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Garage Kitty's new name is.........

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Thanks to MAMADWARF who first suggested it. Voting was very emotionally charged but the doors were locked until we had a name. Some of the contenders were Frank, Sir Snuggleface, Beemer, Jake and Otis. And a last minute entry from my son, Petrov the Merciless.

He also has a nickname...Sir Poops-A-Lot, which probably does not need further explanation.

Gandalf did OK with his neuturing yesterday and is back home in the garage. Unfortunately they made a mistake and assumed he was a feral cat because he was in a trap (which THEY insisted I put him in when I got there)...and cut off the tip of his left ear too.

Apparently that is done to ferals for later easy identification that they have already been streilized & don't need to be recaught. And because they do so many sterilizations each day the tech saw the trap & just assumed he was a feral without looking at his paperwork. I'm not too happy about that.

So now Gandalf has one pointy ear and one flat ear. It could have been worse - one of my coworkers once worked at a vet and the tech completely declawed a cat that was there for something else...and did not even get fired after the owner raised all manner of stink about it (which I would have done too!). At least I can understand how they made the mistake with his ear, and they did apologize and offer to refund the fee without my even saying anything. It doesn't fix his ear or make it right...but he can survive without his ear tip.

So his full name is now Gandalf Crop-Ear Poops-A-Lot.

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DOJORAT 9/1/2011 10:27PM

    I love the name! emoticon

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YAGERMONSTER 9/1/2011 4:16AM

    No pics? lol I like the name, hope he has the chin hair to match. :D

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DENISEFOR110 8/31/2011 9:49PM

    Aww...poor Gandalf. A case of mistaken identity. I'm sure he'll live up to his awesome name though. Cheers!

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/31/2011 4:16AM

    Love it! quite a mouthful. I agree with ELYMWX- Sir is what cat expects anyway...

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VYVIENN 8/31/2011 1:20AM

    Ha, I love the extended version of his name, it's fabulous! Poor little guy, so young, no balls and already a vet mishap... emoticon emoticon Congrats on the new (poopy) addition to the family!

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ELYMWX 8/31/2011 12:27AM

    Just call him Sir. He's a cat, so that's what he expects anyways!

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MOBYCARP 8/30/2011 9:05PM

    Too bad about the ear. Maybe you should rename him Van Gogh?

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JULIE_1978 8/30/2011 8:43PM

    I like Gandalf! A little bit crappy about his ear though :( In the end, he likely won't miss it but still...

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GETSTRONGRRR 8/30/2011 8:41PM

    Hell, I go with Sir poops-a-lot!

Of course you could also do a quick change and call him Erie.

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BLACK-SWAN 8/30/2011 7:20PM

    with that name, sounds like you are ready for a craft show

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DOGSTARDADDY 8/30/2011 6:20PM

    Very nice!

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CALIPIDGIOUS 8/30/2011 3:54PM

    LOL, I love the name and I love that he has a nickname. We had 3 cats when I was a kid and they were named Moe, Larry and Curly. They all had nicknames, i.e. Larry = Lawrence of Arabia. (This was clearly a power struggle between my mom and her husband. Little Mars/Venus going on there! ) emoticon

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    Great name...Poor thing...well, guess it will give him character.

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FUSCHIA6 8/30/2011 2:30PM

    Welcome Gandalf! Too bad about your ear, that sucks. At least you have a name & a loving home.

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CBAILEYC 8/30/2011 2:04PM

    Gandalf is a great name! I can totally see it. Bummer about his ear, but it's likely he won't even notice, and the hopefully the other neighborhood cats won't give him too much flack about it!

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KAREN42BOYS 8/30/2011 2:04PM

    What an impressive full name for that cat! How he got his Crop Ear is bad, but a very cool name.

It is great that the vet is so committed to helping control feral cat breeding, but yeah, I think you guys earned a free neuter or some free services down the road. They screwed up.

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    Oh, this was a fun blog to read! I loved it! Naming animals is always such an experience at our house! This new stray, Mallow, however... well, everyone likes the name! Go figure! Is it a sign? emoticon

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ELYMWX 8/30/2011 1:39PM

    So I'm guessing it's official, now. He's adopted you. Welcome to his family.

