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325.7 lbs - getting back to 'normal'

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The pain level is pretty much as normal as normal gets! Went to my psych yesterday, she thinks it was prob a fibro flare up & possable a problem with my potassium & electrolytes levels. And prob got Cellulitis in my legs again. Gonna call Dr & see if she want me to come to office or go to hosp.

Got a lot of things that need done, more that I want to do. But I will diffenitely get ST done!

I'm graphing the sun - where the sun is shining at what times - so I'll know what area gets how much sun thru day, for my plants. I also been checking some web pages & links (thanks to some Spark Friends & teams). If I go to hosp today, I'll prob stop at Walmart & see if they got any herb seeds. Also like to go to library & ck on some books.

I also need to clean basement & set up a card table to put my starters on, I need to see what I've got & what I need to start planting the seeds.

Better get busy. Till l8r!

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TIGERMUM 3/12/2008 12:12PM

    Weight going down, good! Remember small changes!!
Very scientific. I never thought of graphing the sun! Think I will try to get some things started, too.
Ever hear of the Three sisters? It's planting corn, beans and something else in a hill. They all help each other. Indian method.

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327.4 lbs TOM!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

OK, I've got my big girl panties on (boy, are they big ones), & I'm gonna get my stuff together & do this!!!!! Pain is always there,& I thot it was severe - until this past couple weeks!!!! It was like 3-4 times worse than ever been!

But, yes, Thank God, the pain is almost back to 'normal'!

1. a. Skin, b. Fruits & Vegs, & c. Make Bed
2. a. Declutter 2 areas, b. clean 2 areas, c. do 2 weeklies, d. do 2 extras
3. a. move 3Xs, b. mini-pamper 2Xs, c. fun 2Xs, d. study 3Xs

I'm also gonna start planning on studying my birth sign, & herbs, & planning my herb gardens.


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WCARTIST 3/10/2008 8:38PM

    I'm jealous!! In Wyoming we won't be putting out plants until late May :(

But it's 50 degrees today, so much better than it has been!!

You are great, enjoy your garden!

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TIGERMUM 3/9/2008 7:45PM

    Glad pain has lessened..Sure it wasn't a fibro flare???
An herb garden. How very, very cool!!! I'm hoping to have one plus a tea garden. Only problem is I have a black thumb.

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    Weezy, Take care and not overdo it. Take everything nice and slow and you will get everything accomplished. Hugs, Shirley

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324.2 lbs, yestrd 332.0 lbs ~ I been missed up past week!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello ev1, glad to be back. This past wk has been worse time I've had in a while. I had constant head ache, memory loss, & it sems like my pain has been 3X worse. But worse of all ... my wt went up to 332 lbs. Yeah, I think I forgot to take meds a couple of days, but that is out rageous. Especially since I thot I was eating better!

Any way I hope I'm getting back on track!

As I stated before, atleast in some of my postings.... I have a deceased uncle, who was a 'Herb Doctor', 5th generation(I think). And I have been doing research on him & his work. BTW, his name was 'Catfish, Man of the Wood', aka Clarence Federick Gray.

I've always been interested in herb, and I have this feeling (knawing, urge, something I should be doing, whatever), I have studied herbs haphhazard in the past, & I have lots of herb books.

I feel like this is my calling, so I'm gonna see where it takes me. Hey I could be froggz, woman of the woods! ROFLMAO!

From what I've found out so far ... he was in the local papers, on tv(Johnny Carson & Discovery Channel), He is featured in the Canadian Medical Journal, & he was even visited by Queen Elizabeth, herself.
I don't know about the tv shows, however there is an article on the WEB, from a man who did a tv program. From England, I tink & most of the Interview was done with Catfish in the outhouse!!! Yep, that sounds like him!

He was married to Francis, & had atleast 9 children. Violet was the youngest(younger than I, but she called me lil'Louise) then LaDonna or MaDonna, 3 of the boys I met Earl, John, & Dorman(who helped build my parent's home). The older girls I don't remember, except their names(2 of my sisters were named after them!), Betty, Jean, Linda, & Ruth. If there are others, please fogive my memory lapse &/or ignorance of not knowing!

I would like to hear from any of the family! I would also like to hear from anyone who knew him or his work. I have a blog on my Yahoo 360, & others on the net.

Any1 have any ideas on where to get good info on herbs - what is for what, what to plant, where & when & what to gather plants from woods, what grows where naturally, etc.

