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When spousal biz partners don't agree...it's the PITS! :-((

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The hubs and I don't always agree and really never have on business. He will ALWAYS give the customer OR the vendor the green light even when it's detrimental to our OWN well being and profit. This is the thing I hate the most about him...he can certainly be a woos about standing up for OUR rights..but then it's ALSO the reason I married him...because he has a kind and caring heart! emoticon I just wish a little more of that kindness and caring were on OUR behalf rather than always others...I sometimes think it's a passive aggressive weapon he uses against me.

AND after almost 39 years of living with the guy I know this is absolutely the truth and maybe I'm the one to blame for being always being so strong and so fearless in confronting things that I know are detrimental or unfair to us.

I could go on and on...about how his decisions to shut my thoughts and opinions down have hurt our lives...and I do have the stories...but let's just say that yesterday was YET another example...and I'm hopping mad about it and mostly MAD at Mr. FOUND OBJEKT for once again ducking and dodging any conflict he would have had to face in backing me up and working out something that would protect our best interests!

Yesterday was a STRESSFUL day! It was once again supposed to be a day off from work but we wanted to get an AWESOME painted glass counter top put in place at the gallery before customers are in and out of the consignment gallery.

Don't get me wrong...I'm SO thankful that our biz has picked up expeditiously since September and we are up to about 50+ customers coming in daily. During 'high' season this count can go up to 300! I'm grateful and happy that people love to come and visit us and happier still when they purchase something!

As we all know sales is a numbers game you have to have the numbers to hit the target. emoticon

We do our best to keep our overhead low...but installing the new air conditioner was expensive, running the new air conditioner IS expensive but less than I thought it would be so I'm thankful for that.

It won't be long until we can raise the big overhead door in the back and open the front door and have that heavenly COOL emoticon breeze blowing through. Fresh air is ALWAYS a good thing and our customers always comment on how much they enjoy visiting our gallery when it is wafting through.

It's one more thing that makes our gallery unique and different and fun and unexpected. We play steel drum music all day (another big fight with the hubs) to get that done...he'd play ROCK music if he had his way...what kind of atmosphere does THAT bring to John Q. Public...not much! emoticon But now that customers comment on how much they like the music he has to agree...it's different AND unique. So mission accomplished but....NOT...without a struggle though! emoticon

So here's the way I look at things. When you are married for a long long time you need to respect each other. But to respect each other you need to earn that respect. If you have a series of business mistakes in your past...you either learn from them...or allow the partner who has better expertise to make the business decisions. I won't say I'm ALWAYS right because that would be a TOTAL lie...but in the odds of business I can say from past experience I'm right MOST of the time.

I have a unique feel for people, and I have a strong feel for what is necessary in running a successful business. This takes NOTHING away from DH because without him and his undying dedication to working HARD and putting the muscle power into our success we would have been nothing in the construction business and we'd be nothing in our consignment business.

The problem comes in when DH over-rides what I feel is RIGHT and he likes to sluff off as acceptable. He will take the side of the other party EVERY time and it makes me furious!

I feel like he is doing this in an under-handed way to unsurp my own sense of business decisions and to prove that after all he IS THE MAN...and I'm just the harpy little woman that should know her place and bow down to him because and only because...he IS THE MAN!

After being bullied to the point of desperate fear from my first husband I made a vow to myself that NO ONE would steal my power EVER again.

Maybe that was right...or maybe that was wrong but it is my truth and I know no one is an island and EVERY one needs someone to have their back...but it's DARN disappointing when your one and only...really proves over and over that he doesn't. emoticon

The big bru~ha yesterday came over a new sign that I designed and the agreement from the sign guy and the PROOF that was approved and signed off on...AND the ultimate product that DID NOT MATCH what we had agreed would be placed.

Here's the sign...it's awesome! And here's the spot at the top of the marquee in our shopping center that it was to be placed.

We have waited for almost 4 years to go to the top of the billboard..and now with the fabric gal leaving our plaza we finally have the chance!

The last sign that DH accepted was totally DISMAL...you can see it on the marquee...the color was all wrong...supposed to be teal...and the elephant looks constipated!

It went up when I wasn't there and I HATED it...pathetic and totally unappealing...soooo this time I wanted what I WANTED and designed it to be sure it would satisfy.....ooppps...once again..it hasn't quite met my expectations..I've been disappointed once again...AND...with no back up from DH in making it right! emoticon

I wanted the sign to be all that it was promised to be...but the sign guy is allowed to slide on his error so ...DH can be HIS hero and HE doesn't get inconvenienced on eating his obvious error and making it right!

It's not a HUGE disappointment as life goes...but it is NOT what we agreed to and I'm pissed and mad as a hornet at DH for once again putting other peoples screw ups above his wife and business partner's insistence on standing our ground and getting what was promised ...and then...here's the BEST part... making the whole thing MY fault for wanting what we paid for! emoticon

You also have to know the sting is even stronger...because if this situation would have been the case of an unhappy customer in our construction biz rather than ME....DH would have quickly dipped into our profits to give the customer what THEY wanted...be they right about that or wrong...but when it comes to US...he has a different view....outrageous in my mind! emoticon

So...the fee for this sign was pretty substantial. BUT...we discussed it and felt it is worth it for all that was promised to us and agree to go ahead. For the amount quoted we were to have a new sign that completely FILLS the space and that little zebra border is supposed to be about 3 inches wide around the border just as an accent and an eye puller.

What we GOT...and the guy was shady installing it yesterday... when he was told we had a day off and wouldn't be there... is about 6-8 inches smaller than the marquee allowable and useable space all the way around!

He might have been surprised that we were there on Monday because of the glass counter top installation. And...he should have been stopped in his tracks and told that it was unacceptable right then and there...but DH made sure that didn't happen...booooo on him! emoticon

DH comes in as I'm working on the counter top and tells me that the sign guy told him that he had cut the sign smaller than it should have been but he would piece in more zebra print border and make the other side of the sign larger as it should have been.

But then as I'm talking to a friend of Josh's that came into our area of FL for a funeral and stopped by for a visit I find that while I'm talking to her inside our gallery....BOTH sides of the incorrect sign are being mounted and now DH tells me he didn't tell me that the guy told him he had made the sign smaller...in the first place....what the?? emoticon ....how else would I have gotten that info if it didn't come from him? HUH...this is a great tactic when you screw up...deny, deny, and deny! Ridiculous!

I'm NOT a happy little shop owner over this apparent screw up...the guy simply lost his measurements or he measured wrong in the first place....and now he's trying to back pedal his way out of redoing the vinyl and making it right.

