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June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Well today I am starting to make plans to do a better job. I was always going out to lunch because I never felt like making it. Today I went out and bought a new insulated lunch bag and I got a smaller one specifically so i am limited to how much I can take, it looks like a purse too lol. I also bought several small containers so I can take the right portions of stuff and not too much. And while I was there I bought some healthy stuff for today's lunch. I'm eating it now and it's really good, and given my calorie range, a lunch of 650 cals is not bad. Even though it's a bit on the high side, I'm eating healthier stuff than I have in a while. I've been on a fast food craze lately and that has got to stop.

Later I'm going grocery shopping and getting lots of healthy stuff for home, and i will also be cleaning and organising my kitchen so I have one less excuse to cook. I think I posted this on one of my team message boards so I apologize for the repetition.

Right now though, I won't really be concentrating on my eating so much, just keeping it in mind. For this week I am concentrating on getting organised and limiting my excuses to not be healthy. I will be packing my gym bag and keeping it in my car as well. I would love some other suggestions too.

When I was getting my lunch today, I bought some mini bags of popcorn and I'm very excited to try them. I got flavored ones lol, salt and cracked pepper and butter lime. I think the lime will be really good ^_^

Anyway, I think that's all for today. Hope everyone has a great week!

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NO_EXCUSES_ 6/2/2010 9:18AM

    I like your idea of taking it one step at a time. I've failed too many times from my all or nothing attitude. So I'm going to follow in your foot steps and my first step for today is switching to diet soda because I failed at drinking only water yesterday. Small I know, but it is a 1st step!

Great job on buying the smaller containers. It really affects the way our minds work. People are accustomed to eating whatever is on their plate so smaller plates/containers are the way to go!

Good luck Roxy!!! I know you can do this =)

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DAWNWINS 6/1/2010 6:22PM

    Sounds like a great start!

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GINA60 6/1/2010 1:15PM

  One step at a time! Good job. emoticon

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A Promise to Myself

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I, Roxy, promise to be an active team member and to support my friends in their journey to a healthier, happier life; to give what help and advice I can; to set an example by following my own advice; to work my hardest and ask for help when I need it, which will be a lot ^_^ ; to be honest when I make a mistake and to try not being so hard on myself and to be proud of that which I accomplish. I will make myself a better person this year in as many ways as possible.

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WEIGHTING4BABY 6/1/2010 8:08PM

    Go Roxy! We love ya!

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TIGGERIFFIC123 6/1/2010 11:49AM


What a great attitude. If you give all of that to your self, your teams, friends and family nobody can ask for more!!

I am glad you have included not being so hard on yourself !

You will do awesome.


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1ROCKYMAMA 6/1/2010 11:39AM

    You go girl, you can do it. Yeah for you

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MESSENE 6/1/2010 11:36AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey guys,

It's been a little while since I blogged. A few things have happened. I went up to my parents new cottage last weekend and had a blast. We went boating and fishing and all kinds of fun stuff. Unfortunately the water was still a bit too cold for swimming until the last day when I didn't have time. I won't be able to go up again for a few weeks because I have a class on Saturdays. It is so beautiful up there, my parents really lucked out, they have a large property, a nice 3 bedroom cottage with a big kitchen and bathroom, a large wrap around deck, a large dock, and it's all on a really nice lake. It isn't too big so it warms up fairly quickly and it's all cottages, no campgrounds or anything on the lake, so it's not busy, it's nice and quiet. There's no internet or even cell reception or anything because it's all surrounded by hills so starting in July I won't be on spark on the weekends lol.