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4ANEWME2DAY 8/30/2011 1:34PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MATTERJT 8/30/2011 1:33PM

    Love the name! :-) But I agree with ALANNAYH, I would not use that vet again. Poor kitty.

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TYKXBOY 8/30/2011 1:32PM

    Love the name, especially the full name! Shame on the vet for making such a dumb mistake. At least it was only an ear tip. Gandalf will have lots of stories to tell his hobbits!

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DEZZIEJAMES 8/30/2011 1:20PM

    OH MY GOSH!!! How cruel... seriously? They cut off some of his ear? :( Haven't they heard of microchipping....

Oh I don't know if I would ever use them again!

But grats on the name!!! Welcome home Gandalf Crop-Ear Poops-A-Lot!

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Name the Kitty Contest Now Open!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garage Kitty needs a name before his neutering appointment on Monday.

He jumped out of the bushes last week and started following my daughter and her friend. They knocked on doors, put up flyers and still no one has claimed him. He is very sweet and affectionate and has been living in my garage while we try to find him a home. We have been calling him Garage Kitty because I have been reluctant to give him a name.

I found an outreach that provides low cost spay/neuter services so he goes in Monday morning to be fixed. There is no way an intact boy cat is coming into the house, it smells too much. But the outreach requires a name for his records and Garage Kitty just isn’t right for him.

Thinking about past pet names I realized they have fallen into 3 themes – food, proper names and WTH? **Note that I do not actually have this many pets today; some have died, some have found their forever homes. I currently lay claim to 5 cats, 1 dog & 2 teenagers. 2 of the cats are technically my sister’s, but since she cannot have cats in the house she is renting they have been living with me.**

Food Names
Munchie (dog); Turtle & Rocky Road (cats named for ice cream); Melon & Carrot (parakeets); Mango (hamster); Tabasco Sauce (cat)

Proper Names
Caesar a.k.a Fangface (cat); Tyler & Rosie (cats); Fred & Archibald (hamsters); Santa (cat); Louis (hamster); Scooby (Great Dane)

WTH? Names
Church (cat); Explorer (bunny); Chicupahabra (hamster); Gantu (parakeet)

I have not yet been able to come up with a name for Garage Kitty. So I am opening it up for suggestions.

Yes, I know where naming him is going to lead, but let me wallow in denial for a while.

Garage Kitty needs a name before Monday. The winning suggestion will get….well, absolutely nothing in real terms but I have lots of Goodie points with which to award Goodies LOL!

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CARLAH528 9/4/2011 6:28PM


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MANTISGIRL 9/4/2011 6:03PM

    I would name him Thumbs, because he looks like he's on the run from the mob in another city.

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JULIE_1978 8/26/2011 3:47PM

    He looks like a Jake to me. Just something about his face. Good luck with all the suggestions :)

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MCJULIEO 8/26/2011 3:36PM

    Or "Dodger'!

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MCJULIEO 8/26/2011 3:36PM

    My literary frame for pets is almost always Narnia: Trumpkin, Aravis, Pruniprismia, although our current feline is Jabba the Cat.

For GK, ..
maybe Buzz
or Bruno, so he won't have any gender issues after Monday,
Brindle (for his coloring)
Triscuit (Ditto)
Weasel ('cuz he weaseled into your hearts)
Suez, so you could have a cat called Sue...
Xenophilius (that one is not likely to get confused with somebody else's pet)

I also like Tuffy...

But Weasel is my best shot, I think!

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ATURTLESPACE 8/26/2011 7:15AM

    Hmmmm... I like Tigger, my parents have a Tigger, but he's orange, and Gandalf (or Dumbledore) would be cool.

You could call him Jailbird 'cause of his stripes, or Dorian Gray (or Earl Grey) or Greymalkin... or you could go with something that doesn't have to do with his colour - lol

Comment edited on: 8/26/2011 7:16:34 AM

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GEOPENGUIN 8/26/2011 3:21AM

    Geek...GK...Garage Kitty...or Jeek if you want to use a soft G...

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VYVIENN 8/26/2011 1:43AM

    I'd be tempted to call him Sneak, the way he's snuck into your life... but all our animals have odd names, too, so emoticon

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DOODIE59 8/25/2011 11:39PM

    I agree w Nattiemae1 that garage names like Diesel or Beemer are good; Diesel would be especially good if he purrs like a beast.

