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February Goal Results

Thursday, March 01, 2012

How I did in February:

1) Maintain my weight at +5 / -14 pounds
emoticon emoticon
I ended the month 1 pound over my range. I’m not obsessing about it but over range is over range so February does not earn a “Goal Met”

2) Become a half fanatic by the end of August.
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Ran the 2nd of 3 HMs last weekend and the final one is on 3/24, the MudDogs in Mt. Pleasant, MI

3) Do some sort of housecleaning or maintenance daily.
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4) Break my dependence on Splenda - reduce to 1 packet per tea cup in February.
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March = trying for no Splenda at all. I’m not sure how this will actually work but my overall goal was to reduce how much I used, which I have done. Once I’m back to maintaining my goal weight range I might start using real sugar instead of Splenda. Originally I didn’t want the empty calories from the 4 or more packets of sugar I would have used per cup so I started using Splenda instead, but I think I can live with the 1 packet of sugar now. I’m still going to try for no sweetener this month & decide after I give it a fair try.

5) Finalize my budget by the end of Jan and stick to it to pay off at least 3 loans by Dec.
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Debt #1 paid of in January & stuck to the budget throughout February. I was ready to pay off debt #2 yesterday but the news about the possible new position has put that on hold. All available $$ is now going to finishing as much of the house remodeling as possible so I can put it up for sale if necessary to relocate. This goal will probably be changed for March.

6) Ready to test for black belt by end of June:
6a) 4 techniques approved in February

6b) Ni kyoso suro no kata approved in February; Bassai kata approved in March
I actually completed both katas in February!

6c) Make terminology flashcards by end of February; review weekly until testing
Hard copy flashcards made but I have now found an app and am in the process of transferring them to my iPad too

6d) Assist in 4 classes per month

6e) Write down basic overall demo plan by end of February; finalize by end of March; recruit volunteers and start practicing by end of April
I have an idea for the beginning but haven’t gotten beyond that. This goal may need to be revamped; if I relocate I will not be able to meet this requirement as stated and will need to substitute something, possible a weapons demonstration.

6f) Keep running so as to maintain ability to run 2 miles in 18 minutes

6g) Be able to do 40 pushups in February; 45 in March; 50 in April; 55 in May; 60 in June
And I discovered I can hold a plank for at least one minute!

6h) Start research by end of March; rough draft by end of April; final paper by end of May

7) Finish replacing all the light switches and wall outlets by the end of March. Then focus on completing 1 room at a time instead of jumping all around the house and never really finishing anything. Complete the 3 in use bedrooms by the end of December. Completing a room involves replacing all moldings & trim, doors, light/ceiling fan and drapes.
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Finished the switches/outlets in my son’s room, most of mine & started on my daughter’s. I have a list of all remaining switches/outlets to change and will really focus on finishing them this month.

8) Run my first marathon by October 21.
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I will not even start training for this until after black belt testing, assuming in July. Might have to change or postpone this goal depending on what happens with the potential new position.

9) Other goals as they occur to me.
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Got my son’s (and his GF’s) scholarship application submitted; completed the last training classes to get enough continuing education hours for recertification.

10) Have fun and stress less!
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So far, so good. Continuing this in March will be a challenge with the pressure to finish the house ASAP, plus testing for the new professional certification, work travel and all of the normal things that don’t go away just because life has gotten busier.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEZZIEJAMES 3/5/2012 7:10PM

    You are a dedicated and fearless woman!!! I'm psyched to be your friend on this journey!!! You never cease to amaze and inspire awe in me!

I drink my tea w/o any sweetener, but it's usually flavored tea, sometimes when I am craving something sweet, I will put a little bit of honey in , but plain isn't too bad once you get used to it. You've done so many other things... I have no doubt you can also conquer Splenda/sugar!

Good luck on the possible promotion!!! Keep us updated on it!!!

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MIQUEY73 3/1/2012 8:56PM

    Wow. Lots going on but I know you can do it!

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    You'll do this with your hands tied behind your back! You already have all the self-discipline habits down, and now we will just watch you go! emoticon emoticon

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GETSTRONGRRR 3/1/2012 7:01PM

    You are awesome.....what a great planner (and executor) you are.

