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If all else fails, go to Plan B

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The last two months have been rough due to two separate injuries. Hamstrings in September and calf muscle for the first half of October.

I had signed up for a 100 mile challenge for the month of October but the calf injury left me unable to run let alone walk for any length of time. I did manage to keep exercising, I started strength training and decided to utilize my gym member that I have had since April but haven't used since May, taking full advantage of the elliptical, vario trainer and stationary bike.

On October 11th, I had a 5K and the Thursday before I tested the waters by walking at a 15% incline on the TM for a mile and it felt pretty good. So Friday, I took a rest day before my race. Saturday morning I woke up pain free, I decided to run my 5k. I made it half way before my calf muscle popped and I was forced to walk the rest of the race. Sunday, I attempted a 3 mile walk, but with the awkward gait caused by my sore calf I started developing shin splints. I forced myself to take two days of complete rest, only walking to the bathroom or the kitchen.

On October 15th, I was pain free once again, but up to this point, I only had 7.34 miles toward my 100 mile goal. Over the next three days I was able to get 2.47, 7.27, and 1.28 miles in but that only brought me to 18.86 miles for the month.

With having only two weeks left and over 80 miles to go, I knew there was no way I was going to safely reach my mileage goal. So I modified my goal, my new goal became 60 miles, and I am really not disappointed by that number, 60 miles, in my opinion is still a pretty good goal.

Well here is the good news, as of this morning I am at 60.11 miles for October. I figure I have my 2 mile walk tomorrow and 8 miles of intervals on Thursday. So I will be closing October out with 70 miles. Not too shabby for not being able to walk or run for almost two full weeks.

So when things are not going as planned, don't give up, the time will still pass you by no matter what you decide to to, so in 30 days are you going to be proud of what you did do or will you regret not doing anything.

Things are always going to come up, they are going to challenge your determination. But you just need to keep moving forward, just sometimes you have to take a different path.

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SUNSHINEYOURWAY 10/29/2014 11:00AM


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FORZACHANDMATT 10/28/2014 4:07PM

    Good for you for not giving up and staying the course as good as you did with the injuries

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Question? Help please!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Last night I did a core workout and it was quite intense. Afterwards I was nauseated, and I am still nauseated today. I have this feeling of a knot in my upper abdomen, and this isn't the first time this has happened either. This usually happens a lot after an intense ab workout but it has never lasted this long.

I tried Google to see if I could come up with something but I came up empty. I know it wasn't because I was exercising on a full stomach last night it had been a few hours since I had anything to eat.

And I don't think I am coming down with anything, I feel fine other than that.

Any ideas would be really appreciated, I am really at a loss why this happens.

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    I hope all is OK! Did you have a chance to call anyone?


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NELLIEC 10/24/2014 3:44PM

    I would suggest checking with a doctor also.

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CRUISEGAL55 10/24/2014 2:07PM

    I recommend you ask this question to a professional. Do you know a trainer or nurse? Otherwise I recommend a Dr. You don't want a severe strain or hernia to go unchecked.

That is not a condition I have experience.
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Running is still running, fast or slow, it doesn't matter

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I received this email this morning and I really needed to read it. I am always talking about how I love to run but I am just so slow. But that is ok, I have to keep telling myself that. I run because I love to, it makes me feel good, it is a time for me to just zone out. I do it to basically run off my crazy, literally. Without my daily run or at least a workout of some sort, I am anxious, short tempered and downright moody.

This email is from Jeff Gaudette a coach from Runners Connect and a coach from, I have actually used a few of his training plans to prepare me for 5K, 10K, and half marathon training. And when I want to start over, I always go back to his plans, oh by the way, they are free from Runkeeper.

Here is the part that you have been waiting for emoticon

Running is the same no matter how fast or slow you are
Here’s a secret about running.

The feeling you get after a new PR, the satisfaction from a tough workout well done, and the disappointment from a bad performance all feel the same no matter how fast you are. That’s the beauty of our sport.

There is no difference between the runner who breaks 30 minutes for the 5k for the first time and the one that breaks 16 minutes. Both worked hard, sacrificed to achieve their goal, and experienced the same challenges.

That means all runners can relate to each other, no matter their speed.

I’ve run under 29 minutes for 10k. I still get nervous about finishing last

True story. I have the distinguished accomplishment of finishing second-to-last at two consecutive US championships.

Many readers of our site don't think us "elite" coaches can relate to them. But, I'll tell you what. I was so nervous heading into that second race that I'd embarrass myself I almost didn't show up.

Plus, there’s still lots I don’t know about training, and I have had more than my fair share of bad workouts, injuries, and poor races.

Therefore, there’s no need to preface any of your questions or thoughts about running with “I am slow.”

I’m fast and I face the same challenges and fear you do (believe it or not)

All runners do.
There’s always someone faster
Unless you’re Kenessia Bekele, Mo Farah, or Galen Rupp, chances are there is always going to be someone faster than you. Fast is relative.

I get it. You run 12 or 15 minutes per mile and are embarrassed to call yourself a runner because lots of people are faster.

Here’s a secret: “fast” runners feel the same way.

In a recent conversation with former professional runner Ryan Warrenburg, he discussed how he’s hesitant to call himself an “elite” runner because he's not fast enough.

Ryan has run 13:43 for 5k – I’d call that fast and worthy of elite status.

Do you know where his time ranks him in the world? I don’t because it’s way outside the top 500 (sorry Ryan).
What’s wrong with being “slow”
Ok, so I can’t convince you that being “slow” is all a frame of reference. So I’ll ask you, why does being slow even matter?

