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The summer triathlete

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last summer I swam, biked, and ran through my first Sprint and then Olympic distance triathlon. I was a competitive swimmer when I was little and my running girls convinced me to get a road bike and give this whole multi-sport thing a go. Of course I loved it.

Then September happened: I'm a teacher so the endless hours of summer workouts came to an abrupt halt.

emoticon I told myself I'd find a good spin class. I never did. I didn't even really try. A friend gave me her trainer to borrow. (fun little contraption tool to set your bike up on to spin at home, on your own bike.) I used it twice. It sat and collected dust. I gave it back.

emoticon And as much as I love swimming, pool workouts take a lot of effort and planning. Getting myself to the gym, into a swimsuit, and all cleaned up after the workout. ugggg. Major effort. Major motivation needed. My naturally curly hair soaks up the chlorine like a sponge and I smell all day. And my skin itches. And and and... Winter swimming is not for me. I managed one swim a month and felt that was a success.

emoticon Now running. I can run. I'd rather run. Lace up my shoes and go. I make time to run. I don't make excuses. I am a runner.

I am a summer triathlete. Or maybe I'm a runner that likes to cross train. whatever. Summer vacation officially started yesterday. My Ironfriend designed a training plan for me. All my races are scheduled. The plan started in the beginning of May and I've been following it loosely. Now I can get serious. And I'm so excited! I spent hours combing through training plans and tri blogs last night. I don't follow what the tri experts advise. I don't focus on my weakest sport (bike). I don't pay much attention to my HRM. I run way more miles than any tri training plan says. And I'm even known to break up my long bike.

That's DH pulling the kids on the beautiful Gateway Trail. We rode from St. Paul to Stillwater a few weeks ago. Spent the day there: kids running around at a great park, went out to lunch, stopped in the candy shop for some fuel, and then biked home during nap time. 50 miles! Not what a true cyclist would call a 50 mile ride because of the 3 hour break in the middle. But I'm gonna call it a huge success because it was an amazing day for our whole family. Because, first: I am a mom, a wife, an individual who likes working out for fun. Second: I am an athlete that races.

This summer I am going to make training work for me and my family. I am not going to overdo it these first few weeks and lead to burnout like I did last summer. My goal for 2013 was/is balance. I feel that I've been doing a pretty good job so far.

I am a happy mama.

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OPTIMIST1948 6/23/2013 8:44AM

    Why do you have the amazing ability to echo exactly what is in my brain??!?

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 6/20/2013 7:47AM

    *smile, sigh*smile sigh*smile sigh* kinda training day. Beautiful trail, hubby and kids along for the ride, a picnic and....candy! Enjoy your summer vacay and keeping your balance. Where will you swim if not in a pool? Is there a lake nearby(minus Lake Superior-that things an ocean-haha!) or would you actually train in it..hmmm? Happy day sista:)

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    Love it! I think your attitude and approach are perfect for what you really want. Do you remember when I actually had success with progress in fitness two summers ago? It was because I was doing what I WANTED to do. Then I got over-eager, started feeling the pressures of training plans, team challenges, goal times, etc. and I flopped horribly. Now I'm tweaking a plan to suit my moods and I am LOVING it! I'm glad you're doing the same!

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    Reading all your tri exploits has definitely led me to give swimming another go - I'm the opposite of you. I didn't learn until my 20's! I can't wait to be able to tell you that I am going to do this one day too!

p.s. quite jealous of all your trails!!!

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LISAINMS 6/14/2013 10:32AM

    Balance and fun... that's what it is all about!

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COMEONMA 6/13/2013 9:16AM

    What a great blog, thank you! As a Mom of 2 teenage girls, I know what you mean about fitting family in. It's so important and difficult.

I live on the canal and I love the idea of a bike trip for a day. My one girl wont' get back on a bike, but she's getting close to it. The "hot new guy" on the street was seen on a bike this weekend, so I'm sure that's motivation enough for her!

