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Pelvic Ultrasound and Mammogram Today - Yippee!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, if I haven't had enough prodding and probing in the last couple of months! Hoping this is the end of it - a double whammy of back to back mammography followed by pelvic ultrasound.

I've been feeling a sharp pain when I sneeze for about a year and finally chose to mention to my Doc. She ordered the pelvic ultrasound thinking it may be some kind of ovarian issue. Oh Joy!

I'm struggling to find the prep sheet I recall reading when the appt. was booked a month or so ago...I think I recall the need to ingest a few gallons of water and not 'evacuate' it just prior to the procedure. Sounds ever so uncomfortable.

Good news is it will be over quickly (or so they promised) when I pee on the floor next to the ultrasound?

emoticon emoticon

Of course tomorrow is a super busy day at work with back to back meetings all day long and a tight deadline that needs to be met before I leave to get the tests. Promises to be another interesting day! Could struggle to get in the 10k steps -- but I won't break the unbroken streak!! Where there's a will there is a way!


Two Months on SP as of 17th

Wednesday, January 19, 2011's been 2 months now. I noticed that there is no 2 month badge/award - only 1 month and 3 months...but 2 months was a milestone as I reached 15 pounds lost - Woo Hoo! (okay, I know I've mentioned this before).

It's really great to be part of such a great organization...I really enjoy the camaraderie and fabulous team spirit. I got to thinking today at work how wonderful it would be if we all felt the same sense of shared purpose and goal-orientation there as we do on SP.

Kind of strange that within SP it is so easy to connect with people as we really do all have the same agenda - improved help and supportive network. At work I often wonder if agendas are in conflict, or worse, I don't have to wonder because the politics are all too blatant.

SP is a respite from the larger world - a place with pure intent and good kind hearted people. If only we could Spark the rest of society...we can sure try! Perhaps we can each find a Pat like Spark Chris did and keep it paying forward?


Singing Bowls

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I just can't say enough about singing bowls. There is one hot yoga instructor who has a set of these and they resonate with the body in a frequency that really makes it seem like you are part of a connected universe in an undeniable way. It is such an amazing feeling when they are is almost like the ringing sounds created by rubbing water over a wine glass...same motion but the sound is much richer as the bowls are large.

Anyway, I'm interested to read more about the origin of these and whether others are so moved by them.

It's almost a mystical hypnotic experience. But wonderful!


Sharing Goals So Important!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hitting 15# of weight loss was such a great mental boost for me this past weekend...and it made me reflect (again) on what a great program this is. Because I set goals and can track them I am all the more interested in committing to keeping my promises to myself and to all the teammates on my various teams.

It's just incredible having like-minded buddies across the globe on the same mission as me who can relate to the journey because they are on a similar path themselves. It is so powerful how a simple email of encouragement can keep my momentum going!

Thanks to all of you for helping me! I remember when I first joined (and really had no idea what a precious gem I had just struck) and entered my goal weight how neat I thought it was when the website came back with a calculated date for when I would hit my goal. I hadn't considered this at all - and it made it all so tangible. That was really when I decided, "Yes, I can do this!". Now when I watch the line vs my progress I can gauge whether I'm on track or's just so wonderful.

Did I mention that emoticon?? Well, I really do love SparkPeople - and I mean that - the Spark Spark Friends who have helped get me here...and who I know will stick by me to the finish. Just like I will most definitely stick with them!


Milestone Met - 15# Weight Loss!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The scale Gods smiled on me today - when I really didn't expect it! It was sooner than I would have thought -- I met the 15# loss mark today and, boy, did that feel good! A big Woo Hoo!!

Had been a little bummed when I noticed that my rate of loss was veering off of the slope graphed for me by SP when I set my original goal...33# lost by Feb 24th. I had been tracking really consistently until a week or so ago when things seemed to slow a bit. But I persevered and didn't take the temptation to cut back further on my daily calories (my natural tendency) and it seems to have paid dividends.

I'm already looking forward to 20# mark - knowing that slow and steady wins the race and setbacks may naturally occur. I've noticed monthly cycles do wreak havoc - and now I'm prepared for that when it next hits. But I do think this program is working and goals can be achieved with all the support from the community -- thank you fabulous Spark Friends!

Here's to everyone else having a successful first month of 2011 in reaching your personal goals!! 2011 is going to be a great year!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon



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