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Need a re-Spark

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's been a difficult few months for me. Since mid November I've been dealing with a long list of stresses, one right after another, piled on top of each other, that have dimmed my Spark. Most of the stresses have been resolved, some in a good way, others not so much. Most of the time I did follow my maintenance plan, but some days I had no energy or desire to exercise or make healthy choices. I was so preoccupied and weary that I considered quitting my teams. I knew that wasn't a good choice but I'm a very private person and not one to reach out for help. I still feel a little disconnected and need to get focused back on my program.

In spite of it all I did manage to stay in my maintenance range most of the time, going above 2-3 pounds at times. My plan is to restart the Spark Diet this week and use that to get myself 100% back on track.

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FITKAT2010 2/2/2010 2:26PM

    I do understand about being a private person. And, I understand the reasons behind it. All centered around fear. Consider how that is totally connected to feeling un-sparked and the amount of stress that you are dealing with on your own.

Consider reaching out to others. You might just be surprised at what happens.

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CHLOIANNA 2/2/2010 11:36AM

    When so much is going on in your life, it's hard to focus on your own needs. Hopefully things will have settled down now and you can get on with things. Good luck.

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Review of maintenance plan

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I used my food journal this past week, recording calories, fiber, fruit/veg and sweet servings, plus notations when I went off program, in order to look for problem areas. I went over the week's recordings this morning -

Meal choices are good, both what I eat and how much.
A glaring problem is still sweets, not that I have them but how many I have.

I also notice that I reach for sweets when I'm tired, stressed, or because I can't say no. (my husband bought me some candy bars, thinking he's doing something nice for me when I've been so stressed. I couldn't say I didn't want them, so I ate them)


Food Journal - fiber, fruit/veg servings, sweet servings (no need to record calories)

Be aware of "servings" of sweets - check labels.

Come up with other ways of dealing with stress/being tired, than reaching for sweets.
Say "no, thank you" or "not right now", when offered sweets or anything else I really don't want to eat.

Start increasing daily fruit/veg servings.

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PATTIDGN 1/10/2010 1:27PM

    great plan, this is a good new start!

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Reviewing my maintenance plan

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm taking some time this coming week to review my maintenance plan for the coming year. I can't believe it but it's going on 2 years since I reached my goal and I'm still within my desired range. I'm making healthier choices and moving more most of the time. I have slips now and then, usually because of my sweet tooth, but sometimes overdoing it on pasta or indulging in pizza. Sometimes I'll get thrown off track, but I'll pull out my food journal and use that for a few days and that gets me right back. A couple of times this past year I went over my desired upper weight limit but after just a few days of using my food journal I dropped the extra pounds quickly.

This coming week I plan to restart my food journal to help me evaluate my eating plan. I'm going to record everything I eat, fiber, fruit/veg servings, and any sweets I eat. Recording calories will be optional for now. I'll review it after a week or two and make any changes.

I'm also looking at my exercise plan. I'm going to try to increase my time on the elliptical again, slowly, as tolerated. I'm also going to do some of my exercise DVD's and get rid of the ones I don't do. I did order two new ones and will try them in the coming weeks.


Weekend Stretch: Friday 12/18 - "Me Time"

Friday, December 18, 2009

This weekend stretch, making time to do something just for me, came right after I had done just that. After weeks of being super busy and super stressed by my Mom's illness and hospitalization, our financial woes, my kitty's surgery and daily care, Thanksgiving prep, Christmas shopping, preparations for Christmas, including overnite Christmas company, I have no Christmas spirit at all, so I decided this morning that I needed to do something for me.

I decided to go to the mall to do some window shopping and maybe buy myself something small. On the way there I played my "Straight No Chaser" Christmas CD to get me in the mood. I went alone and took time to enjoy the holiday decorations and music. I also used the trip as an opportunity to get in some extra walking. I bought myself a pair of slipper sox, my gift to myself. Although I still don't feel real Christmas-y, I think taking this time for myself did help and I'm going to make sure I continue to take some time every day just for me.


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BUTTONSMUM1 12/18/2009 3:34PM

    Sounds like you had a nice well deserved good day. I got myself some of those slipper socks the other day too, they had little stick out kitty face's on the sides, very cute.

