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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My husband and I signed up for NutriSystem last night.
Since Christmas I haven't really been able to get back on the wagon to dieting. I've been good, don't get me wrong, but I've been lead astray too easily, foodwise that is.

So, we have decided to give this a try. Costwise it seemed like a big chunk of change at first, but once we started calcing it out, it seems it will actually save us money in the long run as we definitely spend more than $11 a day (each) on food. We like to go out a lot, which with the increase in prices everywhere, gets expensive, altho we never sit down & calc out exactly HOW expensive, I just know it's more than $11 a day ;)

So we'll see how it goes, I"ll keep you posted. (Also I reset my ticket... it's now at 255, and altho I did lose from where I initially started, I figured this is a new start so I completely reset it with new weight & all so I can measure my nutrisystem success.. :)) (At least I hope there'll be success!!:))

If anybody has any experience with NutriSystem, please feel free to message me with tips & advice.


To tip or not to tip ..... (non diet related...... :P )

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tipping is always the trickiest part, no matter what service you go to get done.
How much? Do I tip at all? Would it look stupid if I give a tip and people usually don't tip here?

I went to get my car washed today. And I wondered why there's a difference in how you tip a carwash guy as opposed to how you tip a waitress?
A waitress brings you a cup of coffee and a muffin, she gets 15%. (We always tip at least 15%, usually over....).
The guy at the carwash scrubs, dries & polishes my car in the scorching sun for 20 minutes, he gets $1.... if that (I see a lot of people that don't tip at all...what's up with that? These guys spend 20 mins shining up your $60,000 BMW and you can't spare a dollar for tip? Did you REALLY spend your last dime on that car??)
Anyway, back to the point of this blog, why is there a difference? Shouldn't the car wash guy 15% of whatever you paid for the carwash?
(Just for the record, I do tip more than $1 for carwash, I do put my money where my mouth is because I really appreciate the service they give, after all, driving around in a sparkly clean car does wonders for the self esteem :)

And no, I'm not underestimating a waitress' job, I know it's hard work and so on, all their tips is well deserved, I'm just wondering why other professions that do equally challenging jobs that also provide great service in general are tipped so little?

Are people in general as confused about tipping as I tend to be? lol.

If anyone's reading this, how do you tip people? How do you determine how much to give, for instance your hair dresser or the guy at the car wash?
The people that don't fall under the 15% category.

Here's a blurb from Seinfeld to complete the subject of this blog:

"JERRY: How do you get all that wood in here?

ELAINE: They deliver it.

JERRY: They deliver wood?


JERRY: Whatta ya tip a "wood guy"?

GEORGE: [looking intensively at the form with the apartment

description] I didn't know there was a fireplace?

ELAINE: Look! Look at...look at this! There's a garden.

GEORGE: A garden! I can't believe there's a garden!

JERRY: Would I have to get a gardener?

ELAINE: Yeah, you can get a gardener.

JERRY: You tip him?

ELAINE: You can.

GEORGE: [to Elaine] You don't tip a gardener!

ELAINE: You can tip a gardener.

GEORGE: You don't need a gardener.

ELAINE: Jerry, you can barbecue back here [points to garden].

JERRY: They deliver the coal?

ELAINE: Sure, it's...probably the same guy, who delivers the


JERRY: Oh, then I gotta tip him."


Dear diary ........

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's been far too long....... I've been a crappy a dieter lately!
The thing is, I've been on medicine, anti biotics and stuff, and when these foreign species are invading my body, trying to conquer whatever is making me ill, my body starts freaking out and craving all sorts of things.
And yes, they are legitimate cravings that don't go away, no matter how long I play my video games or go for a walk in a desperate attempt to fight off the cravings... this is how I know they are genuine cravings from the depths of my flesh & blood, they REALLY don't go away.
It's not a flash of desire for something just because it's good, it's a desire for something that my body needs, there's a difference.

Ah well ...... anyway, my anti biotics days are over and I can finally start counting my calories again like a normal spark person. Can't wait.
Also I'll be able to start exercising again, so hopefully my scale will start moving again.

