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Day 042: Another Rant Blog X(

Friday, December 05, 2014

I'm so sleepy today because of long work day, lots of walking, so I'll be quick on today's blog.

Today, I had lots of printing (helping a colleague, part of my "supporting the client" job) and dateline was today! Couldn't ask vendor to do this as it will take more time to wait for their price and another waiting for them to give the printout. Anyhow, I send lots of printing, hundreds of pages so it was no surprise that others will have to wait for my printout to finish printing (unfortunately, that was a famous printer in our department coz other than printing, people also do photocopy and scanning).

Then disaster struck! The printer gets jammed! Uhuh, not expecting this as usually the printer runs perfectly and fast. When I went to the printer, few people gathered around the printer and as I was trying to sort out my printout from the rest of paper, this one woman (who apparently likes to complain about me, haha) attacked me with her lecture on how to to do printing. As she was quite older than me, I just stood there and received her angry words but I was simmering inside, boiling hot, because I felt so humiliated when she did that in front of others. It took all my willpower not to lash back and not cried. After she finished, she left (phew!). Another colleague, an older man, just commented how the printer might have dirty printer roller, which caused paper stick together. This guy said things gently AND he didn't blame me at all but instead, trying to figure out the problem.

I walked to our secretary, told her if she could called someone to fix the printer. I stayed for a while at her place so that I could get in more control of my emotion and she also said it wasn't my fault. I was afraid that this old woman might complained to my supervisor then my supervisor will meet me to discuss this. When I went to see my colleague (the one who asked my help) about the printing, I told her that helping her printing caused jammed printer and I go lectured about it. My colleague said it's ok, it's not like I intentionally caused this. Then the old woman passed by and asked, oh so nicely, for me to collect my printout. She said my printout was quite a lot at the printer. When I went to check my latest printout and showed those papers to my colleague, we were like "what the heck" coz those papers were not that many, just about 10 pieces instead of expected hundreds pages!

I was a mixture of sad and anger but I was grateful to my colleagues who supported me, they gave me strength when I just want to either crumble or blow out! My theory is ever since I moved out from the operation team, those old ladies started to get more brave to attack me, especially because I moved to their area. When I was still with the operation team, they treated me so nice, asked me things nicely, always smile at me when we passed by - everything they said or did was always NICE! Even my colleague said those old ladies never said anything bad to them operation team.

My boss kept saying that we should always support our client, people we support in the department. My clients are those operation team and so far, they seem happy with what I did, even gave acknowledgement. However, my own team seems dislike me for unknown reasons. No wonder I feel so stress lately!

I will be away from office but there are more printing needed (whenever we are nearing operation, usually lots of printing of programme). I suggested to my colleague to get another in the support team but she didn't really the idea of getting any of them, not quite trusting the quality of other people's work, haha. That must mean that my colleague trust I did good job helping them, right?

Oh, well, I will just focus on making my clients happy with my support. I suspect that if there are complains about me, most probably come from my own team not from people I support!

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MISSDAISY23 12/7/2014 4:03PM

    Hi Fathin,
I have been very busy... when am I not.... LOL
I am very happy for you that you handle the situation very well. Some people are just not nice because they like to put the blame on someone else. Some people are also probably afraid or are jealous of you because you do a better job than them. The world is made up of the good, the bad & the ugly. Anyway, I hope from now on, everything will go well for you in whatever area.
Take care!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/5/2014 10:30AM

    Glad you vented. That's a good way to handle emotions!


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Day 041: A Visit To A Doctor

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Finally, I dragged myself to see a doctor about my current illness and I also checked with him about my blood and urine test results.

First, we discussed about my blood test results. Everything was normal except for two things but he said it was probably caused by my blood loss from my period. I had the test during my period and I'm always have heavy blood flow. But the number wasn't alarming so he let it pass for now. The urine test result was all clear so also no worry.

However, the mystery why I always feel bloated, gassy, burping is still not solved. I told him that the previous doctor, a gyno actually, recommended me to take probiotic for 30 days. Not much different. This doctor felt it was weird the other doctor suggested the probiotic as it was more to make my stool more solid (I provide that word "stool" for him, kinda reminds me of cat poop LOL). So he prescribed another for my problem for 14 days. If my condition still remains same, he said I need to take Colonoscopy which required to put in a tube of some sort through my mouth and throat which of course made me cringe. But he assured me that I will get something (not sure what in English, haha) so I shouldn't feel any discomfort. But I still can SEE THE WHOLE PROCESS, NOOOOOOO.

