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Wow! What A Night!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh what a night! I had predicted a nail biter of a photo finish for hitting the group volume sales goals for my Beauty Society business this month. I needed to hit a group volume of $6000 for the month and turn my Might Jane into a 2 Star Diva by having her pull a rabbit out of a hat last night to hit $2500 in team of yesterday morning it was looking grim. Jane had 4 confirmed attendees to her party and two of them were husbands of the ladies. Not good. I was stressing as I knew I needed to count on her to hit my own goal.

Also my Miracle Diva flaked on me Thursday night and was a no show for her own launch! Again! the 4th time! Ahhhhhh!

Anyway, it all ended better than well...Jane's party ended up with 15 attendees and total sales were well over $2000 so she far exceeded her goal and is now a 2 Star Diva! And...we still have another party planned today...the last day of the month!! This is the event we thought we would be down to the wire it is simply icing on the cake!

And I can rest easy knowing that I am going to a fun Soroptimist event and won't need to be concerned that the party needed my assistance in closing last minute sales I couldn't be there this is another Filipino group and I have seen their behaviour...never ever on time to parties....and I have a hard stop at 430pm this afternoon as I need to leave for the Soroptimist event...I doubt the party willbe ended by then...meaning orders won't have yet been placed...and if I had missed goal by a tiny amount I'd be kicking myself.

But now...goal well met. The team really came through...I am so proud of them. They really really proved what can be done when people work together. The best thing is we all had A TON of fun....the guests LOVED the products and we made people happy! I love Beauty Society...

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Miracle Diva Launch

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tonight marks the launch of my Miracle Diva as I have dubbed her...April was in a devastating accident when she was 19. Previously a point ballet dancer and I am sure a very bright girl with a promising future, this horrific car accident sent her flying 150 feet away from the car she was in and into a coma for over a year. And into a wheelchair for over 5 years. After much physical and emotional and mental therapy she is now able to live on her own (with a lot of assistance). She belongs to my gym. I had never met her but another gym member brought her to one of my Beauty Society parties and she feel in love with the product - as most people do, I have to say!

And she decided that she wanted to sign up with me as a Diva. She is going to try her hand at being a distributor. I know it will be a struggle for her - as everything is. But the products really do sell themselves so it can't be impossible! She just has to get people to the point of coming to a free facial event. I have not found it difficult at all to attract people. But life is harder for April. After almost a month she is being launched tonight and so far has only found two people to attend - at my house - as she says hers is too messy. The 2 people are her fiancee's mom and grandma. Not too promising I have to admit. Surely there must be more people in the world who want to support her in this business venture. But I guess not.

I will do my best to support her and get her off on the right foot - I do wish her well. She has been through so much -- talk about a journey!!


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FROSTY99 6/28/2012 9:16PM

    Praying that tonite will give her the strength and courage to do this. If it comes together I am sure it will help her confidence.

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Photo Finish

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am here to go on record in predicting that this month my Mighty Jane's Team is going to be experiencing a photo finish...the team got out of the gate quickly in the beginning of the month but has faltered a bit since. No parties...not a lot of activity other than the launch party I did for one of them on Father's Day (remember the one that started 2 hours late? Grrr!)

Well now I have 3 parties scheduled for the next 3 days and one Diva piggy backing off of another and combining guests into one major Facial-Palozza at Jane's house - with me doing the presenting. The goal is to have her team reach total sales of $2500 for the month -- soo sooo doable -- but it will be a photo finish I am certain. And I don't like being down to the wire. It makes me nervous. And under pressure. And I have enough of that already in my life...

Why can't people plan!? Ugh!

My Miracle Diva called me a bit ago - at work - and tried to tell me she had to cancel her launch party - for the 4th time! - because her house was too messy! I told her - no way! Not again...bring your guests to my house - no excuses! I couldn't believe she agreed. I don't get the messy house thing as between the housekeepers and my husband my house is always spotless. So hopefully this will work and she'll get launched!

I am definitely a bit high strung over this whole thing. Planning people! OMG!

But I am also very goal oriented (as you all know! lol) so I am bound and determined to hit my next Star Launcher Bonus -- which requires Jane to be a 2 Star Diva and that is all that is separating me from my bonus -- so I will help that team if it's the last thing I do!! So help me God!!

But it surely will be a photo finish! Have to enter all orders into the computer by 5PM on Saturday to close out the month as I have an event for Soroptimists to attend that night - so I will be racing from that last party to the event.

Oh My!!

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TRAVELISMYGAME 6/28/2012 10:11AM

    Best of luck to you!

10k Leader

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CANDOK1260 6/28/2012 9:58AM


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FROSTY99 6/27/2012 9:17PM

    I'm not sure if I should say "Break a Leg" or "Don't Break a Leg!"
Wishing you success.

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Installed and Kayaked

Monday, June 25, 2012

Well it was a busy day yesterday as expected between the gym the kayaking and the installation...and then I also had some Earl Grey tea after the dinner and managed to not sleep so well. I had given up caffeine so religiously...not sure what I was thinking. It did taste good with honey and a bit of cream...I did do it up!

Now home from work and heading to my Body Pump class...Charlene, the instructor, is. My latest Diva...she just got her Diva kit and is very excited. I am excited to launch her as I think she is going to be wonderful! So excited to grow my team with quality people like her....but I am a bit nervous that since she is a personal trainer at the gym she may be targeting my customer...or potential customer...base at the gym. Hopefully not a fatal flaw to my business plan in bringing her in. I think not though...she is a real sweetheart and I have always liked her so I hope she will embrace the business and grow her own team. That would be marvelous! I would love to help her!

At the installation I also had a chance to talk to my friend who is an Arbonne executive and she made me feel all the better about aligning with Beauty Society. I feel better all the time about this move in my unexpected but such a great idea!

Okay so now I head to the gym to be motivated by Charlene and also to motivate her about her new business. Win-win that is for sure! We are having her launch party on Juky 13th...Friday the 13th...good thing I am not superstitious!


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FROSTY99 6/25/2012 10:12PM


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Kayaking and Installation

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well today is turning crazy busy...I started with a few hours at the gym and my usual routine then I swung by a friend's house to drop off some info to her on being a Beauty Society hostess for me...and I noticed she was walking toward the side walk from her house and it turned out that she was heading to the beach for a walk. I said, "I will join you!" and I did...we had a very nice chat and walk and it ended with a gorgeous view over Dana Point Harbor...gorgeous day and perfect experience. Then went to get some groceries and to have lunch and now we are headed out to do some ocean kayaking.

Then somehow I need to get back home to show in order to be ready for my installation as President Elect of my Soroptimist group...busy busy! Never a dull moment...that is certain!

This day proves one thing though...the best things in life are. is just such a simply unbelievably drop dead gorgeous day here in Southern California...perfect temperature and clear as could be! Loving life!! emoticon


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