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Happy Friday!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hi Friends! How are we this wonderful day? I am feeling pretty good despite that this week hasn't been the best nutritionally or with exercise. I've rested three days but I do have a job where I'm on my feet a lot so that helps. I ate well the early part of the week. However, starting Wednesday, things went a bit array. Not horribly but a little. However, I am feeling pretty good mentally with being more conscious of my choices and eating smaller portions and that makes me happy!

I am looking forward to the 5% Fall Challenge that starts on Saturday. And I'm also doing the BL Fall Challenge. I really to make some good progress once and for all!!


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ILOVEMALI 9/19/2014 10:55PM

  Happy Friday!!!

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RITEEBEE 9/19/2014 2:00PM

    Awesome!!! Happy Friday!! emoticon

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    Woohoo - happy Friday! I'm doing both challenges as well and am hoping for good things too. Good luck

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SEATTLE58 9/19/2014 11:04AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy Friday to you too! emoticon

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JLAMING263 9/19/2014 10:48AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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How much will YOU lose in 16 weeks?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is the header that I see everytime that I open SP! Well, that was over 10 weeks ago that I put this up and I've lost 5 pounds. I do realize that 5 pounds is not bad...I just wanted it to be more.

Somewhere between need and want is where the problem lies!

I have been doing better this week though.


1) Monday I wanted to have beer but I said NO.
2) Tuesday I was EXHAUSTED but did Leslie Sansone walking DVD instead.
3) Tonight I wanted Mexican but I came home and healthy, yummy fish tacos instead.

I am making progress. I am making healthier choices. This is not about the perfect choices that I make. No one is perfect. This is about the healthier, better choices that I make overall.

I'm getting back there...Well, I'm working on it.


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BERRYNINJA 9/19/2014 9:48AM

    Very true, no one is perfect and I also don't expect myself to be. Making healthier choices is an excellent goal and I need to think about my journey that way too. Thanks for this


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BUFFYSMOM2 9/18/2014 9:43AM

    Yeah you're making progress and EXCELLENT choices!!!! You've got it, Becky!!!!
Big Hugs!
Patti emoticon

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CZESTES 9/18/2014 1:24AM

    emoticon emoticon
Doing GREAT work!

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SEATTLE58 9/17/2014 11:00PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WHITNEYLD 9/17/2014 8:54PM

    emoticon emoticon

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GRANDMABABA 9/17/2014 8:14PM

    Great success to you!

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Watching Biggest Loser...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

is me. Although I'm not as heavy as that group, everything else is me.

1) Fear
2) Belief
3) Confidence
4) Love

I lack all of these in myself. I've been battling this weight loss now for almost 6 years. The first three were fine. I was working out. I was eating healthy. I was feeling amazing. And then emoticon my knee decided it didn't want to play anymore. Over the last three years, I've been struggling to get back to where I was before and to be honest, it's not going all that well! I've let myself down. I've let my family down. My mind isn't in the right place and I although I'm not sure how to get it there again, I'm not going to stop and I'm not giving up!

Today, I had a bit of a wakeup call. I put on a pair of XL sweatpants that my husband bought three years ago. He had to get them for me after my knee surgery because I was cold and had nothing large enough to put over my brace. These pants were HUGE then although they worked perfect for that time. It was chilly this morning so I decided to put them on since they were always so comfy. They are still big but nowhere near as big as they were. I cannot continue this pattern. I need to start digging deeper so that these pants as well as my other clothes start to fit like I want them too.

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WIZKEY 9/16/2014 12:41AM

    Catching yourself and figuring out how to start over are big parts of this journey. The rest will come. Getting past the fear and gaining self-confidence have been two of my biggest challenges. emoticon

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 9/15/2014 11:06AM

    emoticon and never give up!

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WHITNEYLD 9/15/2014 10:21AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Totally agree with those 4 components being so extremely vital to the wt loss process & just in general life of success & happiness. I am working on all of these things as well. I have gotten more confident and believe I can do more lately because of my work situation and thankfully it is spilling over to my personal life. When I first began my wt loss journey 8 years ago (wow!), the biggest change was believing I could do it. You just have to believe and be patient just like your amazing quote. Hang in there girly, you've got this. Those sweat pants will be huge again by New Years! emoticon

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    Great blog!