Congrats and good luck on a great summer of balance!
Mary Ann

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KELLIEBEAN 6/13/2013 9:05AM

    That is great you have the family involved. My kids are adults and do 5Ks with me sometimes. DH, not so much. He's my motorcycle riding buddy, sometimes a leisurely bicycle ride with me and that's the extent of his activity.

No matter, I'm working on becoming a stronger runner. Just signed up for my first 10k in November.

Thanks for the inspriation! Great pics!

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ROXYZMOM 6/13/2013 7:52AM

    Too cool! You are going to do great! You should use that last pic as your profile pic! Your grin says it all...Priceless!

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NUOVAELLE 6/13/2013 2:19AM

    You're awesome, my family fitness motivator! Oh, how much I wish I could follow your example! And yes, you've been doing a great job in keeping balance to your life! And I'm sure you'll enjoy your summer, you'll get all the family to have a physically active vacation and you'll all make unforgettable memories together.
emoticon emoticon emoticon
PS. I vote for this last picture to become your new profile pic. I love the happiness on your face! And those little locks of curly hair which have escaped the helmet are shouting out, too: We're happy!

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MYLADY4 6/12/2013 5:26PM

    that's awesome, especially that the hubby does it with you. I had my hubby ride 42 with me in LaCrosse. To this day I never hear the end of it and if how his tushy hurt. You should definitely be able to find the balance.

Now if it would just stop raining you could get out there more.

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OJIBWEEQUAY 6/12/2013 3:49PM

    Love it runner! you got this 50 miles??????????? emoticon
you are too cute! LOVE!

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MICHSTATE 6/12/2013 1:10PM

    Awesome!!!! I just went to spectate my friends at a triathlon last weekend.... I never wanted to do a tri....but they did seem to have a lot of fun, so never say never, they might still convince me!!!!:-)

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CARADAWN 6/12/2013 1:06PM

    I have a feeling this will be me this summer! I LOVE to run and am training for my first Tri in two weeks. My husband has been doing them for a couple of years so I decided to tag along this season but I don't think I'll cut back enough on my running or focus on my swimming as much as I should. At least we are getting out there and staying active..who cares what they say you are "supposed to do" emoticon

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PINKBEANBOO 6/12/2013 12:49PM

    You are going to enjoy this summer & improve your tri times. emoticon

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FIT_FOR_LIFE85 6/12/2013 11:47AM

    You're an amazing mama and an inspiring athlete! Enjoy your summer vacation and your training! I know you'll find the best in everything you do! emoticon

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GINGERHAWK 6/12/2013 10:58AM

    You are an AWESOME mama! It sounds like you have a great training plan mapped out and the right attitude to go with it. Balance takes practice but if you can strike the right one, it's so worth it. The Gateway Trail looks absolutely beautiful - what a wonderful family day for all!

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WORTHEYMOM 6/12/2013 10:25AM

    love, love, love!! I am trying to find balance too! over did it my first few years - racing every weekend - not happy family - so totally understand! You will do super!! Keep us posted!

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PMRUNNER 6/12/2013 9:50AM

    Awesome! I love getting the kids involved in outdoor/fitness activities! Keep it up!

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ELISAJANE57 6/12/2013 9:47AM

    You are emoticon ! I need to find a way to get DH to be active with me and do those kinds of things with me and the kids.

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HM #6: the horrible one

Monday, June 03, 2013

I should just leave it at that. I finished. That's it.

But, really, how fun is that? Let me whine for awhile about how miserable 13.1 miles can be.

Quick backstory: The Minneapolis Half is part of The Team Ortho Series. Great organization that is known for their gear and fun races. They offer a package deal that is basically 4 HMs for less than the price of 3. Sign me up! Well, because of my schedule there were only 3 I wanted to do and I added in this one.
A friend said she would buy the bib, but then realized she had a conflict. I thought, what the heck? I'll do it!

I followed no training plan. End of the school year packing and wrap-ups had left me with little thought about this race. My head was not in the game.

