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Christmas Day 2014...lots of quiet reflection and thankfulness!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Merry Christmas to all of my amazing sparkling friends! I hope you are having a beautiful holiday full of good cheer, family, friends and of course...the MOST important thing LOVE!

I'm really enjoying this 'stress free' day at home in our beloved house with my DH! We have each other and the day is so peaceful and calm I'm able to reflect upon my many, many blessings and look towards the new year and the things I want to accomplish.

After the whirlwind last several weeks I've had of entertaining...and some disappointment with my wallet going missing...it's peace and serentiy I MOST value right now. Just quiet calm and no appointment book screaming for my attention. emoticon

We were invited to our best friends house...but their family keeps getting bigger and bigger with all the grandchildren and as nice of them as it is to include us...it really is more bittersweet than enjoyable. Seeing family together seems to emphasize rather than salve the loss we have. We politely declined and I'm happy we did. DH and I will start our own traditions and perhaps go back to what we did the first few years after we lost our Josh...volunteering to feed the homeless in a local park here in Bonita Springs. That felt right and felt as if we were offering service to those who really needed and appreciated the care. emoticon

We upgraded each other's I-Phones as our Christmas gift to each other this year. I really wasn't planning on upgrading mine...DH wanted more storage on his I-Phone 5 because he loves his tunes...and uses them every day while walking.

Sprint has a new rental program right now where you no longer own your phone you simply rent it for 2 years and then trade it in for the newest upgrade. I'm quite sure there is MORE to this deal for Sprint than for the consumer...but when you really think about it what good is owning an outdated I-Phone anyhow?

We were able to get the latest new phones for less than what we were paying before. DH got the i-phone 6 and I got the I-phone 6+. Mine is quite a lot bigger....but the camera is MUCH improved and you KNOW how I love to take and share my pics with you...so I decided as long as we had to wait in the insanely busy Sprint store I might as well get in on the promotion also.

I think I'll be very happy with my new phone...even if it is quite a bit larger than what I'm used to. The only bummer of the whole experience is that I had our dearly beloved Josher's voice on my 4-S as my answering message. The last crew at Sprint was able to transfer it over from his old phone when I upgraded to the 4-S a few years back. This crew wasn't as computer savvy...OR they just didn't really want to mess with it since they were so insanely busy.

They were able to put it on my recordings...but honestly it's so scratchy and there is so much background noise it's really not the best effort. I won't use it as my recorded pick up message any more. Sad face! emoticon

I don't know WHY I didn't ever video-tape Josh! It was just something our family never did. We have TONS of pictures and of course his films that he made of himself and his friends...but his childhood and his voice memories are far and few between. emoticon

You never even THINK of how important listening to your loved one's voice is...until you lose the opportunity to do so. If you don't have videos of your precious loved ones...get to it NOW! emoticon

I'm still dealing with the hassle of having my billfold go missing. I had to go into all of our bank accounts and cancel credit cards. Since I'm not much of a credit card person we mostly had debit cards and of course those are much more vulnerable. Luckily there didn't seem to be any unusual activity. This may be because whoever got the billfold just wanted the cash out of it...or it may be because I immediately texted my #1 suspicious culprit and told them that I had cancelled all cards and had an alert with the banks.

AND...the worst of it is getting a new driver license. Since 911 they really put you through the paces! Your social security # name HAS to match your birth certificate name. My social is under my nick name and my passport under my given...so now before I can get another DL I have to contact social security and be put through THEIR paces to comply. WHAT a HASSLE...I was at the driver's license 2 different times and waited a RIDICULOUS amount of time. THEN...to find out I couldn't get another license anyhow?!? emoticon

JUST what we want to do on our precious days off right? emoticon

It's still got me really freaked OUT to think someone I truly trusted might have been the one to rip me off. I always thought I had SUCH a good read on people! Time to do some SERIOUS reflecting on that one!

Tomorrow we will go to the Apple store and look at their laptops. I really have wanted a powerful laptop for several years now. I thought that would be the way to go LONG before we got the I-Pad. But DH pointed out that we could use that in the consignment gallery a lot easier than a full blown laptop and I think he was right about that.

But NOW I'm on a SERIOUS mission to get my books out THIS year..at the very least ONE of them! emoticon

I know I need something portable so I can write in the many locations I always seem to find myself. My biggest dream is to write out on our lanai sitting in the beautiful surroundings listening to the wind whisper through the trees! It is SO calming and peaceful out there in the cooler winter months I HAVE to utilize the space and the best way to do this is with a laptop.

I've tried getting a keyboard for the I-Pad...but I just can't seem make it work. As you know writer's are super picky about their keyboards and the 'touch' factor. I'm lucky I'm a super fast touch typist so the keyboard is IT! emoticon Working for long hours requires a screen that won't burn out your eyeballs either and the I-Pad is mighty small to be squinting at.

DH said IF YOU PROMISE...NO EXCUSES....to work on your books EVERY DAY...I'll get this for you for your January birthday. SO the TIME has come...I have to put up or shut up! emoticon emoticon

Why the sudden urgency to get these books DONE and out into the world? Well...several reasons. DH has been urging and urging me to just DO it...he is losing patience and with good reason I must say. I can find a MILLION other things that take my attention away from what I KNOW I SHOULD be doing.

Call it fear of failure, call it not wanting to 'go' to that sad place in writing and remembering our dear Josh on a daily basis...call it the time factor...call it ANYTHING but what it is...I'm afraid and I'm fearful of the outcome if it doesn't turn out to be a best seller. emoticon

BUT...I'm determined to face down those fears and JUST DO IT! Whatever is meant to be will be...but our Josh will help me every step of the way...I just have to remember this...it's not just about ME...it's about HIM and sharing his story with the world. He was a writer supreme and a film-maker...telling and filming stories is what gave him purpose and made him happy. If he can't fulfill his precious life purpose...it's up to his momma to do it for him!

I CAN AND WILL HONOR MY SON through my writing!

I have several books in progress...the consignment biz...I MUST get this out because there are more and MORE shops popping up and the competition is getting more and more difficult. I just spotted another one in the process of opening...so that means within a 5 mile radius from our consignment gallery there are now FIVE! That is too much!

You are ALL competing for the new stuff coming in...and even with my paint add on...this is rough!

Plus I'm sorry to say that my best friend's daughter has taken up the bulk of our parking out front with employee parking. This too is NOT good...those pick-ups and vans BLOCK our visibility from the highway...you know the highway that we pay OUTRAGEOUS rent to be on so that we are very visible to our customers.

It's sad but true...her mother and dad told me right up front that her business was WAY too large to squeeze into the shopping center we are in. They have taken up a lion's share of the back parking and now are infringing on the entire front parking lot also.

I've spoken to her about the dismal parking situation many times...but she is pretty indifferent to my concerns...not good for us...not good at all. But these younger kids (she's in her 30's) have a totally different outlook on what is proper etiquette in business and personal relationships. Sadly it's ME, ME, ME. emoticon

So this has put a wedge between she and I to be sure! I need to start thinking about an exit plan for the consignment retail life and the book seems to be a good first start.

I also have Josh's Hero book in the works. This is where he thinks in his head...and he DID...that he is a super-hero and has some magical powers super hero abilities to help mankind.

Then there is my book about a mother's heartbreak and the rocky road in dealing with it and climbing back to life and moving forward from great sorrow.

Then I have a terrific book going about the nightmare we have lived through in our 'save our house' fight. This is a novel based on the bankers, their feelings of entitlement, which they boldly and blatantly live out day after day with the assistance of their powerful political allies.

