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I'm back!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I wonder how many blog posts on SP have been titled that same way. I've certainly seen a few myself. You get really into it, then fall off for one reason or another, then eventually make your way back and get excited again.

For me I'm back after 10 months. I know last time I fell off because I got this haughty idea that tracking all my food/calories every day was no way to live. Like I was above it. It seemed mentally unhealthy - obsessive even. The point of getting healthy and getting control is not to become obsessed with calories. And I didn't know how to track my food and calories WITHOUT being obsessive about it. I mean the definition of being that aware of your daily food/calorie intake is that you are essentially thinking about food and calories ALL DAY LONG. No way, you say? Just don't think about it between meals, you say? Well I need to eat every 3 hours or so. I guess it's just my metabolism, but I start to get weak if I don't. So that means eating, tracking, noting how many calories are left, doing something else, thinking about what I'm going to eat next, doing more of something else, thinking about next meal again, looking at calories of foods for next meal, planning next meal, prepping/eating, tracking, noting remaining calories, and repeat. All day long til bedtime.

If anyone out there is reading this and has any tips for getting around that I'd really appreciate it. Because I'm back and I'm planning to track (already started even) but I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that part. I always do everything obsessively, but unfortunately I'm not one of those highly productive, active people because for me what happens is the strain becomes too great and I break and give up. I want to figure this out though because I feel better when I am healthy and fit. So here goes! Best of luck to everyone with their goals. May we all find success.

This image has nothing to do with the content of this blog post, but I think it's funny so here it is. I want to start including photos in blog posts, starting now!

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LJOYCE55 7/7/2013 4:42PM

  Welcome back.

I think one way to reduce the food tracking time is to figure out a few standard meals and then repeat them often. Find a breakfast that meets your fiber, nutrient, and calorie goals and have it every day. Same for other meals until you get sick of them and then start over with different meals. Many people do this routinely for breakfast. You can then use the tracker to group the food so that entering it only takes a few minutes. It's also quicker when making the food since you can make several servings at one time and keep them in your fridge.

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IACTA_ALEA_EST 7/7/2013 3:23PM

    I've been struggling with this too because I feel like I spend too much time on the computer when I could be outside.

I am using the Laurel Kitchen veggie book and they suggest tracking a smaller handful of nutrients based on research of the rest falling into place.

I have also considered paper, and rote menus that I could enter calorie sums into Body media's activity manager in a few seconds.

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    emoticon back

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A new day

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Went over my calories yesterday by around 300. Trouble started in the morning. As usual I had breakfast about 7:30am and felt famished by 10:30am. I remembered that on Friday, indulging in that hunger led to eating too many calories that day. So I decided I would be a big girl and wait til a more suitable time for lunch. I didn't think a small snack would do anything to help. I was able to wait the couple hours and then finally had my lunch and snack together. Trouble was, it wasn't enough food. I was still so hungry a half hour later. So I ate some more. Then I started getting urges to eat sweets. And because I'd been depriving myself, my brain got into this mode where it says, "no more deprivation! we're snapping the rubber band back the other way! get ready!" So I ate the sweets. It really wasn't much, about 200 calories. But then DH wasn't feeling well and kept wanting to eat toast with jam. I normally try to stay away from such things but seeing him eat it made me want to as well. So I did.

The whole day wasn't a total wash. It's only 300 calories. I'm not feeling super down about it. I may have learned a lesson though...if I'm hungry, I need to eat, and I need to eat sufficient calories. 280 calories is not going to cut it for lunch.

The interesting thing is that on days when I try to eat less, it's harder to meet my minimums for various nutrients, but on days when I eat what I want, I seem to be able to hit almost everything just fine.

Also interesting is that I wasn't on SP as much yesterday or the previous few days. Maybe if I'd been more active, things would have gone differently? Hmm.

Today I have some running around to do. I will probably feel tired and not want to go to the gym. But I'm going to make an honest effort to do so. The last time I weight trained was Sunday so I am due for it.

Love to everyone...have a great day.

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POORGIRL_DIET 9/10/2012 4:08PM

    Exactly hun its only 300 calories and not 3000. Move on from it and try to re-organize your foods/meals that you are having at the start of the day and that will help you to decide if you can have something else later on or not so that you can compensate with exercise etc.

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JOYCECAIN 9/9/2012 4:58PM

    Hey, I went over today. It happens. We just start fresh tomorrow. YOU can't beat yourself up over this. Think of the new adventure you can have tomorrow.

I overate because I was pissed off because my sisters' son-in-law who lives here with his wife, has watched football ALL DAY. So I am stuck in my BEDROOM, that I pay $400. month for. Soon I will be out of here.