And then me and the kids got sick. Hacking coughs that led to poor sleep all week. I ran 6 on Wednesday and I felt great, so I wasn't worried. My body felt fine, but the cough was getting annoying and painful. Then I spent Saturday in Urgent Care with my daughter. Ear infection. My own hacking continued to get worse. I thought about skipping the race all together, but once DD took the antibiotics she was fine and my sister came over for a babysitting slumber party and promised me they'd be fine.

Race morning: very very cold for June, but perfect weather for a run. I didn't feel horrible so I thought I could go for it. Silly me.
A goal: 1:49
B goal: 1:52

I started in my normal spot, right in front of the 2 hour pacer. DH reminded me that this was not an "A race" and to just have fun. We were in a beautiful park in Minneapolis and I was excited to run a new route. The first mile was fine. I didn't feel good, my lungs already hurt a little, but whatever.
mile 1: 8:32 a little faster than I wanted to be with a warm up, but we were on a long, even, straight road = quick pace
and that road continued so
mile 2 & 3 dipped to 7:50s. My legs felt fine and they were just moving. It was my chest, lungs, throat, hacking cough that were killing me. But I foolishly thought that I could handle it for 13 point 1 freaking miles. I thought I could power through and reminded myself that the faster I ran, the faster I'd be done. Good idea, in theory.

At mile 4 there was the 1st medical tent and I contemplated walking off. This feels horrible. I am having no fun whatsoever. I don't need this race. f*&^ it.
But then I thought about the medal and I wanted that sucker. I thought about the logistics of getting to the finish line and finding DH and telling him I gave up. I am not a quitter. I'm stronger (or stupider) than that.

mile 5: 8:07 and I am right with the 1:50 pacer. What?! How am I doing this when I feel so horrible? Maybe I should slow down. Yeah, slow down. And I told myself to take a GU. That was my plan. But I couldn't. The thought made me want to puke. So I kept running and forced myself not to cry. It hurt to breathe.

mile 6: made myself pull over to the right after a water station and take a GU. I wasn't even walking. I came to a complete stand still, closed my eyes, and gave myself a pep talk.

mile 7: 8:36 This sucks. This sucks. This sucks. I love racing! And this totally sucks. The race started at 6:30 so there was minimal crowd support. I wasn't high fiving kids. I didn't have the energy to chat with other runners. I was miserable. We were running down more straightaways. Very few hills. People were passing me left and right. And I didn't even care. I couldn't look for girls in cute outfits to pick off like I normally do. I couldn't go to my positive zen running makes everything in life manageable place. Things were not good. And then they got worse.

mile 8: 8:47 noooo! I started to walk. No offense to Gallowayers. This is only my personal rule for racing. No walking. It will only take me longer to get to the finish line. And once I start to walk it is super hard to get going again. Come on. Run. Make up a C goal. It's called FINISH the flippin race.

Mile 9 &10: I don't even want to talk about it.

Mile 11: Hallelujah for mile 11. Suddenly I heard a band, like a real high school marching band. My spirits lifted. And then I saw them. And they were adorable! On top of a huge hill that we rounded and ran down. yipeeeee! I waved like a wild woman and grinned down the hill. I'm back. Let's go. And luckily for me the course then took us through some of the prettiest places in Minneapolis. Running over the Stone Arch Bridge was breathtaking. The Mississippi as far as you can see on both sides. I stretched my arms out and pretended I could feel the spray.

Mile 12: 8:59 and I didn't even care. I was running down St. Anthony Main on a cobblestone road. It hurt but I was going to finish.

Mile 13.1 This was the first race that I didn't sprint down the finisher's chute. I was doing everything I could not to cough up a lung. I saw DH waiting for me and, unfortunately, I couldn't even smile.

1:54:15 8:42 pace
Not what I wanted, but not so bad either. I got the medal. I get to wear the cute Finisher tee with pride.

If I had started slower, would I have had a better second half?I don't think so. My legs aren't even sore today. But who knows? Maybe I should have toughed it out and stuck with the 1:50 pacer. I've never run with a pacer before, maybe the energy would have carried me along. But probably not? Ahhhh, the mind games we can play with ourselves...