I am right there with you.... things aren't fitting as nicely again and I know I have had a lot of changes coming off the program with the nutritionist and starting up with the trainer, but buying bigger clothes again is just not an option! I had to break down and get one pair of jeans that fit more comfortably because I had to have something to wear for co-op on Monday's, but that's as much as I'm willing to do.

We can do this!!!!

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MAINEALI 9/14/2014 5:03PM

    I watched the Biggest Loser as well and I have to say that except for the athlete part, any of these people could be me too. I especially identified with the two who were dealing with grief. I had already started to gain weight but grief really propelled me further down the ladder. I've had my wake up call and I'm so thankful that I did. Good luck to you in your overall journey and in the Fall 5% challenge!

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SEATTLE58 9/14/2014 3:34PM

    That is such good incentive to use that thought for helping you. I will do that too because my clothes fit tighter too and I don't like that one little bit! Just a meal at a time and then it will be a day at a time for each day left in 2014. emoticon emoticon

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NEWTINK 9/14/2014 2:28PM

    You can do it ... just one little thing at a time makes the difference.

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CZESTES 9/14/2014 2:24PM

    You can do it! Don't push your knee too hard, but doing the exercises from Physical Therapy, flexibility training, Pilates, beginners yoga, and walking, will help you on your way. You have taken the first steps in the right direction. emoticon

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Frustrated, Sad...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

This cycle makes me annoyed. It makes me sad. It makes me frustrated.

I do not know what is going on with food but I need to figure it out. I feel like I'm making no progress! My stomach feels like it's so big! emoticon I am not comfortable in dresses or fitted clothing. It's quite depressing.

My trainer is a virtual trainer but available any time. He sends me what foods to eat and what workouts to do. I do them. I eat my plan most of the time. I am so frustrated with feeling like I'm not making any progress! I'm still hovering at 174 and I haven't lost any inches in almost a month.

I'm sad. I'm stressed. I don't know what to do or where to turn. I feel like I'm in a locked situation that I cannot get out and I do not like it!

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    I'm so sorry with your frustration and sadness... I wonder if there is another way you can measure your success besides inches and the scale-- maybe making yourself a chart with check marks or stickers when you meet those week goals; the ones you set in your blog posts about workout and food. Then you can set a reward for yourself if you meet a certain amount. (like buying yourself something or doing something fun with the hubby). I feel like you just gotta keep going and going for a bit for the changes to set in and your body to lose the weight, but I think you keep getting frustrated before that happens since it takes time.

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    I'm even fatter but can relate to your frustration. The key for me is eating better and more exercise. I hope things look up for you soon.

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DYNAMICDEB53 9/10/2014 11:42AM

    I have had these same feeling for most of this year. I agree you need to keep a journal of how yu are feeling when you eat, it might surprise you. I know the virtual trainer gives you this advice, but there are times we do need to listen to our bodies and if we listen and can understand we might find why we arent doing as well as we want.
Also a big problem for me is stress and yes it does effect weight loss, its affects sleep patterns and so much more, that might be one problem. I also recently tried to real shake up in my exercise routine and have started losing again. I also shook up my diet really changing what I ate, for me it was to lower my calories, lowfat more veggies and fruit. Right now all of this is working for me. You might need to try a real shake up for a week or so it might help break the feeling. Also check you sodium intake that sure can give you the bloated feeling.
I know you will work this out, just get determined to find a solution dot get mad and give up on yourself.

Hugs and smiles
you are not alone


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BERRYNINJA 9/10/2014 11:36AM

    I understand the frustration, but please do not give up. I know I've thrown in the towel at times like this and I don't feel good about it.

It sounds like you have plateaued and hopefully your trainer understands that. If he isn't making you do things differently because of that, then I think that could be a problem. Honestly if you have been doing the same thing, your results won't change.

