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Number 7: I Tried BodyPump

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So I finally bit the bullet and went to the gym that I've been paying for since I've been a student at UGA.

It was a pretty big deal for a few reasons. I have a little bit of social anxiety and going, by myself, to a place where I would know no one and where I could not maintain my cool-literally, I was sweating like a hog-is something that I sometimes have nightmares about.

It was also pouring rain when it was time to walk over for my class. My husband had the car so I had to walk. I was tempted to just wait it out and go the next day, but I dug up the big umbrella and headed on out.

Classes aren't completely free or necessarily cheap. I have made a conscious decision to invest in myself though so I forked over the dough for an all access pass. I have free time this summer and I may as well use it.

I was nervous that I would be the oldest and most unfit person there. I hate working out around all of the half-naked athlete types in most gyms. This class had a really nice mix of body types though so I didn't feel super intimidated.

Bodypump was really intense for me but I was able to do most of it and do it with decent form. The only part that I had issues with was triceps. We were supposed to do dips on the step and my arms were like "oh hell no." Those muscles need help, but then, they also have a lot to lift.

The instructor encouraged us to add more weight if we thought we could handle it and there were a couple of areas where I considered it. I think I want to go a few more times and really get form and technique together before I start adding more weight though.

Since I bought the pass, I will definitely be bodypumping for the rest of the summer. I think I'm going to try a Zumba class tonight.


Number 6: Primal Blueprint Weight Loss Sweet Spot

Friday, May 18, 2012

I finally went back to losing weight! Last week I lost about a pound and a half. I think I wasn't eating enough carbs-or possibly not eating enough in general.

This week, I've decided to stay in the weight loss sweet spot per Mark's Daily Apple. That's 50-100 carbs a day. I've been monitoring fasting blood sugar and daily carbs for two weeks and I think 50-100 is definitely my personal sweet spot for controlling blood sugar.

Updates on Working Out
I also add more weight to my strength routine. I want to build strength in my upper body and back. You guys should see me struggling like those beefcakes in the gym, except with like 8.5 pounds. If my arms weren't chubby I'd look like Olive Oil, lol.

I already have pretty large muscle in my lower body-I think I'm naturally bottom heavy. Focus areas there are inner thighs and butt.

I need to figure out a core routine (remember when it was just abs?). I'd take quick and efficient over gimmicky and fun any day. Any suggestions?

Lifestyle Changes
I switched to a standing desk. That just means I put my laptop on a bookshelf. The result is that I don't sit as much during the day and also that I don't get sucked into the internet for hours on end.

Priority fitness. The positive is that I usually feel like working out. The downside is that I really don't feel like doing anything else!

The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve

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PHYNIXX 5/18/2012 12:24PM

    Good for you!! I was having that same problem by not eating enough and as a result, I wasn't losing weight because my body was storing "fat". Now that I'm eating regularly (and reaching my calorie goal), I've begun to lose wight again. ^5 to our success!! BTW, have a GREAT weekend!!

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Number 5: That Time of the Month

Friday, May 04, 2012

This week has not been going well. It's that time of the month and my clean and healthy eating has been out the window from the first cramp. All I want is fast food and chocolate-I have great healthy food here and absolutely no desire to eat any of it.

This is the first time it's hit me like this.

How do you guys deal with this?


Number 4: New Week, Same Routine

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ugly: Sunday is my weigh in day and I did not lose any weight last week. Well, I guess an .8 of a pound but for sanity's sake, I'm only counting whole pounds. I worked really hard last week so I was kind of down about that. I'm due back at the doctor's beginning of May and I wanted to show progress. (Of course, I can't weigh myself butt nekkid there like I do here so I always weigh more anyway.)

The Bad: I moped about it and vegged out. I didn't do jack yesterday and today I ate six brownie bites and I'm supposed to be saying no to the sugar.

The Good: The brownies are gone so I can't eat them again. I ate plenty of veggies today in my morning omelet and my lunchtime salad. I made a healthy meal and I worked out. So . . . pretty positive altogether. I did not let my disappointment start me down the path of backsliding.

I think my fitness routine is solid and I logged all my food so my nutrition is also looking good, even with the six brownies.

I don't know what the deal is as far as the goose egg on the scale, but I am not going to make any major modifications to my workout routine. It's a good balance of strength and cardio and it seems to be something I can pretty well stick with.

I will continue to eliminate sugar and eat more raw vegetables this week and see what happens.


Number 3: Eating Plants

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This might sound weird, but where would I find some good salad recipes? I like salad, but if I make the same one with the same combo of ingredients all the time I get bored.

My goal for next week is to eat more raw vegetables so I'm thinking about replacing a meal with salad. I like romaine lettuce for the flavor and also the crunch factor. I want to branch out with mix ins and toppings. If you have any tasty salad dressing suggestions that don't have a ton of sugar I would love those too.

Right now I have organic romaine lettuce, a cucumber, red and yellow bell peppers, and orange cherry tomatoes, and an avocado. There's probably some variety of shredded cheese in the fridge too.

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FIFIFRIZZLE 4/21/2012 9:48PM

    I have two standbys to add to any green salad, fesh mint, and a mix of seeds and kelp and so on that I put together into a little shaker to sprinkle over my salads.i'll add it to my recipes and put give you the link if you like.
Anyway everyone loves it when I add mint to the salads, the more the better.

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