What I'd really like though is to call him Ripple Van Winkle (Rip or Ripple for short) because of his distinctive markings. But that's me.

Good luck!

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KATRINAKAT23 8/25/2011 10:59PM

  How about snagglepuss?

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RUSSELL_40 8/25/2011 5:57PM

    how about Seashell.. his coat looks like one with all those ridges.

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MSPRIS3 8/25/2011 4:02PM

    How bout Jump? He jumped out of the bushes right?

My mom always names my animals growing up. We had a toy poodle named Goliath! And a 4 # dog named Buddy, turned out, Buddy, was not a buddy to anyone other than me, he was a nasty little dog. I loved him though, he let me do anything to him (dressed up daily in Cabbage Patch Kid clothes) No one else could go near him...

I've always wanted to name a pet Askim, that way when people ask, "What's his Name?" you can say "Askim" LOL

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GETSTRONGRRR 8/25/2011 3:34PM

    I say that he shall be known as....Sparky!

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FROGGERHKC 8/25/2011 3:20PM

    Gary (the garage kitty)

I love proper names for animals, always makes me laugh! :)

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KAREN42BOYS 8/25/2011 2:44PM

    You could call him Gravy. Gray-vee, get it? That covers the food category.

or Mohawk to honor that cool black pattern on his head.

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GETFIT2LIVE 8/25/2011 2:35PM

    He looks a lot like a cat that adopted my roommate and me in college . . . who was always known simply as 'Grey Kitty.' (Brilliant, right? We were geniuses in college.) My current cat is named Fred--no, I didn't name him, his previous owners did, and before that he was called Tyson. But I digress . . . maybe Tigger? I suspect the name will just 'happen' and you'll know when it's right.


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NATTIEMAE1 8/25/2011 1:26PM

    Since he is living in the garage, why not have a name that deals with cars, for example: Diesel or Beemer?

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DRWHOFANSUSAN 8/25/2011 1:05PM

  cute little kitty! how about
Mr Paws
The Abbot (or just abbot after comedian)
The bishop

sir snuggleface
i also was thinking of (cat)ophie, (cat)atonic, (cat)alogue, (cat)agorie for a play on words when nameing my kittys. but kids chose midnight and twilight.


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CAALAN23 8/25/2011 12:43PM

    I like the literary character idea! Looks like Gandalf the Grey to me, LOL! Or maybe something Dickens...Oliver?

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MISSFORTE 8/25/2011 12:23PM


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    Oh, I'm so bad with names! I do like the suggested name, Grayson! emoticonThe kitty is adorable!

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TARANITUP 8/25/2011 12:08PM


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    Why not a simple name like GRAY? If he was a girl I would have suggested

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MAMADWARF 8/25/2011 11:57AM


Tiger (duh)

Love the name Sparky (above)

Gandolph (the grey)

Logan (this is Wolverine's real name)

Cookie (cause, well you know. I have issues)

Dont name him LUCKY whatever you do!

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TYKXBOY 8/25/2011 11:54AM

    There's always the "Origin" name. Named after where you found him. Something like "Hedges" or "Bushes" or "Bush".

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CBAILEYC 8/25/2011 11:48AM

    I can't believe no one has suggested


yet emoticon We had a Sparky when I was a kid.

Although, I admit I like Frank. It has such practicality, and when feeling exasperated with the feline, you can draw out a long Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I call my lhasa puppies Nugget all the time, but their names are Maggie and Millie. Then again, I call my husband Goober, and his name is Bill.

I dunno, it just happens.
Good luck! I look forward to learning the winning name.

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CALIPIDGIOUS 8/25/2011 11:36AM

    I am fond of naming pets after literary characters. I am particularly fond of characters from The Lord of the Rings and had a cat named Pippin which was fitting because she was tiny and always getitng into trouble.

This guy looks like a Smokey to me

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KKINNEA 8/25/2011 11:28AM

    I think "Tough". He's been hanging out in a garage waiting for a home and he's a trouble tabby (I have one myself). He seems like a tough guy.

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/25/2011 11:22AM

    How about Prince? He looks kind of regal :) pretty eyes!

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DOGSTARDADDY 8/25/2011 11:22AM

    Fang Face2, of course.

Comment edited on: 8/25/2011 11:23:08 AM

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ELYMWX 8/25/2011 11:16AM

    Meatball. Yes, a "food" name.

