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my fit and fabulous family mission 17

Sunday, April 17, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Look how far we have come!!!! Mission 17!? Only TWO WEEKS of the challenge are left!!

So this weekend, let's go for reallllllly enthusiastic. I mean really, seriously EXCITED to exercise.

emoticon emoticon Your mission this weekend is simple. On Monday I want you to report in on one of these things:

A. Total cardio calories burned. (Make it a BIG number)
B. Total fitness minutes reached. (Make it a BIG number)
C. List of new Personal Records in things like pushups, situps, pull ups, run times, etc.
D. A list of wonderful happy active things that you participated in.
Here's my happy list:

emoticonI went to my favorite cardio class on Fri and Sun. I am obsessed with Bodystep. I feel incredible for the whole day. It's my natural high.

emoticonI actually did some ST. 30 min arm program

emoticon Family run on Sat and Sun. DH says that I am getting a lot better. And I kinda believe him! This morning we ran to our neighborhood coffee shop, read the NY Times and ran home. Ideal morning.

emoticon I bought new workout gear. I swear it makes you work harder.

emoticon I started research on HRM. oooooooh

emoticon We bought a bike trailer for the kids. Future fitness!

emoticon Had amazing grilled salmon for dinner. DH roasted grapes (ridiculously good!) and mixed them up with wheatberries.

So that's my mission. I
m hoping it gets me closer to this:

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 4/18/2011 1:27AM

    Sounds like a very happy list! Running to get coffee and read the paper is totally an ideal morning. Keep up the positive attitude!!!

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Mission 16

Thursday, April 14, 2011

emoticon What did you do this weekend for Mission 15?!?!
I got sick :( The rest was needed and my body appreciated it and now I am back on track. The best news is that I didn't fall into high calorie comfort foods to make me feel better.

emoticon Pick two songs. Everytime you hear those two songs this weekend, you owe me 4 minutes of cardio. I recommend turning up the radio and dancing to that song, even if you are in the middle of mopping the kitchen floor. Time to have some fun. Time to dance when no one is looking. Word?
word. My kids were looking and that made it even better. The sillier it got the more calories burned, right?

emoticonWear your workout clothes around the house one evening instead of whatever you normally wear in the evenings. See if just wearing your clothes around doesn't or does make you want to drop and do some crunches, or take off on a walk or a run. Do it as a social experiment.
This soooo works! I put on gym clothes a few hours before I was going to leave and all of a sudden I was droppin and doing push-ups, planks and bouncing around like a jumpin jack. it may have only burned 50 calories, but 50 is more than 0.

emoticonDecide what your power snack will be this week.
I made granola bars on Sunday night. They have pumpkin seeds in em. delicioso!

emoticonSet a cardio minute goal and do one of the strength workouts that you found at the beginning of B2W!
Mon: sick turned into rest day
Tues: took the day off work and made up for yesterday, 60 min cardio class
Wed: 60 min cardio + ST class
Thurs: 30 yoga +20 ST
170 minutes!

emoticonFinish up a little bit of spring cleaning!
Did it. more yard work on Tuesday. We even took our XMas lights down. it's about time!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks Yoovie. I love these missions!


15: just trying to hang in there

Monday, April 11, 2011

How did you do with your B2W challenge to amp it up this past week??
better with food, still addicted to cardio and majorly crappy on ST

It's April!!! Spring is springing in *most* places by now and it's time to breathe in that sweet smell of spring cleaning and fresh starts.
Yes! It is finally Spring in MN. love love love it

Step One: Forgive yourself for anything less than stellar you have done as of late.
OK fine.

Step Two: Pick a spot in your house that has obviously got winter depression written all over it, and spruce it up/clean it out/open the windows/wipe it down/wash it/dust it- whatever needs doing to it to get rid of that heavy grey winter neglect.
Backyard: raked, weeded, pulled out dead stuff, now you can see the pretty bright green starting to poke out. Got anew bird feeder, sand for the sandbox and a T-ball set for my daughter. We played and played outside. She doesn't understand why the birds won't come when she is screaming for them: ""Hey birdies! I got ya some fooooood!"

Step Three: Get Enthusiastic! Losing weight and getting healthy should be a joyful journey- not one filled with self-hatred and disappointment. Find something you would kinda like to do- and build it up into something you CAN'T WAIT to do. Use your mind to motivate yourself.