What I do know is that I powered through. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't fun. It wasn't a powerful, meaningful, positive racing experience. And that's OK. That can't all be PRs. Running isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Of course, I think I would've PRed had I been healthy. This was a speedy course. So you know what that means: I'm running it next year! And I will look back and remember how I powered through a horrible, no good, very bad run.

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FROSTIERACES 7/30/2013 1:29AM

    I love your determination even when it's really really tough! You kept fighting thru it. You're really strong. Give yourself earned it!! I too would love your race times. I'm not a fast runner at all. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and have ran in many of the Team Ortho races times and difficult moments as well. Keep up the great work amazing runnergirl!!

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OPTIMIST1948 6/7/2013 6:16AM

    What can you say? You powered through and got out there. (now I feel all woosy for begging off a run because its raaaaiiiinnninnnggg.....)

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LISAINMS 6/5/2013 10:20PM

    Oh man I hate when I feel like crap and a race is just sucking. You did exactly what I do... focus on the medal and the fact that you're not a quitter. I may miss my goal, I may walk and whine, but I will finish. I don't think it would have made any difference if you had started slower. You weren't far off your goal either! I would mark this one as an A for next year.

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RUNNERRACHEL 6/4/2013 11:09PM

    I'm sorry this race was not as enjoyable as you normally have but YOU FINISHED! That is amazing, impressive, extraordinary! With the week you had and how sick you were, the fact that you ran and finished is supernatural! Also, you had no one cheering for you until the end. We need the energy from the supporters. I'm glad they were there for you at the end and it sounds beautiful!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WORTHEYMOM 6/4/2013 1:12PM

    You are freaking amazing! To just even show up when you are not feeling well and then be able to push through and run what you did sweetheart. You should be proud of yourself! I dream of one day in my life to be able to run in under 2 1/2 hrs - so I would love your Sick HM time! LOL - congrats girl - glad you were able to push through it and finish!

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    First, love that photo.
I'm a big fan of the team ortho races (did the Get Lucky and Monster Dash in Chicago, didn't know about the discount you got!)
I love this recap because if a race doesn't go my way, i get so mad but there is a silver lining to all of it. I think you did amazing and I bet in the next one the A goal will be blasted through. :D

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    I should not be surprised that it's my first time back to SP in too long and I'm immediately met with a blog by you that inspires me to push past my own excuses. I'm struggling with similar respiratory issues and was contemplating skipping out of my 6-miler tonight, but I think I'll be like you and just push through. :)
Your time/pace would totally impress me even if you hadn't been so sick. You are amazing!
I do hope that you recover this week and that your summer is filled with runs that you love!

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ELISAJANE57 6/4/2013 9:58AM

    I have had runs like that too. The point is that you finished and it sounds like you still had still did pretty good despite being sick. emoticon

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MBSHAZZER 6/4/2013 9:33AM

    Awww, sorry you had a tough race. It happens. A few years ago, I ran a half marathon in hot, humid conditions about a week after giving blood. I figured, almost a week has gone by, how bad could it be? BAD! Wow, that was tough.

Not every race is going to be fast or easy or some combination. But the good thing is to stick with it and finish if you can, and be smart enough to pull the plug if you have to.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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NUOVAELLE 6/4/2013 1:51AM

    Fighting through. Never quitting. Rethink. Regroup. Re-evaluate your goals. Make a new one. Keep on keeping on! And get to that finishing line no matter what!
I'm not a runner and I can't get the feeling or all these time differences between races. But I find your blog absolutely inspiring! Because the runner's mentality, the one of keeping your eyes on the prize and doing your best to getting to the end, is the one that we should adopt with all our goals.
Thanks for the inspiration, Sparkfriend! And congratulations!

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ROXYZMOM 6/3/2013 11:25PM

    My goal in life is to beat 2 hours - you did great! But, I know what you mean. That happened to me at the last Disneyworld HM. My whole left leg hurt so bad and I wasn't enjoying the race - and it was Disney! That's when I decided to take a break and find out what was wrong with my leg. And I know what you mean about walking to - I feel the same way.