It's a pretty easy understanding as to why they enjoy the power and prestige they do...most congressmen and senators are ALL millionaires! They have all seen THEIR income rise by about 30-40% since the 2008 housing melt-down whilst we poor boobs who are PAYING those exorbitant salaries have lost our net worth in BUCKETS! We have also lost our homes and our sense of humanity!

I can't come right out and name names...so I'll have to go about unveiling this stench through a novel...but THEY...will know WHO they are in the characters they see on the page!

And...in the meantime I just have to pray that we can keep our house and the book has a happy ending for Mr. Common Joe Public. Great odds...but as I ALWAYS say...miracles happen EVERY day right?

Enjoy the miracle of Christmas and the love it reminds you still exists every day in this crazy old world we live in...even if you have to look hard for it...it IS there and will rise again! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JUDYAMK 12/27/2014 2:10AM

    you said an exit plan from the shop are you thinking of getting out of it? I think it is a good idea to get the books done

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 12/26/2014 7:02AM

    I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

I love my Chromebook, but you seem to be an "Apple" person so that may not work for you. I hope you get a laptop you like for your birthday.


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GRACEOMALLEY 12/26/2014 12:38AM

    Do what's in your heart my friend. Follow your dreams.

As I said previously, the replacing of all the stuff in a wallet is the worst. Let's just hold on to the certainty karma will kick her in the posterior.

Glad your Christmas was peaceful and calm.

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JSEATTLE 12/26/2014 12:34AM

  Thank you for your always uplifting take on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. The holidays remind of of our joys and also our sorrows. I'm glad you have your DH, you are a good pair and have shared so much.

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GOING-STRONG 12/25/2014 10:18PM

    2015 is going to be another insanely busy year for you. I don't see any moss growing on your toes lol.

Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing. I'm excited for you to get writing and a new laptop will give you that little push to get started. Whoop Whoop!


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NILLAPEPSI 12/25/2014 9:16PM

    Hope you had a great day! emoticon Merry Christmas!!

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MSLZZY 12/25/2014 9:07PM

    Merry Christmas! For every failure, there is a victory. Work on your books, try to resolve the parking issue, save your house. Your hands are full but do take time to enjoy the day. Love always! HUGS!

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BARBARAROSE54 12/25/2014 7:16PM

    Merry Christmas emoticon

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DS9KIE 12/25/2014 6:52PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 12/25/2014 6:07PM

    Merry Christmas, to you and your DH, Bobbi!!! ...............Peace. emoticon

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PICKIE98 12/25/2014 3:20PM

    DD and I are spending today alone. We went to church, came home and she has prepped dinner and I will sit and read the newspaper. I look forward to this day all year. One day for me. family is in estranged situation now, and I do not have the strength to go to the assisted living. Mom does not even know what day it is anyway..forgets one second after you tell her. We will go over the weekend.

Enjoy the family you have, trust your gut, again, about the books... maybe one of he other consignment shops will buy you out!!

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BONNIEMARGAY 12/25/2014 3:08PM

    All blessings to you! emoticon

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LESLIELENORE 12/25/2014 1:50PM

    emoticon Glad you are having a nice, quiet day.

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MSTWOMOONS002 12/25/2014 12:52PM

    Merry Christmas Bobbi, Alleluia you'll be writing your books Yeah I can't wait til I can read them.

I understand totally about hearing Josh's voice. I saved the last phone message on my voice recorder, and I can still listen to our last words as we both said I love you, talk to you soon. I feel her spirit around me and that helps so much like she's giving me a hug, yet when I hear her it's like nothing in the world. She is my special angel. As Josh is yours.

Take care & be well. I don't know what to say about the consignment shop. Whatever it is God will show it to you when your ready. Heck I didn't think I was ever moving from my home, yet 5 months of downsizing and letting go, the perfect new owner coming into our life, and now our new home here being remodeled life changes & happens when your not expecting it. emoticon emoticon

Love Prayers & Many Blessings Always Debby

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KMAD26 12/25/2014 12:22PM

    Merry Christmas and God bless you today and always. emoticon

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More tales from the wild n' woolly side of Bobbi~land with pics of course!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

emoticon I've missed you my darling sparklers!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to each and all! Thank you sincerely for your cards and good wishes! I really REALLY love them all! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I must say I really enjoy my virtual world friends every bit as much as my fleshy friends...not to insinuate fleshy as in fat...only fleshy as flesh' n' bones! emoticon I got called out on that once and thought...geeze...lets not be SO sensitive! emoticon But THEN I realized this is a weight loss forum so I was skating on thin ice and apologize and now explain myself for clarity.

Yesterday we chased the recycle truck around the neighborhood. I happen to sit in our den at the front of our house to do my writing... so have a clear view of the trash and recycle pick ups.

If ANYONE in the world deserves Christmas bonus' it's these people! I've NEVER seen people tackle a harder, dirtier, stinky job. Even fast food workers slide in on 2nd base comparatively!

As I was typing away on yesterday's blog I noticed this guy is out there doing the pick ups all ALONE...he's driving the truck AND picking up the bins of recycles. A miserable dirty job just got MORE so!

I told DH and we jumped in the car and chased him around the neighborhood...good thing he was moving at a snail's pace! emoticon As I pressed his holiday Christmas bonus bills in his hand and bade him a Merry Christmas...he resisted..."It's my job..beautiful lady...it's my job!"

Believe me emoticon ...that sweet sincere compliment would have upped his bonus if I would have thought to have brought more money with me. "Well, I said...your job just got a little brighter today, thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas..we APPRECIATE you!"

That was that...but as he climbed back up into that monster truck I saw a hint of a little smile on his face in the rearview mirror!

YAY...I've never felt so good over such a tiny little act of kindness. THIS is what Christmas really SHOULD be all about don't you think my friends?

Well...back to the "J" saga. I was getting texts from her right and left about all of the ideas she had for the upcoming paint classes which were to start the second week of January.

I wasn't all that keen on waiting until the second week but right up front she told me that she had booked two flights back home for singing gigs and she is also a hair stylist so she wanted to take care of her regulars. Who is going to say no to someone who is forthright enough to tell you about those previous obligations? Certainly not soft hearted me. No one can ever accuse me of being a hard hearted boss with no empathy.

I told her that would be fine. At the Christmas party she and her husband seemed to be getting along amicably. I noted a few swipes at him from her...seemed to be her style by now..I wondered how she might feel if those mean remarks came back at her so frequently?

The first time we did something with them was when we invited them to our Bonita in the Park...a concert in our little downtown park raising money with tribute bands for the Jaycees.

They seemed to enjoy that a lot...but I did notice some snide remarks dropped here and there about her husband.

You can always tell when there is an underlying uneasiness between couples. It got worse when we went to their house a week or so later for a dinner invitation they extended to us.

She wanted us to see her tree and meet her dog and said that she LOVED entertaining...geeze...I'm thinking...I've hit the jackpot with this new entertaining, vivacious and beautiful new person in our world.

But...as the evening wore on..AGAIN with the snide remarks about her husband...he didn't say a PEEP in his defense...I really ended up feeling kind of sorry for the guy! emoticon This kind of stuff ALWAYS puts a damper on the evening...especially when we barely KNEW them! emoticon

You ALWAYS (or at least I do) get these little nagglers about people that something isn't QUITE as it appears to be. I pushed it aside and chalked it up to her unhappiness about moving to a new location miles and miles away from a home she had never been away from and people that she was extremely close to..her sister, her mother, and her previous clients and neighbors that she had known forever...I reluctantly...not really believing myself...write it off to being homesick.

