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Self doubts & Self sabotage - gathering tools ahead of time!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

How do you stay focused on the goals you have accomplished, as opposed to looking ahead to the very long road that is left for you to travel?

I thought about that this morning. I did my weekly weigh-in to find I have lost another pound, which makes it a total of 19lbs so far (yay! I’m very happy!) THEN … silly me … starting to think about all the pounds I have left to lose. Not that I see myself quitting this journey any time soon, I’m really enjoying this healthy lifestyle I’ve adapted to lately and it hardly feels like a diet at all. It’s just that when I start to think about the journey AHEAD, I feel my mind starting to waver, I feel that smidge of self doubt setting in, knowing very well that I’ve failed before and “what is it that’ll keep me going all the way this time?” and I have to pull my mind back from that dark place and keep it on track & keep focused on my achievements so far.

I’ve also been enlightened to the “self sabotage” issue that many overweight people encounter, and I’ve discovered that this is something I’ve done to myself a lot. I’m used to being invisible, I’ve enjoyed being invisible for a really big part of my life, for various reasons that will take way too long to discuss in a blog, and it’s like I get scared when I start shaping up & start receiving attention for it.
So I keep that in mind as well. It’s not unlikely that this self sabotage plot is what is trying to kick in here but I won’t let it defeat me this time.
No more sabotaging myself, keep on moving forward.

How does everyone keep themselves on track? How do you focus on your achievements and not letting the multitude of pounds that are left to lose get you down in the dumps? How do you keep from self sabotaging (for those of you who have issues with that?)

Well … I’m still on track. I can’t say I’ve ever been on track for this long and this religiously with something that doesn’t even feel like dieting… I don’t feel like I’m missing out on any food, I don’t miss the chips and the cakes and the fats & sugars I used to put into my body. When I look at fast food commercials, all I see is the grease shine coating the burgers and I don’t want it. So I’m doing good, I just want to gather some tools for the future, for when those self doubting thoughts and self sabotaging urges set in.

Have a great day everyone! You’re all doing wonderful!

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FORDCHICK73 9/4/2009 4:40PM

    Great idea to think about what I do NOT want to see myself like 1 year from now! hehe Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate any mind trick ideas to keep on trucking forward! :)

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ARMONIA 9/3/2009 3:16PM


I think you've identified some really key issues that a lot of people have. I tend to set really small goals for myself (go on a run today, drink another glass of water, not order dessert) and then celebrate those. I like to feel proud of myself, so i let that out way the hard work of weightloss. I always start thinking, if I had done this a year ago I would already be at my weight, then those pictures wouldn't exist, or I would have bought clothes in ___ size. Then i remind myself that I could be saying the same thing a year from now, so Carpi Diem!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm really REALLY craving some cheese pizza!! I hope that putting this phrase out there, sending it out into the universe, it'll just go away & disappear.

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JANEYSMILES 8/21/2009 5:39PM

    Haha I totally feel that. If everyone posted a blog when they had a craving...that would just be crazy.
I could go for some General Tso's, but then again, when can I not?

Let's have some carrots instead emoticon

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Oh Sweet temptations ---

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday it was strawberry pie AND banana cream pie.

Today it was chips & dip in the break room, plus a birthday cake with lots of cream frosting and some kind of berry filling.

Looks delicious, SMELLS delicious ... everyone is eating it.

My weapon is to remind myself of how great I'll feel when I wake up tomorrow morning without having eaten any of it -- and how bad I would feel if I did cave and ate the cake.

Right now I'm going to go get my yogurt from the fridge. It's only 90 calories ... probably about the same amount that just a fingertip of that cream frosting was ;-)

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MRSJHART 8/19/2009 8:03PM

    Oh man I have the biggest sweet tooth so I can relate! Seems like everywhere I look a dessert is calling my name... emoticon

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LIVINGDEAD_GIRL 8/19/2009 6:33PM

    good for you, monday night i was being tempted with cheese cake with a choice of chocolate and strawberry topping. Its hard to stay strong, but that simple reminder of how we will feels always helps

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The Watermelon!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yup! That’s right! I’m dedicating this blog to the Watermelon, which helped save my butt (literally… probably several inches of it) from what could have been a calorie infested weekend.

We had visitors over on Saturday. They were going to spend the night at our house. Naturally, we were planning to host them with lots of food & for lunch we fired up the grill for a BBQ. I had been foresighted enough to buy turkey burgers instead of regular burgers (including for my guests… although they also had a choice of hotdogs). I also bought fresh vegetables that I cut into a salad. I did buy a tub of macaroni salad, but I myself didn’t touch it (that required some will power … lol … Macaroni salad is soooo good!).
So I was OK for lunch! The turkey burger did its thing and filled me up, along with the whole wheat hamburger buns I got. It was when we got to swimming that I was in trouble.

Our guests had brought with them loads of snack foods, such as chips, Doritos … mini chocolates … We also had chocolate chip cookies and Twinkies.
That was OK as long as I was full, I had no problems resisting the snacks. However, after a couple of hours in the pool, my stomach started to rumble again, and those bowls, which were strategically placed within reach all around the pool, were looking awfully tempting (coupled with the loud crunching from everyone else eating chips… oh sweet torture! Lol). On an impulse earlier that day, I had picked up a big water melon at the store. Good thing I did. My husband had cut up the water melon already, but it was not within reach, like all the calorie packed junk food was.
I was adamant on sticking to my diet, so I got my butt out of the pool & went for the watermelon. Surely, after a couple of wedges, I was satisfied and was no longer eyeing the chips bowl!