I started my online nutrition course, it's my general elective for school, and on my first assignment I got 90% when the average was 63% lol. It is a very basic course though so I expect to know most of the material already, I do hope I learn some new things though ^_^

I met someone online and we've been chatting. He wants to meet in person, and he seems like a nice guy, but he seems a little clingy. We've only been chatting for a week and he's already talking about wanting to get together and cuddle while watching a movie. We started talking on Monday or Tuesday of last week, and I was busy on Saturday and Sunday so I didn't talk much to him. Sunday afternoon , around 4ish, he sends me a message saying he's sad because he thinks I don't want to meet him, well now I don't think I do. We haven't even met yet and he's already starting to act like we're dating, and he's texts me about 20 times a day. I'm beginning to worry I might have to change my phone # because it just seems like he may be stalker material. Hopefully not though.

I haven't been doing so well with my eating in the hot weather. I keep wanting ice cream and stuff. I also was rushed with breakfast and didn't make a very good choice, my lunch however is much better and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for dinner. I'm going to decide before I leave for home so I don't go through the drive-thru again. I will be making some plans for this week tonight, so that tomorrow when I go shopping, I can buy all good things that will hopefully keep me on track this week. Any suggestions for healthy snacks to keep on hand would be good. Especially stuff that is good on the go.

I have revised my goal. I'd been hoping to lose 100 lbs this year but of course that isn't going to work now as I haven't lost any. I have reset my goal at 50 lbs by the end of the year. That's 10 lbs per month with room several not so good weeks. I still have my goals in mind, new dance shoes at 10 lbs, and a new digital camera at 30 lbs. I haven't decided on a reward for 50 yet.

Also, I have made a discovery, a few weeks ago I was having a real problem with chest pain especially when breathing heavy from exercise. So I did an experiment, cus I know my doctor would just say take it easy you probably strained something. So for a couple weeks, I was taking allergy meds and I took a couple weeks off martial arts and slowed down the dancing, well it worked, no more pain. So I took another week off exercise and stopped taking the allergy meds, I've started feeling the pain again. I am going to make an appoitnment sometime this week or next and tell him what I did. He'll probably send to me for allergy testing and stuff then, because right now only Benadryl works for me and I can't be always taking that, it makes me tired. So I am hoping for something that will help, some other kind of allegry meds, cus reactine, claritin, aerius and every other OTC non-drowsy meds that I have tried aren't helping me. I've spent a rediculous amount of money this year trying to find something that works.

Sorry for going on for so long lol. I've had an eventful few weeks. And certainly busy with work and school.

Hope everyone in the US had a good Memorial Day weekend!

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WEIGHTING4BABY 6/1/2010 7:00AM

    I think you should do some investigation work on the guy but that's just me! lol

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LIFEGENESIS 5/31/2010 9:16PM

    Careful with the whole guy can get messy. Just make sure someone knows where you are and can check in on you IF you do meet up with this guy.

50 pounds this year! Wouldn't that be AWESOME?! You can DO IT! :D WOOT! We will be there every step of the way! HOLLA!

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TIGGERIFFIC123 5/31/2010 5:58PM

    Sorry to hear you are still having pains. I hope your Dr. gets you sorted out quickly!!

Glad to hear you had such an awesome time at your Mom and Dad's new cottage...sounds like a great weekend get away!

I don't think I would be meeting this guy you have been chatting to. Sounds like there is some possibility of trouble there...better to not even meet him if you ask me!

As for your revised goal I think that is great. However, you might want to break it down further and set mini goals...they add up really quick. Perhaps move your ticker to 10lbs and work on that one. It can be so motivating to see it move and to accomplish smaller goals and before you know it you will have achieved your larger goal without feeling overwhelmed...Just a thought.