BUT then...I get a distressing text from J after our Christmas party...saying that she had a VERY rough night with her husband and she didn't want to burden me with it but she couldn't tell her sister... because her sister would just tell her to come back home and she had no HOME to go back to...that just wasn't an option. BUT she was in fear of her safety because her husband was so depressed and tended to take that depression out on HER...and she was a bag of nerves over it.

And this is not fair to HER...he is a spoiled brat that is NEVER happy no matter what and it's VERY deflating to their relationship! She has to start taking care of HERSELF....And...on and on and ON! People should really read their texts back to decipher it's too much about ME...ME...ME...before they hit the send button!

Now... not to be unsympathetic to her situation....because I lived with a first husband that terrorized me with his bullying...I had to ask myself and you can observe for yourself...J is a very tall...very muscular woman...I'd never say that she could NOT defend herself...but if the guy is SO terrible and she has gone through this before WHY would she move down here unless she wanted to?

And...WHY is she so terribly inconsolably happy only a few weeks into the move down here... where the weather is HEAVEN and she has just been offered a pretty cushy job revolving around HER desired hours to work at a very cushy payment....unless...she has decided that he isn't providing in quite the style that she was used to up north?

Or...maybe she had a little tete' a tete' with some guy in her band when she went back in December...just a very few days earlier... for her band gigs?

I'm just an inquiring mind after all...legitimate questions I'm asking myself about this whole relationship with her husband.

Being a writer...I am a CLOSE observer of human behavior...and I never observed an unkind word towards J from him to her...but PLENTY running the opposite way...hummmm do terrified women snipe on someone they are afraid of...I sure didn't in the relationship I was in...I was afraid to open my mouth...period! emoticon

LONG texting story short...she had moved down here as a last ditch effort to make her 10 year marriage work out but now her husband (who was a spoiled rich brat that had always worked for his parents company)....according to her...hated his job down here and said that they had made a mistake coming down here. HE...not she...was the one who wanted to move back home. Classic case of deflecting...J has it DOWN PAT..that girl...YES she does! emoticon

BUT...even with this TMI....texting...not to worry...about ANYTHING.... because she had told me she was going to help me and she WOULD!

Okay...now I'm VERY nervous...I'm wondering WHAT the heck is going on behind closed doors and my 'true crime detective solving skills are on high alert'! Was she safe, was her husband who seemed VERY docile to me...really a time bomb ready to explode and blow J and the dog up? What would happen to the people on the floor above them...would they be harmed also?

Then I remembered all of the stories about serial killers appearing to be the nicest most PASSIVE guys around...but yet you find out they killed women by the dozen and buried them under the house?

I'm telling you it doesn't help my over active mind since we have a gal in our group (also ironically who goes by J) that actually WAS married to a serial killer! True story! emoticon

I keep telling her...she's GOT to write a book about that! She says it would dredge up too sorrowful of memories...but I think it would help her purge those memories..that's why I'm writing about our darling Josher...people need to HEAR about these things..your own painful lessons can help someone else better understand any sorrow they are going through...or at least that is the aim.

So the next day I get another text from J saying that her sister has asked if she can stay longer than January 5th. She now wants her to stay until January 18th. But J says she won't do it if I don't want her to...BUT...guilt trip...she really had NO time to spend with her on the December visit because she was always so busy with her singing gigs or her haircutting duties.

Okay...NOW I'm really starting to see this whole fuzzy picture start to come into focus.

The first thing I respond is "Well....my first question would be...are you EVEN planning on coming back?"

I don't know for sure if I can hold those classes off until almost the end of January...my customers are already not happy that they haven't been able to get into a class that they signed up for months ago. I have held them off because I knew I needed someone to do them for me...I'm just up to my ears in all of the other responsibilities the gallery throws my way during 'high season'.

Oh...yes, yes...of COURSE she will be back. I'm doubtful at this point VERY very doubtful...but me being me I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. And BESIDES...now I have this mini stockade of paint sitting in the garage and definitely need someone to teach those classes and get that paint sold!

Our Annual Girls Christmas Craft Party occurs on December 18th. I had invited J to attend long before so there is no going back on that invitation now...I've decided to move it to our house from where I originally intended to have it at the consignment gallery.

Why...because I forgot to take the dad blasted girls group picture around the Christmas Tree which was the main emphasis of the party. We were going to chalk paint picture frames to put that bloody missing picture in! emoticon DUH...hard to do without the Christmas Tree pic!

Sooooo I put up two huge tables in the kitchen and set up all of the supplies for the party. J did come and I asked her to bring back all of the paint samples I had given her to practice with the prior 3 or 4 weeks. Still had that naggley feeling that I might be getting 'punked' emoticon

She brought back all of the cans but asked if she could keep two of the fuller cans and I said yes...IF you are actually going to use them to practice on. She assured me she would. I believed her.

The party was fun...BUT chaotic...you just can't get 12 women that have known each other forever to settle down and LISTEN to instructions. And these instructions NEED to be listened to. We were going to learn how to distress, how to patina, how to color wash, how to dry brush, how to crackle, how to age and how to 2 color blend.

emoticon Holy CRAP...these women are NOISY! They kept talking over me...and then some got mad at the others because some really DID want to learn the techniques so they were yelling at each other to shush...AND of course... being louder during the shushing than the women with the actual annoying conversations going on in the FIRST place! emoticon

Most of the gals at the party I've known for many, many years...the only newbies were J and 2 gals that one of the regulars had invited from her work. She did ask...and me being me...said the more the merrier...but I do this every year and NeVER again...just too many talking heads all at once!

People were up and down and in and out of the area...up getting food, maybe going to the bathroom...maybe wandering around looking at the tree...who knows. I couldn't keep track of all the comings and goings because I was of course propped up at the head of the tables trying to make master some semblance of a 'teaching' atmosphere! emoticon

I've given big classes at the gallery and NEVER had this much bedlam...but those ladies for the most part don't know each other...are paying a pretty good fee to LEARN..and KEY FACTOR are not guzzling martinis and wine! emoticon OR..they just have a much better pedigree in manners! emoticon

Here at LAST are the pictures of the motley group by the Christmas Tree. Funny thing is that MOST of the ladies never made it to painting the picture frame because that was to be the end project AFTER they decided which technique they liked the best to paint it! Most of them never made it through all of the painting lessons...oh well...less expense for me on buying more frames for my paying customer work shop clients! You can lead a horse to water....... emoticon

There are a couple of shots..because OF COURSE...no one could get their act together well enough for a picture to turn out great of all of us at any one given time. Blessings to poor patient DH taking the snaps! emoticon

Here is a shot of all the gals who attended...just to have it to mark the occasion. The newbies to the group are the back row closest to the Christmas Tree...I'd HATE to think anyone of them would steal from their hostess...this causes me GREAT anguish! emoticon

I'm sorry to say...but one of those ladies might be a thief...my wallet got lifted Thursday night or Friday. I know I had it Thursday morning because I got a credit card out of it for DH to order something on-line. I remember throwing it back into my purse and throwing my purse in my closet...right there inside the door...unfortunately in PLAIN sight if you opened the closet door...but I closed the door. I guess closed doors would never deter a thief now would they...I didn't leave the house all day Thursday getting ready for the party.

Friday I went into work but my purse is in a pretty secure place and our I-Pad is in a much more visible place...it seems that if someone could possibly get to my purse to steal my wallet they would certainly help themselves to the visible I-Pad at the same time. AND...if they were going to just steal the wallet...why not the whole purse...I'm in the back from time to time helping customers so it could be possible. BUT the purse was there Friday when I left work...I came straight home, threw it in the closet and didn't take it to our friends get together that evening.