Six to eight inches might not seem like a lot but it IS in the scheme of things because the lettering will be just that much larger and easier to read. I'm interested in the NAME, and the description of the business MUCH more so than the zebra border...but apparently Mr. Found Objekt sees no problem with this and lets the guy wiggle out of his original agreement.

SOOOOO much better to save the guy the time and trouble of doing things RIGHT and letting us absorb the screw up...WRONG on so many levels.

When I ask the guy why the sign isn't as large as he said it would be and that's what I want...he gives me some song and dance about how the body can't be bigger and that it wouldn't stick to the pan of the sign (VERY slight outward angle) anyhow. That he will piece it in with zebra print. This is a total lie and he knows it and I know it...but it's his weakest defense. I ask him why the former sign completely covered the pan and had no problem adhering. He's full of BULL and it makes me angry! emoticon I HATE it when men think they can BS women just because they are women! I've experienced it my entire life in the construction industry. Imagine how powerful I felt when I was recognized as the INTERNATIONAL estimator of the year in our construction biz. You can't pull the BS blanket over ME eyes!

The guy also told us in the quote that he would take the vinyl off the two other smaller signs that we had in place so they could be put back up on the marquee for the next person.

BUT...today he has a different story AFTER he's already taken a 50% deposit and given us a price for that service. NOW he CAN'T get the vinyl off the other signs without a WHOLE lot of effort and that's going to cost us more. IDIOT!

Wouldn't you think he would have checked the vinyl overlay and how hard it might be to peel off BEFORE he gives the quote...I'm telling you people in Florida are SO shady and the fact that DH lets him get by with this just encourages them to keep going on their merry way and ripping off the next victim.

Soooooo very long story short...I'm furious with the man...and he knows it and as always when he's called out...he goes into his pouty stage and makes it all MY fault.

Wonderful...we are working in separate locations today...as I say...MEN...you can't kill em!

Well....I feel a little better now...this too shall pass..thanks for listening my dear sparklers!

Paradise in FL isn't so rosy today! emoticon emoticon

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MKACILLAS 10/24/2014 7:33AM

    Oh My! It is frustrating when we know what we want and they override us as if oh everything is allright Honey. It seems like the longer we are married there are things that irk us more and more.LOL. Heres hoping venting here helps Stay strong my friend. emoticon

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MSLZZY 10/23/2014 11:32PM

    One of these days, he may learn to take your side but I don't see it coming anytime soon. Sorry you had such a crummy day.

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MOMMABEAR121 10/23/2014 8:02PM

    Hello doll .. I pray there has been some resolution to your sign issue .. I'm sure DH is simply a peace keeper .. he doesn't like conflict with anyone .. but if there has to be conflict he can handle it from you better than a stranger ..
I'm married to a man that does the same .. always wants to be the nice guy , everyone walks all over him .. everyone but me .. but when he has reached his limits it is me that has to lower the boom ..he has turned into a total chicken poop .. he starts a mess then realizes it is a mess then expects me to be the heavy and get him out of it ..

I don't have any advice except "don't settle for a sign you are not happy with "

Never settle for less than what you have requested .. mister sign man can bloody well start over !!
huge hugs .. hang in there .. love ya

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JUDYAMK 10/23/2014 8:39AM

    never give in !! I am a very very strong person in certain areas of my life due to things that happened way before I met my husband !! He married me because of my strength through all that happened to me, he told me he would never to have wanted to marry a yes person,before we married he sat me down and told me just remember you have a say in our marriage he told me do not allow him to be the one that says this is the way it will be. We have a round oak dining table when we have issues to discuss, the phone is taken off the hook, the tv or radio turned off & we sit across from each other at the table we both lay out what our feelings and issues are even in buying a large item. We discuss it, may not be solved that night or day ,but we are back to the table the next day. We have an awesome communication, when one of us says I need to talk we are headed to the table. Worked for 30 years. Love who you are !! Took me a long time to love me,but I would never want to be any one else I love being me & I love how I think my past made me who I am today !!
Have a blessed day !!

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JSEATTLE 10/22/2014 1:41PM

  I can totally understand your frustration. And as you said, this too will pass. Signage for a retail store is very important, this is a time where DH should have just let you handle it, lumps and all.

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DS9KIE 10/22/2014 12:28AM

    emoticon emoticon good grief

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REGILIEH 10/21/2014 10:36PM

    I don't think you should let him get by with it! You own the business as much as your husband! I agree with you 100 %!

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CATHYGETSFIT 10/21/2014 8:41PM

    Ugh! Men can be such a pain in the @$$!! That is so not cool for him to not stick up for you. The thing is that the sign maker guy is going try this on everyone. Why doesn't anyone stand behind their work anymore? The almighty dollar is worth more than their workmanship is. emoticon The old sign was bad. You should have received a discount for not getting what was promised to you. I hope the rest of your day was better.

Big Hugs emoticon and Much Love emoticon
Your virtual daughter

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LESLIELENORE 10/21/2014 8:08PM


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PICKIE98 10/21/2014 4:23PM

    W*O*W*! No comment.
I know some ex-buddies of Jimmy Hoffa up here in Detroit.. they could pay a visit to that guy.. make him pee in his cement overshoes..

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OLDERDANDRT 10/21/2014 3:34PM

    So he collected 50% down......I'd pay him 30% more after and call it enough since he screwed up so bad! (I know you can't get away with it, but you should!) And sorry your DH is being such a "man"!!! I know hows ya feels!
Deep breath and take a nice, relaxing walk. (((HUGS)))

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GRACEOMALLEY 10/21/2014 2:51PM

    The problem with most men is the inherently defective Y chromosome!

There better be a discount to the price agreed upon if the product is not what was agreed. It truly is disgusting that people promise one thing and then deliver another. The value of a person's word and their ability to stand by that word seem to be declining at an alarming rate.

Keep the faith, my friend! Your hubby, like all of us, is picking his battles and decided this was not worth the fight. You feel differently, but I'm not so sure it is about over-riding you.

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BONNIEMARGAY 10/21/2014 2:03PM

    Wow, the kerning in that sign pictured outdoors is terrible, too. Hope the new one is better!

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ALICIA214 10/21/2014 1:46PM


Oh Dear. emoticon

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ADRIENALINE 10/21/2014 1:32PM

    Me and my DH are feuding today too. We are soooo lucky that we don't have to work together or our marriage would have been a long time ago! If I lived near you you'd be getting a big hug. That always makes me feel better.

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GOING-STRONG 10/21/2014 1:09PM

    All I can say is if the sign guy gets away with this it is worth a BIG discount!


