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Scary Scary Plastic Surgery

Friday, August 06, 2010

It was another Friday night, another night of browsing the Internet for anything that caught my interest. Then I saw a link to Plastic Surgery Nightmares! A good way to make my eyes getting bigger and bigger emoticon. Can't believe why people resort to plastic surgery - unless it to fix something because of medical reason. It's not natural, most likely to end up like an alien in human skin (remember that bad guy from Men In Black movie?), it's the worst way to handle insecurities in appearance and most of all, as if they want to challenge God didn't do the perfect job in creating humans. I have my own issues on my appearance and self-confidence emoticon, especially during school days when peer keep telling me to change, to be more like them and most of time, made myself want to hide from world - heavy boobs and big hips compare to my small figure, my signature natural catwalk (when I said natural, it's also means my mom also same and she's 57 y.o!), the way I talk to guys as if flirting, how the sound of my laughs doesn't too "good girl", etc etc. But I tried to fight off these and any change that just screams FAKE! is a big NO-NO.

This might be a sensitive issue and I hope not going to hurt anyone's feeling but please, I beg you emoticon, don't think plastic surgery is an option - it's a temporary ridiculous solution and not even worth a single hair of you!

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NABDULSABOOR 8/9/2010 2:45PM

    i agree and what's is really scary is that parents are allowing their teenage daughers, who are still developing, to get plastic surgery.

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175MEL 8/6/2010 11:04AM

    I agree with you 100%, there's better ways out there to help your self-esteem issuses. If anyone knows its me, God made you that way for a reason! Everyone has flaws and no one's perfect but that's what makes us beautiful. Not to mention all that plastic in your skin can not be healthy. I don't know but plastic surgery just freaks me out, why anyone would risk there life's just to look good is beyond me. Awsome blog hunnie :)

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FATHINSN 8/6/2010 10:59AM

    Thanks, love it when people said they love what I wrote.
Yup, I do sway my hips when I walk, it might be started since puberty - I actually secretly like it but people keep making fuss about it. And I don't even think I'm flirting with guys, I myself feel much comfortable talking with them than girls - maybe because I grew up with more male influence and male family/friends/colleagues around me.

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TRACYDUKA 8/6/2010 10:32AM

    I agree whole-heartedly about plastic surgery. If I need to correct a medical issue, then I understand, but to just do away with something I don't like. Nah. I don't agree with it. If I removed everything I didn't like, there would be lots of things missing in this world. It doesn't SOLVE any issues.

As far as you changing who you are, don't. A lady told me once that people assume that because you're NICE and FRIENDLY that you are flirting. So unless you turn mean and hateful, you will always be perceived as being flirty to someone if you interact with someone of the opposite sex. Walking is physiological. It's all based on how your hips and legs align. If that means that your hips sway when you walk, that's just because they're built to move like that. So long as you aren't booty dancing in front of someone, I'd say you're ok.

*HUGS* I love this blog. You just gotta be you. No one can do a better job.

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My Latest Full Body Medical Checkup - August 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

I did full body medical checkup today (after a quick nap as I was so sleepy and after lunch, the day was hot, hot, hot!) as it's required for my Hajj - the organization that mnaging the pilgrim people told us it's mandatory. So, I went to the government polyclinic with my mother as a backup, hehe.The X-ray was nice, very short and the medical assistant was polite and no pervert eyes (I hope!) as the X-ray gown was gaping at back. But the blood sample - it was few seconds of torture emoticon or maybe I was overreact, haha. So, the results:
- Blood pressure: 100/60 Mm/Hg (Normal is 120/80 mmHg, apparently mine is a bit low on systolic but normal on diastolic, hehe)
- Heart beat: 76 bpm (last time I check myself after I woke up, it was 66 bpm)
- Weight: 54kg
- Height: 154cm
- BMI: 22.7 (healthy range is 18.5 - 24.9, I'm aiming to get 21)

System Checkup:
- Cardiovascular: Heart size normal, heart beat normal
- Respiration: Breathing normal
- Gastrousus: Liver palpable, spleen palpable, swellings normal
- Nerve: Cognitive normal, motor normal, sensor normal, reflex normal
- Genitourinary: normal
- Breasts: normal

Mental State Examination:
- General appearance: neat & tidy
- Mood: normal
- Affect: Appropriate
- Thought: Presence
- Perceptions: Presence
- Cognitive functions: Intact
- Insight: Good

Lab Test:
- Blood type: A+
- Hemoglobin: 11.6 g% (based from what I read in Internet, normal range is 12–16 g/dL, panic values is when it's below 5 or above 20. Though forgot to ask doctor if mine is still OK emoticon)
- Random blood sugar: 5.7 mmol/l (normal range is 4.4 - 6.1. Considering that I ate a small piece of chocolate brownies yesterday, curry noodles with prawns and eggs, last night's dinner and today's lunch, I think the blood sugar was still looking good!)
- Chest X-ray: Clear

The doctor signed my Hajj medical record, meaning I passed the checkup emoticon

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FATHINSN 8/6/2010 10:27AM

    Almost everyday I pray to Allah that no obstacle in my way to complete my pilgrim and hope Allah accept my Hajj. So, now one down - still need to get my vaccination shots - and few more to go!