I discovered the wallet gone the following Saturday when we went to the Joe Bonamassa concert...had been no where out of the house all day Saturday so couldn't have gone missing then.

Selfie at the Christmas tree before and then the concert..which by the way was MOST excellent...he is a world class guitarist!

Soooo that narrows the wallet down to disappearing Thursday night at the craft party OR Saturday at the consignment gallery.

I don't know when or how...but I DO recall J mentioning over and over how she needed to come up with some cold hard cash and that's why she did the gigs in Chicago...cash was on her mind pretty frequently. Suspicious huh...but there were 2 other new people in the group that night so I'm not saying it was actually her.

BUT...the next I hear from her in a text is that she is GOING back to Chicago for good...she is in fear of her safety down here and she's sorry she can't say good bye in person but she has to do what's best for her.

Ah~HUH...I got that...I got that GOOD! emoticon emoticon

Merry friggin' Christmas J...and I hope you freeze your boobs off! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TSISQUAUSDI 12/26/2014 9:09PM

    Girlfriend, you are such a sweet and trusting soul! And you do have large "Nancy Drew" streak in you - I would be willing to bet that you are dead on about where your wallet went! Just be glad that was all she walked away with, and as the Lord to bless her and give her everything she deserves!

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MSLZZY 12/25/2014 9:03PM

    Such a parade. Bring in the clowns. You had your hands full and someone really took advantage of you. Sorry the wallet went missing and awful that J seems to be in the thick of it. You try so hard to be nice and look what it gets you.

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MSTWOMOONS002 12/25/2014 2:31PM

    You will be blessed more than you know, sorry the girl dumped out on you. Sorry about your wallet & cash. In time it will haunt the person who stole from you. It's a lesson in being more careful with your purse & especially when people come into your home. Hope you can get everything replaced without too much hassle.

Take care & be well. Your in my thoughts & prayers enjoy the holidays.

Many Blessings Debby emoticon

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JSEATTLE 12/25/2014 12:02AM

  Wow. Just WOW! This reads better than a mystery! I am so sorry you lost your wallet. That is hours of time spent cancelling credit cards and replacing ID like your drivers license. Big Bummer. People are so interesting, I think you are better without Ms J, good to know early on that she is not your kind.

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LESLIELENORE 12/24/2014 9:39PM

    emoticon emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 12/24/2014 5:14PM

    Oh my, Bobbi!! So, I am of the suspicious nature and as I was reading, my first impulse was to caution you against letting her get into your business as she and that supposed hubby of hers would fleece you, big time!! If your wallet is all she got, your in decent shape, but if you haven't already, cancel your cards and start over before she digs you in a hole. Now, I know.....no proof it was her took it. This thing between them......maybe it's real and maybe she's been honest about it all, but maybe they are con artists just running a con in sunny FLA! Or they may actually live in Fla under other names! Who knows! Bu I say good riddance to them!! You do not need this added drama in your life!!! So if they ( or she) are really leaving, don't worry about having someone to teach your classes. You'll get that worked out with someone you know you can trust.
For now, sweetie, if you haven't cancelled your cards yet, so that and then enjoy Christmas with your DH!!! You two absolutely deserve to have a happy holiday!! Please, my sweet. Whatever or wherever this gal ends up, cut your ties......not worth the frustration.
Sweet friend!! Merryy CHristmas

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PICKIE98 12/24/2014 5:11PM

    We all know to go with our gut.. you KNOW who did it.. Process of elimination...

As far as her safety, she was playing you.. NObody that is abused in any form will antagonize the abuser,, as you pointed out.. You try to blend in but never poke the hive in public!!

Paybacks are he77... She WILL pay and in spades... I can tell you that you will somehow get your money back..know why??You, too, will get a payback for being so kind to the recycle guy. When we treat a brother kindly, we treat Jesus kindly,, same thing..

Know that J will be atoning for her thefts, theft of your trust, her lies, and your money. You will get your money back in some form..

Just think if she DID do the classes later??She would have somehow ripped you off,, probably draining the till over time, or stealing from , God forbid:: your customers That could have put you out of business..

I am praying that Josh will find a way to take care of you and hubster...

Report Inappropriate Comment
GRACEOMALLEY 12/24/2014 4:18PM

I'm going to hope the wallet shows up and you won't have to replace everything. What a nightmare! I have to think J is not all glued together and you are far better off with her gone from your life for good. FLAKE for sure!

MERRY CHRISTMAS my dear friend. I have yet to mail one card - this being sick for the holiday season has messed up so much for me. BOO-HISS!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/24/2014 4:19:10 PM

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NANA2JONEMIMAT 12/24/2014 1:39PM

    So sorry about your missing wallet.

On the painting classes and finding someone to teach, could you check with a local high school (or college) art department and find some talented person that you could have work for you in teaching the classes?

Report Inappropriate Comment
BONNIEMARGAY 12/24/2014 1:07PM

    Hope you've already canceled cards, flagged your credit reports and reported your ID stolen. Nothing you have said about that woman sounds good, except that you wish she was.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SIMPLELIFE4REAL 12/24/2014 1:03PM

    I hate that it happened to you....particularly right before Christmas. I'm thinking you are probably right on who the culprit is since she had done a complete disappearing act. Don't you hate that you just can't trust people?

I had someone steal some of my medications last year when I was on chemo out of a medicine cabinet in our hall bathroom. We are pretty sure we know exactly who did it. The funny thing is that the medication that they stole was Prilosec in a prescription bottle. There was some OTC Prilosec right next to it in the cabinet that they didn't take. I'm sure they had no idea what they were stealing....just figured it was some sort or prescription drug. This guy was a workman...not a friend. It still taught me to be more careful. I keep all my prescription drugs in a strange place now that no one would ever think to look there. I do the same thing with my pocketbook even at home.

I hope you don't have a difficult time replacing the credit cards and driver's license etc. Grrrr!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.


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NILLAPEPSI 12/24/2014 10:52AM

    Girl, you know how to have a good time! emoticon

Great pics!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BARBARAROSE54 12/24/2014 10:50AM

    Merry Christmas emoticon

sorry to hear about your wallet.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOING-STRONG 12/24/2014 10:49AM

    What a freakin nightmare! That really puts a pit in my stomach. So sorry that this is one more friggin problem you have to deal with. Could almost make a grinch out of a person!


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DS9KIE 12/24/2014 9:25AM

    Looks like you had a roaring good time emoticon emoticon emoticon

Just too bad that your wallet is missing and lady J is not coming back

So are you going to teach the painting classes?

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Oh...the stories to tell that have unfolded in the last 13 days! :-))

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ha...ha! Selfie at the Christmas tree! I'm still not very good at this..smirk! I hand the camera to DH because he has a longer arm and he never gets both of us in the picture...so much for HIS photographic Christmas skills! emoticon

There is SO much to tell you about through out the last 2 weeks I'll probably have to divide it up in blogs.

As of today we are on vacay~until January 2nd and I can't EVEN tell you how HAPPY I am about this!

It has been absolutely DEAD~S~VILLE at the consignment gallery because everyone is dashing around like crazed reindeers caught in santa's sleigh headlights! emoticon

They are all stampeding the malls or sitting in their nice air conditioned dens ordering a boatload of Christmas cheer on-line.

Let me tell you about that on-line experience...NOT so FUN! I ordered some Target gift cards and thought easy-peasy...I'll just get them sent through the mail. WELL...there is one particular card that gave me fits to receive. It is some little gimmicky thing where you pinch Rudolph's nose and the santa sleigh lights light up.

