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Not Eating Enough!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am stalled with this weight loss business. I decided to visit a nutritionist for a little kick in the pants to get me on my way. I was dumbfounded when she looked over my 48-hour food journal and said, "You aren't getting enough calories. You need to eat more". I could hardly believe it even though intellectually I know you have to eat to keep your metabolism going. If you take in too few calories your body starts conserving and staving off starvation by slowing down metabolism. Since I've been in the habit of aiming for 1200 calories a day, getting to 1500 to 1800 has been a push. A day later my doctor confirmed the need for 1600 to 1800 calories for anyone for good health. I certainly feel better and I think getting more nutrients (like potassium) helps there. The nutritionist also said that staying adequately hydrated accounts for about 6% of your metabolism. I have a feeling that elliptical (and later, weight lifting) will be a little easier to do.

It's a good day when you learn something new!

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FETCHINGCAT 1/30/2011 11:59AM


That whole eating-more-to-weigh-less idea is kind of counter-intuitive, isn't it? You're welcome for the reminder. I think the thing that hit me is that since I've started eating 1500 - 1800 calories (or as close to it as I can get) I feel better. My doctor backed up the nutritionist by saying we need the higher number of calories for health (never mind losing weight). That sort of made me sit up and take notice.

I haven't started back to going to the gym or lifting weights. I'm giving myself 2 weeks to keep track of my food intake. Then I'll start in slowly (so I don't get overwhelmed and discouraged).

Good luck to you! It sounds like you are miles ahead of me in understanding what you need to do for good health and weight control.

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MMAZZIE 1/29/2011 12:00AM

    it is always difficult realizing that i need to eat more to actually lose the weight.... emoticonon taking the time to check with professionals to make sure you are eating the right amount of calories to go along with your excercise emoticon emoticon emoticon.... emoticonfor giving me a much needed reminder.... emoticon

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Flat Belly Workout!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I tried this dvd for the first time today. I like it. It has 3 10-minute routines so, hopefully, I can manage to fit in at least one during the course of a day. Also has a warm-up and cool-down. Anyone else used this one?


Back in the Saddle (the South Beach one)...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Finally, I'm back on the South Beach Diet and feeling better already. For some odd reason I could not persuade myself to start eating only the good things and stop with the junk. But Sunday a friend persuaded me to go to a weight training class with her. It turned out to be an HOUR long and pretty much a boot camp class. But fun. However, I have this self-competitive thing going on and would not make myself rest when my legs turned into wet noodles. My friend (who is very fit and has taken the class but not with this trainer) said, "This is HARD!" so that made me feel better. After the class I told the instructor that, yes, I enjoyed the class and would be back, I began to wonder if I could make it out to the car and home. For four days, I could hardly use my legs - it was beyond soreness. I had to walk sideways down stairs and sitting down was slight agony. I was so disgusted with myself I began to eat South Beach-style again. Some weight lifters I work with told me "don't stop now! Keep moving. It'll get worse if you don't [they were right!] and eat bananas or things with lots of potassium - it's lactic acid. The potassium will help get rid of it". I did and today, the 4th day after, my legs woke up feeling pretty normal. I'm also on the South Beach (so drank low sodium V-8 instead of the bananas) and I believe I saw the scale inch to the left this morning ever so slightly and my pants definitely feel not as tight. I will forge on.


Broke 2 miles today!

Monday, February 01, 2010

I started with 1.5 miles on the treadmill, then new goal of 1.75, then did 1.8 and today 2 miles on the elliptical!! I am going for 5K (3.2? miles - something like that) as I am signed up for another 5K. I've never stayed on the elliptical that long. I have a feeling my thighs and glutes may scream a while tomorrow - but, maybe not... This is getting to be fun even if I haven't budged the scale in the right direction. Sigh. But steady as she goes.

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LEHUALADY 2/2/2010 1:41AM

    I'm so glad for you! I didn't realize that a 5K was "only" 3+ miles...you can definitely do that by May, isn't that when it is? I've never been a runner, but I can definitely WALK 5 K...I'm going to try to work in a little jogging into my walk when I get back to doing it every day..think they call it interval training...get the heart rate up a little more...hey, the only way is UP from here :)

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NUTWHALEY 2/1/2010 11:12PM

    You rock! Wishing you both the best on your 5Ks!

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FETCHINGCAT 2/1/2010 10:49PM

    Hi SECADUFF22,

I know what you mean. I haven't started losing any weight yet, but also haven't started weight training. I hope that will help. In the meantime, it's just nice to having fun on the treadmill and the elliptical - just sort of seeing that as playtime rather than just a chore. Soon we'll be able to get outside and walk/run (or run as the case may be). You go, girl!

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SECADUFF22 2/1/2010 9:54PM

    I am also training for a 5k, I have started having fun on the treadmill as well. It makes it easier to keep up with it (when the scale doesnt show all your hard work). Keep up the hard work, it will pay off!!! :)

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Too Much of a Good (?) Thing

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "Good (?) Thing" being Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone). I was apparently overmedicated which explained a lot of things: trembling hands, insomnia, hair falling out and the appetite of a ravenous lumberjack! Not only hadn't I lost a single pound, but I'd gained 4! Very discouraging. And then there's that hair loss (not to mention the waist loss). I am slightly hopeful now and am back at the gym and tracking my food (just started again today) and am reading *The Spark*. I plan to give myself a month before I start whining and retreating again.
Signed and dated! 1/28/10

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THE_SILVER_OWL 1/29/2010 1:35AM


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