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Beat my goal time

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I have a 4.1 mile route I have been struggling with since June, my goal has been to finish it in less than 50 minutes. My times have ranged from 51:06-54:56, that is until today *insert drum roll* 48:33. I am pretty pleased with myself. I know there were other factors that helped, cooler than usual temps and lower humidity levels, but I will count it as a victory just the same.

I know I am still not where I was 2 years ago, or even where I was before my impact injury in May, which had caused me to ditch my half marathon training, which was a bit ambitious after barely running in 2013, hitting only half the yearly distance that I had the previous 3 years. So an injury was inevitable.

My 10K training is going pretty good, I am pleased with my progress. My training plan is for a sub 65 min with 16 weeks of training, right now I am on week 4 and have plenty of time to improve. But to be honest my goal has always been to finish in 68 and my fastest in 2011 1:11:03 (71:03). If I am able to finish with a sub 65 that would be freaking awesome but 68 is still my goal.

Tomorrow my is supposed to be a rest day, but then again so was Monday and Wednesday, but ended up running both days. This weekend I have a 3.5 mile and a 5 mile run on the schedule, fresh legs would be nice though :)

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    Determination = Victory.

Way to Go!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Sharon emoticon

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GOLFGMA 8/29/2014 9:47AM

    Congrats on the lower finish! Your persistence has been wonderful and inspiring to me and , I'm sure, others. emoticon

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Running and scrapbooking

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday's run went much better. I ditched the pace based music. It really wasn't working for me, I felt like I was always trying to struggle with keeping up even at a 12 min/mi pace.

Training plan called for a 3 mile run plus strides, I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I have been struggling the past week with making through my runs without having to take walk breaks. I tried hard to keep my place slow and steady, I was able to finish my 3 miles without a walk break emoticon . But that is where the good news stops.

I didn't plan my route well, I am not sure what I was thinking. I didn't run far enough out on my route before turning around, which left me running up and the down road in front of my house to get my strides in. At that point I was frustrated and my legs were feeling like lead, so my 2 min slow recovery between my 20 sec strides I walked.

Enough about my running, in March I found a new hobby. I fell in love with digi scrapbooking and it has just snowballed. My latest project, while I don't remember to make my page every day, I started a running scrapbook. No it isn't full of selfies, although there are a few. I use screenshot of my runs from my running apps. Here are a couple of pages.

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FINDINGBOBBIE 8/28/2014 7:26AM

    Scrapbooking is way more fun than writing in my running journal. And it makes it a lot more interesting when I go back and read them when I review my runs.

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GOLFGMA 8/28/2014 6:35AM

    You are doing great and the scrap booking looks like fun too. Nice that you can combine two hobbbies . Love both the pages! emoticon

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ELRIDDICK 8/27/2014 7:00AM

  Thanks for sharing

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So much for a rest day

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day from running, but it was just too beautiful to stay inside. Drier air had moved in and there was a light breeze, no soggy air, perfect running weather.

I headed out with the intention of a very light run 12-12:30 pace for 3.4 miles, but my legs kept moving faster than what I wanted. I tried several times to slow down, but I was catching myself running too quickly again. Since my legs didn't want to cooperate, I had to change things up.

New plan, run as hard as I could until my lungs burned, followed by a recovery walk just until I caught my breath and repeat for 3 miles. With several walk breaks my avg pace was at goal emoticon

By the time I got back home, I was exhausted. Sprints and hills make for a great workout but very sore legs. I just hope it doesn't affect my training run too badly this morning.

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MARYBENSON 8/26/2014 7:57AM


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I've been MIA for too long

Monday, August 25, 2014

I was really surprised to see in my email this morning that I was MOD, I have been MIA for several months. I just got so overwhelmed by trying to track everything and found apps that sync all my info so I don't have to bounce all over the place. With me, I absolutely hate tracking so if I can find something that simplifies it for me, I am all over it. After all I did the hard part, tracking should be the easy part.

I am just finishing up my third month of the walk/run 100 miles challenge. When I started the challenge in June, I was suffering for an impact injury so running was sidelined for the most part, but by the end of the month, I was back to walk and running equal amounts of time. In July, I turned the tables and started running more than I was walking again. And here it is almost the end of August and I am back to running almost all of the distances. Except for days where it is just miserable out, which has been a few days this week. With temps in the high 80s and the humidity right up there too. I am taking a break from the challenges for September though and just going to focus on my 10K training, which will still have me running around 80 miles. I am supposed to be increasing my distance and my speed, but with all the extra miles and only one rest day a week, my legs were starting to suffer from some serious fatigue. I do have a 5 mile race on September 6th, this is only my 2nd race of the year. But I am not much on races these days, I guess going alone just takes the enjoyment out of it.

My eating habits still stink, I still eat what I want, when I want, but honestly that won't ever change. I refuse to restrict my diet, I have come this far without doing it, and it is what works for me. I try to make healthier choices with each meal and snack, but when I don't, it's not the end of the world and there is always the next meal/snack to make a better choice.

I am still scheduling my workouts, I make them out the beginning of each month so there is no guessing what I want to do. It is all laid out for me. This morning is a non-run day, but I do have my mini workout courtesy of PopFitness
30 second side planks
30 second plank
10 lunges each side (2 sets)
10 burpees
Also doing my Tabata training, which still kicks my butt, but I am getting stronger each time I do it. And the best part of my day, 30 minutes of yoga before bed. I have never slept so well until I started doing this.

I will try not to be MIA for too long, I was actually planning on starting the New You Bootcamp in September.

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JERSEYFLOWER 8/26/2014 11:22PM

    I dislike tracking, too. It works better when I don't track my food - finding it, clicking around, figuring it all out just aggravates me!

It's good to see you on here, moving toward your goals. Keep up the good work. I was MIA for a year and have been back for about 7 weeks now.

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GOLFGMA 8/26/2014 6:34AM

    Good job with exercising. With all the running you burn the calories and probably don't need much restriction of food choices. emoticon

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SNS1968 8/25/2014 8:40AM


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CHERYLHURT 8/25/2014 7:49AM


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I just kept going

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I was so proud of myself Tuesday. While I have been running intervals for a hour a few times a weeks since the middle of January and getting just under 5 miles in, so I really didn't think I was ready for what came next.

When I set out for my run that morning I had this absurd idea that I was going to run 5 miles. I haven't ran 5 miles without a walk break in almost a year. And two years ago, other than when I ran a 5K race, it was my everyday running distance. 5 miles everyday before work, it's what prepared me for my day.

I know, what's your point...I ran 5 miles without any walk breaks in 57:31. Miles 1 and 2 where comfortably hard. Mile 3 I thought there is no way I am going to be able to run 5 miles. Mile 4 wasn't much better, but my legs did stop burning a little. By mile 5, it was like I was given a new set of legs, not only was it my easiest mile but it was also my fastest mile.

1 mi 11:36 min/mi
2 mi 11:18 min/mi
3 mi 11:20 min/mi
4 mi 11:36 min/mi
5 mi 11:10 min/mi

I guess I really wasn't giving my body enough credit these past few weeks. But it is game on now!!!

I just registered for a 10K on March 22 in Raleigh emoticon

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MAESTROSHASHA 2/20/2014 9:47AM

    That's Awesome!

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KUJAYHAWKGIRL 2/20/2014 8:38AM

    That is awesome!!!!! Nice work! And you did it in great time, too.

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BOOCH6 2/20/2014 7:56AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this ! I've wanted to get back to exercising, but don"t like the thought of starting slowly. Your blog inspires me to have patience ! I'll start today with a long run/walk. Thanks again for sharing !

- Barb

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