As an aside, what category do the teenagers' names fall into?

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MAJTMS 8/25/2011 11:13AM

    I've always been partial to Proper names for my pets and I've always wanted to name one Frank for some reason. There is no logic behind it, I just think Frank is a cool name for a cat. By the way, he is very cute, if he stays, he will be a great addition to your group.


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RUNNER4LIFE08 8/25/2011 11:13AM

    Socks! He looks like he is wearing a pair of white socks.


Otis! I just like that name for a cat.

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DIY Warrior Babe Challenge Final Results

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A bit late but here they are:

My Starting Weight: 144
My Finishing Weight: 137
emoticon Difference: -7 pounds!

Four (or more) Other things I will be measuring during this challenge & their current stats:

1. 2 mile run time start: 20:44
Finish: 19:37
emoticon Difference: -1:07! Only 1:37 more to goal! (note that on 8/22 I ran 18:39, so less than a minute to go now)

2. 5k run time start: 32:07
Finish: 31:00 (estimated based on 2 mile improvement above)
emoticon Difference: I am claiming the -1:07 reduction from the 2 mile time. My focus shifted to distance running & I did not actually run a 5k specific for timing

3. Pushups start: 44
Finish: 46
emoticon Difference: +2! Only 4 more to goal! (note that on 8/23 I did all 50!)

4. Distance running start: 3.1 miles
Finish: 10.84 miles
emoticon Difference: +7.74 miles! Half marathon, here I come! (note that on 8/20 I ran 11.75 miles in the time it had taken me previously to run 10.25 miles)

When I first started this challenge, I thought that it would be tough to show real progress but now I've learned that it is only hard (mentally) if I make it that way. If I say I can…I will.

I already knew that getting my black belt motivates me, but now I've learned that making progress and continually pushing the envelope motivates me even more.

The thing that I accomplished during this challenge and am MOST PROUD OF is not only did I finish but I improved in all areas, including those where I had secret doubts that it was possible.

Something I didn't expect from this challenge was how much I could actually do. I never expected to be up to almost 11 miles. 3 months ago I laughed at the idea of running anything more than a 5k, which was enough of a struggle. Secretly inside I still doubted that I could improve my speed, 2 miles in 18 minutes was a goal but not something I thought I would be able to do outside (non-treadmill). But I tried in spite of my secret doubts and surprised myself...“The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it is not without doubt but in spite of doubt.” (Dr. Rollo May)

This challenge may be ending, but I am not stopping... I'm going to swallow my fear and set a goal to reach the 50 pushups and 18 minute 2 mile time by the end of September.

Make a statement declaring your commitment to continue: There is only going forward; I can, and I will. “When work, commitment and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.” (Unknown)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MCJULIEO 8/26/2011 3:20PM

    Crazy Me isn't done with you yet! This is where it gets REALLY good!

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DOODIE59 8/25/2011 8:35AM

    This is an all-round victory! Congrats.

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VYVIENN 8/25/2011 5:39AM

    You are just all around emoticon! Those are great results!!

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AGENTQ 8/24/2011 7:49PM

    Great job! I know you can meet your new goals! Lots of luck.

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Busy weekend randomness

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing specific or motivating today, just random stuff to get my blogging points for the day.

Saturday morning I got up early to go to the Metropark to run with a Team in Training group. One of the coaches is at the track on Wednesdays and invited me to the training runs. The half marathon group was doing 10 miles, and I wanted to go a little farther to hit the 11 mile mark. This was the first time I've run with other people; I was definitely the slowest one there. But after 3 miles I pushed myself a little harder (actually the coach started running next to me and kept gradually increasing her pace until we caught up, very sneaky) and ran the next 7 next to the second slowest guy. And wound up completing 11.75 miles five minutes faster that I would "normally" take to complete my previous 10.25. WooHoo, go me! I didn't even realize I was going that "fast" for most of the run.

I finally made it into the 21st century and signed up for my own personal cell phone. I've had work cells for the last 10 years and never really needed my own. I don't use the phone a lot, but now that smartphones are pretty common and I can check e-mails, track my food and all the pretty nifty apps to do stuff...I need a phone that I can use for personal things and calls that is not company property. Plus Jacq has a new phone now on my plan so is especially happy; her old one is a dinosaur.