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TJCADDO 9/5/2012 9:10AM

    Not bad! Kept it at 300 calories.

When I get really really hungry it usually means that I am ready to drop some serious weight.

I am starting to be more objective when I overindulge. If I sit down and look at it I end up within the calorie range I set for myself that day or just a couple hundred calories over.

You recognise and are aware of your eating patterns.

You got this! emoticon emoticon


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JILLITA55 9/5/2012 9:03AM


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Confused...but going with it

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Yesterday we went out to Pala in the LES. I ate vegan thin crust pizza with daiya cheese (dairy free, made out of plants). It was amazing. It had slivered potato and zucchini on top.

How do I enter that in the food tracker? I guesstimated that the whole meal was 800 calories but I really have no idea.

Today we went to my parents and I ate salad, marinated grilled veggies, and a very small amount of vegan pesto pasta (like a third of a cup or less). How much olive oil do I enter in the tracker for the grilled veggies? I put a tablespoon but that's probably too much. For the pesto, the tracker probably thinks it had cheese and therefore was fattier than it really was.

I just did my best with the tracker...I don't know. It's so different than at home where I measure out all my food and am able to enter things in exactly correct.

Maybe that's not the point of the tracker, to be correct all the time? Maybe you should try to be correct most of the time, but just keep doing it even when you're not sure? And the point is that it keeps you accountable and allows you to see which foods have the most calories (like a reality check), so you can make smarter choices in the future?

It makes me feel like I can never eat out of the house. That can't be right though. Oh well, I guess it is a moot point because I eat in the vast majority of the time, and when I don't I can just do my best with the tracker and then hurry back to my normal routine.

We got 4 bunches of collards from the CSA today. Yay, calcium! Tomorrow I'm going to wash, dry, shred, and freeze them. Then I'll be able to microwave as needed for meals.

Yesterday was nice because I was able to fit into some shorts I hadn't been able to wear in a while. That felt good. I wonder what my weight is - haven't weighed in in about a week. But today and yesterday have been weird, food wise, so I want to wait til things normalize before I weigh myself again. Tonight it occurred to me that I might want to take measurements rather than just use weight as a marker. Since I weight train and muscle weighs more than fat. IDK, seems like a lot of effort, the measuring.

Yesterday when I wore the shorts I felt I really did look thinner. Then I ate the pizza, and today when I put the shorts on they were a little tighter. I wore them anyway, they were still fine. No one today commented that I looked like I'd lost weight or anything. I'm sitting here still in my bathing suit and looking down I don't feel thin at the moment. IDK. When I was younger my stomach was so flat! But perhaps I'm not remembering the ol' looking down view. It'll getcha every time.

Wow what a weird, rambly blog post! Gym tomorrow...can't wait to get back to normal routine. :)

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TJCADDO 9/3/2012 4:18PM

    It sounds like you eat wonderful food. When I read your posts, it does sound like you overcompensate calorie-wise and write the calories down at too high a value.

I have never heard of daiya cheese before. All I know is that what you eat sounds so exotic and good.

I know what I had for lunch today and it's exact calorie count. 2 Taco Bueno crispy chicken tacos at 280 calories. Trade you! emoticon

Congrats on getting into your shorts emoticon emoticon


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PCOLAGATOR 9/3/2012 10:02AM

    Tracking really is an estimate. Even if you're cooking it yourself it's most likley that every portion isn't going to have

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LYNNA1968 9/1/2012 11:21PM

    I try to learn what ingredients they used & either find it on sp or my "go to" site.

you can enter almost anything & find it. You can also google it & use whatever comes closest, won't be 100% but should give you a guide.
Good luck! Keep eating healthy!

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Calorie range not gonna cut it today

Friday, August 31, 2012

Today I ate bfast at 7am. The usual - 416 calories.

I then walked 2 miles to an appt.

At 10:30am when I got out, I was pretty hungry. And I knew I had a big energy expenditure in front of me: walking .7 miles to the grocery store and then walking 1.8 miles home carrying heavy groceries (thanks Google Maps!).

So at 10:30 I ate the food I brought with me: some tempeh with lentils, quinoa, and homemade salsa. The food tracker tells me this was a 620 calorie meal, but it sure didn't feel like one. In fact when I was done I was still hungry, so I ate the almonds I brought with me, rounding the meal out to 780 cals total.

It took me an hour to make it the 1.8 miles home from the store. I had to stop numerous times during the last half to put the bags down and rest my arms. It was in the high 80s but breezy. Comfortable in the shade, pretty hot in the sun.

