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I am only to blame

Monday, July 15, 2013

My last post was back in March and I told you about our month long office challenge. Well, that didn't go as I hoped. My intensions were good and I even followed part of the workout plan with the Chalean Extreme system for three months, but my pants were feeling tighter and tighter.

At the time I couldn’t understand why my measurements haven’t gone down. My eating habits were not awful, I was taking two zumba classes a week and did strength training (w/5# weights) 3 days a week and yet the scale seemed to be going up. Perhaps, it was the stress of buying a house, moving into the house and not feeling motivated at work. The way I saw it, any excuse that I could create was a good reason for this failure.

As I reflect back on what happened, I know what the problem was… it was ME. I wasn’t mentally ready to make a lifestyle change. I wanted a quick fix and even then I wasn’t completely committed. Yes, my eating habits were okay but they were not ideal and the “healthier” habits were only Monday thru Thursday. Friday was bagel breakfast sandwich in the morning, pizza for lunch and dinner was typically a meal out on the town. Saturday and Sunday continued to be my off days which meant that my husband and I would go out to breakfast one day, and then eat garbage foods for the rest of our meals. I would justify eating like this because I was working out so it all evened itself out. WRONG!!!

Now that I am settled into my home without cable or internet (for now), I’ve had plenty of time to think about myself, who I am and where I want to go in life. I know now that I really need to change my eating habits not just Monday thru Thursday but every day of the week, the month and the many years to come.

I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis (similar to RA), and I know with a healthier lifestyle my pains are minimal and my energy levels are at their highest levels. When I fall of the healthy wagon is when the pains and the psoriasis flare up along with my emotions and energy at an all time low. Once I am down there, it takes a lot to pull me out.

Why wouldn't I always want to eat healthier and share an active lifestyle with my husband for as many years as possible? I can’t think of an excuse why, which is why I started taking control last week.

In the past couple of weeks, I have:
• started using SparkCoach so I am more motivated to stay on track
• connected with at least one inspirational SparkMember
• have tried two new group fitness classes (aerial conditioning and Bowka)
• tracked my foods and fitness
• made healthier choices and eating enough to fuel my body

My plan is to continue with these actions and create a new short term goal each week for myself, which can result into lifetime habits. My goals may be directed at any part of my life, my health, marriage, career, finances, career or even my involvement with SparkPeople. They just have to be realistic and attainable. By going through this exercise, my ultimate goal is to live a full and healthy life with my amazing husband and our family.

For the week of July 15th, my goals are:
1. Connect with at least one inspirational or motivating Spark member.
2. Write at least one blog post each week on my SparkBlog page.

If you are reading this, do you create attainable short term goals for yourself? What are they and do you follow through?

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FUNNYGIRLT 3/25/2014 10:09AM

  I also have psoriatic arthritis and have been goig through a six month long endless flare. Working out is hard as it both of my knees are really inflamed. I understand where you are right now and love your blog posts :)

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FEENIX2010 7/16/2013 9:07AM

    @SallyLee84 ... thank you for sharing. I admire your honesty with yourself in that you know you can't commit to cutting out certain foods. Taking control of your life and your eating habits is not about depriving yourself; its about learning limits and control. By tracking all your foods (the good, the bad and those little nibbles here and there), you are taking control. Kudos to you!!! I wish you all the best on your August goal!!

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SALLYLEE84 7/15/2013 4:42PM

    First off let me start by saying it sounds like you are off to a great start. emoticon I just started getting serious about losing weight about two months ago myself, so I'm by no means an expert. I have a series of long-term and short-term goals as well as some general guidelines for myself. Like I knew that personally I couldn't commit to a food plan that cut out certain foods, yes it sounds great to say I'm giving up chocolate, but I can't do it. Therefore, I track all food even the oops food. Short-term I'm hoping to get under 200 by August, so I'm trying to up my exercise and be extra diligent with food. Long-term I want to be at a healthy and sustainable weight. Something I can keep up with the rest of my life. emoticon

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Lose to Win w/Co-Workers

Monday, March 04, 2013

Since mid-December, when I got married, I found myself getting out of my good habits rather quickly. It probably didn't help that we went some where warm for our honeymoon and LOVED all the food that we ate there. The we came back to the Christmas, and we all know how the holidays can impact our waist lines.

For the past few weeks, I have been complaining to my husband that I want to drop the 6 pounds that I packed on since our wedding day. Thankfully, the office Culture Club started a Lose to Win contest to help motivate participants to lose that extra weight and make healthier decisions about eating and exercise.

For me, I am hoping that having a team of people around me all day with help motivate me to get back into my healthier habits which include getting up an hour earlier to work out, go for walks during the day or after work, eat better.

