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I Did It - Forced Myself Leave The Office Earlier!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I guess it depends on what I'm looking forward to after office hour and how strong I can resist the temptation to finish the last bit of outstanding tasks - which not really the last as once done, new ones will come knocking and usually when it's time to go home, haha. Yesterday, it was because I wanted a quick book shopping at the mall and I wasn't feeling too good to stay any longer in the high blast air-con cubicle.

So, tips for myself to leave earlier:
#1 go to the office early so that can leave early (a cliche but true!)

#2 always finish the "IMPORTANT & URGENT" tasks 2 hours before leaving the office but if the thing is taking too long, either try to finish it ASAP (but still properly not just rushing through) or do it the very first thing in next day.

#3 whenever it's time to go home and new tasks arrive from colleagues/bosses, compromise with them to do it on next day, especially if not too urgent.

#4 start to put out my handbag & car key at plain sight on my desk 1 hour before leaving the office as a sign to everyone that I'm not staying too much longer

#5 turn off/lock/log off the computer without any delay!

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AHMARROSE 11/15/2011 6:58PM


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BRITT831 11/15/2011 2:34PM

    I like the plan! Whatever works for u. Rock it, girl!

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BADASSBLONDIE 11/15/2011 12:08PM

    GO you!!!!

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JSALERNO 11/15/2011 6:07AM


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FEED_ME_SHOES 11/15/2011 1:42AM

    I wish i had the option of leaving work earlier! Working days are so long sometimes!

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TRACKER: Exercises For Week 7th to 13th November 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rather than daily tracker, I think I'll do weekly tracking for different things - exercises, meals and sleep. I get inspired by one of my SP Buddies, I think it's Andrea from Twilight Challenge :D And it's save more space in my tracking book - maybe I should get those fancy gadgets where I can do tracking without paper and pen :D

So, here's my exercises for week 7th to 13th November 2011:
@ Tuesday 8th:
- Mid-morning: 1.5 minute warm up. 9 minutes of Crunches 2 sets of 15 reps, Pushups 2 sets of 15 reps and Squats 2 sets of 15 reps. 2 minutes cool down. 2 minutes stretches.

@ Wednesday 9th:
- Mid-morning: 2 minutes warm up. 6 minutes of Crunches 2 sets of 15 reps, Pushups 2 sets of 15 reps and Squats 2 sets of 15 reps. 2 minutes cool down. 2 minutes stretches.

@ Thursday 10th:
- Afternoon: 45 minutes of Hammer Curl with Twist 1 set of 12 reps, Triceps Extension 1 set of 8 reps, Lateral Raise 1 set of 12 reps, Forward Raise 1 set of 12 reps, Hammer Curl & Press Up 1 set of 12 reps, Crunches with Ball 1 set of 4 reps (it was embrassing to do it in front of everyone), Back Exercise with Ball 1 set of 2 reps (again, do it in front of everyone, too embrassing, haha). 60 minutes of Aerobic (including warm up, cool down and stretches).

This week's goal is total reps 100 for Crunches, Pushups and Squats. I did total 60 reps for each, planned to reach my goals on weekend but I was lacking the enthusiam, hehe.

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AHMARROSE 11/15/2011 7:02PM


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My Latest BP, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and etc, etc :D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Friday, 4th November 2011, we had a free health screening in the office, one of interesting thing in our HR Day. I was among the firsts so I missed the free gifts from the balloons during the launch day so I reasoned with myself, better have my health screening quickly than had to stand in long, long queue and probably still miss the balloons. Oh well, better luck next time with freebies.

Overall, the test results look good but the fat percentage scared me - I had double the number of what I suppose to have! Must be because of losing my muscle mass and not being active for a long time, huhu. And my sugar level, usually I got 4 for random checking but this time, I got 6 which is still ok but I suspected it was the cup cake that I ate earlier or maybe I do have higher sugary lifestyle since previous test!

So, here's my result:
- Blood pressure: 118/68 mmHg, good is 120/88 mmHg (the checker said beautiful!)
- Blood sugar: 6.0 mmol/L, good is 3.9 - 7.7 mmol/L (random check, didn't fast 8hr before test)
- Cholesterol: 4.29, good is less 5.2 mmol/L
- Height: 155cm (apparently I increased 1cm compare to last time, haha)
- Waist Circumference: 81, according to the table, for female, 80 cm is overweight and obesity is 88cm so I'm already in between, yikes!

