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What do you do to stay motivated

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So I as most know I had a baby 3 weeks ago. I put on quite a bit of weight. So I started working out Wednesday and logging today. I wanted to go and get a treat to eat. Then I went and tried on clothes. This made me know-I need this and I need to not buy that crap. So I opted to buy some herbal tea. I made an ice tea drink out of it with splenda to sweeten it-so that was my treat. I want to fit back into my clothes. Since I got rid of my "fat clothes." I have nothing to wear to church. So here it goes. I will lose this weight.

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JULIANAM 9/20/2010 5:20PM

    you can do it!!

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KIM04375 9/19/2010 11:38AM

    You can do it!! emoticon

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MMALONEY15 9/19/2010 8:10AM

    Wow 3 weeks post pregnancy and you want to work out. You are amazing. All I wanted to do was sleep!! Great job MaMa!!

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45ANDFIT1 9/19/2010 5:02AM

    You are doing great - being ready is the first step!

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TDWANDD2MYK9 9/19/2010 2:34AM


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RENA1965 9/19/2010 2:12AM

    emoticonwith the emoticon Just take one day at a time- go for walks to settle the new addition down.. Use this time to bond and I am sure before no time you will fit your clothing again..

I see lots of moms at my local gym pair up and they mind each others small ones while they get their workout in.. It is one way to get back in shape and make it a done deal attention wish to a baby.. A friend can pick up and even change while you both go at it..

Good luck!

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TARNI1991 9/19/2010 2:03AM

    Congrats on the baby!! emoticon
I think it's great that only 3 weeks later you're already wanting to be back on track emoticon

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I think I will make a collage

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here I sit sulking over last summers pictures of myself. I am going to print them all out and put them on my refrigerator. That ways I can use them as motivation to keep on going. I know I will get back there. I just hope it is before school is done. My goal is to get my BF% down to lets say 22%-that is healthy. Right in the middle of norm. I will still weight in, but I am not going to go by weight alone. Last time I did that I was never satisfied, even though I was in the size I was in in high school. I don't think I had ever had that much muscle before-so I couldn't understand why I still weighed so much, but it was mostly muscle. So this time I go by body fat. Anyhow I need to go shower and study. Term just started and I have a kinesiology test and an anat/phys test in two weeks!!! Wish me luck.


Baby is here!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So I had my little girl 3 weeks ago and gave myself the green light to start working out. I started today with Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2. I have never done 2 before-it was actually pretty fun. I love to sweat!!

Today in my exercise development class we are going to be doing measurements and checking our fitness levels. So this should be fun. I am excited, just because I am going to have a good starting point. We weight in, but we also do fat % and find out lean body mass. So that will be a good thing to have, better than going by weight. I get to practice on my bro and his wife when the come around. The love that stuff.

We are starting our next term in my personal training program(PFT). I am taking the second part of anat/phys, kinesiology, exercise development, and exercise psychology. Yesterday was the first day of psych class and I am actually excited for that one. It seems like it is going to be really fun and interesting. I am excited to get more knowledge under my belt to actually be able to start helping people.

Even though the program frowns on workouts like P90X and those types I am going to be starting Insanity hopefully next week. Also hopefully getting some good input from my development teacher to figure out what I should be doing for my body-to get it where I want it. I guess you could say this class is like 40 weeks of personal training. I was going to say free, but I guess I am paying for it-haha!!

Well good luck to everyone on your weight loss goals and expect to be seeing me much more often!!

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BLOND1E 9/15/2010 4:01PM

  Awww. What an angel! Congratulations!!!!

And way to go...getting up and doing Turbo Jam 3 weeks after delivery! Kudos to you mom!

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GALSMILEY7 9/15/2010 3:29PM

    She's beautiful....congratulations! emoticon

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Can't wait

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So I am too excited to get back here. I know I am suppose to stay on the baby fit sight for breastfeeding, however I cannot stand the food log over there. So after baby is out and I am back on track I am going to come back and just add a few hundred cals so I can keep up with the breast feeding. Or maybe I can even find out what my cal intake should be and go off of that and log on here. I am such a great thinker-haha. I just updated my page with what I am up to today. I am doing some crazy stuff that I know I can do this. It is hard, but I am going to be so grateful when I am done and can be helping others to better their lives. So good luck to all and I cannot wait to be back soon. See you all in 3 months. I am sure I will keep on coming back until then.

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CHRISTINICHKA 7/19/2010 1:12PM

    I'll be here when you get back, that's for sure! Had my first great week last week with logging food and exercise! Feeling that drive again. 3 months will go by fast!

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

So I have not been on her for a while because of the fact I am pregnant and we had a junkie computer. We moved to Utah about 8 months ago and my husband lost his job. We got a new one started this week!! So that is exciting. It was nice because I was back in Cali for 2 weeks and the job was our welcome home present.

Well anyhow I have started to workout again. Gave up on Insanity, but can't wait until the pregnancy is over so I can start back at it. I am doing low intensity workouts for now. I am jealous every time my husband and his friends get together to do the workouts. For now though I am doing what I can.

So I should clarify why I called this blog sad. I am sooo not sad about being pregnant. Ever time I feel the baby move in my stomach I am so excited that I get to have a baby. I LOVE babies. Anyhow I was just looking at my pictures and seeing where I got last summer. It made me a little sad, because when I moved I didn't do as much and wasn't watching what I ate so I got back to about 175 before I got pregnant. It means more weight to take off. So I am trying to be good, but for some reason it is hard when I am pregnant. I feel I can eat what I want, but I have been trying to do good things for the baby.

Anyhow I look forward to keeping up my workouts so I can have hopefully a easy delivery. I can't wait to see this baby and I cannot wait to do another triathlon!! Well just had to get that off my chest after seeing those pics. Look out P90X I will be seeing you in a few months-haha.

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    Glad you are back!! Congrats on your soon to be new family member! You'll be back doing the Insanity in no time.

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    Welcome back!!! I just started back here a couple of weeks ago. I have been getting back into exercise too. Now this week I have a goal to actually log my food. Did you know there's a pregnancy sister page to SparkPeople? I didn't know about Mo losing his job. What a stressor! Is he still working for the U of U? I am weighing in every Wednesday if you want to also. I know you won't be losing but it might help you stay on track more. Just a thought.

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    emoticon emoticon are such a gift from Jehovah, so precious. Did you know that SP has a site for expectant mothers? They really prefer that moms to be join that section because of all the special needs of both mom and babies. I think there are probably special kinds of exercises too that will be safe for both of you. You don't have to put everything on hold till your little one arrives.

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