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BARBARAROSE54 10/21/2014 12:57PM


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MPARKER67 10/21/2014 11:55AM


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SNOWFLAKELILYM9 10/21/2014 11:53AM

    I'm glad blogging about it, helps you to somewhat feel better. It is not fun to be thrown under the bus buy someone you trust and are expecting to watch your back. People like that sign maker will continue to take advantage until they are stopped dead in their tracks buy customers who won't take it anymore. I hope you have a busy and profitable day with your customers today.

Margaret emoticon emoticon

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TSISQUAUSDI 10/21/2014 11:04AM

    Men are idiots......I lived with their king! emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 10/21/2014 11:03AM


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Custom painted table found some chair friends AND a new home! :-))

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It was a grumpy weekend! emoticon It's always that when I find that DH and I have to do work for the gallery on both days. Our weekends are Sunday and Monday and there is so much to do around this house we absolutely need BOTH days off.

AND to further complicate our lives...we are so close to working 6 day weeks right now with 'season' right around the corner that those two days off mean a LOT to us! But...what are you going to do...you just put your head down and plow through don't you?

I'm SO happy that this little table that I've had for quite a while FINALLY got painted. I've had 4 very high end designer chairs from Robb & Stucky ( a VERY CHI CHI store here in FL) from almost the time that we opened the gallery. We locals call Robb & Stucky "Rob & Stick em!' emoticon

GASP...do you realize that's almost FOUR years! emoticon My how time flys when you're having mostly fun right?

Any how these particular chairs were VERY distinctive. The owner told me she paid over $350 for EACH! emoticon Just another classic case of TOO much money and not enough brains if you ask me...but HEY...I'm glad she brought them to our consignment gallery to sell.

Of course they expired LONG ago and since she didn't reclaim them within the time frame that means they stay with the gallery. ALWAYS a good thing for our profit margin! emoticon

The way that consignment works...or at least the way it works in our area is that you take in your items for a 90 day contract. You agree on pricing and whatever the item sells for (there are mark downs every 30 days) you get 50%. It's a pretty good deal if you don't want to be bothered advertising, cooling your heels waiting for strangers to tramp through your house and bargain you down to zilch.

We also do whole house appraisals where we will buy out the contents of the entire house if the stuff is in great shape and is still in current fashion. I always cringe a little on those type of deals because the wholesale amounts for buy out prices are pretty insulting. But you have to factor in our costs for storage, and inventory fees, and pick up charges and the sheer volume of the job has to make sense.

Mostly it's the kids that go for this once their uber wealthy parents go into a nursing home, or sadly have passed and they just want the stuff GONE.

It makes me a little sad that we don't have family...when I see families that are large and have no regard for objects of value and family history it's kind of depleting. How sad that the parents have treasured and passed down certain pieces throughout the history of their family and then the kids just thumb their noses at the whole legacy.

Yep...it's certainly become a throw away society...maybe it's GOOD that we don't have kids...I'd be smacking the heck out of them from the other side if they dumped some of MY treasures! emoticon

But...the table...here is one that looks almost identical to it size wise..the one I painted was a boring brown and had some pretty serious water damage to portions of the table top. I spruced it up and did some crackle over a black to match the chairs and then rubbed in some glitz to pick up the fancy smancy feel of the chairs on the legs. I did stress over getting just the right colors and the right patina...but the lady that walked into the store yesterday RAVED over it...so the time spent was well worth it.

Nothing makes and ART~TEEST's heart sing like compliments over their hand work. It takes HOURS of concentration to make things that are beautiful and it's becoming more and more of a lost art with all the cheap knock off imports coming in daily.

Here's a before pic of the table... the table I painted was a dull brown...with some water damage...it was kind of boring but a perfect size and feel for the chairs. This one is a white wash..it's in good shape but has lost it's glory days of when white wash was really in style here in FL.

The legs...DH will reattach them before I paint...they look pretty weird here don't they?

Here's the finished table with the cute little chairs. I LOVE these chairs...only thing I'm not completely crazy about is the fabric. The burgundy era has faded quite a bit as a color scheme. Just another reason you should always spend the BIG bucks on neutral colors so they are ALWAYS in style and save your color flings for accents like pillows, pictures and things more easily replaced.

Remember these chairs sat for almost 4 years and most likely would STILL be sitting without a custom designed table to bring out their cuteness.

The back of the fabric was really a great interest teaser..and made my color choice a little easier for the crackle effect on the table apron.

Then of course I had to use a little of my metallic wax to bring out the blng and accent the frenchiness of the table leg to tie in with the french style of the chairs.

The customer who purchased the set will use this as a little game table and she was thrilled with her find. She (thankfully) is putting a glass top over the top because as with all custom pieces...constant wear and tear and game playing is rough on table tops...especially hand painted ones.

If you are painting table tops be sure you seal them well and do several thin layers for best protection. You are still going to have to use coasters to protect against sweating water glasses...which you'd do anyhow on any fine piece of furniture.

Today while DH is manning the gallery I will paint these cutie chairs and because the fabric is discolored (owner left in a house in FL with no A/C on all summer and the fabric got splotchy) I will simply paint out the fabric and seal well with a clear wax for protection. It's the first time I've painted fabric...so here's hoping they turn out cute.

The matching table you've already seen above.

Then I'll paint the table and maybe spunk it up a little with some glazing or color wash to make it special.

Another project...lots of time...so I've got to run!

Oh...and another piece of good news...we are moving our signage up to the top of the marquee outside the shopping center hoping for better visibility. We are tucked on the far end of the shopping center and it's kind of hard for our customers to spot us sometimes. So when the fabric lady decided to move out of the center...we had first dibs on her signage spot.

YAY...it's an investment but I think it will be really cute and eye catching...I designed it and told the sign guy to make sure it meets my specs! I can be a toughie when it comes to getting things right...but then most of you know that about me by now don't you?

Hugs and keep on sparking! emoticon

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CATHYGETSFIT 10/17/2014 8:44PM

    I love it when you share what you've done with different pieces of furniture. You really are an artist! I really like the table afterwards. You did a great job on it and the chairs went really well with it.

I'm sorry you and your hubby have to work more. I know how that can make you grumpy and feel like you have no down time. It's an unfortunate side of having your own business.

Yay on the new signage. I'm sure it will help your business.

Much Love and Big Hugs,
Your virtual daughter

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HICKOK-HALEY 10/16/2014 9:52PM

    The table turned out nice. Love it...You have an eye for color. That is a gift!

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PICKIE98 10/16/2014 8:22PM

    I absolutely LOVE the new table finish! Before I even read your text regarding the burgundy fabric, I immediately thought that it does not even match the chairs at all. I think a pale yellow or cream with black lines in it,, faint stripe maybe, would be gorgeous!! Neutral, but brightening.