Good luck....don't think you'll have any trouble putting DONE next to anything you set your mind to!

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DOODIE59 3/1/2012 6:11PM

    Wow, you are one busy woman. Good luck with the possible promotion:) You are a machine. A machine;) Very impressive.

Have you tried Stevia as a sugar replacement? Keeping in mind that a half tsp of real sugar is only 8 calories ... can you keep it to a half tsp?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

So yesterday I was pretty cryptic about why I need to revamp my goals. For the moment I have to stay that way. What I can say is that I have a possible opportunity to take a new position within the company which might involve relocation. It is not the specific job I want, but the experience would put me in a pretty good position in a few years to get to where I want to be. Opportunity doesn't come knocking every day and I need to decide if I go after this opportunity or not. If I decide to go for it I need to be ready to commit which means completely changing focus from paying off several debts this year to finishing the remodel on my house; unfortunately I can't do both simultaneously. It could also mean negotiating with Sensei B on some of the black belt test requirements because while I could be here for the test I might not be here to be able to complete some of the other off-belt requirements like class assistant or the self-defense demo in the manner described (a re-enactment with other students of a mugging or similar situation where I demonstrate how to kick ass). I don't really have to decide if I pursue this for a few more weeks but there is no time like the present to get started on the house (and "losing" a month on the debt repayment if I decide not to pursue this opportunity will only put me back a month, not completely negate the goal if I return to it).

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DOGSTARDADDY 2/26/2012 4:37AM

    Keep the stress under control. Sounds like an opportunity for a life change. Good luck.

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F8CONE8 2/23/2012 10:35PM

    Wow that is a lot to think about. I'm sure you will make the right decision. Hugs

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GETSTRONGRRR 2/23/2012 10:13PM

    Well congrats on the opportunity....choices are always've got the wherewithal to make the right call!

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    I am just so proud of you! Would you, before getting healthy, ever dreamed of taking a huge challenge opportunity like this? Hurray! You ROCK! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KKINNEA 2/23/2012 11:32AM

    Good luck!

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CBAILEYC 2/23/2012 10:51AM

    It sounds like a great opportunity! Here's to what works best for you, working out just right!

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INIT2LIVEIT 2/23/2012 8:36AM

    Good luck. I am sure you will make the best decision for you and yours.

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CODEMAULER 2/23/2012 8:09AM

    It sounds like you have the pros/cons and tasks lined up. Keep moving forward and do what you can until the decisions are finalized.

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Possible Revamp

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a quick blog today. I received some news today which is going to cause a major revamp in my goals for the year. I can't really say anything about it right now but it will result in big personal changes for me - which are mostly good, no worries there - but I will need to take a hard look at what I had planned to do this year and what I will need to do instead and completely switch focus.

[insert small sigh]

I was doing so good in sticking to my goals these first 2 months too.

Oh well. The only constant in life is change, and life happens while you're busy making other plans.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

INIT2LIVEIT 2/23/2012 3:10AM

    Good luck with which ever path life takes you - May it all be great!

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, we're waiting! emoticon

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GETSTRONGRRR 2/22/2012 7:58PM

    Do tell......sounds good, sounds new, sounds exciting!!

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MARISPHERE 2/22/2012 6:47PM

    Taking the time you need to reorder priorities is a wise decision. Good luck with everything!



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Scale War: The Charge of the Packzi Brigade or the Battle of Fat Tuesday

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(Note - see CODEMAULER's description of a packzi in the comments, she describes it well. Packzi are death by donuts).

The forces of the Empire of Fangfacekitty are on their way to victory over the Scale Gremlins and their latest allies, the Packzi. Fighting is fierce and across many fronts but the Empire is holding firm and making gains. The evil alliance is being driven back step by step into the inhospitable region of powdered sugar where they shall certainly perish by the hundreds.

Fat Tuesday Fat Tuesday
Fat Tuesday comes now
All in the Valley of Fat
Calories of six hundred
�Forward, the Packzi Brigade!
Eat me all up� they said
Into the Valley of Fat
Calories of six hundred.