So.......sorry for being slack. I'm back though, calorie counter and all, let's keep moving............ :-)


An eyeopening french fry adventure.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday was a day I knew was going to be tough on the calories. We had a birthday lunch at an Italian restaurant at work, and after work we had a get-together at Dave and Busters.

Planning carefully so I had some calories left for beer, I behaved really well at the Italian restaurant. Instead of getting a calorie rich fettuccini alfredo or something along those lines, I opted for a steak sandwich which came with a salad as an appetizer. I had already planned to only eat half the sandwich and bring the other half back to my husband.
Their salad was huge, so it turns out I only ended up eating about 1/4th of the sandwich since I had stuffed myself with lettuce and water.

WHEW! Still had a lot of calories to spare for the night.

Come Dave & Busters, we were hungry and that's when things started to spin out of control. I got my Guinness, which were calories I had counted on that day. Then we started ordering food. Appetizers to share and some other stuff .... Popcorn shrimp, crisscut potatoes dipped in cheese, french fries...
As I ate my 5th french fry I already knew my day had gone out of control. I still didn't clean the plates, but I enjoyed my evening very much, we had a good time.

This morning I added the foods I ate into the food tracker, which was actually pretty brave of me ... lol...
I discovered that 15 medium frenchfries... was 6000 calories!!!!!! There was NO WAY I could've worked all that off. That was such an eyeopener, thinking how much french fries I've eaten in the past before I started counting my calories.

Lesson learned. The beer I had was actually OK.
(Which is great... I've already listed that as one of the things I won't completely give up... my Guinness...if I want a Guinness on a Friday night, I'll have one and I learned that I CAN have one or even two if I'm good..)
Anyway, if I had stuck to my beer along with a mini burger and a couple of shrimps, I would've been OK.
It was the FRENCH FRIES that was the death of me!
Definitely an eyeopener.

However, I did enjoy them but with the knowledge I possess today about the calories that lie within those golden crisp deep fried potato sticks, tells me that it will be a very very long time until I have any more of those!

Today is Saturday and I'm back to good. I'll have a long nice swim later on, I'm just about to go to dog obedience class with my pooch, which means 45 minutes of walking around so I'm back to normal.
Can't let one bad night ruin the whole diet, it's better to get back on that horse!

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CASEY-DIANE 2/15/2007 12:53PM

    Wow 6000 calories in 15 fries??? Holy Cow!!!

That is really good to know...I will make my own if I really desire them that way I can bake them.

Thanks for the info!

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Damn proud!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today we did the scariest thing you can do when you're watching your calories.......

we went to a buffet! (Hometown buffet to be more exact). I was nervous because I was really hungry, so I spent most of the time we sat in traffic, planning out how my encounter with the all-too-tempting buffet would unfold.

Normally at a buffet, I would eat/sample:
Macaroni & Cheese
BBQ ribs
Fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy
Ambrosia salad
A couple of dinner rolls
Carrot cake

Yeah....who doesn't pig out on a buffet. Looking at that list just makes me full thinking about it.
And Ice cream... Ice cream is MY cryptonite! Someone could lock me up and strarve me for a couple of days then put a pint of ice cream under my nose, I'd spill like a shattered glass.

Anyway.... I ended up eating:
Salad with ranch dressing (Dressing on the side so I could dip the salad in it...)
Chicken breast (WITH's a buffet after all...)
A fork ful of mashed potatoes
A couple of spoons of carrots
a hint of gravy (not even a table spoon, just a drop for flavor)
h1/2 corn on the cob
A slice of honey dew for dessert.

I walked away beaming with pride... I wasn't stuffed. I was comfortably full.

I was looking at the mountain of ice cream that people were carrying past our table, and I was suddenly so happy that I hadn't fallen into the trap. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a mountain of ice cream, but I didn't touch it!

It was definitely a memorable moment and proud moment.... I've gone almost a week now, and I'm so satisfied.

Sparkpeople rocks. I hope this continues.

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CASEY-DIANE 2/15/2007 12:56PM

    WAY TO GO!!!!

Buffets are really really dangerous for people who have weight/portion control good for you doing what you know would be healthy for you!!

Keep it up!

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