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BONNIEMARGAY 10/16/2014 5:29PM

    Love it when you share your wonderful stories!

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JSEATTLE 10/16/2014 5:09PM

  Bobbi, you always put a smile on my face. I love your creativity in putting things together mix and match with your special touch. Wish I lived closer!

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GRACEOMALLEY 10/16/2014 2:43PM

    Hi Bobbi!
You are just going gangbusters, aren't you? Isn't is serendipitous that those chairs went so well with that table? Even better that the whole set suited a customer! You made some money, freed up some space those chairs filled for years - and made your customer very happy! Pretty excellent results, I think!

Hang in there! What with the new sign location, your new refinishing skills, the painting classes and the faith I have that the house situation will go your way, this could be the first phases of something really great for you two!

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GRACED777 10/16/2014 10:17AM

    I love hearing what's going on with you, friend. Don't forget time off with hubby, and how's the walking? Still going strong?

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MSLZZY 10/16/2014 9:40AM

    Very nice pieces that sparkle and shine with your loving touch. I can see why they sold so quickly. Do try to take a small amount of time for you and DH. It keeps the love alive. HUGS!

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LYNCHD05 10/16/2014 12:56AM

    You are so critics Bobbi. Thanks for sharing with us...,

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GOING-STRONG 10/15/2014 10:23PM

    Fabric painting? Wow.... that will be interesting to see. I have some dining room chairs that are stained and I was thinking they needed to be reupholstered. Keep us posted! xoxo R.

emoticon emoticon

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REGILIEH 10/15/2014 8:23PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DS9KIE 10/15/2014 8:10PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSTWOMOONS002 10/15/2014 5:55PM

    Hi Bobbi; emoticon

Awesome blog, love what you did to the table & chairs; You are so beautiful and talented, all you hard work will pay off.

I hope when I get around to painting the new hutch I'll be inheriting that things will turn out that well, I have plans to take photo's and get your address & send you the photos & color samples of the color I want so you can best match your CeCe caulk paint, then ship it to me. Not unless there's a better way to make it happen. You inspire me to be better, & make things better.

Just take a few deeps breath's and let go of some stress you & hubby will get through these busy times. You two work well together & you both deserve the best.

Thank you for your gift of friendship, thank you for your positive comments on my page & my blog, thank you for your prayers & good wishes, I am trying to remain strong & faith filled. I have to let go of Prince soon and my heart will finish breaking. I've tried to stand up for him so I have no regrets in my new life. I've done all I can do to try to find a person to take him & love him as he deserves. I've prayed for divine intervention yet as of this writing there is still no one to take my precious unconditional loving boy into their life. Yet I will live with the burden, a part of my new life will have emptiness because he's not in my new life, he's so much more than a cat, he's my furry child still another loss that hurts deeply.

Thank you so much I appreciate your friendship allowing me to share even my feelings of loss.

Prayers & Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon

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MOMMABEAR121 10/15/2014 5:23PM

    Just like having a face to face visit with you when I read your blogs and look at your pieces of work .. great job .. You love love love what you do not many can say that !!
Happy Wednesday dear friend .. keep smiling, walking and painting .. all good for the soul ..
Love your Halloween pics !!

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BARBARAROSE54 10/15/2014 3:58PM


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OLDERDANDRT 10/15/2014 3:09PM

    Bobbi!! These are great! You have more talent in your pinky finger than I have in my whole body!! I'm so glad you put pics in so we can see the wonderful things you get in the gallery and the work you do with the painting!! And of course all the other great pics you put in from time to time!
Happy you sold a sweet little table and chairs! Hopefully it's a sign of great things to come this season!!
Have a great day, sweetie and keep moving!! (((HUGS)))

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LESLIELENORE 10/15/2014 1:31PM

    Great table... and it sounds like the set found a good home. I hope the new signage improves your visibility significantly!

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BA5454 10/15/2014 1:24PM

    Oooo, really like the table and how you did it (the chairs are nice, too). My sister was always one for refinishing...sadly, it's a talent I don't have, lol. Kudos on getting to keep the set and being able to sell it! Hope you have a lot of foot traffic from the new sign ;-).

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MPARKER67 10/15/2014 1:18PM


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Some darn good news (knock wood) on the house and still going strong on walking streak!

Friday, October 10, 2014

emoticon Well...miracle of ALL miracles the judge signed off on our new case management plan for the 'save our house' fight. This definitely gives me some peace of mind and a little more stability on what is going on for us over the next year.

Frankly I'm surprised she signed off, our valiant attorney was a little skeptical about her doing so. He said that it would be RARE indeed for a case as old as ours to be held over for another year.

This pushes our summary judgement date out until NEXT August. Amazing...and I have to thank all of you my wonderful friends for your constant and vigilant prayers on this matter. I feel that our higher power has some ideas about what is right and wrong and is coming down on our side for justice. AND... of course my mighty angel son Josher. I'm sure if ANYONE can do some behind the scenes workings it's he along with all of his angel friends.

Another thing I recently found out that the courts let fly and was SO wrong was that the PLAINTIFF's attorney was allowed to provide where services of notice were to be sent.

They were being sent to a former attorney that worked for our firm...so lots of the pleadings and notices were being sent to the WRONG place and our attorney's weren't notified.

Thank GOODNESS I have taught myself to check the court docket so I can keep my eye on things. Had i not caught this last court appearance we might have missed it and it would have been CURTAINS for us for sure.

Our attorneys have now filed updated notices so hopefully that resolves this problem. But WHEN does the court take the opposing counsel's word for where defendant notices should be sent? emoticon

SLOPPY and unprofessional court conduct and just one more example of how they side with the banks so empathically. emoticon

Because nothing has to be filed until January I'd be free to go on the cruise with my girlfriends...but I'm still hesitant to committing.

DH says if I want to go...go. But with all of the crazy ebola threats flying around and knowing that so many cruise lines have international people working on them AND the constant reports we hear of sickness...I'm more prone to giving this trip a pass.

AND...after our last Saturday's crazy get together night of eating out...I'm thinking my girlfriend may be a little too out of control for even ME (a VERY tolerant fun~maker/enjoyer) myself to handle.

She is a nurse...which is a little scary in it's own right because she works extremely long shifts. Now she is on this crazy regimen of HGH shots for weight loss and can only have 500-700 calories a day!

