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The Biggest Reason Why I Keep Failing With Weight & Inches Losses

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Answer = Deprived of sleep!

I've been getting problems with my sleep lately, I think I can finally admit that I've insomnia. Scared me so much as in my family, we always manage to sleep easily anywhere, anytime, even during stressful time - just find a place comfortable enough and we can fall asleep easily and no complain from the body. But now, there are many causes that make me don't get enough sleep as I should, not getting enough rest. I still can fall asleep anywhere once I lie down (that's why lie down watching TV is not a good idea for me, hehe) but the length, the quality, the time when I turn in and wake up are my problems. There are several times, when I'm doing a workout, I yawned! And when at office, I usually found myself sway with sleepiness in the morning.

emoticon C#1: Temptation of staying up late even when I know I need to wake up early on next day
- TV, Internet, books - those three are my biggest weaknesses when it comes to turn in early

emoticon C#2: Become a light sleeper
- This actually been a long, long time and what usually waken me up is when someone opening/closing a door. It seems that I'm sensitive to door opening sounds, dunno why.

emoticon C#3: Late dinner
- Unfortunately, almost every night, our family has heavy dinner and it's not helping me with my sleep when the dinner is served quite late so I always justify with myself that I have to sleep later because of late dinner.

I can think other causes but for now, I need to tackle these three major ones. C#1 and C#3 actually have simple solutions (do things earlier!) but for C#2, I've no idea how to cure myself from that particular sound sensitivity unless I make myself very, very tired with a long, high intensity workout. Based on my experience, either 1 hour on the elliptical (so I guess maybe at least 20 minutes jumping rope) or more than 30 minutes of strength training with weights.

So, for next week, when I've 1 week vacations (thanks to lots of public holidays!), I'm going to have a sleep bootcamp emoticon

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FATHINSN 5/29/2011 3:17AM

    Ever since I can remember, my ears seems to be "allergic" to the sound of door opening/closing. More than often, throughout the day, I can even detect the source as if I'm the door expert, haha. I guess I can use earplug but I might can't hear my alarm!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 5/29/2011 3:11AM

    i like skaterīs idea i was going to suggest eat halve the dinner and save halve for your lunch in woprk(i believe you have a microwave there)

re problems with the door it sounds as if you are afraid that someone my come into your room for some reason,have you been watching scary movies lately where that has been happening?or have you had a fright somewhere when walking home etc that scared you and youi still have to work out.something to think about anyway.enjoy your sleep bootcamp wish i could join you,lol.

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FATHINSN 5/29/2011 2:35AM

    Oh, that's a good idea, SKATER787. I can save dinner for next day's meal (especially if it's late and the dinner can be eaten later) and eat a lighter dinner earlier! Thanks for the suggestion ;D

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SKATER787 5/29/2011 2:09AM

    Just save the dinner that mom makes tonight for tomorrow's meal. And you can chow down as soon as you get home. Enough of this late dinner non-sense. Thanks Mom!

And BTW, bring your book to join them at dinner. This way you get your reading done without staying up late.


Comment edited on: 5/29/2011 2:14:33 AM

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ANASONIC 5/28/2011 6:55AM

    Not getting enough sleep throws everything in your day off! Hope you have a great week off and get back on track. emoticon emoticon

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Summary: Bounce Back Week 8, May 15 - May 21

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 8, I spend 3 days in a business trip, ended with very exhausted body, blame mostly to the 40 minutes flight, back to home sweet home, in a bouncy, rocking small plane that landed so hard, so fast my heart nearly dropped onto the runway, haha. Can't imagine how other people always flying back forth to that island in that small island, very scary trip! Good news, I bought lots of dark chocolate as it's a duty-free island and can find almost everywhere with nearly 50% cheaper chocolate compare to other places in this country! Ah, but I still need to control chocolate intake even though dark chocolate is better than milk and white chocolate.

