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Sunday, March 15, 2009

During my early 20s, I worked in a corporate environment that I didn't enjoy very much... so I left and decided to study psychology instead... over that time I had gained a bit of weight, mainly due to my acknowledged "emotional eating", chocolate being my main comfort food!!

Then I discovered DANCING! And I spent a good 6 months dancing five times a week, occasionally for almost 6 hours on end!! Check this link out - it is of a doubles routine at the Ceroc Nationals in New Zealand in May 07.

Note that NONE of the dancers are me, however my partner and I did compete in that competition in Intermediate, and got into the top 6 out of approx 32 couples. Dancing so much helped me to lose a good 13kgs. I'm at the level where I would like to lose those last pesky 5 to 7kgs, but struggling a little with the emotional eating still!! (And I'm not dancing very much either!).

Has anyone got any comments or hints on how they kick the sweet tooth and move past the emotional side of what goes in your mouth??

One of my favourite sayings at the moment is this:

Remember the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow and their journey to the Land of Oz - they already had everything they needed to begin with.