YEP..you read that RIGHT! She did this about 4 years ago and got RAIL thin...(size 2) I'm telling you these women are ALL obsessed with thinness...it's CRAZY! As long as she was taking the shots she stayed thin. The minute she got off the shots and they will take you off the minute your BMI gets to a certain level she put back on the lost weight and MORE! emoticon

One would think... as she's been to this weight loss show before... she'd realize that the same thing is going to happen again...right? But this time because she's getting the shots prescribed from an endocrinologist she thinks there will be a magical difference and the weight will stay gone. You can not sustain yourself on 500-700 calories a day...I mean BIRDS eat more than that! emoticon

I tried to tell her ANYONE is going to lose weight on that restricted kind of eating and it's NOT healthy and she is setting herself up for disaster...does she listen...what do YOU think?

BUT...the thing about her being on these shots and drinking is that it makes her CRAZY! I mean CRAZIER than usual! emoticon

Last Saturday was LOTS of fun...she had a really cute new frosted wig on...BUT she got so looped and she talks with her hands and kept pushing the bangs of the wig back until it actually fell off her head! emoticon Now that was REALLY funny at our house...to see her with her little wig cover on...and her real hair sticking out like little crow feathers all over! emoticon

Why she didn't use some bobby pins to anchor that bad boy down...I'll never know!

But funnier STILL...was it fell off THREE more times AT THE RESTAURANT! emoticon

Of course by THAT time she is too looped to worry or CARE about it...and me sitting next to her had to keep retrieving it and helping her slap it back on.

I was laughing SO hard...I almost spit my water...you should have SEEN some of the other patrons! emoticon Bonefish Grill is fairly full of the 'beautiful people'......Priceless.

Her sister was mortified! But after all of these years I'm quite sure she is used to this erratic behavior! I witnessed it on our girls trip to NYC and I thought it was cute and funny for about the first time...then I gave her what for after the next SEVERAL times... emoticon and told her how irresponsible it was after. I said it puts an X on your back as to 'easy target' to rob, rape, whatever and because I'm the unlucky little traveler sitting next to you it puts me in danger too! NOT COOL my friend...NOT cool at ALL!

Sooooo, I'm thinking on this cruise she will still be on these shots and still loopy out of her mind...and I'll be the baby sitter while her sister and mother leave her cooling her heels.

Don't think that would be much of a vacation after all do you?

I love this woman...I really do...she has a heart of gold, loves her son with all of her heart and soul and I can definitely relate to that having lost my beautiful boy...but sometimes you really CAN'T save people from themselves now can you?

I think I'll sit this cruise out until another time when she goes back on the wagon and is a semi~sane humanoid. emoticon

I've told her over and OVER again...that anti-depressants and alcohol do NOT mix...she won't even consider getting off of them since she's been on them so many years...it's really a kind of sad situation...especially when it's someone you care deeply about.

But you can't sacrifice yourself for someone else's craziness either now can you?

I'll do something fun and MUCH safer with DH during that timeframe.

All things happen for a reason...last Saturday was a reminder of that!

Still plugging away on my early a.m. walking streak. Today was day 21...still not loving it...still having to really work at it...but that's life too my friends!

Have a terrific weekend! Saturday we go to the sister's house...I'll have to break the news that I won't be able to make the cruise...bummer! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KMAD26 10/14/2014 8:54AM

    Wow...great news on the house! Restaurant scene sounds hilarious!!!!!! Think I would skip the trip too. I don't want to spend my time and money babysitting...even a really good friend. I would also have the same health concerns on a cruise these days. No thanks!!!
Planning something with the hubs sounds better. Keep that streak goin! You are doin great!!!! emoticon

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MKACILLAS 10/14/2014 8:41AM

    Great News on the house! You need a reprieve. And i agree with you on the cruise. ...might be a good idea to pass. Trust your intuition. Thanks for always sharing your news with us...good or bad. Always here to support you my friend,. emoticon emoticon emoticon .

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2BDYNAMIC 10/12/2014 10:20PM

    Wow--there are some long posts here ............. see how many are pulling for you: I am glad things are looking up on the house matter AND great job on all the walking! ....(You will be downsizing and having to buy smaller clothes) ......... emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSTWOMOONS002 10/12/2014 1:45PM

    Hey Bobbi; emoticon emoticon

Sounds like you made the right choice reading all your reasoning's for not going on the cruise, you'll have other chances. Reading all the antics I don't see how her Mom & sister continually put up with such bad behavior & her scary choices. Karma will find her eventually, hope her body's not to racked by then.

Glad to hear about the Save your Home fight, You are your own best defense, You go Girl!

I'm so happy & proud you are still walking and eating well. I know consistency isn't always happy, yet in the end it pays off. I don't know what I'm going to do without being on Spark & tracking & holding myself accountable & my friends. A few days of this move will seem so long, yet my new adventure is just a few weeks away. Still praying for a Person to want my Prince, I know God is finding just the right person who needs his special "Unconditional Love"

Take care & be well, I think of you so often when I walk, right now walking is the only thing keeping me sane & in my right mind.

Prayers & Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon

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MSLZZY 10/12/2014 7:36AM

    emoticon on the extended time for your house issues. Go on that cruise, baby, because you deserve a break. As for the nurse-well, she is courting disaster if she continues.
Take a deep breath and enjoy your good health and take time for some happiness.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CATHYGETSFIT 10/11/2014 8:42PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon on the news about your home!! I'm really happy for you about that!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm really glad to hear that you are still going strong on your walking streak! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I would have been hesitant to go without my DH too. Like you and your hubby, me and my hubby do EVERYTHING together. I am glad you are following that inner voice that's telling you not to go or make you feel hesitant.

I remember you talking about your friend and the shots she's doing.the first time. I remember that you had thought about doing it and didn't. I'm glad you didn' t the first time and I'm glad you aren't ever going to do them. I'm glad you had the sense to not do them.

Big Hugs and Love
Your virtual daughter

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MOMMABEAR121 10/11/2014 9:10AM

    Congrats on the news regarding your home ... that certainly is a good sign dear friend .. and will give you time to prepare once again.
I really find the corrupt and illegal behaviour of the courts and banks so hard to believe . It appears your federal government doesn't give a rip .. if it doesn't effect a re election or fill the coffers they just aren't interested.
Keep fighting for what is right and just .. you know you have my prayers and angels at your side as well ...

Sad sad affairs .. antidepressants and booze .. I have a friend that just started taking them ..( she lost her son to alcohol a year ago ..)
she is loving the feeling .. in fact says she is calm , clear minded and love the feeling of being in control ..
then she said " I can't drink like I used to " ... she loves to drink but says she can only have three drinks and she is insanely drunk .. what to hell is up with that ??

