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No More "Ologists" For Me!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, gynecologist, etc etc...I've been collecting ologists like they were going out of style recently. But with all the positive changes and SP support I am fairly sure that I will be out of the Ologist business before I know it!

This is a sure way to a path to improved health - we have all made a great decision to take this path!

Check back in a few months and I just suspect that the appointments to Ologists will be down to a trickle if not a thing of the past!

How about you?


Cardiologist and Biopsy Week

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well today is cardiology appointment and shortly thereafter follows the fine needle aspiration biopsy of 'the largest' of my 4 thyroid nodules. What a week! Bit apprehensive about all this -- you know how I expected the brain MRI to be a formality and then the verdict came back stroke 2 weeks ago. Joy! I thought the point of the test was to rule out stroke. Instead they ruled it in. Yikes! This is why there are Docs to see for 2nd opinion, right?

So I'm committed to 2 hot yoga classes and 10k steps per day regardless of what I'm told by the cardiologist -- pretty sure my heart is fine. (Of course that's what I thought about my brain - oops!)

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1BEACHWALKER 2/21/2011 4:48PM

    I have thyroid nodules too. That is terrible you had a stroke - how are things going? I like to skip through new friends blogs just to get to know them a bit and saw this one. Hope all worked out for you!

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The Office as Gym

Monday, November 29, 2010

After all the pumped up exercise over the holiday weekend I dreaded a bit needing to ramp back as I return to the grind of fulltime work in an office setting (sitting on my butt most of the day). Then it occurred to me that the facility I work in is HUGE and if I just took a walking tour around the building once or twice a day at a good clip, I might just rack up some decent pedometer steps. With pedometer discretely lodged in my bra (who knew?) I went awalking...10 minutes later took a teeny gander down as I pulled out the pedometer in a hidden alcove and, viola (I work for a company based in Paris), 2771 steps! Hey - I think I have a new plan to ensure 10k steps on days where I plan to take 2 yoga classes after dinner.

Ta Da!


Bitten by the Bikram Bug

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm sold...took my first hot yoga class today. Well, um, make that I took my third hot yoga class today. You see, I liked it so well after the first class that I took 3 in a row! Now granted the advertised 700 calories burnt per hour seemed to be a bit overinflated. BUT I FELT GREAT - it really is addicting. Now we'll see how this goes longer term, but I figure that I can take at least one class per day for this week and count that a streak.

I should admit that I am a member of the frugal SparkTeam and so at the moment I am limited to 9 more days at this hot yoga studio (since I have pre-paid 2 year membership at 24hr Fitness and already take 4 classes per week there as part of my membership, it seems, well, wasteful to buy another membership to a new gym just because I can sweat more during yoga). Are you with me here? But it is tempting....

Best yet, my daughter and a friend of mine also got ten day complimentary passes beginning today, so I'm hoping we'll all be able to partake in this little bit of sweaty heaven together for at least a little bit longer.

Sweating buckets didn't really happen either. Sweat, yes, but actually pretty reasonably so. I'd say lots of thimbles. Wouldn't plan on going anywhere afterward except to the shower though.

Stretches and flexibility are sooooo much improved in the heat. LOVED IT!! Did I mention - it could become addicting!

Who else out there likes hot yoga??


Thinking Bikram...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, call me crazy but when meandering through the booths at the Turkey Trot the other day I ran across a hot yoga group promoting their classes. They claim up to 700 calories per hour burned...Whoa that's beyond tempting to someone focused on weight loss and determined not to plateau. So....I set an appointment to call them this morning and I'm planning to take my first class tomorrow morning.

And then after regular yoga this morning headed over to Trader Joe's to buy mega quantities of electrolyte water as I understand that folks leaving Bikram (hot) yoga look like they've just climbed out of a swimming pool (of their own sweat). Tempting, eh?

Stay tuned!!!


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