No biggie other than the fact that you have to SIGN to get this card from UPS. None of the other cards required a signature...but I guess because this one is SOOOOO special that it lights up they want to make double TRIPLE sure it gets to the rightful owner.

It took 3 trips from UPS and me missing a day of work while DH manned the shop to get this little bugger! If I would have missed the 3rd attempt I would have had to pay $5 and go to the UPS office for pick up.

Note to self...do NOT order' lighting up' gift cards from Target...not worth the hassle and when you redeem it...whats the BIG deal anyway?

The next order of blogging is to tell you about the huge Christmas dinner we hosted for 30 people.

WHAT THE *##%% was I thinking? I work FULL time...I'm no longer a spring chick~a~dee with tons of energy flowing through my veins and I don't even enjoy Christmas all that much anymore because it really illuminates the fact that everyone else has family and since losing our Josher...we do not. emoticon

Of course before I decide to have the massive Christmas dinner I decide that the garage needs to get cleaned out. WHO the heck is going to look in the garage ANY WAY...Roberta?

It's just anal me...thinking they might. Again...I'm so ALL or nothing...it's kind of freightening!

Soooo we go to Costco and get some shelves and I proceed to spend 3 days sorting, pitching, and stacking stuff on those shelves. I did get rid of a lot of stuff...but let me tell you...I could be out there for a month or two and still have plenty of ground to cover.

Part of the reason for getting space cleared in the garage was because I thought I had met this AWESOME gal to do the paint workshops for me starting in January.

I blogged about her and her husband in my last blog and was really taken by her organizational skills.... (all creative types are in AWE of people that actually seem to have their act together).

She had just moved here to Florida from Chicago and said she really wanted to get into a more creative line of work. She was quite talented and full of fun and inspiration so I believed her when she said she was ready to jump in and learn all about the CeCe Caldwell Paint line and teach my paint workshops.

On this faith I ordered a BOATLOAD of paints and needed space in the garage to store the pallet until I could find the time to make up sample jars and transfer the new order onto my shelves in the house.

DH and I were invited to her home and enjoyed a lovely dinner with she and her husband and met her neurotic dog which was a really cute little guy...but DEF has some neurotic doggie issues. emoticon

This should have been my FIRST clue...they say that animals take on the personalities of their owners... emoticon just saying' emoticon Crazy dog generally equates to crazy momma! emoticon

As a result of the many conversations I had with this beautiful young lady I believed hook, line, and sinker that she would be teaching my classes. I gave her tons of cans of leftover paints (which in ALL fairness she has returned to me) to practice with and told her that she and her hubs would be invited to our Christmas party and to my Annual Girls Christmas Craft Party where I'd be teaching all of the various techniques of the paint so that she could share hands on how the classes go.

The Christmas Party went well...we had a lot of fun and she was extra helpful in clearing up all of the dishes and the mess left behind. YAY...I thought to myself! This one is a keeper!

Here is a shot of the tables...no people...yep..totally FORGOT to get pictures...I was a rather harried hostess that night! emoticon

I did manage to get the tree up because I wanted a pic of all we girls around it to put in our Christmas Craft Night project which would have been a chalk painted picture frame...totally forgot to get that picture also! emoticon

The house looked SO pretty! I was mighty proud of myself for pulling off this big event!

I even made sure the outdoors looked festive. DH really put a lot of effort into mulching and we placed flowers everywhere. It looked so festive!

Yes..those are my sweet little andriondrak chairs that I leopard painted. No one nabbed them at the consignment gallery so home they came. I LOVE them!

I totally LOVE this marble table and these two iron chairs with the sunbrella fabric. BUT...I will probably end up taking them to the consignment gallery because they really shouldn't sit outside in the elements. I don't have the room for them under the lanai which has a roof over it. We have no screen off the back yard because I didn't want to be closed off from the natural woods...BUT if we stay in the house we'll have to glass and screen the lanai in. It just gets too dusty and dirty to enjoy during the summer rains! emoticon

I love the way these indoor/outdoor chairs look at the edge of the patio...makes a perfect little private conversation area...but again...directly in the weather is NOT a good thing. Cramming them all under the lanai roof doesn't look so hot either...so what to do...what to do?

I love them though and they are comfy! The fabric needs to be chalk painted..and yes...you CAN paint fabric! emoticon

I love this little area under our pergola. I strung lights so it was full of extra ambiance for the evening. I'll leave them up because they are so sweet! emoticon

Isn't the sunlight as the sun goes down spectacular out here? It's just as pretty in the early morning out here. I'm making a point of enjoying my breakfast in such a beautiful and inspiring area this new year. We can enjoy it until about May..then it gets too sticky and hot!

Sorry to overload you on outdoor photos...but you have to see why I love our outdoors and our house so VERY much! emoticon

I like to print out my blogs and they become part of my life and times. Maybe I should just publish my blogs...how bout' that? emoticon My work would already be DONE! emoticon

Another fun part of the Christmas party was that one of the members of our group is in Barbershoppers...so he wanted to bring his guys along to sing a few songs. As it turned out they really lucked out because the Beef Tenderloin was so huge...it took FOREVER...to get done! So...we invited them to enjoy our Christmas dinner with us and they LOVED it...ha..ha talk about singing for your supper! emoticon

Here's a few pics of them..and J~~~ joined them since she is a professional singer...FUN!

Here they are conversing about some big deep conversation..this is the ONLY shot I took of party guests...DUH...stress~heimers! emoticon

So the Christmas party was GREAT fun...and I was still flying high thinking I had made a great decision...invested in the paint to make it happen and had a great gal to help me during season....well.....but you'll have to stay tuned to find out the next news event.

It will be called..."Live and Learn...and don't be so doggone naive in trusting people's swagger!" emoticon emoticon emoticon The MORE someone tells you..."Trust me...if I tell you I'm going to do something you can BANK on it...the MORE your B**#H^^ meter should blast...warning...warning! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TSISQUAUSDI 12/26/2014 8:53PM

    Whew! I got tired just reading all that! You, my friend, are the energizer body in disguise!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSLZZY 12/25/2014 8:44PM

    Such lovely pictures but I am sure the story will be more spell binding.

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DS9KIE 12/25/2014 6:37PM


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JSEATTLE 12/24/2014 2:15AM

  Your house looks fabulous in all its holiday finery! Can't wait for your next installment!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PICKIE98 12/23/2014 6:18PM

    Well, just GREAT!! here I am , hanging on every word wondering WTH happened with J!!!!!!!!! You do realize i am OCD as far as information, don't you??I lie awake all night trying to remember a celebrity's name or movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless you tell us she is a HE or kidnapped you at knife-point, I maybe can guess where this is gong, but STILL!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on two BP mes Missy!!

Just for that, you now have to double-blog while on vacation with lots of pictures,,

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 12/23/2014 4:16PM

    Wow! You have been one busy, busy lady! I'm glad you are getting to take some time off now.

I'm sorry things didn't work out with the lady that was going to help you with the painting.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GRACEOMALLEY 12/23/2014 3:15PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so sorry that lovely young lady turned out to be a fruit-loop - and even sorrier you invested in paint in anticipation of her doing as she'd said she would.

On the other hand, seems your party was a success, in spite of your garage-clearing neurosis, and now you get a little time to kick back before the after-the-holidays snowbirds fly in.