Why would you even try to drink if the drug was doing what you wanted it to do why would you add alcohol to the mix ?? I would expect if she works hard enough at her drinking she will get back to drinking as much as she wants and be just like your friend .. spun !! so so sad

Trying to escape ourselves is not the route to take ...I suggested to her to try meditations and exercise to regain control .... leave the meds at the pharmacy where they belong ... rest , play , eat well ... balance her intellect and emotions to help her create joy and understanding from every heartache, bump and bruise along life's highway.
Being so out of it that your wig becomes part of the traveling comedy show WOW..
would your friend be embarrassed if she wasn't so out of it ?? or is she usually a don't give a damn kind of gal ...?? I expect if you are mortified and embarrassed for her then this is not normal behaviour.. not normal for her at all.
Fun is fun but if you are making yourself a target for robbery etc it is out of hand and most certainly will steal your joy if you were to go on the cruise .. and yes you would be the baby sitter ...
Has to be hard on your heart to watch someone destroy their amazing personalities because of a fad diet ..

I think you have come to the right decision as far as the cruise ... take your DH somewhere fun and romantic and kick up your heels !!

Keep up with your early morning walks .. soon they will be a habit and your day wont feel right without hitting the ground running every morning .
Take good care dear friend .. have an amazing weekend ..

Report Inappropriate Comment
SVELTEWARRIOR 10/10/2014 11:45PM

    I am so happy to hear the news about the house!!!!!! emoticon on your walking streak!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BA5454 10/10/2014 8:09PM

    emoticon on the house news!! As for the cruise--I'd have to think twice maybe even three times, before doing it, lol. Could be a long vacation--yikes.

Report Inappropriate Comment
DS9KIE 10/10/2014 7:24PM

    emoticon on your house

I don't blame you on the cruise

Report Inappropriate Comment
JSEATTLE 10/10/2014 6:34PM

  Great news on your house battle. I'm glad the judge is paying attention here. Now I understand your reluctance about the cruise. Best to wait until another time as you concluded yourself. I have seen so many fall to alcohol, this really makes me sad.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GRACEOMALLEY 10/10/2014 4:48PM

    The house news is SPECTACULAR! As I've saiod, be sure you've checked through every piece of paper WELL BEFORE the next court date. You won't know for sure what you have until that is complete.

The error in the address for service - that stuff happens with attorneys moving in and out of firms and the courts won't penalize them for it as far as the past goes, but they better stay on top of things from here on out. Glad you caught that and put your attorneys in the loop.

The cruise - I'd think twice at least and probably say no. Part of that is not wanting to have to identify the friend to cruise ship staff after she does something stupid and passes out or worse. You are not going to spend that kind of money and your time (which has great value) to effectiovely babysit a grown woman who has disrespected her body trying to get skinny for the cruise and disrespected her "friends" by mixing medication and booze and behaving like a total a$$. That is DEFINITELY NOT FUN by any definition I've ever heard of FUN. Find some romantic place, like Savannah, GA, and take a few days with yor husband to explore, see a show at a theater, RELAX!


Report Inappropriate Comment
PICKIE98 10/10/2014 4:33PM

    Being trapped on a ship in a foreign country with an alcoholic is not a vacation it is a probation sentence! Go with your gut feeling: She would be on vacation, YOU would be resentful, fearful of criminals, and disgusted with her selfish behavior.
The fad diet is extremely hard on her heart, kidneys, liver,etc.

Why not draw a circle on a map with a compass.. make the circle a radius of 100 miles or so.. pick a spot within it and you and the hubster take a long weekend visiting something or somebody you love. Guaranteed good company, snuggly nights, balmy, exciting days and safety!

Congratulations on your walking streak!

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SPARKLINGME176 10/10/2014 3:34PM

    GREAT news about the homestead!
I'd skip the cruise, too, if I were going with my friend who does meds AND drinks, too! Not pretty!

Because of what DH & I just went through, I am SO grateful for him & want to play more WITH him! emoticon

Todays message:

I made my green drink today! Lot's of pumpkin, emoticon yogurt, protein, greens galore! I feel GREAT! Happy Friday, (date night w/DH) emoticon emoticon

I'm also going to clean our pool, today! it was 67 degrees when I checked. So I'll turn on the solar & hope for a little warmer! I'll be REALLY moving! emoticon It really needs my attention!


Report Inappropriate Comment
BONNIEMARGAY 10/10/2014 2:33PM

    YES! You deserved this miracle, and more!

Report Inappropriate Comment
OLDERDANDRT 10/10/2014 1:39PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon on the house thing! In a way, though, I was hoping they simply said," look folks...you've been suffering and sweating blood and tears over this for so long and you have been so man-handled illegally that we're just gonna stop this whole charade, and make the foreclosure business all disappear. It never happened and you just finish paying for your house like nothing happened." But if you at least get another year, hopefully you'll get another chance at what I'd like to see happen! HA!
Super way to go on the walking!! I keep trying to get up earlier, but it's a bust so far. I have gotten my glow getter again today and I am really doing everything I can to fight myself out that door everyday!!
I am so glad you made the decision you did about the cruise. Your "crazy" friend, notwithstanding, all your reasons make a ton of sense to me and your DH will certainly appreciate your presence more than those ladies!!! You and he are all you've got now!! You deserve to have each other as much as possible. He is a total sweetie and I'm sure that's why he told you if you want to go, go, but I'm just as sure he'd rather you stay home with him.
Love ya, Bobbi!! You take care, now!! Stay safe and keep walking!! (((HUGS)))

Comment edited on: 10/10/2014 1:41:00 PM

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PUPPYWHISPERS 10/10/2014 1:37PM

    I am so happy to hear the good news about your house! emoticon

And I agree that you should probably skip the cruise. Maybe you can take a cruise with your DH sometime.

Happy Friday!