�Forward, the Packzi Brigade!�
Was there a Packzi untasty?
Not tho� the baker knew
And not with calories eighty:
Theirs not to be low fat,
Roll out the Welcome Mat
Theirs to be eaten at -
And in - the Valley of Fat
Calories of six hundred.

Dieters to the right of them,
Dieters to the left of them,
Dieters in front of them
Lined up & noshed;
With anticipation,
Boldly they chewed and ate,
Outward their cheeks they puffed,
Into their jaws they stuffed
Calories of six hundred.

Raspberry and strawberry,
Chocolate and cream,
Lemon and blueberries,
Consumed by the thousands
All the word wonder�d:
Can we survive this onslaught?
All the calories we ought not
To Have consumed?
Reel�d from the sugar coma,
Stuffed and bloated.
Dieters� remorse, but after
Calories of six hundred.

Dieters to the right of them,
Dieters to the left of them,
Dieters behind them
Lined up & noshed;
With anticipation,
Frosted and powdered,
They that tasted so good
Outward their cheeks were puffed,
Into jaws wide were stuffed,
Every last crumb of
Calories of six hundred.

When can their glory fade?
O the wild treat they made!
All the world wonder�d.
Next year the doors blockade!
Resist the Packzi Brigade,
Calories six hundred!

(apologies to Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade poem)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GETSTRONGRRR 2/21/2012 10:24PM

    Keep fighting the good fight...remember those who have fallen on the scales before us....taste not of the evil Packzi!

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FANCY-PANTS 2/21/2012 7:07PM

    OMG!! LOL! I love packzi!! I went to the doughnut store to get one over the weekend...yeah, they call to me this time of year...but they were out. So I walked away with a red velvet doughnut and about 5 lbs of guilt. LOL Now I still want a packzi! I must resist. emoticon

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KKINNEA 2/21/2012 12:06PM

    Love it!

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INIT2LIVEIT 2/21/2012 11:47AM

    Cute, but what are packzi?

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JUDYSZABO 2/21/2012 10:04AM

    The grocery here has Packzi shipped in, but they aren't Gram's so I can resist with little effort.

But when I did Mardi Gras in NO once and everyone was going off about the beinets, I was like, "You think this is good? You should try the Packzi." I was almost run out of town...


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EMFRAPPIER 2/21/2012 9:40AM


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DEZZIEJAMES 2/21/2012 9:20AM

    LOL. Love it!!!! emoticon

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CODEMAULER 2/21/2012 9:03AM

    Among so many other things, the Packzi is something that I miss since moving out of Michigan. It took years before I found them here in MN and - luckily! - they are no where near as good. Mind you, I never ate a lot of them, but it made me happy to know that they were available. I could always find a few co-workers to split them with me.

For those not in the know, the Packzi is a pastry cannonball (well, smaller, but no less dense) that only comes out for Fat Tuesday. Like the doughnut equivalent of the groundhog, it's out for one day and you might spend the rest of the year wishing for another.

Where I grew up, they were pronounced "poonch-key," but I understand that it's open to differences in dialect.

I'll be battling in spirit; resist and conquer!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Anyone who has ever been a child will know this, and it is especially forceful once you have children.

Parents know less than nothing.

Until that magical day may dawn, far in the future, where a child may one day grudgingly admit that perhaps Mom might have been somewhere in the ball park once or twice.

Dawn has broken.

For years I have encouraged (his translation = "forced") my son to stay in Boy Scouts, to keep up with karate, to particpate in extra curricular activities and community service. Schools and employers tend to look at a student's involvement - or lack of - in his community and will favor the more involved. He learns valuable life skills, he gives back and pays it forward, he builds his character.

All fell on deaf ears and we would argue regularly over his continuing participation. I generally "won" the arguments, but it was never pretty.

Until this weekend. We have been filling out job and college applications.

What a surprise - every last one has a section for extra curricular activies. My son had filled out the first few listing "nothing relevant" in this section. I kid you not. He actually turned in some job applications with this statement, applications his father supposedly looked over first. I had to sit down and bite my tongue for a few minutes before asking him exactly what he was thinking with this answer.