I don't have a lot to lose so I know I will not win the percentage of weight dropped but I think having a team behind me, encouraging and motivating me, will help me get back into my good habits. As I hope I can do the same for my team mates.

Starting Weight 114.4

* Today's Completed Workout *
Chalean Extreme - Burn 1

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FEENIX2010 3/4/2013 4:10PM

    Thank you Leanie64.

It amazes me how quickly the extra pounds can come right back when you slip up for a couple of months.

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LEANIE64 3/4/2013 3:57PM

    Sounds like a great plan..I commend you for getting right on track and taking those extra pounds off..before they add up ..!!

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Week 3 of Turbo Fire... still going strong

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It’s been a while since my last blog post so here I am. I am going strong with TurboFire since starting three weeks ago. I need to, I have vacation to the Dominican coming up in about 6 1/2 weeks. What motivation I have, not too mention I have my before pictures hanging up on my vanity mirror so I see them everyday.

I have noticed a little difference, not a huge difference but I am only on Day 3 of Week 3. It also doesn’t help that my TOM is approaching and I always gain at least 5lbs of during the week before. Any thoughts how I can keep this down without taking over the counter aids? I keep my sodium intake fairly low and I drink plenty of water through out the day. Last month it was so bad that I had to pull out a pair of my bigger jeans.

Back to my exercise routine... for the past week I have been toying with the idea of including P90X’s weight training videos in the mix. I’d like to try ChaLEAN Extreme, but I already have P90X so why spend the extra money. Unless someone can convince me that ChaLEAN is better for a woman’s body than P90X.

I really do miss the weight training aspect of P90X so I think doing a hybrid routine would be a great fit for me. I’m not looking to really lose weight but instead tighten and tone some of my jigglies. If I lose in the process, great, but weight loss isn’t much of a goal for me since I hit my target this time last year.

Who out there has created their own P90X/TurboFire hybrid routine?

I am thinking 75% TurboFire with 25% P90X and just the weight bearing routines from P90X. Any suggestions would be helpful.

If I come up with a plan of attack for this home grown hybrid routine, I’ll post it here.

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SARAHFAILLA 4/13/2011 2:17AM

    So your trip must be coming up? If this was a few weeks ago? I haven't done P90x- watched it but I like Chalene better but there are hybrids out there. have you looked at wowy? they would have some posted or if you haven't got one I can ask a few friends....this fall I'll probably go back to the CLX/FIRE hybrid...I like using the free weights more than bands so it's a better set up when i can be at home but we'll be traveling all summer. Have a great night!

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Paradise here we come!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Since writing my last blog post (in January), I haven't done exactly what I wanted to. I signed up for more Zumba classes but life, work and the snow got in the way so I have been averaging one class a week. Boo!

To make it worse, we just booked an island vacation for the 2nd week of May. I am super excited' for our trip but that means I need to get back onto a strict exercise regimen.

Starting tomorrow morning (@530am) I will start TurboFire (just got it in the mail yesterday). Along with the videos I got the 5-day Inferno plan booklet which gives you a diet plan to jump start your weight loss. After looking through it, I looks pretty decent and simple enough to follow. I am going to try that but being a hypoglycemic I will need to make sure I am not depriving myself so much my levels go too low; especially when starting a new intense cardio routine. The last thing I need is to pass out at work or during a class.

I was also thinking about throwing in some of the P90X resistance workout but I really don't want to over do it. If anyone is reading this, have you done the hybrid TurboFire/P90X routine? What are your thoughts? Or did you come up with your own routine? I have heard mixing TurboFire with ChaleanExtreme is really good... any thoughts on that?


It's a New Year...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Why do we allow ourselves a month of fitness and food sins every time the holidays are here?

I know for myself it isn’t that I just eat a cookie here and there; I get out of control for myself. Between Thanksgiving and New Years Ever, I indulge in cookies, candies, desserts and fattening foods that I don’t eat on a regular basis throughout the year. Even my lunches that I pack for work have gone down the hill for the month. Instead of grilled chicken with veggies on a spinach tortilla, I was eating pasta a few times a week or turkey w/stuffing and potatoes. I cannot believe how much bread and pasta I have devoured this past month. Dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, lasagna, spaghetti, French fries, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes … etc.

At least I wasn’t too awful with my exercise regimen. I have found a new love… Zumba! I am currently enrolled in two classes, have the Zumba Wii game but I’m in search for another Zumba class.

Now, that the New Year is here I am climbing back up on my wagon and going down the path I have done so well with throughout the year. My diet will consist of no boxed or package foods, whites (potatoes, bread, and pasta) allowed in small portions every couple of days but only once in a day and most importantly more veggies and fruit.

Wish me luck everyone!! And good luck to everyone who has 2011 fitness/nutrition goals. You are in the right place to find the motivation necessary to find success.