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LAURIEJOHANNAH 10/10/2014 12:39PM

    emoticon on the house! emoticon on the streak! I'm truly happy for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LESLIELENORE 10/10/2014 12:33PM

    Some people don't want to put in the effort and look for the quick fix. Never seems to end well. Probably a good decision to do something safer with your husband. Great news with the courts and the judge and all.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MPARKER67 10/10/2014 12:17PM

    So happy to hear about the house. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
TSISQUAUSDI 10/10/2014 11:58AM

    Great going on your streak, my friend. As for your nurse friend, please know that those shots are actually something call Human Corianic Gonadatropin or HCG. It is a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy that causes fat cells to be released for energy. Persons on this diet are directed to eat only 800 calories per day so that their bodies will use the stored fat as energy. How do I know all of this? Because I tried back in 1999 or 2000! This program is also supplemented with phentermine (an amphetamine) to further surpress your appetite, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if your nurse friend was taking a high does of this - it would explain her zany behavior. While this diet is called "safe" I can tell you from experience that I lost a LOT of weight and lost it very quickly. I was very thin, but I didn't look healthy (I'll try to find a picture for you guys) - I had dark circles and when off the phentermine, no energy. The worst part is that you might fool yourself into thinking you're fine, but when you stop the shots (just the shots were $32.00 dollar per week), your body, being in total starvation mode without the fat being released anymore, starts storing fat with a vengeance!!! My metabolism is still slow, and primarily because of that diet! So unless you can afford to constantly stay on that diet, and you have a doctor willing to prescribe you ever-encreasing doses of phentermine, you won't stay rail thin. You also won't be very healthy, either. emoticon

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GOING-STRONG 10/10/2014 11:40AM

    Keep up the good work Bobbi. Regarding the walking... do you listen to music? It makes ALL the difference in the World. You can find lots of uplifting fitness walking music on Pandora. I hear some of my running songs on the radio now and it makes me want to get out and run. I think it is a form of "conditioning" lol. Hugs to you and so glad you didn't do those crazy shots!

Report Inappropriate Comment
REGILIEH 10/10/2014 11:21AM

    I for one am glad you are not going on the cruise as right now it certainly isn't a safe thing to do.

You and DH will enjoy each other!



Report Inappropriate Comment
BARBARAROSE54 10/10/2014 11:14AM

    emoticon on your streak and your getting the judge to sign off. I believe I would skip the cruise too.

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A terrific night with the Saturday night group and Bonefish Grill

Saturday, October 04, 2014

emoticon You know my ongoing saga with our Friday/Saturday night dinner gang group.l

It's been a long term standing date with all of us for some 20+ years. Over the years we have ALL definitely been though our ups and downs.

DH and I used to be the big fish in the small pond when the group first formed back in the late 80s. But then we fell off our money horse and now are the minnows swimming in the big money pond. We have had lots of mixed feelings throughout those years...sometimes we feel very accepted and just like old times and sometimes we feel very ostracized for the simple reason that we no longer have the big buck~o~roos that we used to.

It's been a struggle to find our footing. I've written a good many blogs whining about the status quo and how people can change their perception about someone they have known for decades on a dime and isn't it SAD that they judge a person by the $$ in their bank account.

It's been UP and it's been DOWN. In fact a few times we've sworn that we will just drop the group and move on...but it's a statement that is easier said than done. Especially when we literally have NO family and these people...pretentious or not...ARE our family.

Tonight was an awesome get together. Maybe it's because we haven't been together for a good 3 weeks or so...but it was a nice evening none the less.

We all met at our house and had hors'de ouvers and a glass of wine than went to Bonefish Grill for our dinner out.

I worked all day around the house sprucing it up and putting out some Halloween holiday decor and was happy for the opportunity to entertain this wild and crazy motley group of 12.

We had a great time and enjoyed the evening immensely.

Just goes to show you...absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.

In the next few weeks all of our clan will be back and I'm looking forward to the reunion.

So says she this night in Ocitober....next week could be a WHOLE different scenario.

We are kind of like the Housewifes...of....that popular reality show on television...we fight, we make up, we fight...we make up...we ARE family...no matter how brash and whimsically jaded. emoticon

Today I held to my walking regimen...I'm not wanting to break my streak...and that TOO feels good!

Good night my sparkling friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FLASUN 10/9/2014 6:24AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Can't buy you HAPPINESS!!!! FRIENDS ...........stay true no matter what value of living you have!!!! I'm glad everything went well for you Bobbi!!! I wish I was part of that group........also emoticon job on your walking streak!!!!! emoticon

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SPARKLINGME176 10/7/2014 4:36PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
OLDERDANDRT 10/6/2014 1:25PM

    I'm only a day behind you on your walking streak and I have to get out there and tack up some miles yet today! Keeping the Spark glowing!! Have a super day!! (((HUGS)))

Report Inappropriate Comment
SVELTEWARRIOR 10/6/2014 12:18AM

    Definately sounds like family!!! Great job on keeping you walking streak going!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CATHYGETSFIT 10/5/2014 9:28PM

    I'm glad you had a good time. Maybe that's the trick....stay away from the group for a couple of weeks or so and then do a couple of the Saturday nights before you take off for a couple of weeks! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Big Hugs emoticon and much love emoticon
Your virtual daughter

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JSEATTLE 10/5/2014 6:35PM

  Always making the best of your situation. I totally understand about your group. They may be nutty, but they are your nuts!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNCHD05 10/5/2014 6:01PM

    You are right....it does sound like a family. Glad you enjoyed your vending!!!,

Report Inappropriate Comment
BONNIEMARGAY 10/5/2014 5:07PM

    Thrilled that you are surrounded by love.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MKACILLAS 10/5/2014 5:00PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
PICKIE98 10/5/2014 2:26PM

    Love your background!!

glad you actually enjoyed your time with them..

Report Inappropriate Comment
TSISQUAUSDI 10/5/2014 12:53PM

    So proud of you, my friend! Keep up the good work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DS9KIE 10/5/2014 9:31AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BARBARAROSE54 10/5/2014 7:42AM


Report Inappropriate Comment
GRACEOMALLEY 10/5/2014 1:24AM

    Sounds like you had fun - GREAT! Always enjoy the good life gives you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LESLIELENORE 10/4/2014 11:23PM

    emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
REGILIEH 10/4/2014 11:19PM

    So glad you had a happy time!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSLZZY 10/4/2014 10:56PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The Healthy Kitchen...something you might enjoy and it's FREE! :-))

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

emoticon You know my favorite saying..."If it's free...it's for ME!"

Soooo you might enjoy tuning in on Oct. 15th for a food revolutionary event on quick and easy ways to make your kitchen healthy! emoticon

I have to admit...with my new love of walking I'm very proud I've put into place a healthy streak promoting a great healthy habit....but...it seems this time devoted to walking has taken away from my food planning...I know...I know...I could record my grocery list as I'm out there pounding the pavement but I'd rather think about the blessings of nature that surround me and listen to the early birdies singing.

Grocery shopping is NOT my main focus at the crack of dawn each morning.


When I hear of something that can help me stay on the healthy wagon I'm all ears..and if it mentions the word FREE in the intro...I'm THERE!

Last night was a rushed restaurant stop on the way home after a long day at work. At least I DID grab two chopped chicken salads...so that was pretty good. But at $26 for the both of them...it seems a bit pricey for a take home meal. I could have done better and a heck of a lot more economically if I would have done a little advance planning.

