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Back on Spark

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Finally! I am back on Spark and feeling inspired again. Internet has been sketchy the past few months but none the less I have tried to say healthy during that time. New goals starting now are to lose 30 pounds before December, buy a bikini and feel good about it :), drink more water, walk every day and remember to do something relaxing each day.

A couple updates since the last time I posted: my husband and I have remodeled our bathroom - all on our own and are very proud of the results (what a workout!), meeting and hanging out with new friends, and the most exciting: we bought a dog! She has been a great addition to our family and she helps motivate me everyday to get up and moving, first thing; regardless of how I feel she still wants and has to go for a walk so this has been helpful in setting a new fitness goal. Thanks Layla! :)

I am studying for my licensing exam as a marriage and family therapist which should be done this week. This has definately added stress to the daily life but overall know it will all work out and God doesn't put in front of us what we can't handle. Some days it's easier to give the advice and make suggestions for how people can be healthier in mind, body and spirit instead of taking it in myself.

Finally the new inspiration this year to reach my above goals is I am taking my husband to Vegas for his 30th birthday - if that's not motivation I don't know what will be! We're going with a couple who are also working hard at wellness and we're all encouraging each other - this truly does help when you have support from others doing it with you.

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SNUZSUZ 6/7/2011 11:28PM

    Welcome back! And it is easier when you have friends to support you:)

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finding motivation

Monday, July 26, 2010

finding motivation the last couple of weeks has been tough. I seem to always come up with an excuse not to get up and run or not make healthy food choices. arghhh. I have until 8/28 to get ready for the first of 2 5k's I am signed up for and I'm really starting to realize how soon that is! I am hoping with the events getting closer that will make me get up and go more......any ideas???


Reality check times a bazillion

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Okay so obviously I haven't been on SP much in the last two weeks, not at all for that matter. I got a true test of life getting in the way or trying to get in the way of my goals. It all started on over the holiday weekend. We visited friends for the weekend so needless to say the workouts didn't happen except for walking alot with their son during our activities. I tried my best to choice healthy food options when I had a chance to do so...even avoiding temptations at the Tigers game (okay everything but a "dome dog" couldn't resist that!). Definately drank enough water to float a boat it seemed like over that weekend! yikes!!!

Crazy busy two days at work and being a therapist having to make sure everyone has a plan for while I'm gone and what to do in a crisis etc. etc. not to mention seeing 30 plus hours of therapy in two days plus all the paperwork...exhausted to say the least.

Then it was off to my hometown for a long weekend to go to a college roommate's wedding - great wedding and good times had by all. It's amazing how when you're put back into situations with people how much you realize how you've changed and matured over the years. I truly appreciate my life and the people I have in it; geniune real people! So while home I had to indulge a few times on old time favorites that I can't get anywhere else but made up for it by doing one run and walking...could have done better but I was on vacation and home with the fam - not something I get to do often.

Then the whirlwind weekend came to an end with all the lovely delays of Chicago O'hare airport - again not always the best and healthiest options to choose from but tried none the less. GOt home to spend time with my hubby and just cherish time together :) Again totally and utterly appreciate the great people I have in my life.

Crazy couple of days at work once again..catching up on missed calls, making sure everyone is still sane and jumping full in once again. I love my job, I love my job.....honestly I usually do but we all have our days. I did manage to finally pull myself out of bed somewhat earlier this morning and get my butt outside again for a run. I can say that I missed it a little and felt good as I was running along singing in my head :) I'm still a little nervous for these two 5k's I'm suppose to do at the end of the summer as mentally I can't seem to get past the 2 mile hump yet...1 mile is not a problem but that 2 is still intimidating right now. I also realized I need to find a zumba class around grand rapids again soon - this has been the funnest exercise I've ever partaken in and miss it. anyone know of a good class in town??

Hoping to get out the next 4 days for a run to hopefully master the 2 mile again with pride...we'll see! I"m on-call starting today so for the next week I'll feel a little on edge never knowing if I'll have to leave right away and it's always a hastle to take the phone with while out and about trying to de-stress.

Other great thing my hubby and I did when I got home again is plan out our meals for the next two weeks - we just started doing this about a month ago and love it! First it helps when grocery shopping, also helps spice it up with different meals and when we get home from work and can't think of something to have we just check our chart and pick a meal we know we have the stuff to make; this also helps us stay at home instead of eating out as much - we are still realistic and put 2-3 times of going out on the chart to account for this but we would totally reccommend this idea to all!


next health/wellness tip

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few days behind but none the less....the second thing I took away from the health presentation is eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day with variety of color. The colors you want are blue/purple, green, white, red, yellow/orange

This has always been one of my struggles to incorporate fruits and veggies; I'm not a huge veggie person but love summer fruit varieties. I dont' get too wacky with my choices - stick to the basics......Any suggestions???

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ZENXB! 6/29/2010 10:30PM

    Tips: - grow your own, and be proud
- Pick something you have not tried from the farmers market this week. (We pick one item every week of the summer months.)
- Try a new recipe
- GET WACKY! You never know and you might be surprised!

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BARBARASDIET 6/29/2010 5:15PM

    I love raw peppers!

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beginning of the work week workouts

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

so far so good. Got up on Monday morning ready to hit the pavement and got 2 miles before work - felt pretty good all day. I can definately feel my body getting more use to running and my lungs don't hurt as much and I can jog further without stopping to walk; finally some success!

Had a light work today so I treated myself to good morning america this morning but told myself when I got home I had to go for my daily jog - and guess what I actually followed through. it's a gorgeous day here in GR and was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine and cool temps. This was the first time I had to run without my ipod b/c I forgot to charge it -'s amazing how music is my motivator and pace maker while I run - i was definately missing it today but the sunshine sort of made up for it :)

Working from home the rest of the day and prepping our kitchen for painting - our first DYI project to our house should be entertaining to say the least


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