I know you miss Josh, but you know he's always there with you. AND - you have strange and wonderful folks like me to keep you on your toes - Right?
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/23/2014 3:16:20 PM

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GOING-STRONG 12/23/2014 3:10PM

    Oh crapola! Sounds like a big disappointment is coming with the next blog. In the meantime however, your house looks drop dead gorgeous. You are a bundle of energy Bobbi and have accomplished a lot in the last two weeks. Now take a well deserved rest and have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs, Rhonda


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OLDERDANDRT 12/23/2014 1:40PM

    Sounds like a huge undertaking, but you pulled it off!! Way to go!! You're place looks wonderful!! Merry Christmas, Bobbi. Remember, even though your heart aches for Josh, he'd want you to be enjoying the season! He's watching over you and I believe he wants to you enjoy a lovely Christmas!! Keep smiling, my friend!! You are blessed and you are loved!! (((HUGS))) Merry Christmas!!

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LESLIELENORE 12/23/2014 1:33PM

    Love the pics!

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SPARKLINGME176 12/23/2014 1:10PM

    Pretty! Love you! Happiness always!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BONNIEMARGAY 12/23/2014 12:51PM

    Beautiful home and lovely decor!

Yeah, lots of people can talk and talk, what matters is how they behave.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MPARKER67 12/23/2014 12:38PM

    Sounds like a great party. Can't wait for the continuing saga.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSTWOMOONS002 12/23/2014 12:06PM

    Hi Bobbi;

Happy Holidays, sounds like you pulled it all together and had a great time. Your photos are awesome, your home looks like a mansion in house beautiful.

I had high hopes for that gal working out to help you with the painting, sounds like I'll tune in to find out what happened there. The right person will come along, I have faith, I read your blogs and I think you could turn it into a blog book, your stories are all so descriptive I can easily imagine all you write about.

My heart goes out to you on missing your Josher, we got a box from my daughters children last night and they each wrote a letter and they sound so grown up. At nearly 18 & 17 I guess they should, I hope to go to the 18yr olds graduation in June I'm saving up for the trip. I know I'll get a Christmas surprise visit from my daughter, she's really good at letting me know when she's near me. I feel you can feel the same from your Josh. emoticon

Take care & be well enjoy your vacation. emoticon

Love Prayers & Many Blessings Always Debby

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BARBARAROSE54 12/23/2014 12:05PM

    Can't wait ..... wishing you a merry Christmas... emoticon

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'Crunch time' gets er done! 3 days of hustle til Christmas dine in! :-))

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Wednesday my sparklers!

Burrr...it's a rousing 46 degrees right now. Definitely CHILLY time for us Florida wimpsters! emoticon We get all grumbly anytime the weather gets in this range. With good reason you understand, after you have lived here for many many years your blood thins out... so cold affects you BIG TIME. AND...Florida cold is a wet damp cold...so it's really pretty bone chilling.

When we first moved to Florida wayyy back in the late 1970's I thought EVERYONE here was the biggest of BIG wimps! Of course back then I still had my thick and hearty Iowa born blood and the cold never fazed me. Fast forward all these many years later and I'm one of the biggest of the big wimpsters.

In fact the hubs and I have a contest every winter to see just how many layers of clothing we can pile on before we have to fire up our electric guzzling pocketbook robber baron of a furnace.. The last two winters we made it through with no furnace...just a space heater for the bathroom morning showers.

All furnaces are electric down here and running the heat for some crazy reason is THREE times more expensive than running A/C. Go figure? emoticon

I have a bad feeling I'll have to fire it up for the Friday night group...true wimp~sters in the biggest definition of the word! emoticon I hope it works okay...and I hope it doesn't smell all burn~y as it sometimes does from year to year. If that's the case I'll just tell them it's an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party and roll with it! emoticon

I have got to make some serious progress these last 3 days that I have before Friday at 6:30...I will be burning the midnight oil for sure. Today I'll dig out the tree from the garage while DH mans the consignment gallery and dive into some serious decluttering and cleaning.

I don't know about you...but I seem to work under pressure best. AND this is my own darn fault for allowing things to come over to the house for my many, many projects! Seriously right now our house looks like a science lab with all of my paint projects everywhere.

I had to work on consignee payouts all day yesterday so at least that is out of my hair. That is quite the project when we have big months of sales...but I'm not complaining...paying all of those little consigners is how we make our money...so for that I'm VERY thankful!

We mulched the front yard on our 2 days off and purchased more mulch that still has to be laid in the back yard. I bought some lovely flowers and it will look so pretty out there. I hope the cold weather doesn't hurt my beautiful new posies.

t have really started decluttering and purging stuff I've had for~eva in our garage. DH put together some shelving so what we keep will be clearly marked and accessible. I still have to do a second round of sorting and donating... but that will have to wait until I get this big party and my Girls Craft night cleared off my schedule.

I've been pretty paralyzed with this 'save our home' fight and haven't wanted to do ANYTHING that even remotely improves the house just in case the bankers succeed in stealing it from us. But I've decided to enjoy it to the fullest for the time we are here and I never stop praying for a miracle to save it!

Miracles happen every day and if they happen to others...why not us...all of us...right here in Spark land... in our hour of need?

I thank you all SO much for your continued prayers on this long 'down and dirty' fight the bank has given us. Our lawyers are the best in Florida...so I'm trusting in them....I'm letting go and letting someone much more powerful take over the situation. emoticon

In the meantime I'm still doing 'whole house' appraisals for our consignment gallery and responding to the people who send in their pictures for consideration of consignment items to come into the gallery. That is exhausting this time of year...but again..we must make hay while the sun shines. emoticon

There are SO many other consignment shops and they keep popping up like flies everywhere you really have to hustle to stand out in the crowd...so this is what we do.

I've been getting 10,000 steps in pretty much daily so I'm not worried about my exercise regimen...yes it would be much better if I could add in weight training and some yoga or pilates...but with only so many hours in a day I do the best I can do with the time I have to do it in. emoticon

Our eating has been just okay! Probably too many nights of hitting Mel's Diner when I'm just too pooped to cook. Last night I did make some really YUMMY pork chops that I had marinaded all day. Pork chops on the grill and a sweet potato really hit the spot and was pretty healthy.

You might enjoy the marinade...DH loved it!

I never measure so you are on your own there when I whip up a concoction.

I just slapped the extra thick chops in a baking dish and threw in the following:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil enough to cover the chops
Slap Ya Momma seasoning ( I LOVE this stuff...very tasty and has a little kick)
Garlic Black Pepper
Worchestershire sauce
Soy sauce I use the Tamari to reduce sodium
Red Wine...I love Menajois a Trois dark...because wine makes everything YUM and it breaks down the fibers of the meat making it tender

That's it...let your meat marinade as long as possible throw on the grill or in the oven and enjoy!

Stay sparkie my peepsters...got to run...a full day ahead! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CATHYGETSFIT 12/13/2014 5:44PM

    Whew, it's no wonder you don't have time to be a Teddy Bear again this winter. Maybe now that the dine in group Christmas gathering is over you can relax a little. You know all of that stress put on the lbs. You should go to the movies with the hubs this weekend. You need a break from all of the stress. I hope your party went well and that you didn't have to turn the heat on.

Hugs emoticon and Love emoticon
Your virtual daughter

P.S. I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and support during this whole FMD process and all the other times when you've been there for me when I needed you. Love you to the moon and back a hundred times!!! emoticon

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GRACEOMALLEY 12/12/2014 5:07PM

    Cut yourself some slack, SweetPea! You keep saying you KNOW you can't do everything, then you try to do it. Once you get this Dine In nonsense out of the way, screw the parties you have to make a fuss about. Your real friends won't give a flying fig if there is a little clutter somewhere. You've got a lot going on right now - worry about some of the little details in the New year - which is not far way. Right now, do your best to find some peace and tranquility and real community in the days and weeks ahead. Take time to do things that add benefit to your life because the clutter will still be there tomorrow - as my neighbor loves to remind me. She is 90 and I tend to think she may well know what she's talking about.