My mantra here on Spark is...."If I know...you know"...so here's the link...hope it works!

I'm not the most tech savvy..that's DH's department and my darling departed Josh...oh how I wish I could get a telephone line up to him in heaven, he was the world's BEST speller and computer whiz kid! emoticon emoticon

I still find myself 8 long years later resisting the impulse to yell out to him..."Josh....how do you spell......."

Old habits die hard and every time I get a new piece of techie hardware I curse the fact that I don't have our Josher to help me figure it out! emoticon If you have kids no matter HOW much they may aggravate you some days cherish them and hold them close! Take it from the mother who lost her angel guy..they are irreplaceable!

But...back to the Food Revolution information....at the very LEAST if you sign up you'll get some nifty tips on accelerating your path to nutritional excellence with time saving tips to do so...and you will get some great recipes and..yes you DO have to give out your e-mail...bummer...but you might learn some really cool stuff that makes this all worth while

It's available world wide...also very cool! emoticon

The date is Oct. 15th at 5:30 p.m. PST and 8:30 p.m. EST. I hope to tune in and learn up! emoticon

Here's a pic from my bright and early walk yesterday morning. It was 75 degrees out..only 2 degrees warmer than the day before...but only a 1 degree up the thermometer here in sultry FL might as well equate to 10 degrees warmer in your neck of the woods! The humidity is dripping wet and I sure felt it and it wasn't pleasant!

This morning I was almost happy that it was raining hard outside. I'll still get my walk in..don't want to ruin my 12 day streak but it will be on 'Slim' my treadmill.

Well...I'd better run...we are hosting the Friday/Saturday night group this Saturday and I've got so much to get done. Our house has become a 'project studio' with all of the random pieces of furniture I'm always painting.

Doesn't bother the hubs and I one little bit and we are grateful to have the room to do it here, but it isn't conducive to hostessing so it's got to be finished up and stowed.

We've tried to paint in our consignment gallery but that seems to be a lesson in frustration..just too many interruptions when customers come in. BUT...don't get me wrong...I'm GRATEFUL for those customer interruptions...last month was a terrific month for sales...MUCH better than last year so I think that our little road trip vacation in August was WELL worth it!

The heavens smiled on us and brought us back refreshed and ready for business once again. As you all know...working with the public day in and day out can drive you bonkers if you don't allow time to refresh.

I'm off to my painting project. I'll shoot some pics and share it with you, I've been stumped on how to tie a table that I painted into matching some very high end custom speciality chairs..but i think I've got a good idea...let's hope it works as good in real life as it seems to in my creative little ART~TEEST brain! emoticon Art...it's a crap shoot in faith and fearlessness! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SOPHIEDO13 10/3/2014 1:17PM

    I understand how you feel losing a child, we lost a niece many many years ago and it still hurts.

I'm glad you're getting your walking in that's very good.....I'm stuck in the blahs and haven't concentrated on anything much.

May God Bless and watch over you.

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BONNIEMARGAY 10/2/2014 4:34PM

    Thank you, gorgeous!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Hey! emoticon on your streak, girlfriend!!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMMABEAR121 10/2/2014 6:47AM

    Good morning doll .. you should be on your way out the door soon ..4:36 here ... went to bed to early last night .. but must have needed it !! I was awake before the 4:30 alarm ..!!
I love love love mornings !! .. mind you soon it will stay dark here until almost 8am .. yee haw .. the dark I surly do not care for !!
sending you an angel hug .. I know there isn't a second go by that your Josh isn't on your mind or in your heart .. every time you think of him he is there .. he wont help much with the electronics unless you ask ... then calm your self and follow the telepathic instructions he will give ..
Sound like I'm a kook ?? Well I am .. and I am a believer that there is a thin thin veil between their world (heaven) and ours .. (boot camp) .. calm your mind and allow your heart and soul to be your guide for a few minutes ...

Thanks for the website and info .. yes free is good .. good for me too ..

Happy preparations as you get ready to invite your friends to your home .. always fun to be with others and catch up .. even though it is lots of work .. it is so worth it

I'm looking forward to the pictures of your projects .. I still just playing with the Cee Cee paints .. getting the feel of them .. trying different lawyers with sealer .. fun fun ..

Well time to hit the tread climber and the tzone .. enjoy your morning walk either outdoors or with Slim .. keep smiling and spreading the light dear amigo ..

Looking forward to January 2015 .. look out Mickey !!!

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GOING-STRONG 10/1/2014 11:47PM

    I bought a salad bowl and chopper (like they use at Subway) through Amazon and I love love love it. You can make a salad in about 10 minutes flat when you have a few essentials stocked in the fridge. I get the BIG clamshell of salad mix at Costco. Throw the lettuce in the chop bowl (I use 1/3 of the tub for 2 salads) add cherry tomatoes (halved), diced onion, diced avocado, and diced meal of your choice. I usually use the Costco deli style chicken or ham. Put your big bowl of goodies in the sink and then go at it with the chopper. Divide mixture into two bowls and top with feta and a sliced egg. I usually add a low cal salad dressing also. I keep all my salad stuff in a plastic tub in the fridge so it is grab and go.


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FIT4MEIN2013 10/1/2014 11:34PM

    Thanks for sharing this! It must be so painful to lose a child. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
REGILIEH 10/1/2014 10:04PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
JSEATTLE 10/1/2014 8:54PM

  I'm glad you're still enjoying your early morning walks. Hopefully the humidity will go down with the winter months ahead. I love my morning time! Thanks for the links to the healthy kitchen!

Comment edited on: 10/1/2014 8:55:39 PM

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DS9KIE 10/1/2014 6:32PM

    thanks for the Food Revolution information

emoticon emoticon emoticon on your emoticon streak

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNCHD05 10/1/2014 6:03PM

    Free is a,ways good.
WTG with the walking streak!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PICKIE98 10/1/2014 5:34PM

    Cannot wait to see your table project! Enjoy your hostessing this week..

Report Inappropriate Comment
BARBARAROSE54 10/1/2014 4:34PM

    emoticon must check it out !

Report Inappropriate Comment
MSTWOMOONS002 10/1/2014 3:48PM

    Thanks for the free info will check it out for sure, glad things are going well & your painting and stenciling again, you are a great artist. Believe in your talents they'll make your dreams come true.

Take care & be well, I could have made you a yummy homemade chicken salad for way less than $26.00 I love to cook & I'm good at it. Most of my kitchen is packed in a box right now but still cranking out healthy dinners. Can't afford a slip, too much to do.

Prayers & Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon

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LESLIELENORE 10/1/2014 3:35PM

    I like free too.

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