But you did great and you hung in there. Sort of a metaphor for challenges in life that we don't want to do, but sometimes have to - then we are better off because we did.


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GRANDMAPATTYV 6/3/2013 10:07PM

    I also agree with no walking - I feel once I start walking it will become a run walk - Not what I want!! emoticon You Did GREAT!!!

Feel Better!! - Patty

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JEREMY723 6/3/2013 9:20PM

    Personally, I think 1:54 is a pretty good time! Sorry that you didn't enjoy it more, or at least some!

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OJIBWEEQUAY 6/3/2013 9:06PM

    I agree with no walking!!!!!!!!!!! Go you momma gettin out there even when you feel poopy! emoticon

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PINKBEANBOO 6/3/2013 8:20PM

    I was expecting to see your time was over 2 hrs - but you were only 2 minutes off your B goal! That is wonderful considering you were SICK. I think you must have felt worse than your time tells because I can you are disappointed. I hope that shirt & medal will remind you of what you learned from this race.

PS: If it is any consolation, your sick HM time would whip the pants off most of us Sparkers.

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HM #5: Lake Minnetonka hills

Monday, May 06, 2013

"You don't get better at running hills by walking them."

I saw this on Facebook a few weeks ago and used the line often. My running has not felt great since HM #4 7 weeks ago. I won't bore you with excuses. I've struggled through a fair amount of runs and have taken far more walk breaks than normal. But not on the hills. One day I even said it aloud as a trugged up that hill. whatever it takes.

I was getting very nervous about this race. Maybe DH is right and I do this to myself. I woke up Saturday morning and felt crappy. Cold, runny nose, yuck. I decided to skip an easy swim for the day and rest. Well, cold meds kicked in and I started to feel better, got some energy from packet pick-up and next thing I know I'm painting the living room. Seriously. I don't know what's wrong with me!

Felt better, but not perfect, when I woke up Sunday: race day. Took some cold medicine and started to get pumped for the race. I love racing! Immediately I went into a good mental space telling myself of what a great race it was going to be. I went back and read last year's Spark blog about this same race. It gave me another boost. Last year's time was 1:54 so the obvious plan was to beat that. Last month was 1:51:28. Of course I wanted to beat that too, but I knew it would be tough because of how hilly this course was.

I lined up right in front of the 2:00 pacer. I started slow. The first hill hits you before you're even at mile 1! youch!!! Lean in to it. use your arms. drive knees up. maintain pace. work it! And that's basically what I did for the next 13 miles.

I don't think I've ever been so focused in a race. I pushed myself. And then I pushed myself some more. And when I wanted to slow down, I kept pushing. This was mental. An intense mental battle. And Spark, you help at moments like this. I wonder, what do you want to write in a blog? Thank you for keeping me positive and inspired.

I wasn't so in the zone that I missed the fun. I high fived as many kids as I could. I gave my prayer of thanks for health at every bridge. This course is stunningly beautiful and I soaked it in. Even on a cold, windy, gray morning where the green bursts of Spring have not yet made their appearance.

The hills kept coming. And I kept attacking.

I saw the 1:55 pacer around mile 3, but didn't rush myself. Reminded to run my own race, which is a sign I'm growing as a runner. I know I would've immediately sped up to pass them a year ago.
I finally did pass them between 5 and 6. I felt really good until this point. Took a GU and actually felt more energy. Took a second GU at 9.5 which is more than I usually do but i wanted to experiment. I think it was a good choice.

Like the last HM, my legs were done at mile 10. But this time, I told my legs, "too bad. Pick up the pace." Mind over matter.

There were 2 guys, both in gold shirts, that kept trading places with me and I just wanted to lose them. I pushed and then we turned onto a trail at mile 11. 1.5 miles on gravel road. Not that big of a deal, but kinda a deal. My pace slowed. The golden boys passed. They even ran on either side of me and then came back together, essentially cutting me off. Oh, no, you didn't!!! Now I'm pissed. I waited a few seconds and blew past them.