His response was none of his extra curricular activities was related to the jobs he was applying for, or academic or applicable to the degree he wants to get and he did not want to leave the section blank. Plus, "I don't want people to know I'm in the Boy Scouts, it is embarrassing."

More tongue biting and deep breaths later I pointed him to one of the college websites where they describe exactly how highly they value community involvement, as students who are active in extra curricular activities and their community tend to be better adjusted and more successful as students and in life. These activities build leadership skills, show the student can work as a member of a group, can think and reason and draw conclusions, can make decisions and take appropriate actions, etc. and so on.

I asked him based on what he just read what he thought his chance of acceptence would be if he turned in his application listing "nothing relevant"?

He looked at me with comprehension dawning in his eyes. "So THAT's why you made me do all these things all these years! NOW I understand!"


Now if I could only get my 13 year old daughter to understand why dating a 16 year old boy is strictly verboten and I don't really care that it is less than an age difference than I had with her Dad.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAMADWARF 2/18/2012 5:46PM

    Good work, mom!!!!! I had a 2 year rule with my kids about dating older. Boys and my nubby also explained what guys think about since he is a guy! I also like what momma little said. Good advice!

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GEORGIZ 2/15/2012 9:53PM

You are so right and I'm glad you got your vindication!

As for your daughter, ask her why she's not dating the 10 year olds she knows and see if maybe that changes her tune about "age aint nothing but a number"! (I know it won't but good luck)

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DEZZIEJAMES 2/15/2012 11:22AM

    LOL!!! LOVE it!! Way to go FFK!!!

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GETSTRONGRRR 2/13/2012 9:13PM

    Ahh from the mouths of babes....

With age comes wisdom, so you do have some more of these enlightening talks to look forward. Unfortunately, it still takes till age 25 or so for that full frontal lobe to develop, so until then, they still revert to monkey behavior in their teens and early 20s.

Our 23 year old recently confessed, "So you know when I was (pick an age) and did (pick a dumb-ass thing), and you guys got really pissed, I was pretty much a jerk about it, wasn't I?"

SWMBO and I looked at each other, shocked, wanting to savor the moment, yet not wanting to exhibit too much self-righteous gloating.

"Well we didn't want to say anything, but yeah......"

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CK-DUBYA 2/13/2012 7:25PM

    Way to go! I am very indebted to my parents for making me stick to boy scouts to the point of earning my eagle. There are many opportunities that I would have missed (inside and outside of the BSA) if I had won the argument. It was hard to see the big picture at the time. Now the shoe has flipped as my son is in scouts. Luckily he is still at the stage where he thinks it is fun, but I'm sure we'll have many discussions in years to come.

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DOGSTARDADDY 2/13/2012 3:50PM

    I think I have a looong way to go yet. But good for you :)

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INIT2LIVEIT 2/13/2012 2:26PM

    Excellent! Wish your permission I would like to send your blog to my sister. I think she will like having this perspective where her 2 kids are concerned!
Please let me know?

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CBAILEYC 2/13/2012 2:11PM

    Nice one, Mom!

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MCJULIEO 2/13/2012 2:08PM


And now that you have blogged here on SP about it, you can always come back to this entry and remember this perfect parenting moment!

Congrats to you!
You get the Mom-of-the-Day Award! emoticon

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COACHMOMMY 2/13/2012 2:05PM

    This could be the same conversation I've had with my 16 year old DD, except that she did quit Girl Scouts in 9th Grade. But at least she has 10 years in and her Silver Award. I actually just told her last night that she has to keep up with the community service that she does at church becuase of job interviews/college applications. I hated that she has to be "motivated" to help her community, but oh well. I said if there's 2 16 year olds with no job experience, but one has lots of volunteer experience, i.e. GS camps, cookie booths, vacation bible school, etc., who would get the job? That seemed to relate to her. So we'll see how the job search goes. She's only a 10th grader, so at least we have another year for the college apps.! Good Luck - the teen age years are tough. I'll have 3 teenage girls in a little less than 2 years when the 11 year becomes one!

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    Have your SON take your DAUGHTER on a little outing and HE can get through to her much better than you can!!! I know you were sort of joking, but I really have seen our siblings take advice from each other so much quicker than from us! emoticon

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