had 1 spell that I thought I was going to collapse, & that was when I got to the top pf the first hill! but I made it!!!

I want to do walking to strengthen my legs, back & lungs before our next trip in 2-4 wks!!!

Now I've got to identify the plants, see what if any need there is for them medicinally, & repot/plant or dry them.

ok, got to go, just wanted ev1 to share my joy! Have a great day!!

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TIGERMUM 4/7/2008 10:09PM

    Good for you! Sounds like you had a great time!

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WOODLANDMYST 4/6/2008 1:34PM

  Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! I remember hunting for salamanders and tadpoles as a kid. What fun!

Don't get me going about TOM - it's a rotten trick to add weight, isn't it?

Have a great Sunday!

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