Then lastly, my fever+flu+itchy throat problem. He gave me gargle, flu medicine and fever medicine. I asked him why I always get sick. He told me that I might not get good rest so I asked him how do I know that. Easy to know: if I still feel tired after I woke up. He asked me if I also have stress; yes, I do but I don't give him details, though. Hmm, I agree about not getting enough rest, I always have problem with getting sleep early, thanks to Internet and books! And thanks to last night late night chat with a guy who I gave technical support, I slept past 11 pm then have to woke up around 5 am. So, I asked the doctor if I can get the rest of the day medical leave so that I can get rest as I was so tired and I foresee I will have tons to do on next day. He gave me MC so I spend most of afternoon sleeping, woke up felt 80% fresh - at first, couldn't sleep coz my cat was meowing lustfully LOL

So overall, this visit is fruitful, very good information though some facts are too scary like that Colonoscopy, haha. This is one of my favourite doctor - he looks energetic, he dressed casually (I think he wore short pants but it was a glimpse, not sure, haha), he looks really focus on what I'm saying. And I sort of have this thing about chinese looks, hehe.

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1CRAZYDOG 12/4/2014 7:48AM

    Ummmm . . . . clearing throat . . . a colonoscopy goes "up the other end". emoticon Just don't want you to be surprised! But you are given sedation so you won't feel anything. Good luck and it sounds like a good idea.

Glad you got an MC for resting yesterday. Hope it helped. Good you went to get checked out, and even better that you like the Dr. That helps a LOT!


Comment edited on: 12/4/2014 7:49:56 AM

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Day 040: Upgrade to Cough Girl

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Today, my throat was so itchy, I had maddening urge to keep coughing or worse, to scratch inside my throat! Maybe it's time for me to see the doctor but I still want to try self-fix by getting proper rest (which apparently I still fail to get).

Tomorrow, if my condition is still bad, I will see the doctor. Besides, I also want to discuss on my blood test result.

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1CRAZYDOG 12/3/2014 3:09PM

    Agree w/RASPBERRY. Probably a visit with the Dr. would be a good idea.

Hope you do feel better.

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RASPBERRY56 12/3/2014 5:21AM

    I'm thinking a doctor visit is probably in order at this point - and if you can get two matters handled at the same time, so much the better!

I wish you the best for a speedy recovery!

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Day 039: Sneeze-A-Lot Girl

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Yeah, that what I called myself LOL

Lots of sneezing today, must be from my cold. Thankfully, not enough to make my nose runny, hehe. Started to get itchy throat, too, coughing few times. Maybe I need to see my doctor before I start my vacation!

Second day of wearing my new boots, this time I wore with jeans instead of skirts like yesterday. Definitely more showing off coz my jeans didn't hide my boots as much as my long skirt LOL I tried to walk further compare to previous day, quite stable but somehow the boots felt like not quite as right as when I tried them first time. I wonder if shoes can shrink instead of expand? Maybe the cold weather made my boots smaller. Though I still could wriggle my toes and no cramp space for my toes (toes not overlap with each other) but felt like the boots were pushing down top of my feet!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/2/2014 9:38AM

    Feel better!

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Day 038: Heavy Rain, So Tired!

Monday, December 01, 2014

I think I caught cold. My body felt aches, I was so tired, so sleepy. Plus since I woke up till about noon, it rained non-stop, alternating between drizzle and heavy pour. I decided to work from home till the weather improved - not going tried to survive driving in heavy rain! - but then Dad offered to drive me to the office (he also had business to do).

On bright side, I wore my red boots first time outside my practice range LOL I felt so much taller with the additional 3.25", walked much more straighter and whenever I zip up/down my boots, the sound of pulling the zip was so sexy!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/1/2014 2:20PM

    Awesome! Hope you feel better.

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LE3INMEMPHIS 12/1/2014 10:33AM

    I am so proud of you for finding a Sunny side to the Rainy day. Be kind to yourself and put a smile on someone else's face today.


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