Ok, enough about that, today I've got to get my butt on the ball & get back to living, no matter how painful.


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TIGERMUM 3/6/2008 8:58PM

    Pain is better??? Did you call doctor?????
I love the story about your uncle! Your genealogy work has been great. I am trying on Lee's and mine, but having little success....Will check and see if I have any herb books. You're more than welcome to them.
As for the weight, like Our Lady of Perpetual Weight Loss says, "All is forgiven. Move on." Let's you and I put on our big girl panties and get moving.

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321.6 LBS! NU WK ~ NU START!

Monday, February 25, 2008

322.0 lbs Sun - 321.6 lbs Mon.
Thanks ev1 for posting! I really appreciate it!

Worked all day Sat on a weekly time schedule - like a daily time schedule but all wk. I did it in pencil & colored pencils & covered it with plastic, so I can still hi-lite the IMP stuff.

Hopefully, all I'll have to do is update the aptmnts each wk & re-arrange the affected time slots - instead of having to write out a new schedule from scratch ev day/wk

Of course first day... NO1 told me DS Earnest didn't work Sun (DH takes him to work & picks him up)!!! Oh well, now I know I need an alternative.

I'm the kind of person who needs to know things ahead of time & have it planned for!

Worked 1/2 day Sun on making alternate wkly time sched - got it fin on PC, then took shower, stuff & totally forgot until just now ... I need to do a paper copy, also!!!

I really like this getting up early, once I get out of bed that is!! I feel better, my head doesn't hurt as bad & it doesn't take as long for it to go away. I've got great hopes of getting a lot done today - I hope my back & legs hold out for me! I'll try to remember to take frequent breaks & my pain med.

Ev1 have a great day!
Diamond Hard & Coffee Strong!
and DO N GR8 N 08!

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HEARTOFGOALED 3/2/2008 12:29PM

    I love the way you've got great organizational skills and really get things done! It can't be at all easy with the health problems you unfortunately have, so you're all the more admirable for it. I've got to read more of your blog entries; you're inspiring! - Sara

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TABALICIOUS 2/25/2008 8:38PM

  You had a somewhat busy weekend. I hope your having a good day today!

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321.8lbs! I'm back!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks to ev1 that's posted, I am feeling better! Headache don't want to let go, tho!

321.8 lbs
Been hit with the bug or something. felt lousy all week, didn't get hardly anything done, except desk cleaned off, a stand set up, several 'in box' trays re-arranged, lotsa of papers sorted , filled out, mailed, filed, etc. 2 full 'important do now' files, cleaned out & done. My nail stuff sorted, organized & a set of nail put on!!!

Hopefully I feel better this week & can get some things done! Got my DGS Nick 7, & my DGD Destiny 4, today, She called last night & said ' me stay YOU house frog?' , so spendin some time with them!!!

I do plan on getting my weekly paper work done today & my 'ME" work done tomarrow (bubble bath, spirit, RRR, (rest, renew, rejuvenate). So I can get a good start Mon mornin!

Some of the things I plannin for this week:
1. Teeth ~ Eat 6 Meals ~ Desk
2. 8 Water ~ 2 Fruit ~ 3-4 Vegs ~ 50 g Protein
3. Continue ~ Move ~ Face ~ Hair ~ Hands ~ BBR ~ HS & RR ~
4. v stairs Bath rm or room fly lady team is doin
5. De-clutter (1 a day) ~ food cab ~ micro drawer ~ micro cab ~ under sink
6. Clean (1 a day) ~ basket ~ table ~ benches ~ treadmill ~ strtn Liv rm
7. Me personal time ~ Sun ~ Wed ~ Fri
8. Me fun time ~ 1 hr on 5 days

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TABALICIOUS 2/24/2008 7:51PM

  Glad you're feeling better and good luck on this weeks goals!

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IBEANNIEBE 2/23/2008 4:41PM

    I'm glad you're back too! I hope you get rid of those headaches. Glad you enjoy your grandbabies. I miss mine as they are on the other side of the country. But they are coming to visit this summer! Yeah!

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IAMSUCCEEDING 2/23/2008 10:12AM

    I hope you feel better real soon and those are great goals!


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TIGERMUM 2/23/2008 8:14AM

    Enjoy any grandma time you have, Weezie. It is so precious...

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