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STRIVINGSOUL 8/6/2010 10:19AM

    Aww, that's great! One more step till you see the birthplace of Islam!!
Just imagine the great people that treaded the soil before you!!

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My New Program - Day #17 August 04, 2010

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Back from office, I got this boost-up spirit to finsih my dry laundry ironing and get deep into this decluttering my stuffs in bedroom, which mainly consists of folded dry laundry that I haven't put back into their own places (drawers, wardrobe cupboard, etc etc). And I'm proud to say, I finished all my ironing and I managed to put back lots of clothes, bedsheets and towels back to their own "home". So, another items checked from my Declutter & Cleanup Challenge:
- #3 finish ironing dry laundry
- #4 start initial process of making big dent in my cluttered bedroom
I strongly believe I can complete my challenge on the dateline - Sunday, the 8th day of August 2010 emoticon And next week, I can start my New Program after 2 weeks of pre-plan - jumping rope emoticon and jack, walk in park emoticon based on Walking For Beginner program and maybe even do a bit of jogging emoticon! I also pretty excited to start back my toning plan after reading one of SP member on getting great abs, want to get healthier, gorgeous, curvy me emoticon

Starting from Day #15 August 02, 2010, I started to up my yogurt drink intake, from 100ml to 200ml daily, first thing in the morning before I have my breakfast. At first, though I was food poison as I had to go to the ladies for quite long time but on third day (today), the stomach was getting settled, guess I nearly cleanup my intestine or whatever the yogurt actions was emoticon. Had lunch with my colleagues/lunch chat friends as usual. Actually, I went down earlier than others and just wait whoever from my department wanted to join my table. A very satisfying lunch, didn't get too hungry afterwards, so perhaps I got correct amount of rice emoticon

However, I didn't get good quality sleep - instead of went to sleep directly in bedroom just before hour 22:00 as planned, I gathered up my blanket from my bedroom to join my mother sleeping in living room emoticon And around 1am, I woke up, had a shower, Isyak prayer and went back to sleep in bedroom. Not something to brag about, huh? The next morning, didn't feel I get a satisfying rest emoticon

Bonus: Felt wonderful, pat on my back after a great change in my bedroom once I get started to make elephant-dent in the cluttered things!

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FATHINSN 8/5/2010 7:02PM

    I keep pushing the need to cleanup my room. So, will have a full weekend, hopefully no temptation to be lazy!

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XENA1956 8/5/2010 6:14PM

    Wow you have done a great job of keeping to your goals of cleaning up you room. So your not getting all the rest you need. Have a wonderful week OK Teri

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FATHINSN 8/5/2010 10:08AM

    If I can leave early after work, meaning need to arrive very early to work, I think I can squeeze a bit of toning workouts before Maghrib, so I need to conserve a lot of my energy or I might be too tired to do toning. Perhaps I try to do at least once a week but lots of walking as cardio, hehe. After Maghrib might be a bit bad idea as my parents and I will rush to perform Maghrib prayer then Terawih prayer at nearest mosque.

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EVER-HOPEFUL 8/5/2010 9:41AM

    well you are a bit ahead of me on your bedroom i have done nothing on the kids bedroom since the last time we conversed,guess i better do something.like your plans for your toning programm but donīt forget it will also be ramadam inshallah.or will you do it in the evening after maghrib?well done anyway,keep up the good work

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My New Program - Weekend Day #13 July 31 & #14 August 1, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I was so excited to start my weekend - going to do half of my Declutter & Cleanup Challenge's list. But I didn't take the probability of hot, hot weather, made me headache almost all day for both Saturday and Sunday. Although, I was proud to do my laundry (by hands, not machine!) and finish ironing of three-quarter of my dry laundry that need to be ironed - going to do more after wrote this blog. Sadly, I wasn't made any dent on my clutter in the bedroom - just adding more stuffs. But on my defense, those two days are too hot and opening windows wasn't an option to air the room as (my mom's theory and don't want to against it) frequently open the windows equals to making the window much easier for robbers to use the windows as their break-in gateway. But, I still able to keep the top of my drawers where I keep all my skincare and makeup products organize even though the rest of the bedroom was too shameful to declare itself as sweet bedroom emoticon