Step Four: Fuel yourself wisely. Use this weekend to prove to yourself that you know how to use food.
Done! I went to a birthday party on Saturday night and I stayed away from the food table. Drank a little wine and played Xbox Kinnect dance thingamajig. Can I count that as cardio???
On Sunday we had family and friends over to grill. My husband did some beer can roast chickens and then secretly made me chicken breasts, no skin. what a honey. And for beans and rice he used brown rice! He is my bestest.

Step Five: SHINE. Go out there and get sweaty and stinky and disgusting and shine with uncontainable pride in yourself.
I ran on Sat again. woot! woot! And I actually did some ST. Not a lot. but some.

Unfortunately, I overdid everything a little this weekend and now I have mastitis. I missed my favorite class this morning and can't stop thinking about it. I'm going to take a personal day tomorrow. I need some rest. And a haircut and some gym time.

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TAMIAMLEXICON 4/13/2011 9:00AM

    Hope you had a rejuvenating personal day. enjoy yourself. and it sounds like you have a sweet husband and daughter.

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Here's B2W 14

Friday, April 08, 2011

B2W Mission 14 - 4/4-4/7 ~^~

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon How did your weekend go? Had fun? Burned a ton of calories? Impressed yourself?
Last weekend was about as perfect as it can get for me. And major fitness accomplishment: ran 2 miles without stopping for a walk break. Not even once!
emoticon How were your eating habits this weekend? Any splurge choices that you want to avoid in the coming week?
Good I think. I went out to dinner and indulged, but it was a special night out. I didn't go overboard,. I just enjoyed life and that's what this is about, right?

emoticonFor the next four days it is time to go into crazy wicked serious balls to the wall mode.

How much can you do in four days?
How much stretching? boo. did not get in any yoga, but did do lots of new shin stretches
How much cardio? 140 minutes
How much strength? double boo. I am so not doing a good job of upping my ST. I think about it. And apparently thinking about my muscles is not making them more defined. I guess I have to actually do it. I need to work it into my regular weekly routine somehow.

Can we end Thursday in a serious set of DOMS? Summon up that lion heart and surprise yourself this week.

emoticon Fail. No DOMS for me. I wish. I'm thinking about it. I'm ready for the weekend. That's when I get my best workouts in. ST ST ST

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STARDUSTD 4/11/2011 1:42AM

  "And apparently thinking about my muscles is not making them more defined." hahaha I hear ya. Hope your weekend ST went better for you.

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advice for shin splits?

Monday, April 04, 2011

I posted this in the exercise forum, but I thought this may get some responses too.

I started to have shin pain 2 months ago. I have gotten new shoes, stretched more regularly and have gradually increased runs. This weekend I iced them and was extra careful. I am really trying to become a runner, but the pain is a problem.

At this point, my assumption is that it must be my form. Any suggestions? Or resources? Any help is appreciated!

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MALAYNASMOMMY 4/11/2011 3:11PM

    I would have never believed this if it dint work for me but try a chiropractor! we see one regularly and when I mentioned to him that I had shin splints he said, no problem! He adjusted my ankles/feet twice a week and after a week or two they were GONE!!

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DONNYBELLE 4/8/2011 9:25AM

    getting a good warmup in before running has helped me. I also realized that most people run landing on the heel of their foot, causing more impact in their lower legs. I've started to run landing on the front/mid section of my foot (like the ball area of the foot) it's weird at first, but you get used to it and it's actually better for your legs. I haven't had shin splints in a while. when i did get them though, I learned you can't push them to get better, you need to just give them time to heal, which totally sucks. Again, i'd check out how you're running, where you're landing on your foot and then look into running on the balls of your feet. I'm not one of those crazy people, but I've been interested in the "barefoot" running movement (only not barefoot, using different shoes) which is supposed to help with shin splints, leg pain, etc... you could look into that.

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    The only thing I learned about shin splints is they are common if your stride is too long.

Try shortening your stride and see if it helps. Too long a stride also can lead to heal spurs!

Good Luck!

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JJRUTT 4/4/2011 1:12PM

  When I ran track in High school we would fill up paper cups and fill them with water put them in the freezer and use them to ice the shins. As teh water melts you tear the cup. Also make sure you are stretching them real good. Maybe you have to stretch a little bit during your run and take a quick 2 to 3 minute break to stretch them. Hope you can find some help.

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