At mile 12.5 we turn back onto the road and I feel like I'm flying. And who comes right up beside me??! I look at them and say, "Ok, we've been trading places for miles. Let's go!" They both smiled and we all picked up the pace. They faded for a teeny bit, let me think that I lost them, and then as I'm running into the finisher's chute, one of them tries to pass me. Again! oh h$llllll no! I have never sprinted like that in my life. Beat him by a second and we high fived at the finish. After getting my pretty medal I walked over and thanked them for pushing me. What a fun race. They laughed and said ditto.

Clock said 1:54 at finish so I was thrilled. Knew I beat last year's time, but didn't know by how much. Chip time is 1:51:06. yes! yes! yes! It's not the 1:49 that was my original goal. but! It's 22 seconds faster than the last one. On a much, much more difficult course.

I proved a lot to myself on the course. I have more mental strength and tenacity than I thought. Man, I love racing.

We were all spent and it was not easy to climb those suckers for a podium shot. (I'm on the right) And I am so very sore today and know it'll be worse tomorrow. I chafed fairly badly for the first time. holy pain! all worth it.

When I got home my daughter said, "Mama, you were fast and strong?"
"Yep. And I had a blast."
"That's most important, right?"

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Oh, how I've missed you and your blogs! I wish you would have gotten a picture with the golden boys. That would've been a fun one. Great race, my friend!

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    Wow! Congrats on the PR and getting it done on a hilly course - very inspiring!

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CAVEPRINCESS65 5/15/2013 9:11PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon job as always!!

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CRYSBROWN1 5/15/2013 7:00PM

    WOW...your finish time was incredible! You did really well and with HILLS that mean you did REALLY well!

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WINDSURFNERD 5/12/2013 11:56PM

    Wow, what a fantastic blog!! And what a great race, it sounds so challenging an beautiful...and how it brought out that fierce competitor's strength and speed in you, WOW!! Congratulations on your podium finish and running a terrific race!!

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OPTIMIST1948 5/12/2013 8:52PM

    I love reading race reports. They are always so inspiring! I have some nerves about doing my first HM in sept. This makes me feel like its possible.

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SUGIRL06 5/9/2013 9:45PM

    Congrats on a great race!

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NUOVAELLE 5/8/2013 7:20AM

    I loved reading your blog! And I loved the hills' quote! Definitely true not only for runners but for everyone.
Fast, strong, and you had a blast. I'm so happy for you!

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LISAINMS 5/7/2013 2:49PM

    Whoop whoooop! Loved reading this blog. It is all mental in the longer races. And I, too, appreciate the hills for what they do for me. I am a much stronger runner and cyclist because I don't quit on the hills. Way to go on a new PR!!

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WORTHEYMOM 5/7/2013 12:26PM

    goosebumps!! amazing job girl! Those gold shirts do make it more fun! Keep inspiring us all!

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PINKBEANBOO 5/7/2013 11:45AM

    How awesome is that!!!
When you are racing you think about how people like those gold shirt guys tick you off but in the end they can be a huge help.
I'm proud of you for eating those hills for breakfast!

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GINGERHAWK 5/7/2013 11:08AM

    I am SO freaking happy for you! You make women proud everywhere, thanks for representing us so well time and time again! You rock!