I wonder if I able to get complete my pre-plan of my new program aka Declutter & Cleanup Challenge before end of next week, 8 August. Just barely before start of Ramadhan, fasting month. I really, really need to shoo away my laziness of clearing my clutter at my personal space. emoticon

On other updates, I think finishing the whole bottle of low-fat yogurt drink 700 ml in a week is a very, very bad idea. Upon drinking the strawberry flavour this week on third day, I noticed that the taste got a bit bitter (or sharper sensation at stomach?) and it might be sign that I shouldn't keep it for a week. So, starting next week, I'll cut one week to 3-day, should be safer and still in my food budget emoticon

Oh, and news about my broken elliptical machine? Apparently, after I changed back the resistance level from 5 to 1, the machine worked again emoticon. I tested the machine by increasing the resistance again - 1 till 3 felt OK but when I changed to 4, I felt the pedaling movement a bit not smooth as if something restricted the belt in the machine, nearly similar with how bicycle's chain not properly adjusted. Maybe it's time to sell it, buy a new one - there's a promotion on elliptical machine emoticon in a fitness store that supposedly no complain from customers. Oh well, sometimes I think the machine problem is a sign to get me to start do exercise outdoor instead of stuck at home.

Bonus: On Friday, went to buy more of my Clinique skincare - nearly out of my sunblock and eye cream. I need to have extra care on my skin, I easily get tanned and weather here is so bright and sunny, which is my current favourite weather emoticon. Got a nice bargain - bought the products at certain amount and received goodies, which fortunately, everything except that Turnaround Instant Facial I can use. Looks like I'm back to use Clinique! Oh, and good deed for the week - I smiled to the Clinique girl who looked so exhausted after long string of customers and corrected the cashier when she gave me less than the actual total amount - it was one of those days we got 5x bonus points of what we purchased, so it was no surprise they looked tired.

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EVER-HOPEFUL 8/1/2010 10:16AM

    i have been abit like you with decluttering the kids room been at it hap hazzardly for the last three days and only about a tird of it is done.will also have to pull my socks up to get everything that needs to be done ,done for ramadam.let have a race to see who does thereīre room first.youi your bedroom ,me the kids room.let us know if you are up for it.my be the push we both need.re the yogurt drink it is cheaper to make your own and they last longer as the yogurt and milk are kept seperate till you use it.give it a try you might be surprise and as i said it is a lot cheaper.

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My New Program - Day #09 July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So excited to finish up my ironing but once I arrived at home, the drowsiness hit me full impact. Luckily, I've enough energy to change my bed sheet and pillow cases, clear up things that are not bed accessories from the bed. Two things checked off from my Declutter & Cleanup Challenge emoticon - #1 Make sure the bed sheet is changed weekly and #2 Remove any non-sleep related from the bed. So, sleep report for that night - more restful than previous day!

I was so hungry yesterday, I ate full bowl of rice instead of half bowl as usual . Felt a bit guilty (but cheered up a little as I got my favourite veggie!) but it was end of month and I need to keep my budget on line, so had to do the alternative menu instead of usual lunch menu (half bowl rice+1 cup cooked veggie+chicken+2 cups fresh fruits). Word of advice: when feeling very down, sad or bad mood, don't go to shopping mall where all wrong decision can be made, which I did early this year, an elephant-big dent on my monthly budget emoticon

Bonus: My cat, Arnab (Rabbit in english, because of his tail curl up like a rabbit emoticon) is always happy to see me which help boost up my mood after long day working at office!

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KHADEEJAH1 7/29/2010 5:55PM

    I like your declutter thing and you really have a good attitude. Much success to you. As Salaam Alaikum

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EVER-HOPEFUL 7/28/2010 7:53AM

    assaalmau alaik kum,first emoticonon the two things from your decluttering list emoticon.second emoticonon your healthy choices in food inspite of having to budgit.you should be proud of yourself.i have also done a lot of spending yesturday but i am seeing it as an investment but if i am being totally honest it has more with vanity to do than with investment.went to optisions the otherday and he upset me saying i now need bifocials,i thought what me you have to be kidding i am not old,theey are for people like in their 60īs and 70īs,i felt so old and depressed i tell you.well yesturday i went to order myself the new glasses.(500€)because i wanted the special glass that people canīt see that they are bifocials.is that vain or not?so know how you are feeling i am going to have to budgit for more than next month but i am going to delude myself and say it is an investment.anyway.enough about me .you keep up the good work inshallah.assaalamu alaik kum,karima

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