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The guilt of eating unhealthy; the satisfaction of working out!

Friday, August 02, 2013

I am super happy Friday is here already emoticon

I am been keeping up with my juicing and my jogging, which is making me look pretty good, well better than I thought. Yesterday was the day that I didnt jog because I had to go grocery shopping and because it was my rest day. I am a truly believer that if I jog 5 days a week there are going to be at least 2 days in which I just give my body a break, I wouldnt want my body to shut down on me...

I am also in the process of eating healthier each time, but its just sooo dificult to do when I am at work for 8 hours, five days a week, everytime I go in search for a place to eat, the only restaurants available are fast food restaurants with not so healthy options, but when I really need to stop at one of these places, I always end up makind some changes in my food to cut off the calories.

Yesterday, after having dinner I went to the store (always try to eat before doing my errands or grocery shopping to walk off the food) afterwards I just couldnt help in stopping for a little plate of orange chicken which I was craving for about 4 days and couldnt keep it off my mind. Instead of getting a combo plate I decided to order the smallest plate they had, just to kill the craving. At first I did wanted to feel guilty for eating something that I am not suppoce to eat, if I want to continue losing the unwanted lbs. After thinking about it, I decided that feeling guilty is not an option for me because Iam actually going to burn most of the calories today in my jogging routine. emoticon emoticon

Today is day 2 of my two glasses of juice per day, I been starting this process but wanted to keep it at one glass per day until I felt ready to move on with more glasses throughout a day. So far I had my first glass of juice, which I loved because it gave me the right kick that I actually needed to start this lovely morning. Everytime I drink a vegetable juice, I feel as if it cleaned my entire body while digesting the nutrients that I need, its a good feeling that makes me feel happy even when I cant stick to just eating healthy!

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SAGE150 8/8/2013 10:39PM

    Franchys, another option with foods that you crave that aren't the best for you and are high in calories are 1) order the smallest portion (like you did) and 2) break that into even smaller portions (i.e., take some home and eat just a few pieces at a time as a snack so you can still enjoy the flavor without going over your calories and feeling guilty).


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What is this new month going to bring me? :)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hello August, welcome...

I always get so happy when a new month comes around because its just another way of continuing something that has helped me with my weight loss journey (juicing). It seems easier for me to start something at the beginning of a month, I dont know why, but it just gives me better results in accomplishing what I am seeking.

This new month I am going to start with my water intake that I had left behind for one reason or the other. I have to incorporate my water consumption because its very important to keep my body hydrated... I will continue with juicing, the only difference is that for the last couple months I just drinked a glass of juice a day. This wonderful month I am going to drink two glasses, one in the morning and one at night time after coming from jogging. Hopefully this month is going to bring me more creative ideas to make more juice to drink, which is going to bring me better health benefits, yay! Last month I just focused on vegetables, which are good for my body, but since I am always into moving forward, this new month I am going to incorporate more fruits and why not more vegetables, other than just the regular kale, cucumber, beets and celery as my main ingredients :) Iam happy because I been able to keep up with the strong flavor(s) of the vegetables I just mentioned, so now its time to get creative and have fun choosing more fruits and vegetables.

I been taking this juicing process little by little just because I dont want to give it up quick, everything takes its time to start kicking in and for me to see noticeable changes, other than my skin clearing up, so lets continue with the juicing! This process is just not about drinking juice, but about obtaining so many nutrients that otherwise I just wouldnt be able to obtain as naturally.

Lets start this new month the right way!

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SAGE150 8/8/2013 10:35PM

    Good for you, Franchys! I tried juicing and I went too fast and I ended up giving it up because I couldn't keep myself on schedule and my husband's schedule. I overcomplicated. I think you are doing it the right way. And, the fact that your skin cleared up is amazing!

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continuing with my veggies...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I been juicing for about two months now and Iam feeling just great...
Incorporating juicing into my diet has made me feel good about myself, I have not weighted myself because I tend to fall into becoming obsessed with what the scale says and that its just not healthy for me, everything is a process and by continuing my juicing meams so much to me, everytime I drink a juice makes me feel so satosfy but not guilty at all and the best part is that I can drink as many as I want jajaj...

I havent stopped jogging routine, well I kinda did this past week, but Iam back in track and hope to continue without any problems. Jogging is the best way for me to release my stress, which is something that I love, at first I thought that juicing would made me feel without energy, but to my
surprise it has been the opposite, feeling so light, so full of energy

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FRANCHYS 7/31/2013 6:39PM

    Thanks... emoticon

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MJ7DM33 7/31/2013 5:40PM


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CRABBYTHING 7/31/2013 3:02PM

    Energy is good. I'm glad it's making you feel good.

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This friday is special to me...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Today its my brother's birthday, just giving a shoutout to him " Happy Birthday Bro."

Its Friday, yay! nothing better than knowing that today is the beginning of the weekend, a bit scary just because sometimes during the weekend I tend to get off track, will try my best not to do it this weekend...

I am more happy than yesterday just because the allergy I mention on my last blog is been disappearing with just two days of not drinking any protein shakes or eating any protein/energy bars or anything that is just not food. I never thought that these kind of products could actually had a negative effect on me, as of today I am only eating food just in small portions, like today for my snack instead of having a protein bar (shake) I had a avocado sandwich (100% wheat bread.) It was delicious, yeap just the avocado inside the bread with no salt or mayo, it was yummier than what I thought :)

Life is always trying to teach me a lesson with all the things I go through, I am thankful for that because otherwise I wouldnt had realize alot of things. My health is my first priority just because I love myself too much not to care for it. The allergy reaccion was an eye opener that probably I was eating too much of the "non-food" products just because it was easier to do so instead of preparing myself heatlhy snacks and lunch to take with me to work.

Jogging has been a great stress and depression reliever for me, the couple of days I had that allergy reaccion in my neckbone, I didnt wanted to do anything but to stare at it... I pushed myself to go jogging with my family even when I didnt feel like it, somedays I would just walk very slowly at the beginning, but once warmed up, I would start jogging without even realizing it. Some days I wouldnt even wanted to walk, but I was able to push my body out of that depression I was getting myself into.

Exercising is the best alternative in kickicking out any bad feelings out of a body emoticon emoticon

Little by little jogging will make a difference in my body like its been making a difference with my mood!

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DEBADEAU 7/13/2013 11:45AM

    Wow, interesting!! I'm surprised your sandwich tasted so good, it sounds odd to me!

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Crazy weather... light showers in summer months, ugh!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The weather in this part of the world is not as its suppoce to be, we are in the summer months and since yesterday we been having some light showers, the reason I couldnt jog yesterday (July 10, 13)

So far I been doing good with my daily exercises, I try to overcome most of the obstacles that come my way, but the weather is the only obstacle I cant really overcome since my runs are outside, so when there is no sunshine I tend to get sad because I know running is not going to be part of my daily exercise and that just makes me a bit sad.

Even though the weather is not helping me exercise like I would love to, I have decided to continue with my good mood no matter what, if I cant exercise in one or two days because of the weather, I will just continue eating as healthy as possible.

This lovely evening was so productive, although cold it didnt stopped mr and my family from jogging and of course my pup went with all of us. After I came home decided to try out the new juicer that my mom just was great making carrot juice and drinking it over ice, yum!


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