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FIT_FOR_LIFE85 5/6/2013 11:12PM

    Love, love, love this blog! I always enjoy reading your race blogs but this one was exceptionally inspirational and moved me to tears (maybe it was your sweet daughter's comment- you raise her well)! I love the "Be a Hill Seeker" quote too! Way to go! Amazing as always! emoticon

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RUNNERRACHEL 5/6/2013 11:00PM

    Wow, love this blog! You describe it so well.
I felt I was there with you! Awesome job! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MICHSTATE 5/6/2013 10:37PM

    Awesome job!!!!!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
OJIBWEEQUAY 5/6/2013 10:06PM

    emoticon yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job friend!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
REDRUNNERMOM713 5/6/2013 9:36PM

    Awesome blog! I am so proud of you for pushing through. Getting over the mental is the hardest part I'm learning. You did awesome!! Way to go girlie! emoticon

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April stats & May goals

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April was a great month. I admitted that I needed to focus on nutrition. I don't track calories, but I did mark on my calendar everyday how I did with food. During day and after dinner. 2 goals everyday. I took 2 or even 3 rest days every week. And it worked. I am finally back to my happy weight. 0.5 away from my low before Christmas. With continued focus, I know I'll get there this month.

Of course this doesn't mean I slacked on fitness. I love working out way too much to do that!
91 running miles for the month
10 bike miles: My first outdoor ride of the season! Felt so good. But, man, was my butt sore!
3 swim miles: met my goal of getting in the pool more than once a month

emoticon This Sunday I'm running the Lake Minnetonka HM. I ran it last year and loved the scenic, hilly course. I used it as a marathon training run. At the time 13 seemed short. ha! How mileage is relative. 13 sounds very very far right now. And hills sound very very awful. I have only run my typical hills run once this Spring. because it hasn't really been Spring yet so a hills run is icy and dangerous. And snow is forecasted for tonight. Happy May Day MN! done with my weather rant.

I do not feel ready for this race. DH says that I say this before every race. But seriously, I do not feel ready for this race.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
On this course, last year I ran a 1:54 which is 8:42 pace
Last month I ran a 1:51. An 8:28 pace.
My original goal for this race was 1:49. 8:19s. ummmmm, don't think my legs have that in em right now.
My last few long runs have not gone that well and it's gotten to me mentally. On top of that, while planning my training schedule I read lots of stuff about how to get a sub 4 hour marathon. "They" say you should be able to run a sub 1:50 HM to get the sub 4. I know everyone is different and that courses vary a lot. But I want that 1:49. Running is such a mental game. marathon training will go better with a 1:49 in me. Am I focusing on pace and times too much? Maybe. But it's also motivating me, so maybe not.

The good news is that I'm registered for 2 more HMs this summer. That takes the pressure off of this weekend. And after this race I can think about the rest of my May goals...

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RYDERB 5/2/2013 10:37PM

    Congratulations on your April success! emoticon
Good luck with your race this weekend!
emoticon emoticon

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JOYFULSPIRIT920 5/2/2013 7:33AM

    I have confidence in you. You can do it!!

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NUOVAELLE 5/2/2013 1:44AM

    Great job on the nutrition! I'm glad you're back to your happy weight.
As for the races, I'm not a runner to be able to give you advice but I think that you should focus on each one ahead of you and do your best. I'm sure it will be more than enough.
I'll send you lots of warm and sunny vibes! We have the opposite "problem" here. An early summer! It's unbelievably hot for this time of the year! So, I'll try to send some good weather your way!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
In case I haven't told you recently, you're always one of my main fitness inspirations!
Good luck on Sunday!

Comment edited on: 5/2/2013 1:45:15 AM

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LORI-K 5/1/2013 10:17PM

    You're awesome!! You had a great month of April!
Good luck at your race this weekend! Enjoy the scenery and have a great run!!

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LISAINMS 5/1/2013 9:34PM

    Have a great race and enjoy that scenary! I think you are right on with your 2-3 rest days = better weight loss.

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OPTIMIST1948 5/1/2013 8:27PM

    Go away snow! In NY we've had some good weatehr but I know what you are saying - sometimes you NEVER feel ready. Spend less time worrying about the hills and focus on the beautiful scenery.

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PINKBEANBOO 5/1/2013 4:29PM

    I want every race to be a PR, so far so good, but sooner or later that is going to stop. I hope it doesn't stop for you this weekend! Fingers crossed because I know what the excitement will do for you mentally.

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WORTHEYMOM 5/1/2013 3:20PM

    snow snow go away - crazy weather! sounds like April went well and hoping for a great May for you! good luck at your next HM - remember to enjoy it!