It is good to make sure we get "me time" Id be a wreck if I didnt get mine.
Keep up the good work

Much love & kiss's to all the kitty bits

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WEEKEND STRETCH: Fri 10/9 - Just Do It! Team

Friday, October 09, 2009

1)Describe your peer group you grew up in. Your family dynamics.

My parents, two brothers, older and younger. Father was an alcoholic, spent little or no time with the family. He was either working or sitting around drinking. He was a mean drunk. Family was not his prority. Mom worked outside the home. My older brother and I had part time jobs. For both of us it was primarily to get us away from the house, not a pleasant place to be. I did everything I could not to be noticed. My family was not close, supportive or encouraging at all. As a matter of fact I never thought of us as "family". We were just 5 people who happened to live in the same house. I still look back and see it that way. Even now, I'm only close to Mom. I haven't seen my older brother since my father died 15 years ago. If I'm lucky, I see my younger brother maybe once a year, and he doesn't live that far away. I never mourned my father's death, but I did mourn the relationship, the father, I never had.

2)Describe your peer group currently in your life. The people you interact with consistently at home, at work, at church, your friends.

I have a small peer group. I've always stayed in the background and don't make friends easily. All of my work friends disappeared when I stopped working many years ago. I have my husband. Mom, who comes for overnite visits about every month or so. My best friend of 40+ years, who also comes for overnite visits. My younger brother's ex-wife and her husband, we visit back and forth, their house and ours.

3)How do you feel your current peer group helps you reach your goals?

They are all very supportive. It was a little difficult at first, especially for my husband and Mom. They were both used to me eating a certain way, lots of fattening foods, sweets, large servings. When I started to eat healthier my husband would always offer me second helpings, or he'd just add more food to my plate. He loves ice cream and would always offer to fix me a dish. It took quite a while for him to realize I didn't want the ice cream and that what I put on my plate was all I was going to eat, no seconds. Now, he's super supportive and always says how proud of me he is. He no longer offers me ice cream or other desserts, althought occassionally he'll buy me a candy bar. I'm OK with that. He also loves the new healthy way we're eating, which is a big help to me. We sometimes give in and have something decadent for dinner (pizza) or dessert, but get right back to eating healthy without missing a beat.

My Mom has always loved her desserts, me too. That's where I got my weakness for sweets. Whenever she would come to visit I always bought dessert, knowing she'd be looking for it. And I'd always get an increased craving for sweets whenever she'd come. Now, she too, enjoys the healthier meals I make now and often asks for my recipes or tips on how to make a recipe healthier. She also has stopped expecting dessert every time she comes. I only buy dessert if I really want it and then only something small, sometimes just cake slices, enough for one piece each.

My best friend had gastric bypass surgery done a little over a year ago, after years of trying and failing to lose weight. She has multiple health problems, including diabetes and complications from that. She's lost about 100 pounds, her diabetes is under control to the point that she no longer takes insulin regularly. She went through months of preparation before the surgery, she was required to lose some pounds on her own in order to be approved for the surgery. During those months, and after the surgery, we reported in to each other daily, comparing notes, sharing ideas and supporting, motivating and encouraging each other. We still do that now.

4)How do you feel your current peer group hinders your weight loss, health, fitness goals?

I can't really say they hinder me at all. I've reached my goal in March 2008 and have been maintaining since. Sometimes my husband will want a "treat" when I don't and sometimes I'll give in, but that's my fault not his.

5)What action are you taking to go against your peer group and how do you feel about it?

I will continue to make healthy choices most of the time. This is a lifestyle change for me and so far, those I have regular contact with are very supportive.

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GRETCHEN_D_GR8 10/9/2009 8:23PM

    Thanks for your blog! Congrats on making a lifestlye change and keeping with it! That is awesome and gives me hope!

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FITKAT2010 10/9/2009 6:55PM

    Wow, Felina! This is great. My childhood was a bit like yours. Please make certain you read my blog on Saturday night on this issue.

Thank you very much for sharing with us all. You are part of the success of the JUST DO IT! team.



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