Runners are perhaps the most welcoming and friendly group of athletes I’ve ever met.

No runner I know has a problem slowing down to run with a friend.

Think about it. Would you enjoy a run with a friend, even if you had to slow down considerably for them to keep up? I bet you would, and your running group feels the same.

Second, regardless of your pace, you’re doing better than almost 80 percent of Americans.

In a study conducted by the CDC, researchers found that less than 20 percent of Americans get the recommended levels of exercise, and more than a quarter of U.S. adults do not devote any time to physical activity.

I hope you can look at some of these stats and insights from runners who are “fast” and realize speed is merely a state of mind.

Once you can reframe your thoughts on your speed and potential, you open yourself up for great things to happen with your training and racing.

The next time you want to join a running club, ask a question to a fellow runner, or want to sign up for a race but get nervous about “being slow,” ask yourself: “Does it really matter?”

Coach Jeff

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BUTTONPOPPER1 10/21/2014 8:16PM

    Well, Coach Jeff is so right! Really, Bobbie, from my point of view you are a RUNNER! Back in the days when I used to run/jog, I was self-conscious about my slow speed, too. I remember one day when I was in college I was running alone on a cross-country track and the wife of one of my professors, who I knew to be at least in her late thirties (I was eighteen), came up from behind and PASSED me. It amuses me now to remember how embarrassed I was! I would never do this now, but I actually tried to pass her again! However, I was also anorexic at the time (a competitive starver, too!) and didn't have the strength to show her which of us I thought should be winning! Ha ha! Well, my story is quite different from yours, but I am so glad that NOW I completely agree with you that the simple fact that you are out there running every day (or almost every day) makes you a runner, no matter who gets to the finish line first!

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DANCIN2ANEWME 10/21/2014 11:44AM

    Thank you for sharing! I am one who always feels like not only can I do better but I should be about 10 bars higher than I currently am. I am trying to cope with the fact that I really don't run fast and I need to remember that a few years back I couldn't run at all! Thank you again for sharing...definitely something I needed to read and remember! emoticon emoticon

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So far, so good

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Returned to the gym today after forcing myself to take two days of complete rest. My calf seems to be feeling much better and isn't nearly as tight. Which also means the shin splints I was starting to feel has eased up also.

Today's workout was 40 minutes of triceps and chest. Although it was the same workout as last week, it seemed so much harder today. It felt like they weights weighed twice as much as they did last week, but I pushed through.

Next up was cardio, I had been using the vario trainer and the elliptical but decided to try my legs out with a few intervals on the treadmill. Most importantly, I was trying to keep my heart rate between 140-150 bpm. After a short warm up, I ran slowly for 2.5 mins, walked for a couple of minutes at a 8% incline to stretch my calf back out. Ran a few more intervals, it was feeling pretty good. I really didn't want to push it. After 35 minutes and 2.47 miles I was still pain free.

I am hoping to get my run in tomorrow. I will be driving to town and running the area where I did my 5K on Saturday since it is relatively flat. But not sure if I am going to run the 6.5 miles my training plan calls for since 4 miles of it is speed work. But I will play it by feel once I get out there. Just want to be injury free.

Rest of the day is pretty much laundry...everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

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GOLFGMA 10/16/2014 7:16AM

    Glad you are taking care of yourself. emoticon

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Happy to hear your calf is feeling better.

Sharon emoticon

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BUTTONPOPPER1 10/15/2014 9:48PM

    Glad to hear your calf is better and that you were able to work out comfortably. I hope you keep on feeling good and are able to stay on track in your training program!

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JLAMING263 10/15/2014 12:18PM


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Ummm...NO!!! Prescription refills and the insane prices...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I know I already posted a blog today but I have to put this out here...

I called to get my script refilled but I didn't remember the price since it is a 90 day supply. I asked for the price and told them I had no prescription coverage, I needed the discount price. This particular med cost me $20 when I drug coverage. The "cash price" was $240 something, I don't remember the exact price. I told her no, run it again, and make sure you use any available discount price $16.48. This was at Wal-Mart, but all major pharmacy chains have access to these discounts programs but you have to ask. They will not tell you about them and they will not offer them to you. YOU MUST ASK!!!

For most people taking meds, not taking them is not an option. And for this reason, drug companies and pharmacies think they can just charge you whatever they want and you will just pay it. But don't...make sure you are getting the best available price for your meds. Also prices from pharmacy can vary significantly, when I was taking all my meds I had them between three different pharmacies. I realize the convenience of having all your meds filled at one pharmacy but when the prices can be almost double from one pharmacy to the next. Price takes precedence to convenience.

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BUTTONPOPPER1 10/14/2014 9:46PM

    How unpleasant! And reading the comments, too, is really disturbing. It's all so complicated. Seems like whatever health problem you have would be made worse by all the stress involved in getting the medicine that's supposed to treat it! It's good that you FORCED a relatively happy ending to your story by taking action!

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COUCH2ROAD_LIZ 10/14/2014 11:07AM

    I have bad water retention issues, hypertension, and diabetes. I know all about those horrible medication prices. Thanks for this little tid bit!

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CRUISEGAL55 10/14/2014 11:00AM

    I had a similar experience. My script quadrupled in price in 1 month. The pharmacy blamed the insurance, the insurance blamed the pharmacy. I asked BC/BS how I could get a better price. They said I had to go on the mail order program- 90 day refill. I checked that out, only to find the mail order was even more than my local pharmacy. I continued to research why the price went up. Guess what? The drug companies raised the price.
Thank you for this info.
emoticon Judi

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BRAINBENTT 10/14/2014 10:54AM


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