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Week 2 - Progress being made !

Monday, January 28, 2013

Today marks 2 weeks on track and as of today Ive lost a total of 8 pounds !

I lost what I gained while on break from Thanksgiving on, including the time I was sick, plus an additional 3 pounds !!! I am now 4 pounds from my initial goal.

Since being on track
~ Ive had one off program meal pizza for dinner at the end of week one.
~ The only sweets Ive had are one serving of pudding the first week and meringue cookies.
~ Ive done three 1000 calorie 3 day challenges.
~ Ive done cardio most days, strength 2-3 times each week.
~ Im adding more variety to my workouts.

The challenges are helping a lot. Im paying a lot more attention to what Im eating and how much on those challenge days. I also notice that its carrying over to non challenge days. Im thinking before I eat, asking myself if Im making healthy choices, looking at ways to add in more veggies and grains, even more than I was doing before. Ive always planned my meals each day, but now I find that Im more careful in my planning. Im also much more choosey about my snacks.

Todays Plan - 1000 Calorie Challenge Day 3
B oat bran/juice
L veg chili/brown rice
D spinach soup/bread 1
S Greek yogurt, meringues, V8
Exercise George Foreman video this AM, core/upper body circuits with elliptical this afternoon

Progress and Persistence, Not Perfection

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EVIE4NOW 1/28/2013 9:28AM

  Great goals. emoticon emoticon

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WALLINMW 1/28/2013 9:26AM

  Thanks for sharing!

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First week review

Monday, January 21, 2013

Woo Hoo ! Weighed in this morning and Ive lost 5.8 pounds this first week ! WOW !!! I knew the first 5 or so pounds would come off pretty easily but this is wonderful ! The positive feedback reinforces what Im doing and keeps me going.

What surprises me most is that I had pizza for dinner on Saturday. Having the pizza did not throw me off track, I followed my eating plan all day, exercised as planned, and got right back on track.

Today is Day 2 of my 2nd 3 Day 1000 Calorie Challenge

B oat bran/juice
L grilled cheese/carrots
D veg chili/brown rice
Exercise rest day

Doing great with the exercise. Ive exercised at least 30 every day for the past 8 days, plus about a week before that I was doing 10-20 a day of easy walking, getting back into regular exercise after being sick. Now its time for a rest day.

Im also doing great with the snacks. The 1000 calorie challenges make me really think about what I choose as a snack since I dont want to squander my calories on unhealthy foods. Snacks Ive been choosing yogurt, V8, meringue cookies. One time I had one serving of rice pudding. What an improvement !

Im going to continue alternating 3 day 1000 calorie challenges with 3 days of regular calories (1200-1250) for now, evaluating the plan as I go along.

Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.

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LIVINGFREE19 1/21/2013 3:58PM

    You are doing so awesome, 5.8 pounds!!! emoticon

Keep it going, girlfriend!


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2013 Plan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Today is day one of my new healthy lifestyle. I plan to eat healthy, focusing on portion sizes and healthy snack choices.

I took a break from Thanksgiving until now no calorie counting, ate whatever I wanted. I had been trying for so long to lose the regained weight that I felt I needed to take some time and not worry about it at all.

New way of thinking Im not restarting or getting back on track. That way of thinking implies that I failed at weight loss and maintenance. I did not fail. I have done something I have never done before

I have maintained a 33 pound weight loss for almost 5 years !

I am a success, a winner at weight loss !

Way to Go !

About halfway thru the break I started paying attention to the choices I was making and started recording my snacks and making note of whether I was making healthy meal choices. This is what I discovered

Most of the time breakfast, lunch and dinner are healthy choices.
I sometimes go overboard in serving sizes, depending on the food.
I also tend to match my portion size to my husband's.
We usually finish something up if theres not much left for leftovers.
My worst food choices are snacks I lean toward sweets and salts

2013 Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Goal I want to take off another 7-10 pounds to get to my ultimate goal weight.

Primary Focus

Choose healthy snacks

Peanut Butter 1 serving only
Meringue cookies
Hard boiled eggs

Watch portions measure if in doubt

Unlimited veggies
Smaller servings than hubby
Do not need to clean your plate
Do not need to finish everything so theres no leftovers

Persistence is more important than perfection.

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SHARON10002 1/26/2013 11:11PM

    Just remember tracking your food is vital also. Good plan. emoticon

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LIVINGFREE19 1/15/2013 9:36AM

    Great plan, my friend!

emoticon emoticon

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Happy Holidays ???

Saturday, December 29, 2012

An interesting Christmas.

Christmas Eve - my Mom and I came out of the grocery store, got in the car, pulled out and it sounded like we were dragging something under the car. Got out, looked, nothing. Then we lost reverse, the dragging sound continued until the car shifted out of low gear. I couldn't reach my husband so we took a chance and drove home slowly, on the bypass with the flashers on. Made it in one piece, but nerve wracking. Our mechanic is closed until January 2, so we called a transmission place, they picked up the car the day after Christmas, called us the next day with the bad news - needs a transmission. Major $$$$$$$$ since the car is rear drive with 4 wheel drive on demand.

Christmas morning - Right after we finished opening our gifts, which was the only fun part of the holiday, I lost a crown, leaving a big sensitive hole. Mom and I headed out to get some Dentek Temparin to fill it in temporarily. Who's open Christmas Day? Not Walmart, local grocery store, CVS, Rite Aid, major grocery chain. We finally found a Walgreen's open. I got the Dentek and put the crown back on. That took care of the sensitivity. Dinner was interesting. My dentist is off until January 2 so I left a message. They called me yesterday and made an appointment for January 2. They asked if the temporary repair was holding. It was, but, the crown fell off again this morning. I got out my repair kit and put it back in. My bite is way off, high on that side, so I have to be careful.

Icing on the cake, now I'm catching a cold, coughing like a maniac, sore throat, etc, feel crappy.

What next ?!?

2012 is going out with a nasty bang.

I think I'll hide until 2013 gets here.

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SAMI199 12/29/2012 7:56PM

    emoticon Here's to a much better 2013!


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OFFICIALOLDY 12/29/2012 9:59AM

    Oh my, what a bummer! My holidays were not the best either, but yours REALLY take the cake for being the opposite of festive. I'm so sorry for your mouth pain and sensitivity, your on-coming cold or flu, your car trouble and all the impending expense that any one of those involve. One thing you can do is take care of your cough and cold. Get as much sleep as you can and drink warm liquids. You'll get through this and next Christmas WILL be better (how could it be any worse?!).

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Dear Santa

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a fat wallet and a slim body.

PS -
Please don't mix them up like you did last year.

Merry Christmas !

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LADYJ6942 12/17/2012 10:45AM


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BOOKWORM27S 12/17/2012 10:39AM

    emoticon emoticon

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