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Feeling good

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug 20th 2008

I've been on sparkpeople since Aug 8th, but really didn't get familiar with it until this weekend. Saturday i started my new plan. I feel better allready and it's only been 5 day's! I haven't lost any weight, but i'm on the right track. I allready feel like i have more energy. Eating low carb i don't feel so bloated and i'm really not all that hungry. Normally, i would have finished off the kid's breakfast, but today, i threw out what little they had. Rather then going by what the scale say's, i'm going to go by inches i've lost. Of course i'll check the scale, but from everything i've read, i should go by inches. Right now it's getting my kid's to understand that mommy needs this time to excersize. They are still little and my little one is interested in going to the potty every 5 min, so of course, i need to stop my excersize to help her. Okay, i better go. We are going to go outside and go for a bike ride. Thank you for stopping by.