Take Care,

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MESSENE 5/31/2010 4:50PM

    emoticonSure hope the allergies go away soon! I get the seasonal allergies pretty bad! emoticonSore in my nose, and red puffy eyes. But have been doing so much better, since I have been taking plantain herb. It works emoticonI make a tea three times a day, and buy the plantain herb on ebay. This is the first year taking it, wish I would have known about it before. My daughter takes it too, it's pretty safe, plus has vitamins B's. I used to take all kinds of allergy meds, and prescribed nasal meds too, but the side effects are not to great, I would become a meanie! emoticonGive Plantain herb a try. It works or your money back! He He!!! emoticonIt does not cost much at all, and it's so worth it. Hope the month of June will be super emoticonfor you! emoticon emoticonBest wishes!!! emoticon emoticon

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May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Im so not having a good day. First off, my neck hurts, has been for some time but its quite bad today. This morning I started one of my summer classes and it went ok except it was kinda long and I was in pain. I was getting a headache by the end from my neck. I went to the grocery store, where I work, to pick up some advil and a few things and to check my work schedule. I had applied for a leave of absence for the summer because Im working a full time co-op and i have 3 classes to pick up before i go back in the fall. They said no because I only work one shift a week, i figured ok, itll be easy to replace me and its for school so theyd say yes. No, I was so wrong, so the manager and i agreed that i would work one shift every 3 weeks, which is ok but Im in pain today so Im a little peeved anyway. Ive decided im going to get a massage for my neck. Normally, I wouldnt even consider it because of my insecurity and the whole touching me thing, but right now it hurts enough that Ill do anything. Unfortunately, i cant find a place open today that has any appointments still open. So Im gonna have to wait, then also next week Im going to see my doctor because my allergies are driving me nuts and none of the over the counter meds I usually take are working for me this year. A couple years ago I had to stop taking reactine because it stopped working, now the other one i was taking isnt working anymore. Benadryl is the only one that works and it makes me tired so i cant be always taking it.

Ok, sorry, that was my rant. I just needed to vent a little today. Hopefully, my day will be better now, and hoepfully your all having a great weekend!

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LIFEGENESIS 5/16/2010 12:09PM


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MESSENE 5/15/2010 3:28PM

    emoticonI suffer from seasonal allergies, and Plantain herb tea has sure helped out a bunch! emoticonI used about 3 different prescribed meds before, but never liked the side effects, and benadryl make me anxious. emoticonHave some Plantain herb tea, I promise it will work! You can get plantain herb on ebay, it's pretty safe, and you get no side effects, plus you get some vitamins as well.
Hope you feel much better soon! emoticon emoticon

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May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey guys,

I am having a rough day. Not in terms of stuff happening though, I just feel crappy. One of those depressing days where you dont want to do anything, can't muster up the energy to exercise or cook and so end up eating fast food or delivery. I'm really fighting the urge to leave work and go home. I'm having trouble dealing with people right now. So overall, I'm not doing well today.

I don't know what I'm going to do to keep myself on track today. I haven't been doing well lately either. I haven't lost any weight since February! I've been staying pretty much the same though so it could be worse.

I can't even get myself excited about my birthday next week. I'm hoping this is just going to be a one day funk. I'd really appreciate any tips to get motivated though, or ways to just keep myself away from the drive thru.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me!

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LIFEGENESIS 5/11/2010 9:16PM

    Your birthday is next week? Ohmigoodness! :D Woot! EXCITED! :D I know you can snap out of this! Hang in there! We are rooting for you!

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MESSENE 5/11/2010 12:40PM

    emoticonI'm having a better day today, but yesterday, and the weekend was just bad for me too. emoticonI felt so tiered, and lazy, I did not even do any walking. emoticonBut I guess that's ok, I had a nice nap during the day yesterday. It could be that I have been having less sleep, and my body just wanted that extra time to relax. emoticon
I have not lost much weight either, not gaining weight is emoticonhopefully we can get back to normal, ones the weather stops changing so much. emoticon emoticonIt was very hot in the mid 80s a few weeks ago, and now we are in the 50s, and mid 40s at night. emoticonIt's insane! We will be back to the 80s again this week.
Have a few prunes to snack on during the day. When I feel like having something sweet I have a prune, and drink a glass of water emoticon
Know that tomorrow will be a much better day! emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticonBest wishes!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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