If you have been making minor slips ups almost daily, try going a week without as a challenge. If you have just been so very good and not slipping up, maybe you need a cheat day or two to reset your metabolism. Maybe try a different workout for a day or two as well.

I'm sorry you are frustrated, but keep at it. You'll feel better when the plateau is busted!


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SEATTLE58 9/10/2014 12:26AM

    Just hang in there with us all at SP and we all love to help and encourage each other and we love it when others are trying to help us. Oh ya, I've been there lots of time too and I keep hanging in there and will never give up and one day I'm going to be so happy and you will too!! emoticon emoticon

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NATURALLYME126 9/9/2014 10:22PM

    Hmmmmm...... Make a check list of things that you need to look at to see what's going on. Some ideas would be: Are you getting enough sleep, are you burning enough calories during your workouts, do you need to switch up some stuff, what are you getting too much of, what are you not getting enough of, etc.

The answer is within you. You just have to do a bit of problem solving to figure out what it is. I know you got this Becky. Have patience with yourself even when it feels difficult to do.


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    emoticon but I know emoticon

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CZESTES 9/9/2014 8:20PM

    I felt the same way for a long time. Initially I went from 218 to hovering in the low 170's. Tried every diet and workout plan that would bring me down, but not for long. My Doctor told me to listen to my body, weigh daily, take time eating, journal, etc... That is when I started Sparkpeople and keeping a daily calendar log. Tracking what I eat, when I eat, and what is going on at the time, helped me figure out what foods work for me and what doesn't. I realize now that I am not like everyone else, so a normal diet doesn't work for me. I dropped the excess pounds just doing what feels right. I have maintained around 131 for a month. Still have just under 15 pounds I would like to lose, but I have currently maintained and am happy with that.
Hang in there and listen to your body.

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Week of Sept 8th to 13th

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Hey everyone! I've been thinking about how I can help hold myself a bit more accountable! The trainer is really helping however stress sometimes does get the best of me and then I cave on bad food. Exercise is not really the problem now that I'm able to do it. If I just make myself do it, there's no issue. I can easily do 30 to 60 minutes a day with one or two rest days per week.

However, food, is a problem! For the past few weeks, I've been doing well M-Th and then on Friday, all heck breaks lose and I eat whatever I want for the most part (especially at dinner). I can stay on track easily for breakfast and lunch but then dinner comes and I want comfort foods which for me include; pizza or burger, beer and ice cream. All of which are fine in moderation just not every weekend or every Friday/Saturday which is what I want to do! It's because during the week I let my stress built up that when Friday hits, I just let it ALL go!

This week I am going to do my best NOT for this to happen!

emoticon Drink plenty of water
emoticon Have plenty of veggies with my meals
emoticon Strength train 5x this week
emoticon Cardio 4x this week
emoticon Friday is a "party" at work; order "naked" burrito from Qdoba and stick to nutritional data
emoticon Get plenty of rest with a bedtime between 9-10pm
emoticon Check in with my spark buddies as much as I can

There's my plans for the week. I definitely think they are doable as long as I can keep nutrition in check. I have another check in with my trainer next Monday and I REALLY want it to be better than last time!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NATURALLYME126 9/7/2014 9:08PM

    Sounds like a realistic plan Becky. You know I'm here to help any way I can.

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TIFFFIT 9/7/2014 9:04PM

    What about reworking your pizza/burger/beer cravings? (Well, not the beer. Light beer is no bueno.) I've made pizza on a half pita or even a tortilla with turkey pepperoni and part-skim mozzarella, or burgers in slider-size with extra veggies and cheese from 2% milk. That way I get my fix, have portion control, and still stay where I need to be.
Oh, and I still drink that Elderflower Angry Orchard hard cider. Some things just aren't meant to be trifled with. ;-)
emoticon emoticon

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SEATTLE58 9/7/2014 8:57PM

    Sound like an awesome plan and so doable for you too! One day at a time and you and I can do it!!

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DOILIEQUEEN 9/7/2014 8:56PM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Sounds like a solid plan! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

How long do you work out with the trainer each session and what type of stuff are you doing? Just curious!

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