So, what I planned for Week 8:
- daily, doing videos as suggested in the bootcamp.
-cardio jumping rope 50 spins per set, at least 10 minutes per workout, 3x weekly

Actual activities:
1. Cardio jumping rope
- I only managed did twice that week, one on Sunday (10 sets of 50 spins) and another on Tuesday (46 sets of 50 spins from morning and early evening, twice cardio per day, WooHoo!)
- On Tuesday, succeeded did 20 minutes jumping rope, thanks to the cool hotel bedroom and soft carpet for jumping - beat the creepy hotel gym with poor lighting and boring-gray-colour carpeted, hard floor, hehe

2. Strength training:
- I did all the SIS toning videos once daily but Wednesday and Thursday as I was dead tired and dizzy from that terrible flight experience.
- Happy to say, I did one of the toning videos at the hotel without following the videos (Tuesday). This means I prove to myself that I can do any exercises outside the comfort of my home ;D

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MISSLISA1973 5/26/2011 11:43PM

    Isn't it great when we overcome something that used to hold us back! emoticon

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Another Free Image Consultant ;D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I think it's so funny when there are many people so concern about my appearance - from family (of course) to school mates/university study group and current, colleagues. Well, I've little complain about that as the advices are free, some self-declare my image consultant when the actual one or a stylist usually is high-paid (I think the consultants are usually high-pay, right?) So far, I've lost count on total volunteers and some are actually went for shopping trip with me, which I actually detest shopping with other people as I don't like keep people waiting on me to choose things, especially when they agreed to come at first place then had the bored look emoticon

Anyhow, when I was in a tea break during a business workshop, there I was sitting enjoying my sandwiches, chatting with one colleague when he (yes, a male!) looked at my green barely-reach-my-hips-wrist-length-sleeves blouse, grey A-size skirt, black stokings, dark blue flat sandals (I've posted the picture of the sandals in one of my blog) and commented, I looked like an auntie and how can I attract guys with that style! Good thing I always laughed whenever people made hurtful comments like that - my poker face is my laugh face, several people said they couldn't guess my real emotions because of my smiling, laughing personality. Well, I sort of trained myself to laugh at troubles, sadness, problems, anything that affect me negative. As long as I can still laugh, things will not spiral out-of-control and I will find solutions.

Ok, I'm drifting off as usual, back to the colleague, he also told me that he could do something to help me improve my appearance. I was mix of appalled and delighed, can't wait to know his ideas, hehe. He's kind of like an elder brother to me, heck, I always treat my male colleagues as family, mostly like my brothers as I miss having my brother around to tease and for siblings quarrels. So, come next Monday, he should be back to office so let's see if he still remember or maybe I should reminds him with my practical-choice-male-repellent clothes, haha.

It's quite interesting to know people advice to help improving my styles but when the comments start to make me feel I've been pushed around, trapped, then I'll slowly back out, change topics, etc etc. Anyhow, I've some ideas on what I want, perhaps this guy can suggests things like style and colour - I'm really bad with matching colours. But I hope he will not suggest something that sacrifice my comfortable, such as wearing thin, sky-high heels or clothes like second skin or (horor, horror) attract too many unwanted attentions from female and male, young and old!

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JOYATLAST 5/27/2011 12:53AM

    I LOVE this blog. Very clever. You're a smart girl!

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PAWSINAZ 5/25/2011 11:40AM

    In the pictures you have posted on your page, you look perfectly fine. I think people would be better off if they minded thier own business.

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RUNNINGSUSHI 5/21/2011 5:27PM

    Some people just don't realise how hurtful their comments are. He might have meant well but still shouldn't have said those things just the way he did. Nevertheless, now that you have a "styling date" with him next week, I hope you have a lot of fun! Personally, I think I would have had the urge to slap that guy... You are probably a much stronger person than me, with a lot more self-control because you could just laugh it off and didn't want to hit him!

And I agree with Michelene, be whoever YOU want to be, not what somebody else wants to turn you into. Yes, it is always good to get new ideas and you might be surprised how other people see you but you do need to be comfortable in your own body, that is important.