Sunday I FINALLY got the living room floor prepped. All I had left to do was pull up the last 6 feet of tack strip, a few dozen staples and then paint it with Killz to block the pet odors. Less than an hour's worth of work and I've been procrastinating for months. But now it is done and I am waiting for my couch to be delivered today. And I need to start saving for the new flooring.

Feeling proud of myself for finally finishing that floor I also rented a carpet cleaner and got the family room floor & steps cleaned, and the booth. My kitchen table is a built in, like a restaurant booth, with padded benches. I would like to have a regular table but that will have to wait until I'm ready to do the floor since taking this out will mess up the tile.

I got a lot of herbs cut & dried, although there is still a lot more to do. Lots of peppers, zucchini, eggplant, garlic & tomatoes chopped and bagged for the freezer. I brought my chest freezer in from the garage where it's been for the last year and put it in the dining room, which is now empty since my Grandma moved out in June. I would like to somehow put in a pantry there since I have hardly any cupboard space. I'd really prefer to remodel the whole kitchen/dining area but that would cost more than I care to try to afford so I will settle for some sort of pantry shelves.

I have today off work to take delivery of the couch and to see my knee doc this afternoon. I have 4 pumpkins that are ripe so I need to start cooking them up to puree and freeze. And I will pick more herbs to take in to a co-worker. She found what she thinks may be poison ivy growing in her herbs and since she is more sensitive than most to it she razed all the plants just in case.

My daughter and her friend were out walking and a cat started following them. He can't even be a year old yet and was skinny as a rail. They knocked on doors and put up flyers but no one has claimed him yet. He is very affectionate and hasn't been outside long. I think he either ran away or someone dumped him; I suspect he was dumped. He has been living in my garage for the last several days; he is not neutered and I don't need that in the house. I'm trying to find a home for him but no luck so far. Jacq wants to give him a name but I know what that will lead to and I don't really need a sixth cat. So we call him Garage Kitty.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEZZIEJAMES 8/23/2011 9:24AM

    You sound so busy! I saw in your status that you got the couch!!! (AWESOME!).

I love listening to you talk about your home remodel. I can hear your passion in it!

Garage Kitty. First of all.. since my beloved pet is missing - thank you so much for taking the time to ask others if he belonged to them. I keep hoping someone will show up at my doorstep with Baata. Next... there is a program here where I live that vets are a part of. I forget what it is called... but if the animal is a "stray" they will give them all their boosters, worm them, de-flea them, and spay/neuter them for a fraction of the cost. It is some sort of program implemented to help stop all the strays that multiply. You might call a local vet office and see if they have it if you wind up not finding him a home soon. Or that could be a good way to entice someone to take him. I'll report him as a stray - get him the certificate for the neuter.... you give him a good home. Good luck!!!


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DOODIE59 8/23/2011 8:44AM

    Garage Kitty! Nice name! You named him. He's yours!

I can't believe all the work you do on top of your day job -- amazing. I'm very impressed:) One day you're going to have to post before and afters of the work you've done on your home:)

Enjoy the week --

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VYVIENN 8/23/2011 4:54AM

    Awwww, Garaaaage Kitty, how cute!!!

Sheesh, it doesn't seem that long ago you were blogging about putting in your raised beds, and now you're already canning and freezing! Time flies!!

Awesome job on the running. That's a distance that's still way off for me, but I think Coach Jeff has me doing a Magic Mile tomorrow instead of a "real" long run. Always something new with these running types...

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MCJULIEO 8/22/2011 1:32PM

    1) You have a great, though sneaky, running coach.

2) I had friend who, because he wanted to get rid of some poison ivy, attacked it with a weed whacker.... Big mistake! The aerosol poison ivy went everywhere... it was worse than the worst poison ivy case you have ever, Ever, EVER seen!

3) Garage Kitty needs a neutering job, and then you can give him a real name, like Doug, or Bob, or Stanley.....

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Why I love my plateau

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have been plateaued for the last 17 days, approximately. In the world of Plateaus that is nothing, a mere blink of an eye. Still, the scale hasn't really moved.

I am not a patient person by nature. I am only 3 pounds away from my stated goal weight. And did I say that I am not a patient person?