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MICHSTATE 5/1/2013 1:48PM

    Good luck!!!!!
I have a 25K race on Mother's Day weekend that I always have PRed so far, but its getting harder!!!! I am not so sure about this year!!!! I don't feel as "fast" so far this year, but I will see!!!:-)

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planning for marathon #2

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On June 16, 2012 I ran Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. The 26.2 miles were obviously a big deal, but the training was the real challenge. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I knew I wanted to do it again. I also knew I needed to wait a bit. Training is a HUGE time commitment. The affects it had on my family, social & work life were not what I expected.

I've put a lot of thought and effort into planning the next. I've finished my race schedule for this season and finally have all training mapped out. Such a cute little coincidence: I begin training for Twin Cities Marathon on June 16, 2013. exactly one year, awwww...

What I'm excited for:
emoticon The challenge, working towards a goal.
emoticonThe schedule, I love checking off training runs.
emoticonSpeedwork. Last time I focused on the miles. This time I'm adding in some track workouts. Hurts so good!
emoticonTwo 20 milers! One of them is a race.
emoticonThe unknown. Marathon training is such a journey and I am eager to see where this one takes me mentally.
emoticonThe running community. I know some people that will also be training. It'll be fun to get to know them better like runners do while putting in the miles.
emoticonThe actual race. I live in this neighborhood. I have run most miles of the course. I was a cow bell ringing, screaming girl at this race many a times. To actually RUN it, well, that's too much for words. My family, friends, co-workers and neighbors will be at this one. That's a lot different than traveling for a race.

What makes me nervous:
emoticon training in the summer. I am not a hot weather runner. I may have to get up at 4 to get in some long runs in July & August.
emoticonTime expectations. The first time you run a new distance: automatic PR! The next time, you generally want to beat that. I don't want to cross the finish line and have any feelings of disappointment. Sub 4 is the goal.
emoticonTwin Cities course is tougher than Grandma's.
emoticonthe time training takes, the complete exhaustion after long runs

Clearly the good outweigh the bad. When I finished my little training chart I was giddy. I want to start NOW! Luckily I have some other fun stuff to keep me busy.

emoticon May 5 is a Half Marathon.
emoticon Being the seasonal triathlete that I am, I've just started swimming again regularly. And I love love love it.
emoticon Tomorrow I'm going on a group ride. I haven't been on a bike since December. Time to go find those flattering padded butt shorts!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PINKBEANBOO 4/29/2013 4:51PM


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HEALTHYL1 4/28/2013 8:33PM

    Very exciting!

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RUNNERRACHEL 4/28/2013 2:15PM

    Excited for you! Training and races are life changing. Your commitment is apparent, as well as your enjoyment. emoticon emoticon

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MICHSTATE 4/28/2013 12:23AM

    Sounds awesome!!!!

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OPTIMIST1948 4/27/2013 3:43PM

    Sounds planned and doable. I am looking forward to hearing more about your progress as the season ....progresses.

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CRYSBROWN1 4/27/2013 11:00AM

    Hooray for your new challenge! As I embark on marathon number one I SO understand what you mean about the things that you mentioned that you perhaps did not anticipate the first time. The wonderful thing is that you KNOW what to expect so now you can handle things even better and you are certainly well equipped to PR too! Cannot wait to follow your training plan!

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WINDSURFNERD 4/27/2013 10:12AM

    Woo hoo!! Congratultions!! It sounds like an exciting race and very personal for you, I'm sure you will do well. I enjoyed adding speedwork to my 2nd HM training as I discovered other aspects of myself that long runs don't uncover.

Go rock that HM on May 5th!!

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HLTHYRNRMOM 4/27/2013 9:55AM

    Awesome! Can't wait to talk about training! I know what you mean.. the temps here in Texas are getting miserable & it's only April.. Why did I sign up for a Fall Marathon. LOL.

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JICASMOM 4/27/2013 9:22AM

    I'm excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!!!

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