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need more protein

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's an amazing journey learning about myself in my middle years. Today I thought I had a good breakfast. Bob's Redmill Multigrain Cereal with 1/2 an apple. I only ate about 1/2 the cereal, but I really thought that I would be full. About 1.5 hours later - starving. I made a kale and mushroom white egg scramble and that filled me up much more. I think I am learning that my breakfasts need to be high protein, low carb for me to last more than an hour. On workdays, I don't have the luxory of being able to snack 1.5 hours after breakfast. Looks like I need to buckle down and actually make that high protein breakfast each and every day. Oh well, at least it tates delicious!

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EMILYULM1 8/28/2012 12:39PM

    I struggle to get enough protein in during the day. It might be a good idea for me to also add it to my breakfast, but my steel cut oats usually fill me up and tide me over until lunch. Maybe I'll add a glass of milk. Or maybe quinoa for breakfast? Isn't that high in protein? Best of luck to you.

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And so it begins...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well, the healthy eating and excercise fell apart a bit today. Back to school means back to work. I spent all day "volunteering" in my classroom today (i.e. working without pay to set things up). So I got to donate the fee for childcare for my own kids.

I did have a healthy veggie smoothie for breakfast and packed my lunch.

Then it was rush home to go to the "Welcome to Middle School" potluck for my son. Of course the alphabet letters of last name to assign items didn't work. There was about 3x more dessert than real food. No fruit or veggies. All carbs. I knew I should have ignored the letter of the alphabet thing and brought a salad, but my son was all stressed out that we "do it right".

Tonight was getting their stuff all organized for school tomorrow and housework. Did ya notice that there was no excercise?

My DH is already in bed - he went during the housework phase. After all, I'm not "really working", so summer mode where I do all the chores still applies in his mind. He says he'll pitch in on Wednesday when my students actually start. Meanwhile, I am stressing over the hours of stuff -that's NOT ACTUALLY work - that I have to do tonight before going to bed. Sigh.


scared of being busy

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I have made a lot of progress with SparkPeople this summer. Of course, it's summer me that made this progress. Summer me is able to focus on me and family. Summer me is relaxed. Then school starts and I become teacher me. Teacher me forgets to take time for myself. Teacher me also melds with working mommy me who is crazy from sports schedules, scouting, helping with homework, making meals and housecleaning. I hve some things in place that will help the transisiton this year. My family has agreed to help with more chores. My husband has evena greed to be in charge of dinner 2 nights a week and do dishes 2 nights a week. But I'm scared, of becoming that out of control person who let herself get unhealthy, I can just take it one day at a time....

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TEACHING1ST 8/26/2012 8:49AM

    This is, unfortunately, a teacher's life and most who AREN'T teachers just don't understand. Our day doesn't end when the kids go home---the 2nd teacher shift is just starting with all the extra take-home work. Add to that your Mom-Hat (I loved it, but mine are all grown!) and you have one exhausted woman. Hooray for your husband taking care of the cooking a little. Maybe sit down on the weekend and plan your meals. I've actually started losing this summer (went back to WW for accountability) but i have to plan what I take to school and what is available when I get home. It's working and I'm a little less stressed there! I hope your school year is a good one!


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ahhh - a treat

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well, I reached my first mini goal, three days late, but got there nevertheless. In the past, at this point (if I had ever even set or gotten to a mini goal) I would go with a high calorie treat. I know that I don't want to see my numbers creep up, so I made time for me today. I got a pedicure! 2nd one all year. It meant I had to prioritize my schedule today so that the time would be there, but I did it! Yippee! Can't wait till I reach my next mini-goal. Maybe a manicure? The first one all year.


My personal trainers are slavedrivers

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I didn't want to excercise last night. I had hunkered down with my ereader and was going to read a book. Then, my personal trainers came into the room and said, "Get up! Time for your walk." I dragged and even whined a bit. (I decided the whining was beneath me, so I stopped.)

"Hurry up! Right now!" They said. Sigh... guess I have to go.

"I'll just walk for a bit," I said. "Oh no! We have a new route for you. It's longer than any before." Sigh...

5 minutes into it: "Hey, this is kind of fun," I say. "I like this. I'm starting to feel good."

"Yeah, mom, taking a walk with you IS one of the best parts of the day!" said my youngest son. "We get a chance to talk to you and you're in a good mood," said my oldest son. (Yes, my "trainers" are my kiddos.)

In the past, my excercise has always been "me" time. It sometimes still is, but when someone else is counting on you and looking forward to spending time with you, excercise can be a time to strengthen relationships and enjoy comraderie. I am finding that I look forward to this time with my kids and they do too. They are even talking about harder routes to map out!

Who do you excercise with?

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ONE-HOT-MAMA1 8/22/2012 12:50PM

    that is awesome way to go.

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