Happy Weekend! :-)

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WISEDUP1 5/21/2011 2:00PM

    I just read an article that a girl's boyfriend picked out clothing for her from her closet for an entire week. She liked some of the ideas and not others but had a good time doing it anyhow! So, for fun, maybe have a friend or two help you out by coordinating a outfit for you everyday with what you have in your own closet. Perhaps that you come up with new ways to wear clothing you already have without buying more :) Well, anyway, sound like fun to me (meaning I need to heed this advice). :)


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MICHCLEARY 5/21/2011 11:06AM

    Be who you want to be. I think you are inspiring with your jump roping and you are a great team member!

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My Reward After 7 Weeks Following My Bounce Back Fitness Plan!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Through several amendments, skipped few days due to sickness and monthly periods, I still able to follow my Bounce Back Fitness Plan, WooHoo. So, as a reward, I bought myself sushi meals today, yay!

Ok, ok, lots of opinions said don't reward yourself with food but this I have to make exception as it's salmon, a very, very, very rare treat for me, hehe.

I thought want to take pictures of my sushi but unfortunately, I was alone so a bit embrassed to take out my mobile and start snapping pictures LOL. No worry, got pictures from the restaurant's website. So, what I had - 3 plates of Salmon Mayo (salmon, rice and seaweed), 1 plates of Kanikama Maki (crabstick, rice and seaweed) and 1 Salmon Salad (got half price, WooHoo) and several refill of green tea (free!)

Salmon Mayo

Kanikama Maki

Salmon Salad

(I assure you that what I got were exactly the same in the picture except for the plates, hehe)

I don't know why I love Salmon and sushi-style rice rolled in seaweed. Hmm, maybe I should learn how to so that I can bring some for my lunch in the office ;D

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AHMARROSE 5/24/2011 2:26AM

  WOW, good treat

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MFLYNN8 5/21/2011 8:59PM

    I tried sushi once with wasabi and that was the only time!

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TRIPLE_EMME 5/20/2011 10:06AM

    Glad that you enjoyed your sushi treat!

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Summary: Bounce Back Week 7, May 8 - May 14

Monday, May 16, 2011

The biggest challenge in Week 7 was how to do workout in the blazing heat of outside weather and inside of humid house. There were lots of time when I just wanted to soak under the shower - no bathtub - instead of continue workout. Kept getting dizzy spells, headaches and the air-con didn't work to cool me when I slept! No wonder I was having trouble with my sleep - I could fall asleep seconds when I drop my body at any surface but when I woke up, the body complained of getting hot and sticky with sweats and I know throughout my sleep, I was uncomfortable but still sleeping, haha.

Anyhow, Week 7's plan, as usual, combining my Bounce Back with Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Challenge's challenges and personal goals (my SIS weeks always starts with Wednesday but Bounce Back starts on Sunday):
- daily, doing videos as suggested in the bootcamp.
- Week 6 is a combination Week 2 and Week 3 SIS bootcamp, so the first half of Week 7, 1x toning video and second half, 2x toning video
-cardio jumping rope 45 spins per set, first half 10 - 15 minutes and second half, 15 - 20 minutes

Actual activities:
1. Cardio jumping rope, could do as what I planned, just imagine doing intense jumping in the heat, so dizzy and uncomfortable AND puke-inducer, hehe:
- Tuesday, 15 sets of 45 spins
- Wednesday, 10 sets of 45 spins
- Thursday, 14 sets of 45 spins
- Friday, 4 sets of 45 spins
(other days, either I was still slightly sick from Week 6 or because of couldn't do anything too active on hot, hot days)

2. Strength training:
- I did all the SIS toning videos once daily from Sunday to Tuesday and twice on Thursday to Saturday - all toning exercises except on Wednesday, cardio kickboxing.

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TRIPLE_EMME 5/18/2011 10:38AM


You are doing an amazing job! And considering the heat and weather conditions, it is that much more impressive!!!

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RUNWITHMICHELE 5/16/2011 11:26AM

    jumping rope with heat= puke inducer... yup. I can see that!

Nice job!

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