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CASEYSAUER 12/12/2014 9:01AM

    YUMMY! I know about the "whimpy" think of Florida. I grew up in Homestead, FL. Every year we visit the MIL in Naples, FL. It actually was a bit chilly there this Thanksgiving. I wore my big coat as I helped out at a morning race.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SPARKLINGME176 12/11/2014 6:06PM

    Yes! I can relate to this time of year! I thought I am busy! Happy season, OK? emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JSEATTLE 12/11/2014 2:05AM

  We have had a warm spell due to the Pineapple Express. Lovely temperature but rain, rain and more rain and wind.

Report Inappropriate Comment
PICKIE98 12/10/2014 7:09PM

    Busy bee!! It is a warm 27 here but no snow today..

You would freeze to death here...

Report Inappropriate Comment
NILLAPEPSI 12/10/2014 2:07PM

    Mmm. Love marinades! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SIMPLELIFE4REAL 12/10/2014 12:39PM

    Sounds like a great marinade.

You are so busy that it makes me tired just to read your blog! I hope the ladies really enjoy all the hard work you put into your party. I'm sure it will be a blast. You are a great hostest.

Report Inappropriate Comment
OLDERDANDRT 12/10/2014 11:50AM

    Oh my, busy, busy, busy!! I'd expect nothing less from you!! And about turning on the heat for the dine in group.....you should probably have it serviced before hand since you haven't used it in awhile to be sure that it will!!! And use it a little to get that first run smell out of it! I know you're totally busy, but this is a safety issue, not just smelly.
Great going on the 10,000 steps/day! And those 40's you're having, that's just your 8am temp isn't it? We haven't made it out of the 40's in a few days! 50's tomorrow and full sun to look forward to for me, so I will finally get out to walk! We should be near 60 by the weekend! Yay! Talk about a wimp!! We're from Pa., but the blood has thinned even here for these colder temps! I am the wimp of the NC wimps!!
Good for you with the decluttering!! I have been, too, but certainly not b/c I wanted to!! hehe
Take care, sweetie. Remember your proper body alignment when you're moving stuff and stay safe and warm!! (((HUGS)))

Report Inappropriate Comment
LESLIELENORE 12/10/2014 11:15AM

    You are so busy! Getting in your steps is great, don't worry about the rest until you get a little breathing room.

Report Inappropriate Comment
BONNIEMARGAY 12/10/2014 10:56AM

    Always delighted to hear about your success! I think an ugly sweater party sounds like a blast.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TSISQUAUSDI 12/10/2014 10:48AM

    Whew! Your life is so hectic! Girl, you're getting your 10,000 steps and then some right now. You're stressed to the max, and spanking yourself for not adding weight training, yoga or pilates? Seriously? Are you losing any weight at all right now, or are you at a stall? If you're not losing weight, with all you're doing, it's time to simplify your life a bit - get yourself back on a sensible eating plan, and add one or two Pilates or weight training sessions per week. To even further simplify, pick ONE to add for a couple of weeks. I know you, girlfriend - for you it's all or nothing, right? How's that working for you?..... emoticon

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MSTWOMOONS002 12/10/2014 10:17AM

    Hi Bobbi;

You are Amazing beautiful & so talented, you manage to get so much done & continue to do so much more. emoticon

I understand exactly when you talk about the thin blood, I too am dealing with that since moving from warm sunny AZ to Colorado Springs. I still have breathing issues sometimes with this high altitude.

I still pray daily for your save the home campaign then I pray you get all your activities organized & taken care of, I also pray that the angels give you guidance to not take on more than you can handle.

Happy to hear your still eating well, remember the crockpot is your friend in the kitchen & for party foods. emoticon

Hope you can find time to enjoy your friends & the holidays & that the consignment shop prospers & meets your every need.

Take care & be well Don't worry be happy now; Why wait? Today is a gift, tomorrow is never promised.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon

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DS9KIE 12/10/2014 10:14AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOING-STRONG 12/10/2014 9:49AM

    Those Chops sound wonderful! Yum! Good luck with your Friday night get together. It sounds exhausting but like you say... you get more done when you are under stress. Works that way for me too. Hugs to you, R.

emoticon emoticon

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KMAD26 12/10/2014 9:30AM

    You are one BUSY BUSY lady. I don't enjoy the decorating process but am always happy when I'm done and the house looks festive. Hope you will take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your party. Cheers! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MUSIC2HISEARS 12/10/2014 9:28AM

    You are doing great! I hope you have a great time Friday night!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSLZZY 12/10/2014 9:14AM

    I still haven't put the grill into storage for the winter so may entice DH to grill one more time.
Take care of you and DH. Making hay is one thing. Stay healthy is another. I'd opt for healthy. HUGS!

Report Inappropriate Comment
REGILIEH 12/10/2014 9:00AM

    Maybe you won't have to turn the heater on, lots of people create lots of heat.

Have fun!



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Count down to Christmas Dine In @ our house & Girls annual Christmas Craft party!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Oh my golly gosh! This upcoming Friday is my turn to host the dine in group. It's LONG past due. I've really been dragging my feet on this..especially since we've been too busy to attend the last several shin digs the others in our group have hosted.

We missed last night also. Just too pooped to pop. DH is on a big construction pool and patio remodel job and I've been alone in the consignment gallery. We both decided to conserve our energy for today since it's the busiest and hardest day for both of us. You have gotta learn to make wise choices at this age..heh heh! emoticon So last night we enjoyed our night of 'chill' with just each other. emoticon

But...rules are rules...and if you are in the group you have to take your turn at reciprocating when your time rolls around.

So....I've decided I'll do ribs..a fairly quick and easy main course and everyone brings a side dish to share so I'll be in good shape there. I've already gotten the food assignments out..so that is covered as well.

The BIG challenge is getting the house in order. Call me anal but when I have people over I like the house to look 'model perfect'....that's where the challenge comes in. I have to stow all of the multitude of 'projects' I'm constantly working on...and do a serious clutter pick up! Since we work so much...I've really let the house slack and now I'm going to have to pay the piper! emoticon

Beyond that...it's pay out time for all of the sales to the consignees and that is a job from H*E* double toothpicks. But it too needs to get done and done quickly so that my consignees have a little Christmas jingle in their pockets to spend. emoticon

Then after this little occasion is held I'm onto another challenge and that is our Annual Christmas Craft party for the girls. Each year I host a party for the girls and we do some form of a Christmas Craft. This year I've decided we will have a paint work shoppe with vino and eats at our consignment gallery. That comes up on Thursday the 18th...so another list will have to be made so I'm sure to have all of the supplies and eats we need to make it a fun and joyous occasion. I just put on our steel drum Christmas music to our rotation in the gallery. We always have steel drum music playing and the customers LOVE it...especially the one's visiting from the cold northern tundra! emoticon

I'm totally miffed at my Florida paint distributor for her delay in getting a huge order to me that I expected to come and get broken into sample jars over our Thanksgiving break. This is a monster time eater...I placed the order 11/17 and STILL have not received it. It will probably arrive just about the time my company does..this Friday! What she does with those orders I'll never know...she must let them hibernate before she acts on them.