Then I headed to Body Composition Analyzer (using a machine) for a 28 years old female, 155 cm height, 54kg weight:
- BMI: 22.5 (normal range is 18.9 and 22.9)
- Fat %: 34.6% (desirable range is 17 - 24% so I overshoot 10.6%!)
- BMR: 5084kJ, 1215kcal
- Impedance: 641 (dunno what is this, forgot to ask)
- Fat mass: 18.7kg (desirable range is 7.2 - 11.2kg)
- FFM: 35.3kg
- TBW: 25.8kg
- Target BF%: 24%
- Predictable weight: 46.5kg
- Predictable fat mass: 11.2kg
- Fat to lose: 7.5kg

We were told to see this nice lady to have health talk according to our result and I told her that I was happy with my weight so didn't want to lose too much to get that 46.5kg (I've been in the 40ish kg group and wasn't too happy with my body image). So, we both agreed that I need to get more muscle, lose more body fat, get more control with what I ate, with my rest - yada, yada, things that I know already but need to act on it, hehe.

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AHMARROSE 11/14/2011 2:17PM


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MISSLISA1973 11/13/2011 10:41AM

    It's good to know where we are so we can be aware of changes (either good or bad). So many people would rather not know, figuring that if they don't know it can't hurt them. Good for you for taking the time to find out.

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BADASSBLONDIE 11/13/2011 10:29AM

    That health screening sounds awesome! Yay!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 11/13/2011 8:34AM

    so act on it love.you know what to do so in the words of nike.-JUST DO IT.

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Morning Workout (A Contigency Plan, hehe)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

After weeks of getting longer hour than usual (and much, much prefer arrive early, leave early), I decided it's time to start morning workouts, even if just a short 5 minutes, as I no longer able to do any kind of exercises after I get back from work. Night workout is something need to be avoid (at least for me) as my sleep can be affected and after long hours working, I rather have someone to give me relaxing massage than get sweaty! So, night workout is a BIG no-no.

The morning workout plan is hopefully just temporary (same category as night workout, not a thing that I prefer to do on workdays!) till I get more control of my working hours (maybe I'm getting less productive, more sloth-pace? urgh!) but also to see if it's really true that morning workout will give much better effect to overall lifestyle. I did try exercise in the morning, ages ago, but I drop it because I disliked washing more clothes, haha.

So, phase 1 of Morning Workout Plan - short cardio with jumping rope, WooHoo! I'll try any of these jump rope workouts, whether racing against time or trying to get that time goal (if that makes any sense, haha):
#1 Jump Rope HIIT:
@ 1 minute warm up
@ 3 minutes intervals: 4 sets of 15s rest and 30s jump
@ 1 minute stretches
@ 1 minute cool down

#2 Jump Rope Pyramid
@ 1 minute warm up
@ 4.5 minutes intervals:
- 15s rest and 15s jump
- 30s rest and 30s jump
- 45s rest and 45s jump
- 30s rest and 30s jump
- 15s rest and 15s jump
@ 1 minute stretches
@ 1 minute cool down

#3 Jump Rope Normal & Reverse
@ 1 minute warm up
@ 3 minutes of repeating sets of jump normal 15x and jump reverse 15x
@ 1 minute stretches
@ 1 minute cool down

#4 Jump Rope Forward, Backward & Side-to-Side
@ 1 minute warm up
@ 3 minutes of repeating sets of jump forward 15x, jump backward 15x and jump side-to-side 15x
@ 1 minute stretches
@ 1 minute cool down

I will still continue do my short strength at office (currently doing Crunches, Pushups and Squats for a certain weekly goal) but for all-out strength training session, the kind that I get drench with lots of sweat that I can fill up a bathtub and really push hard, I'll pick Saturday or Sunday :D

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ROJAKHAN 11/13/2011 10:50AM


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MISSLISA1973 11/13/2011 10:43AM

    I have a hard time working out in the mornings. Maybe I should start out with just five minutes.

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BRITT831 11/13/2011 8:05AM

    Wow - sounds like an awesome plan! emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 11/13/2011 7:50AM

    good luck you can do it.i much perferr to work out in the mornings.not only do i feel better but it is out of the way,.i can still exercise in the night if i want but it is not nessacary if i donīt feel like because i have done it in the morning. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PLAN: November 2011, A Tangled Month, hehe

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November 2011 Plan

I want to try again my outdoor walking programme as last month, because of the weather, I gave up to do any walking (and probably because I didn't really feel like do anything after work, just want to go home and watch tv or read books, haha).

