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Thursday, December 09, 2010


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MCJULIEO 12/9/2010 5:57PM

    I think you need to re do your link- I'm hoping I found the right one by removing the https (From Jiggle to Jarhead? Is that the right one? http://athleticnationhtx.wordpress.
com/ )

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Summer is almost over....

Monday, August 23, 2010

I've been really bad at keeping up with SP. However I have lost 7 lbs since June. I think it is about time for a metamorphosis with me. Changing who I am, how I behave, making myself accountable. I turned 35 about a month ago, and decided all the past crap needed to be just that...THE PAST! Of course that is much easier said than done. Still find myself pondering the what if's instead of the could be's. I need to work on that. Is anyone else out there feeling the same way I am? I look at old pictures of myself and think WOW! I looked good. I would love to look that way again. Of course so many people around me I know are cheating with the weight loss surgery. First of all, not only is it not for me, but I wouldn't be able to afford it anyhow without any insurance. Oh well, to me its the cheaters way, and so many people I know are not even being healthy about it, they are still eating Doritos, just not as many. It's about the lifestyle change, it's about making new habits. I have an inspiration, a friend of mine has gone from nearly 350 last July to under 250 this July. I think I need to invite her to Spark People to let her motivational story be known.


Coming up on Feb

Friday, January 29, 2010

I have not been so good about tracking my nutrition on the site. I need to get in the habit of that. It really helps when you are THAT accountable for everything you throw in your mouth. I am also setting up a "workout schedule" and posting it on my wall. I tried with the tracker to take with me to the gym, but I think if I actually set out certain things to accomplish on certain days and have it hanging over my head every morning, it might inspire me a little more to get on the ball with it. I did get in front of the video camera last week. But have not really kept up with that either. It's no wonder New Years Resolutions are so hard to keep, the new year comes, we make promises to ourselves, but in the end we just fall back into the same old rut we were in the year before. I have been really good about my water consumption though. Those little flavor packs really help. I never much enjoyed the taste of plain water, but I find with those little packets I am sucking down the water pretty well everyday. At least two 32 oz bottles, sometimes I am almost done the third by the time I go to bed! Anyhow, one other note is that I am going to attempt running. A friend of mine posted on his facebook that he was on week 2 of the 5K plan. So I checked into it. Seems that even if you are the non-athletic type, this running plan will have you running a 5K in 90days! So I read the plan, printed it out and am going to go for it. It is 3 days a week, and seems pretty managable on my end, so today starts day one of that! I am going to reserve sunday as my "day of rest" it has worked for me in the past. It is time this weight came off and came off for good. I keep going through my closet trying on clothes that I know don't fit and getting frustrated and upset with myself, which only leads to me feeling bad. Well the good new is, I will hopefully have an interview in the next two weeks or so, and if the stars are in my favor I will get the job. Part of my block with the weight loss is that I just feel utterly depressed all the time, I haven't had steady work in over a year, and it's a miserable feeling. Sure I have time to do all the stuff I wanted to now, but on the other hand there is no money to do it, and no motivation to get it done anyhow, so the house continues to be a mess, I sit and watch the DVR and munch aimlessly on Triscuts. NO MORE, wish me luck, I hope I get the job, and that this resolution won't go to waste like it has in all the years past!

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FLORIGAL 1/31/2010 10:01AM

    No the job will be in Houston, which is a better move for my career. I have applied for several jobs at A&M and with each one get a return email saying I am not qualified. Guess I didn't graduate from A&M therefore I am not qualified to work there.

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MRSJARI 1/29/2010 7:35PM

    This sounds like a good plan. Is the job at A&M?

Have you heard about Flylady? Working with her program, at Flylady.net I have been able to get the house better, although it is a far cry from clean and uncluttered! She talks about takiing care of yourself, and loving yourself and your family. She gives ideas for doing things, and they actually work!

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Revised Goal Rewards

Friday, January 15, 2010

@ 250 I bought the new sneakers so here are the revised goals:
(current weight at last weigh in-247)

230-New Haircut
215-Mani/Pedi/Massage (general spa/pamper myself day)
Under 200-Wii/Wii Fit
180-Shopping Spree
165-2 piece and a trip to Ft. Myers to visit/show off!

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GRADXY 1/15/2010 11:12PM

    Rewards are SO important. Looks like you have some great ones planned! Good luck reaching your goals!

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Good/Bad Week

Friday, January 15, 2010

This week was not so hot for working out, but pretty good on the watching my food intake. For the most part anyhow. It was "my" week (you ladies know what I mean), so caring about what went into the mouth was not on the priority list the past two days. However, even after inputting the junk that went into my mouth, I still managed to stay within my ranges. However, two days of laying on the sofa hunched over in pain didn't do much for my motivation to work out. I did squeeze in one workout before it started and three days later my arms are STILL sore! I have to go out of town this weekend, so exercise is probably not going to happen again till at least sunday night. But keeping myself in check with sparkpeople has made me at least more cognizent of the fact that I REALLY need to get my butt in gear if I want to look like that picture again! I would like to buy myself a cute little golf outfit to wear this summer on the course, instead of looking like the lumpy bumpy mess I do now. Next week I promise I will put up my first video blog entry. I have made two recordings so far, and will edit them together with next weeks progress so you can see me "in person."


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