I wrote her a NOT SO FRIENDLY e-mail asking her what the delay was and when and if I place future orders do I need to wait 3-4 weeks before I can expect to see product?

Gosh...is it just me...or are people just brain dead? emoticon As you can tell..just another major peeve in the crunch of season.

I'm just taking things as they come...one day at a time...if my company needs to sit amongst newly arrived CeCe Caldwell paint boxes...so be it. The good thing is that I've known this group for over 25 years so they will understand if it comes to this. PLEASE....don't let it come to this! emoticon

I also have to get a few Christmas decorations up...Christmas frankly bums me out since we have lost our beautiful son. That is sad because it used to be my and HIS most favorite time of the entire year.

You just do the best you can...the loss of a child never leaves you...and holidays remind you even more of the future that was stolen...it is what it is...big sigh. emoticon

On a happier note things are selling well at our consignment gallery. I'd better get some pics of some of the nice things that have just arrived and will soon be saying hello to their new homes. I'm so thankful that our little business is thriving and that we have the opportunity to recyle these lovely items.

I'd NEVER buy retail from the big boxes...you get such better quality and so much more value by consignment shopping!

My motto is 'rethink, repurpose, recyle, mother nature will give you a hug!"

Stay sparky my friends and big Christmas blessings to each and all of you! emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DS9KIE 12/9/2014 4:05PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TX.PATRICIA 12/8/2014 8:49AM


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SPARKLINGME176 12/7/2014 5:21PM

    Yes! You sound as busy as me! But I am happy to be home & helping my DH. This is the time he came down with that horrible computer virus, last year & the stress REALLY began for him. We are looking to find out how we are going to get enough $ to get us through to the end of the year! (I have many soups & food stashed away, using them up!) He was out of business for 6 months. But he is back to it & hopefully he will see the light at the end of the tunnel, the light I see! emoticon

All 3 of the lawyers he contacted said there is not enough money in it for them to sue the hospital, who created the hip to hip wound. He is STILL healing from that, 12 months later! But never fear, I AM VERY SURE THE ANGELS ARE ON OUR SIDE! I'm looking into a Layer/advocate. DH is just to overwhelmed by all that the medical records state. He was in the coma for 3 months..... didn't know what was going on till he started reading the 5,000 page report! BIG STRESS!!! No kidding! So I am now, trying to help with that. I KNOW the truth will win out. Yes! They saved his life, but his quality of life since then, has been VERY minimal. I'm a smart cookie, (Gingerbread emoticon , please!) I'm sure I can figure it out for him/us!

May this holiday be the most peaceful for all of us! We are SO totally blessed to be living our lives, as we see fit! Check out my latest blogs, when you get a chance, it's been a busy but FUN, time!

Love you like a Sista!
*~LIGHT emoticon

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MSTWOMOONS002 12/7/2014 1:42PM

    Hi Bobbi; emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Oh my gosh it sounds like you need a few friendly helpful elves to help you with all the holiday stuff, the group dinner, painting & craft time with friends. I wish I could come visit and help you out, I like to cook, I clean, I can pack & unpack boxes (got lots of recent experience with that one).

When all is said & done girlfriend all you can do is your best, I know you always do your best so let go of some of the stress and surf through all the many things you have to do.

Take care & be well.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 12/7/2014 7:01AM

    Hope you get it all done but I know you will. Super Woman to the rescue! Have a great Sunday!

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TSISQUAUSDI 12/6/2014 7:49PM

    Simplify, ma cherie! I can honestly tell you that there are so many things we do that no one cares if they get done, and especially, right now. You have a retail business, and this is the season to make your money. Why not take your turns at hosting the dinner group during the off season? All of them. That would take one large stress off your shoulders, as your turn is coming in the worst time for you.

The consignment pay-outs..... Are you using an adequate accounting software? emoticon I used QuickBooks when I had my business, and it made payouts a breeze, as I could apportion the payout to the "vender" as I sold their item, and simply print them a check with a detail of what sold attached. Problem solved.

Your projects. Girl, you can organize better than anyone I know. Isn't there room at the shop to receive, store and make sample jars for the Cece Caldwell paint? One of the hardest things for me and my online business is keeping home and business SEPARATE. If you don't, you have no place to get away from the business and it will drain you. All of my business stuff is in my spare room, and unless I absolutely have to, I even do business stuff on the computer in there.

So, what I'm saying is you'll relax better if you don't have Cece staring you in the face every time you walk into your garage, and you'll have a sense of closure and accomplishment if you can find a place for that at work. Otherwise, things get overwhelming and you start confusing activity with accomplishment.... emoticon

Or you can say, "Littlebird, blow it out your bum! I like things the way they are!", and I'll still love you. emoticon

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REGILIEH 12/6/2014 6:44PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JSEATTLE 12/6/2014 6:08PM

  You're busy as ever. I'm glad to hear that you and DH got to spend a quiet night together for a change.

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NILLAPEPSI 12/6/2014 4:32PM

    emoticon emoticon Keep smiling!! emoticon

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LESLIELENORE 12/6/2014 3:07PM


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BONNIEMARGAY 12/6/2014 12:18PM

    Oh sweet lady, wishing you the best possible yuletide.

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OLDERDANDRT 12/6/2014 11:29AM

    My you are busy, but I'm so glad your DH got a great job ( sounds like one that will pay well) and that the shoppe is doing so well! Sorry about the daggoned paint delivery snafu! I was going to play devil's advocate and say with increased shipping for Christmas, it's been delayed, till I realize you ordered it before Thanksgiving! Crazy! (Tho, if you wanted it there to deal with over Thanksgiving, maybe earlier would have been better.) Just sayin'. No worries, it'll all come out n the wash, as they say. Your craft group probably doesn't even care about the craft, they come for the wine and snacks!
So, I know you are at your wit's end and busy as can be, but sweetie, you have to stay a little vigilent on yourself! Are you still getting your early morning walks? Are you still eating well? Don't let the holiday parties and dine in/out stuff put all your hard earned wt. loss back on! Never give up! Don't give in! You are worth soooo much more than a bottle of wine or a pound of fat!!! Love ya, sweetie. Just a reminder, here! It's way to easy when you are so busy to lose track of one of the most important things in your life!! You are such a good person and tend to put other people, and events and such ahead of yourself and that's nice, but if you let yourself go, you won't last to have all that fun long enough!!! That is, stay healthy so you can keep going! You wouldn't want to get sick b/c then you would be losing all that time of working your biz and having fun with your group and all the other things you love to do. You have to take care of #1 !!!!
Ok, jumping down off my soapbox. Sorry.
Above all, my sweet Bobbi Anne, I wish you much success in all you do, Always! And a very happy, enjoyable Christmas holiday time!! (((HUGS)))

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GOING-STRONG 12/6/2014 10:41AM

    You are going to be busy busy busy this season. I'm just hosting 6 girls for a Holiday luncheon and I'm stressing out lol. Next week-end I'm doing a Half Marathon...my first one for 2014. I have several more already booked for 2015 and want to keep the momentum going. The hubby and two of our friends are even going to participate in the 5k portion. Yip!

Sending you and the hubby a big West Coast Hug!


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BARBARAROSE54 12/6/2014 10:11AM

    emoticon I know you will get it all looked after Bobbi !

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PICKIE98 12/6/2014 9:30AM

    We have Amish handcrafted furniture here and pair it with family stuff. These highboys, buffets, dressers,etc take at least three to four big men to haul!! Solid oak, cherry,etc. Absolutely beautiful!
Don't sweat the small stuff for your parties: If the stuff arrives late, let the gals help you pour your sample jars!!

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