I made it home kinda delirious. Thing is, I didn't get enough sleep last night or the night before. And I did a lot of walking and hauling stuff around yesterday as well. So those things need to be factored in too.

I felt pretty hungry so I ate 1/3 of a package of tofu, half a baked sweet potato, and 1/2 a cup of salsa. 296 calories. I guess we're calling this dinner even though it was only about 2pm. I was making a lot of mistakes and moving really slowly, so I laid down for a 40 minute nap.

It's now 4:30pm. I have 0-58 calories left for the day. Normally by now I'd have enough left for a nice dinner and sensible snack.

I'm a little frustrated because all week I knew I'd be going out to dinner tonight. So I had in my head that I'd try to go for more salads and fruits and veggies today, with dinner as the day's big meal. But I didn't think about all the energy I was going to expend today and really every day this week. And now here we are, the day is winding down, and I didn't even really do most of the things I needed to do today.

I'm not sure I put in my food amounts properly for that tempeh meal. It seems so crazy that it would be 780 calories. But I stared at the numbers and couldn't find anything wrong.

Also I think I might be working out more than the site thinks, which means my cal range might be too low.

And finally I think I just pushed it too hard this week. Not getting enough sleep certainly made things worse.

I'm not going to try to keep it under 58 calories tonight. I'm going to go out to dinner as planned, and eat a sensible meal. Later tonight I might have a piece of fruit for a snack. It's annoying that this is going to throw today's numbers off, but they are just numbers and the truth is this is what my body needs today.

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 9/1/2012 2:44AM

    Don't worry about it. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. You'll recover :)

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LYNNA1968 8/31/2012 8:51PM

    do what you planned, calorie count seems off & you don't eat crazy all the time so enjoy!

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TJCADDO 8/31/2012 5:03PM

    I don't think the tempeh meal was that high either. What happens to me sometimes before I have a big weight loss is I get really really hungry and my stomach will hurt like I am starving.

I only eat a little more on those types of days because if i can tamp down the hunger without going over too far in calories I will show a big weight loss, usually 3 to 6 lbs. the next day.

You ate wonderful items, don't be discouraged if you gain a little over the next couple of days, it will come off fast.

Nan emoticon

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MYUTMOST4HIM 8/31/2012 4:59PM

    Wow - I think I would research the cal count for that food too. Also, make sure your measurements are for cooked lentils!! I have make that mistake.

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SUCCESS-AMT 8/31/2012 4:57PM


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I love accidental exercise

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today I have a lot of running around to do. I love all the unintended exercise one gets living in NYC. For example, today I'll be walking 20 minutes to get to the train I want to take (I could take a bus to get there, but I prefer to walk). At the station it's down 3 flights of stairs to the tracks. When I get to my destination, it's up a couple flights of stairs to get to street level, and I love taking the stairs two at a time - I have strong legs and it makes me feel fit lol. Then I walk 10 minutes to where I'm going.

Once I leave there, I'm going to walk 25 minutes to my next appointment. Again I could take a bus or train but I like to walk. I am blessed to live in this beautiful city and I want to breathe in it's energy, take in the beautiful buildings, people watch, and window shop as I go.

Then after that appointment, it's a 10 minute walk to my last one, where I need to pick up some heavy stuff and lug it home on my own power.

There was recently an article published on how NYers are healthier and live longer than folks in other parts of the nation. I really think all this unintended exercise has a lot to do with it! You are just forced to be so active in daily life. Walk to the grocery store, carry home all your food. Walk to and from the subway every day. Up and down all those steps, every day.

I have a neighbor who is 91 and lives alone. A lifelong NYer. She walks around the neighborhood every day going on errands, picking up groceries, going to the store. Plus she also just takes walks every morning for mental and physical fitness. Now at 91, she moves pretty slowly. But that's OK.

Contrast that with a very dear 91 year old relative of mine, who lived in the suburbs her whole life and is largely bedridden. The rest of the time she is in a wheelchair. She is weak and cannot talk for long stretches. She is not the same mentally as she was years ago. She requires 24 hour care. I love her very much and wish life was not so tough for her.

She and my neighbor are the same age but living very different lifestyles. Neither were ever smokers or drinkers, neither are overweight or have problems with food. Who knows how much genetics have played a part. But I see elderly people around me every day in the city who, though moving slowly, are active and "with it." And they are an inspiration!

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MYUTMOST4HIM 8/31/2012 5:01PM

    Big difference

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DELILAHANNA1 8/30/2012 10:01PM

    As a suburb dweller, I am jealous!


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