Later that night, everyone decided they wanted pizza for dinner. I was thinking “oof, there went my calorie count straight out the window”… We went to a local pizzeria, they have New York style pizzas, which means the slices are huge but on thinner crust. I surrendered, I had 1 slice of cheese pizza. Trust me, I REALLY really wanted to reach out for a 2nd piece but I restrained myself…
I kept asking myself “Are you full? What is a 2nd piece of pizza going to do for you, other than leaving you feeling guilty and OVERLY full, to the point of uncomfortable? Sure the pizza tastes good, but that taste is temporary … the guilt (and the calories) will be with you way longer than the flavor of that pizza will!” So somehow I was able to reason with myself and talk myself out of having a 2nd slice. I also had 1 bottle of beer, Hefeweisen.

I was SURE I had exceeded my calorie intake for the day. Nevertheless, I dutifully logged all my foods for the day, including the bad foods I had eaten. It turned out that since I stayed away from the chips & the Doritos and the chocolates and the cookies that was flowing freely around the pool earlier that day, even with the slice of pizza and the beer, I stayed within my calorie range for the day! I was so excited.

So… it turns out that darn water melon saved my day! If I didn’t have that backup fruit, I would no doubt have surrendered to the snack. And .... I know myself well enough to know that starting on the snack bowl would have caused me to eat that 2nd slice of pizza.
My really awesome reasoning that I mentioned above, would instead have gone something like this:
“You want a 2nd slice? You really shouldn’t… but what the heck, you’ve already eaten chips and cookies today, you’ve already gone way over your calorie intake for the day so you may as well eat that pizza…” And I WOULD … NO DOUBT … have had another piece. Maybe even a 3rd.
This would have snowballed on into Sunday. I would’ve woken up Sunday, looked at all the leftover chips that our guests left behind and I would’ve said to myself “Oh what the heck, you’re so screwed now, you may as well have some more chips and start a new tomorrow, on Monday.”

My weekend … my continued success in staying on my diet … my awesome confidence at the moment and pride that I didn’t exceed my calories … all thanks to the watermelon! :D

(Hey, if I market this right, I can probably make it into a fad diet… and make millions…. ;) lol …)

Have a wonderful day everyone. You’re all looking great!!!

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KAUAI-CAROLANN 8/6/2009 2:56PM

    Awesome! Absolutely awesome! It's all about those choices and you did it fabulously.

Almost the same thing happened the other night...dinner out with neighbors. Chicken wings and beer were involved. Oh, yeah I had 3 wings and a Corona, but stuck with grilled ahi (tuna) and a salad instead of burgers and fries.

It really works and making the healthier choice feels great all the way around.

Cheers to the watermelon!


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High Calorie Day!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok, so … this is going to be a bad, bad day calorie wise.

On Fridays, I usually go out for lunch with a work colleague of mine (who is also, by the way, trying to eat better). Well, seeing as Friday is an end of the week celebration day, we usually go out for a really GOOD meal (meaning high cal!). So I enforced a rule on us. I said, let’s go out on Fridays but let’s eat low calorie & healthy every Friday, but on the last Friday of the month, we’ll have our “pig out” day where we can go wherever we want.
This includes places we love, such as Indian buffet, Persian food, Mexican food… places we usually would go on Fridays but which are highly fattening & full of calories.

Well, today was our first pig out day. We opted for Persian food (which was great … she had initially expressed a desire to go to an Indian lunch buffet, which is far worse than any other foods I can think of…lol). I was still being good at lunch actually, I ordered “Adas Polo” which is boiled chicken accompanied by a really flavorful basmati rice. In this particular rice, there is also raisins, dates and lentil beans. I only ate ˝ my rice and about ˝ the chicken (it was only half a chicken to begin with). I did go a little overboard on the pita bread. And Persian rice is VERY good for a VERY good reason … BUTTER! Lots of oils & butter. So the rice was up there in calories but the chicken was lean so it evened out in the end.

If that was it for today, no problem. My problem is that I have a big dinner ahead of me tonight. My husband finally got a job, after 7 months in the unemployment ranks. One of his new colleagues makes BBQ ribs and my husband went ahead and ordered us a rack for tonight so we can celebrate. How can I say no? He was very excited about getting us the ribs and also about getting a new job and all that. Along with the ribs, we’ll probably have some mashed potatoes and another type of side dish. I’ve already calced out the approximate calories which are about 500 over what I should have. I’ll try wiping down the ribs a little, most of the calories will be in the BBQ sauce.

I’ve decided that this will be my weekend cheat meal. I usually prefer to have my cheat meal on Sunday because it’s right before the new week starts, but I can’t possibly eat this huge dinner tonight and then have another cheat meal to boot later this weekend.
I’ll also go swimming after we eat, which should burn off some of the excess calories as well and I’ll proceed with being very good for the rest of the weekend. Saturday we are expecting some company and we’ll probably barbecue outside, I’ve already started thinking about healthy options for myself other than burgers. Maybe turkey burgers or chicken. Heck, maybe it would even be good to throw some tuna fish on the grill! That would be new for me.

Oh well. I guess the fact that I’m even thinking all this through means I’m making progress. A month ago I would’ve said yes to both Indian buffet and BBQ ribs without a second thought. And if I had gone for Persian food, I certainly wouldn’t have had the boiled chicken and I definitely wouldn’t have had ˝ my rice left. Today will be the first big meal I’m having really since I started, so I’m happy.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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MSPUDGE 7/31/2009 5:48PM

  Just reading all that great food is making me hungry! You have some great ethnic restaurant choices, but they are all in the high calorie range, that's true. I think you did really well with the chicken and rice. I agree about the sauce on the ribs, that's the culprit. You'll do fine. Congratulations on your husband's job! Ypu must be so relieved! That's all good news.

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