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Dally task - with and without a machine in calories

Monday, October 04, 2010

Every day we have some choices in our lives...
Examples in our job
Take the elevator 3 floors up 1 cal
Email to colleges 6 cal
take the stairs 11 cal
go and talk with our colleges 8 cal

Drive the children to and from their institution 12 cal
Driving in our car to and from work 18 cal
use 20 min on bike or walking with the kids to their institution 144 cal
walk to and from the bus(train to our jobs 108 cal

At home in doors
Sitting and talking in telephone 30 min pr day 11 cal
use the remote control for changing TV channels 1 cal
Wait for the pizzaman 11 cal
Use the dishwasher 18 cal
Use the drying tumbler 0 cal
Using a cleaning lady/man 0 cal
Using a window polisher 0
standing and talking in the telephone 18 cal
getting up and change channels 4 cal
use 30 min to make food ourselves 54 cal
wash dishes by hand 47 cal
hang up the washed clothes 8 cal
cleaning the house once a week 45 cal
polish windows ourselves every 3rd month 4 cal

Home outdoors
Let the dog out in the garden 2 cal
Mow the lawn with a machine 6 cal
Wash the car in an automate 1 cal
walk with the dog in 30 min 108 cal
use a manual grass clipper every 10th day in summertime 14 cal
wash the car manually once a month 8 cal

Look at TV or sit by the computer 16 cal
walk a tour / play with the kids for 45 min 164 cal

Using machines, car etc. the total is 103 calories used per day
Avoiding machines, car etc. the total is 745 calories used per day

Note A task done once a week is devided by 7.
In one month it is 3090 versus 22.350 calories used
My source is an official paper from the Danish health departement (sundhedsstyrelsen)which I have translated and calculated from kj to calories.
We have a lot to win by saving electricity and gasolin! emoticon

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REMODELINGPAT 10/23/2010 6:35PM

    emoticonI LOVE IT! I'll have to copy these figures to use as motivation! emoticon



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FRIDA11 10/5/2010 8:30AM

    At least those figures made impression on myself.
I better leave the computer..NOW!!!!
And finish cleaning and painting etc. I have people coming for ceramics lessons tomorrow evening long emoticon

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Buying from Spark People

Sunday, October 03, 2010

I bought the 10 minute cardio and 10 min fit and form
The price in US is 19.50 $
freight 46$
And Danish import tax 225 kr = about 40$
Well In Denmark you can not get quite the same DVDīs
Wonder whether it can be done in other ways.
Strangely enough the bill said 0 toll.
Any Way import restrictions and toll is one way to keep the third world pour or make them determined to immigrate.


Grateful for strange things

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We live in a time where moving ourselves is substituted by machines doing our jobs..
and sometimes we pay for help to avoid getting out of the chair..
So I can be grateful because my love gave away the washing machine to his mother forgetting I have no machine so until a solution comes I get free exercise washing my clothes and it really can be hard getting away the spots and rinsing a big bucket of clothes. OK - Rain can help me. emoticon

The nearest food store is 2-3 km away so I donīt go snacking at the nearest kiosk and I usually take the bicycle rather than the car emoticon

There is a lot of fixing to be done in this newly bought house. Scrubbing away wallpaper is a hard task that uses calories emoticon

There is a big garden with a lot to be done emoticon

Snoozing in the mornings is something there is not time for emoticon

Well - Better get away from the computer machine right now and back to work. Nice with a pause in lunchtime.. emoticon


About sharing with your spouse

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My love is very slim
At first he said it is good you are a little round when we lay together
Then he said I should not only go for 80 kg but 70 kg which I havenīt weighed for decades
He notices what I do wrong about eating habits
I must admit I am not that grateful to be corrected I prefer just looking what he does good - like being very physically active
We are not living together yet
He is fixing his apartment and I am fixing things in my new house where he will come in a couple of weeks.
I have said to him I want to walk his dog sometimes with him - sometimes alone
He does not answer clearly about this item.
Well - what is your experience about sharing with your spouse?

The photo is from a walk in my new area


Low metabolism

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had likely begun getting a headache and every day I got tired in daytime and had to go to bed and recover. I couldnīt do anything and get things done.

And my weight went up in stead of down.

At my doctor I got a blood test and she could see I have to low metabolism.
So now I get some pills called eltroxin.

Maybe some of you have the same symptoms? This can be the reason if your overweight!!


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