November also means a month of rope. Feel like forever since I let myself in the tangled relationship so will start again do HIIT with jumping rope, do strength exercises with rope-like things like the resistance band (since bought the higher resistance, haven't used it yet!), towels or scarves.

I also inspired by one of SP buddies in one of SP teams. A challenge for myself, every week, I want to get a certain number of reps for crunches, pushups and squats and the goal number will increase every week.

Still having problem with getting 7 hrs sleep at night, maybe I should move out from the bedroom and sleep in next room, just to get a new environment, haha. And all those rerun NCIS are delighting temptation - love to see Tony D with all his movie quotes and comments on his colleagues AND his reactions and expression whenever Gibbs arrived, haha. Looks like I need to sacrifice a little bit on tv watching if I need to get that 7 or at least 6 1/2 hrs!

In October, I realized that I'm starting to get drowned by all things that I collected (apparently, I'm a hoarder, huhu) since I can remember and perhaps one of reasons why I'm getting so lazy to fix my sleep problem, less enthusiastic with my workouts, more stress at people relationship. In short, October is a gloomy month for me - coincendently with Halloween! So, an additional plan for November, harden my heart against all those things that I keep and decide which to keep, which to give a way, which to throw.

Last but not least and most important, I want to do more with what's recommended in Islam, what's in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. I want to get back to what I did in my Hajj where I felt more calm with myself, less inner turmoil, felt more close to Allah. So, start small first - continuously do Dhuha, Awwabin (after Maghrib) and Witir (after Isyak in case I don't wakeup early for Qiamullail) prayers and continue where I left my Al-Quran reading after I stop since Syawal (huhu, so embrassed about this). I have this obsession that I fear has a major control in my life, especially when I'm alone and I can't discuss it in this Eastern culture as I think it's still a taboo. So, I hope with trying to do what Allah and our Rasullullah pbuh likes and avoiding those that Allah and Rasullullah pbuh dislikes, I will get more peace with myself, keep tight rein with my obsession.

Here's my plan for November 2011, from 1st to 30th:
1. Religion:
- do the 5 mandatory prayers as early as I can when it's time instead of delaying.
- continuosly do Dhuha, Awwabin and Witir prayers even during weekends and public holidays.
- read Al-Quran daily, even if only 1 page.

2. Meals & Water
- Drink 3 litres water or more daily.
- Eat 3 - 5 servings of veggies and fruits in any kind daily.
- Try not to cut too much grains and wheats like rice, breads and cereals.
- Less chocolate and sweet things

3. Sleep
- 7hrs every night, about the same time, same schedule.

4. Exercise
- Try walk in the park for at least 2 rounds (1 miles) on workdays (Monday to Friday).
- HIIT jump rope at least once weekly.
- BodyRock workout (try find without dip station and ball) at least once weekly.
- Pilates workout once weekly.
- Warm up, cool down and stretches for every workout session, especially for 10 minutes or more sessions.
- Strength workout target different parts (abs & core, upper body, lower body) with resistance band/towel/scarves.
- Plan example:
Mon = walk + abs & core + crunches challenge
Tue = walk + upper body + pushups challenge
Wed = walk + lower body + squats challenge
Thu = walk + pilate workout
Fri = walk or rest day
Sat = BodyRock or HIIT Jump Rope (alternate between these two on Sat & Sun)
Sun = BodyRock or HIIT Jump Rope (alternate between these two on Sat & Sun)

5. November Goals:
- Goal one day fasting every week (except period week, of course, hehe)
- Goal = 3 litres water daily
- Goal = sleep 7hrs every night
- Goal total reps for crunches, pushups and squats for Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 for each exercise.
- Goal fitness minutes this month = 1000 fitness minutes

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SULFABABY 11/1/2011 7:05PM

    I used to be a hoarder but found every once in a while, I get in a good mood to just throw most things away. It is funny how we associate feelings and memories with material objects. I can totally relate with you on that.

Isn't it interesting how the same determination that helps us to get healthy physically can also encourage us to get healthy spiritually? I think I am like you, needing to approach faith from this way too.

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JSALERNO 11/1/2011 5:58AM


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FEED_ME_SHOES 11/1/2011 3:12AM

    Dont be too hard on yourself. Its so easy to get caught up in lifes daily affairs. The first step is acknowledging that you arent doing enough as you could. Try to fast a few days of Dhul Hijjah. Problem solved. As for the sleeping issues, im still working on that one....

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