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Living with thin people and..

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My love during 4 years is slim
And I have just spent a vacation with a girl who has become very thin
And me - I am the big one emoticon emoticon

What is the difference between me and them?
Maybe they are more physical active than me.
The main difference is that they never eat in between meals.
The thin girl can even forget to eat during the day. Once I drove a tour with her. I ate some breakfast. She ate a little. At lunchtime I went and got a wrap-up with chicken and vegetables and some mineral water. She did not eat anything but got a smoothie.
She had bought a little sandwich. She did not eat it until 7.30 pm.
I wonder how I began getting so hungry during the day. When I was a child I did not care less about food. The only thing I remember from my childhood is shepherd´s pie and the times I was forced to eat food I did not like.
Once I was on a tour with my grandmother and her friend. A day at dinnertime we had to find a place to eat in a hurry. My grandmother´s friend would feel bad if we did not get food at this time. I was amazed. To day I am her - the friend.
I get in bad humour if I don´t get my food when it is mealtime.
It is very very seldom I have been so occupied with something that I have forgot eating in the past ten years.
When I am with thin people I suppress my hunger as I find it embarrassing it is always me - the fat one who wants food.
My new year promise was to focus on other things like my ceramic or.. in stead. I am trying. Than one day I fell in and bought a new cookbook with the worlds best diet and focused on food again and got fatter rather than thinner.

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FRIDA11 6/8/2012 7:43AM

    Well - no inbetween meals except some fruit or vegetables and water instead of bred etc. This must be the conclusion.
Hunger is a rumble in the stomach rater than lust for food

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The choice every day

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shall this be me emoticon or this.. emoticon


A new chapter of life and new energy

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alone now Without man and his Rott weiler- wo bit me.-
So now doors opens to me
I can have friends over - they were afraid of the Rott Weiler who jumped up to visitors to greet them
I can have people over for ceramic classes without interuptions by the dog
I can visit friends and family who live far away for some days
and I respect my need for working.
It is not nice to have to live alone. It also has advantages. ..

I have an exibition right now. Here I have been asked to join an internet side with other artists and craft people.
We would also like to do some projects together.
And then there is my own projects with summer classes. And an opening reception in august. And new classes this winter. emoticon


You love your body

Monday, April 09, 2012

To days test result was: You love your body.

Congratulations! You have a positive, healthy image of your body and tend to treat it with respect. You realize that there are far better ways to spend your time than obsessing about the way that you look, and you incorporate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle in order to feel better, not just to look better. Keep up the good work and don't let others pressure you to change if you're already happy with your body.

Well--sometimes thoughts and lifestyle do not match. Anyway I should be able to go on the path again. Especially after my love has moved with his dog. The dog bit me and that was the last it did here. Now it has moved next is him. I will miss him. But his lifestyle coudn´t match mine. Here it is most appropriate to write about eating habits. He ate what I se as unhealthy. Food that maybe tastes good but is not good for the health. He is slim - but has had his gallbladder removed. In internet it says this happens when you don´t eat fruit and vegetables. Which was the case.
I sometimes made some of my healthy food with a lot of vegetables. He ate it as if it was a present to me..
At last he simply refused. This has not been nice.
Of course there is a lot of good things to say. But getting so many no´s in many aspects is not good. My friend said to me: We are longing to see your smile again.
And it will come - and more healthy lifestyle will come. emoticon


Motivation to exercise..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I find it difficult to be really motivated to do exercise more than a little now and than. I found what others find motivating and have copied the most inspiring notations..
• What motivates me to exercise is to be in better shape. I love it when I can go longer on my workouts and it isn't so hard anymore. I love that I can run now for a mile and a half and I'm thinking, hey I could keep going. I just want to be in good shape, and of course look better!
Mini goals~
219 lbs- Done 2-1-12
209 lbs
199 lbs
189 lbs
179 lbs
169 lbs
159 lbs
• -It's a number of things:
- Combined with healthy diet it keeps depression at bay so I can stay off medication
- Stress relief so I'm less of a monster at work
- It gives me a time to meditate - running just clears my mind of all the constant thinking and anxiety (the endless to do lists stop forming for a while!)
- Setting a goal and achieving it - last year was 10K race, this year it's half-marathon
- Being fit and healthy for when I'm ready to have kids
- Oh and okay I'll admit that wanting to look good (though in a slightly smaller package) plays a role-
• I am motivated by wanting to be around to see my children grow up. I am an older mom of two younger boys. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy them.
I am also motivated by the fact that I am healthy enough to exercise. After my mother went through cancer treatments, I realized that not everybody *can* exercise. I am lucky enough that I can!
• I can stay motivated by the fact that I am always cold and know when I start moving and working out.... it's gonna warm me right up!!!
• It's a matter of challenging myself right now. I have conversations with myself every day as to whether I should take a day off from the gym/exercise. Then I realize how much stronger I feel and more energy I have these days. It's a great feeling that I don't want to loose. I also notice my legs toning up and my arms "starting" to trim down which I think is due to adding strength to my routine
• It helps my peace of mind, it's like taking a mental shower while power walking around a lake or a forest. I smell the green, listen to the silence, look at the skies, feel the gentle wind, watch the birds and the lights of the sun. These days the sky was full of puffy clouds, after the rain. It was spectacular. When the dark came last evening, there was a wonderful sky, full of stars and between them some wild clouds...majestic!
• I want to be healthy and active for as long as I possibly can. I'm 68 and enjoy travelling with my husband. When we go on vacation, I want to be able to do a lot of walking, climbing, swimming.
• Seeing myself in the mirror.
• The unbelievable energy I have when I work out at least 2-3 times a week. Fitting into clothes better helps a lot too !
• I've also been able to drag my husband to the gym with me on Saturday mornings. If only eating well was so "easy".
• I work out twice a day, and every day it gets easier to actually move... I am able to do things I have not been able to in years. It just feels great.
• feeling healthy, happy, and strong afterwards
• My dog. And my camera. I got a small dog because I knew I'd make myself get up and out for her and it's working. I also was gifted a digital camera when my brother and his wife were given a new one. I take pictures of all my walks and then bring them home to show my invalid mom who is unable to get out and about any more. I am her caretaker now. I take pics from an artist's point of view which just means I take some really weird shots but mom seems to get as much enjoyment from seeing the photos (and my different perspective) as I do taking them. In terms of motivation these two things really make the difference for me.
• When I look in the mirror and am unhappy with what I see.

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FRIDA11 2/21/2012 4:11AM

    Actually I do gymnastics almost every morning -
An easy step would be to start bicycling to the stores again.
When my love arrived to my house with his dog I thought I would walk the dog instead
But it can run out of the string so I don´t dare.
I can´t bear the thought of being responsible for an old person being falling because of the friendly rottweilers hugs.
So up on the bicycle to the stores again soon - The roads aren´t even slippery so I have no excuse and will have a nice view of the seaside too yes emoticon

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FRIDA11 2/18/2012 7:20AM

    Well - When he heard it cost 1200 kr that is 200-300 dollar a year to be in the rowing club he said no.

Comment edited on: 2/21/2012 4:06:08 AM

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FRIDA11 2/16/2012 1:50PM

    "I've also been able to drag my husband to the gym with me on Saturday mornings..."
I would really be happy if I could manage that too!!!!

Comment edited on: 2/18/2012 7:21:18 AM

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