I "should" be frustrated, upset, discouraged because the scale hasn't moved. I "should" be plotting how to mix it up, increase my cardio and strength training, decrease my calories, all with an eye to busting that plateau.

I am not any of these things. I am actually kind of happy that I am plateaued.

Being plateaued is proof that I can maintain. It is hard evidence that I have made a true lifestyle change. Plus I actually get to wear the clothes at my current size for awhile before shrinking out of them.

I used to think I was a glass half empty kind of person, but now I believe that was only because I had toxic people in my life. While I try to look at every situation in a glass half full light nowadays, being only human I don't always succeed. But at least I can see that I have half a glass.

Being plateaued is like that. Yes, it would be great if every day saw at least some downward movement. An ounce here, an ounce all adds up. When the scale number moves down it is a glass half full moment for us. We cheer, we celebrate, we feel great and motivated to continue.

But when the scale gremlins start messing with us, holding that number steady with no movement, or yo-yoing us up and down the same few can be easy to all into that glass half empty mentality. We get upset ad frustrated, mad, sad, demotivated and want to give up.

This is normal. But we can't give in to it. After all, we still have half a glass, which is more than when we started. And if we stop to think about it we will have to stop losing weight at some point. We cannot just keep losing the rest of our lives.

Being plateaued is a body's way of recovering and gathering energy for the next loss. It is telling us it likes what we have been doing so please continue while it adapts to these lifestyle changes we have forced upon it. After all, if we could meet our goals in just a few weeks would we really have learned anything about what it takes to live healthy and maintain?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FROGGERHKC 8/20/2011 12:50PM

    You are doing great, and you've totally got this!!! Great blog!

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MNMS_MOMMY 8/20/2011 7:03AM

    Refreshing post!! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful thoughts!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DHALYIA 8/20/2011 2:34AM

    Yep, I love maintaining!

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ADK_RUNNER 8/19/2011 11:44PM

    "Being plateaued is proof that I can maintain. It is hard evidence that I have made a true lifestyle change. Plus I actually get to wear the clothes at my current size for awhile before shrinking out of them."

So inspirational. Thanks. :)

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TEENY_BIKINI 8/19/2011 11:18PM

    Wow! What an amazing attitude. I think you are spot on! There is so much to be learned from a plateau - I totally agree!!

Not to mention - getting to wear your clothes just a bit longer... LOL. I never thought of that one. You are one smart lady :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
MCJULIEO 8/18/2011 5:48PM

    Way to GO, girl!

(and I especially like the getting rid of toxic people in your life part!)

Report Inappropriate Comment
GETFIT2LIVE 8/18/2011 2:59PM

    "Being plateaued is a body's way of recovering and gathering energy for the next loss." What a great way to look at it--and it's really true! Congratulations on your progress, there is no doubt at all you will reach your goal ultimately AND be able to maintain it for the long haul!

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CBAILEYC 8/18/2011 12:12PM

    This may be the most unique take on plateaus that I've ever seen! And I like it!
I'm going to have to save this, because I know I'm going to need it. I'm looking at roughly 20 weeks now, but I know it's because I'm maintaining and satisfied with it, rather than making every conceivable effort.
You are within striking distance. You are inspiring!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DOODIE59 8/18/2011 9:34AM

    It's only a matter of time:)

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VLVTGRRL 8/18/2011 4:18AM

    Well stated! I've been losing the same five pounds all year! I see it as a half-full glass, though. Maybe if I would get tougher on myself, I'd keep those five pounds off permanently! emoticon

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VYVIENN 8/18/2011 1:22AM

    This is the best and most insightful posting about plateauing (and the journey to a fitter "you") that I have read to date. Wow! What a fabulous way to look at things! Thank you for putting your thoughts into writing. emoticon

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SPOOKYTHECAT 8/17/2011 11:31PM

    Thanks, I needed to read this post tonight~ your 17 days is my 17 weeks...& I still have 10 lbs to go to reach my goal. 3 lbs up, 3 lbs down...see-saw.

But, I AM proud that I've lost 20, & am in my smaller clothes. I fit back into mediums, 8s & 6s...
that is a really good feeling , & way better that the out of control, defeated feeling I had when I'd watch the scale go up,& up & up.

I'm in this for life, & it's a good one~ a much better one than it was :-)
Congrats to you & the progress you've made, you are an inspiration!

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